Schoolgirls Arrested for Photographing Themselves


Three schoolgirls have been arrested for taking nude photographs of themselves.

The trio, aged 17 and 18, attended a Chiba high school, and like so many of their peers decided to earn some additional income from prostitution.

Using one of the countless mobile phone dating sites which exist to facilitate this trade, they took photographs of their underwear and nether regions using their mobile phones and sent them to a prospective customer, a 22-year-old man who turned out to be under investigation by police in connection with some similar pictures of female high school students.

Some 100 images were involved in the case, all taken by the girls themselves, though how many were actually explicit is not made clear. There was apparently also some pantsu hawking involved.

Police subsequently charged all three girls, including the 18-year-old, with supplying child pornography; the girls explained that they “just wanted some cash as the summer holidays were coming up.”

Via FNN.

It seems Japan has followed the US not only in introducing these laws, but also in ensuring they are applied wherever possible in the manner least intended


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