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Valkyria Chronicles Sequel for PS3 “Possible”


Fans were disappointed to learn that the acclaimed RPG Valkyria Chronicles‘ “sequel” was to be released on the PSP and not on the PS3, but it seems Sega is now bringing them some hope of a PS3 release, albeit with a condition…

Sony responded to a fan’s complaint on their official European blog about the choice of PSP as the platform for Valkyria Chronicles II thus:

“So far it seems like most of the fans are really just happy to see the series continue and, if VCII sells well, it means a much greater chance that the series can pick up again back on a larger console, like the PS3.”

Apparently, if fans of the game ever want to play on the PS3, they will just need to buy up the inferior PSP version in droves, due for release in late 2009 in Japan and in 2010 elsewhere.

Via Ore-teki.

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