“New Nintendo Console in 2011 More Like Xbox 360 & PS3”


Nintendo is said to be planning a new iteration of its dominating Wii console in 2011, though the console may be a direct competitor to the PS3 and Xbox 360 rather than a device aimed at children and casual gamers, and may come with a different kind of controller to the current Wii.

Square Enix president Yoichi Wada revealed what he presumably knows to be Nintendo’s plans in an interview at the Tokyo Games Show, saying the new console would be similar to the PS3 or Xbox 360 and due in 2011, potentially abandoning the Wiimote for what would presumably be a conventional controller.

He also commented that he does not expect great things from Microsoft and Sony’s copycat motion controllers:

“Present game machines already have a lot of functions: they are a network terminal, a Blu-ray or DVD player, and a gaming machine. Compared to these three pillars, the [new motion] controllers are quite limited, so the impact may be small. They are an extension of the gaming function,”

He is however impressed by Microsoft’s Project Natal, a controller system set to dispense with traditional controllers entirely, in favour of gestures and objects.

Nintendo’s recent consoles have proved highly successful in their various markets, but their technology has not been at the cutting edge for some time; presumably this new console will be an attempt to create a fully up-to-date and “HD” Nintendo platform.

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    • Anonymous says:

      i hate this disagree. but when it came to Graphics Nintendo used to be the best (N64 and GC) was better in graphics all togeather but not the best games since Sony and XBOX had them. xD GC only got me because it had Resident evil on it. lol xD

  • I liked my wii and I’ve enjoyed every game I’ve played on it. @~@ I mean it was basically $300 something cheaper than the other systems when it was first released and it had some decent titles along with a storm of crappy games that hardly sold. It did have some good games though. Nintendo was honestly very smart with the wii. Had they competed and made a generic console like the other two they would have done bad. If we recall the gamecube was third place in the last generation for sales and if they released another system similar to the others I can confidently say it would have been the same case. The motion sensor attracted tons of people who normally wouldn’t even consider a console while also providing some good/interesting titles for fans of nintendo. Now that the wii is dieing down it only makes sense to release a new system. I’d prefer if they kept the remote myself, not for the motion sensing, but because I liked the feel of being able to keep my hands apart and move them around. I have a 360 as well, I played basically all the rpg-ish games on it,enjoying them thoroughly, and no shooters because generic shooters are what I hate most about current gaming ;3;

  • what is ps3 “coming back” with? ratchet and clank? AHA ok uncharted looks good though, but what? 1 more of the list of 6 decent games?

    how is 360 failing? this red ring thing just NOW becoming news?

    eh heh heh. you asians and your sonys. and never-take-care-of-yourself others (honestly, take a bath and PLEEEEEASE! PLEASE JUST STOP EATING!!!). and yeah there are still too many like that for the 360 still, but DEFINITELY not as many.

  • Considering the first failings of Sony and their PS3, as well as the recent failings of XBOX 360, the only ones who win are those with Wii, if you’re a perfection freak.

    I was taught bigger is never always better…and Nintendo is giving the gamer what is demanded…

    HD was not in Wii because they wanted to bring the old codgers to this time. It worked.

    But then, Nintendo delivers late so they can see what mess a feature has done and one-up it. HD? Just look how it dragged the others around.

    DVD? Blu-Ray? Those don’t belong on a console, in my opinion. Consoles are for games alone.

    Lastly, any remarkers of 360 should Google Red Ring of Death, and Pro-PS3 fanboys should just get off the stage. They hide the fact they have more money than Joe User.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your actually argueing the fact that Blu-ray doesn’t belong on a console? Well maybe they should just take wi-fi off all 3 consoles to then?

      If your statement was true and Consoles were for just games alone then connectivity with friends wouldnt be a feature either. Which is the reason that these consoles are doing so well. Wii connect you with your friends offline, microsoft and sony took a different approach with psn and xbox live obviously.

      My point is that sure consoles are for gaming but to the bes bang for your buck companies like sony and microsoft, even the wii use scewing nobody wants to go back to the ps1 days CD player/gaming console? otherwise we wouldnt have bought the new systems. Your comment was obviously not thought out.. Good day. Then again thats why your aren’t working for companies like Nitendo,Microsoft, or sony.

  • I’m not a fans of home consoles anymore, I like the DS and the PSP, a lot of good games, easier to hack and of course portables, I think that staying in your house and play that Wii crap is a big waste of time…

  • I’m homosexual and I must say that I’m glad that Nintendo adopted a “gay friendly” attitude with the Wii Console. Me and all of my homosexual friends have fun playing the Nintendo exclusive titles of Wii.

  • The anti-Nintendo vibes here are hilarious. They keep ranting on how they keep failing when they are the company who makes the most money with both the Wii and the DS.

    One thing Nintendo tops above Sony and Microsoft is their marketing ability. Ever since the Virtual Boy disaster they seem to know how to keep themselves afloat and make significant profits. Even with lackluster systems like the Gamecube, they were able to make significant headway to keep producing and making their target market happy. As long as they have those marketers they will never die. Even if the its next-gen consoles has the weakest performance it will still sell plenty and make money.

    That is the power of Nintendo. They will find a way.

    • They fail as real game developers. It’s like the three are in a game to get the most women. Microsoft and Sony pretty much do the conventional way and get REAL women. While Nintendo breaks out the LOLIpops to attract little girls. Nintendo is going the easy way and getting more chicks(if you can call them that) but their not attracting real women. Replace women with gamers and girls with noobs and then you may get the idea.

      • Obviously you have no clue what you’re talking about. All you did is give an ill-defined definition of “real” gamers. Which is silly because you assume they are the ones who can dictate the industry. Which Nintendo has proven wrong because they are making money of it.

        Even sillier is to assume that they fail as game developers for one system when they aren’t only ones who develop the vast (and very profitable) library of the Wii.

        Heck their DS library has very good and it can cater with this ridiculous “gamer” classification. They have Final Fantasy, Dragon quest and even Super robot Wars franchise in it.

  • Yes, Nintendo will come out with something that can compete against the Xbox 360, and PS3. By the time that happens. Microsoft and Ps3 will already have develop a prototype for their newer console. Sad to say, but even if Nintendo turns their focus to casual gamers. They still won’t be able to compete against the other two system when it comes to casual gaming.

    • that’s the point, dumbshit. Nintendo will release its Wii2 at $250 while Sony and MS will release PS4 and XBOX1280 for $600+ and they will get creamed again for the first 2-3 years of the next generation.

  • 1. I think the prick at Square Enix only opened his mouth about a “new” console just to force higher if stale sales. After all Square Enix is Sony’s bitch.
    2. I’d like to point out that Nintendo is probably learning from their mistake with the gamecube after all last gen it was the most powerful out of all three consoles and it’s power was so under utilized I cried.
    3. I doubt Nintendo will be striving for something as good as the 360 or ps3 but something better because after all in 1.5 years just means console wars all over again.
    4. If Nintendo failed to put out a new console that was not as competitive or if not better graphically and processor wise as it’s competition with out relying on gimmicks. I could see some very bad economic fall out and it wouldn’t be pretty world wide.
    5. I remember Nintendo wanted the DS to get software updates via wii so I wouldn’t be suprised if the hypothetical new console would take that step further and be more of a part of people’s home networks.
    6. A DVD player with out having to hack the console.

    • “1. I think the prick at Square Enix only opened his mouth about a “new” console just to force higher if stale sales. After all Square Enix is Sony’s bitch.”

      HAHAHA! Lemme show you the facts here. Final Fantasy XIII is now being released for PS3. Final Fantasies 1-6 (I think) were released for Nintendo consoles. Final Fantasies 3 and 4 were re-released for Nintendo DS as was Chrono Trigger. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was recently released for Nintendo DS. Final Fantasy XI Online was also being released for Xbox 360. The World Ends With You was released for Nintendo DS.

      How is Square-Enix Sony’s bitch? Because Final Fantasies 7-12 were exclusively for a Sony system. Your a moronic idiot to assume that Final Fantasy is all Square-Enix has.

  • Seriously speaking, whenever the topic’s all about console, i’m so amazed on how these fanboys do their movie-length comments. As if they’re telling a fucking decade-long novel! You sure know how to make them speak Artefact! haha!

    • Unlikely… If they have to bring out new console, it will be something like PS3.5 or Xbox360-2 (Xbox540?). Probably like GC – Wii upgrade, where the hardware is just faster. Newer games could be played with maximum resolution + better effects but still compatible with older console.. kinda like PC environment.
      Besides updated graphic, for Sony at least, they will likely use the added power for 3D gaming (with the combination of 3D TV which we will see next year), and for MS probably will use the added power to complement Natal.
      By doing that, Sony at least can push for 10 years life for PS3 and both new PS3 and new Xbox360 can be really played in full HD.

      Waggle (with or without controller in case of Natal) will stay though, since Wii is so successful with it.

    • Yes, there would. Which makes this “announcement” a bit laughable.

      “Nintendo plans on stepping up their new console! It’ll be comparable to the last generation….”

      Then again, they actually make money this way. All the technology has been there for 5 years, so when PS4/Xbox720 come out costing $600, everyone will buy Nintendo’s new console first, simply because it’s half as much…

      And Nintendo will make a killing. Just like they did selling the Wii.

  • Nintendo is actually very smart you see, they pwned both Sony and Microsoft with wii and ds even when they don’t have “cutting edge” technology. Imagine when they become their equivalent. We all know once Smash bros HD hits the market . . . ps3 and xbox is gonna end.

    People can’t deny it, Nintendo will seduce
    you now and forever, NO ONE can escape from their wrath. Even if you plan to, you’ll end up buying Nintendo. NINTENDO IS GONNA RULE THE WORLD. YOU KNOW IT.

    Once Nintendo ends, Square Enix is gonna take over the throne (Don’t know why I just have this feeling in my gut that Sq.Enix is planning something Big and Evil)

  • I wouldn’t be such a Nintendo hater if only they priced their console at $50, or $100 tops. But pricing it at $100 less than PS3 (currently $50 less) and $50 more than a basic 360 just shows their greed, ripping off the casuals who couldn’t differentiate hardware.

    The Wii is a great party machine, but you know what else is great at parties? Real honest to goodness board games. Like Scrabble and Monopoly. They provide just as much entertainment and the rest of the year they are stocked in the closet gathering dust, just like the Wii. Plus, they are slightly more environmentally friendly… consuming zero electricity versus the Wii’s couple of watts.

    I just don’t see any game that really requires a Wii that any other device — game machine or not — can do if not better. If you’re using the Wii to exercise, just go to the gym.

    The Wii’s success is mostly due to hardcore gamers getting their violent fixes on the PS3/360, so granny goes and gets the system that has the ‘friendly peaceloving cartoon pokemon’.

    • “The Wii is a great party machine, but you know what else is great at parties? Real honest to goodness board games. Like Scrabble and Monopoly. They provide just as much entertainment and the rest of the year they are stocked in the closet gathering dust, just like the Wii. Plus, they are slightly more environmentally friendly… consuming zero electricity versus the Wii’s couple of watts.”

      Sir, that is the smartest thing I’ve read on Sankaku ever. Bravo.

  • The Wii’s a fantastic console if you have friends. It’s like the first time someone could bring a console to a New Years’ party without getting blank stares. The same folks who shrugged when asked if they wanted to try a game of Soul Calibur are the very ones who squeal with delight when you bust out Brawl. Mario Strikers Charged didn’t get rave reviews, but put it in the hands of a group of friends who are slightly inebriated and even the one whose only experience with video games happens to be her brother’s old Tetris will have a great time.

    I’m wondering what angle Nintendo is trying this time. If they really are sticking to convention, it’d be in their interest to revitalize the sort of fantastic third party support they had for the SNES. The DS feels like it has a more eclectic offering of games than the Wii, which I find just a bit odd.

  • And for you PS3 and XBox 360 fanboys, FYI, in case you haven’t noticed the Wii is dominating the console sales market hard! Not because of minigames, but because Nintendo are pouring out games for all the people Sony and Microsoft don’t care about, like the people that usually don’t play games, not to mention they have alot more kids games than the rest. Couple that with the suppreme backwards compatability and library, and it’s innovative controls, and Mario and Zelda for the hardcore fans, and you have a great console! As mentioned, simple and fun!

      • Don’t forget, these casual gamers have the most money so Nintendo is smart of taking this market from MS/Sony.

        Whine all you want but Nintendo is laughing all the way to the bank, hardcore gamer who isolates himself from the world and not being of use to the society.

        • Hah! So now anyone that is tired of the same Mario, Zelda, and Metroid is a person who isolates themselves from society…

          Nintendo dug this hole for themselves and it’s not just because they decided to focus on the casual fanbase either. One of the main problem is Nintendo still hasn’t let go of their Draconian iron fist rule stubborn ways.

          Part of why the N64 was a year late and a dollar short to the Playstation CD party.

          Bottom line the Wii was a fad…

    • Toyota – the company that makes cars for people who hate driving.

      Nintendo – the company that makes consoles for people who hate gaming.

      …I’m starting to get a good idea on how to succeed in business. In the future, it’s not fans who matter, but the anti-fans! Instead of giving good deals to people who like the stuff you do, why not rip off the people who otherwise wouldn’t care less? Brilliant!

    • you do know that because of that the video game market is going down right? since more parental-like people are become gamers=more complaint about the violance in video games=devlopers forced to tone down there games=mario the only game with violance and im not just saying this cause im a hardcore gamer, most market anaysis have said this to be true, let me give you a prime example, imangez babys(wii) got 9.5 when being compared to Guilty gear accent core XX(wii)(i think that was the sub title..)which got a 6.7, see where im going here?

    • All that at the cost of the “core” gamer. Not that Nintendo cares, since the core gamer snubbed them and their GameCube last generation (a bit less than 22m total sold, IIRC, and by comparison even the last-place PS3 has skipped past that sales figure in less than 3 years), and the masses are eating the Wii up. Don’t think for a second that the core gamer is represented by the table scraps Nintendo is throwing out. One Zelda game, a handful of Mario games, and a Metroid Prime compilation does not satisfy the “hardcore fan”. If anything, the DS platform is a far better value for the core gamer than the Wii is, without sacrificing the mass appeal the Wii has.

      This latest news, if true, only confirms that Nintendo is attempting to play catch-up with the other competitors for the business of the core gamer that they have neglected this generation (so far).

  • My comments don’t seem to get through, maybe because they’re too long, so I’l try and devide them up instead: To anyone badmouthing Nintendo and the Wii, get bent! The Wii is a wondeful console, with a huge-ass gamebase of old games from NES, SNES, and N64, not to mention you can play GC games on it, aswell as the new Wii games! And I have to have my dose of Mario and Zelda. The majority of games that come for the PS3 and/or XBox 360 also come out for the PC, so I can get them there. There are offcourse exceptions, and that list is growing, so I’l most likely get both consoles later, since I’m the type that has to have it all, and I love my PS2 aswell, but the Wii has some brilliant games and innovations in imo, and is defenitely the best party-console! ^^ Even some of my PS3 fanboy friends agree on that. You ever tried playing multiplayer on Rayman Raving Rabbids with a bunch of slightly alcohol-induced people in a jolly mood? It’s the shit! Comic crazyness ensue! ^^

    • “The Wii is a wondeful console, with a huge-ass gamebase of old games from NES,”

      ….that you pay $5 each for…


      …that you pay $8 each for…

      “and N64,”

      …that you pay $10 each for…

      “not to mention you can play GC games on it,”

      …which can be had for less than the aforementioned systems’ games…

      “aswell as the new Wii games!”

      …which consist mainly of shovelware.

      “The majority of games that come for the PS3 and/or XBox 360 also come out for the PC, so I can get them there.”

      This would be somewhat true if you were concentrating solely on the 360 (and even that statement’s a hell of a stretch), but when you can get PS3 games like Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, Killzone, Gran Turismo, Resistance, Fat Princess, WipEout, Demon’s Souls, and God of War fix on your high-end PC, let me know. I’ve always wanted to see a pig fly.

      “Even some of my PS3 fanboy friends agree on that.”

      Insertion of the word “fanboy” into any argument kills the point you’re trying to make.

      “You ever tried playing multiplayer on Rayman Raving Rabbids with a bunch of slightly alcohol-induced people in a jolly mood? It’s the shit! Comic crazyness ensue! ^^”

      This is the only thing in your statement I can agree with.

      • No one has ever heard of Wipeout, Fat Princess, or Ddemon Souls.
        So you’re an idiot.

        You only listed 4 actually memorable games out of 5 from several others that the PS3 gives.
        So you’re an idiot.

        No one will read your whole comment because it’s too long.
        So you’re an idiot.

        Ratchet and Clank?
        You’re an idiot.

      • Well said why anyone would pay for games in Nitendo’s virtual libaray when you can use an emulator is beyond me…

        LOL shovelware it seems that I made a wise choice getting a used Gamecube from the pawn shop.

  • Nintendo should do the Sega and just get the hell out of the hardware console business.

    People buy Nintendo consoles just to play Nintendo IPs and minigames.

    I’d say let Nintendo license the Wiimote technology to Sony and Microsoft, then just become a publisher for the Nth iteration of Mario and Zelda.

    Because if I were a 3rd party publisher — even a publisher of shovelware — I would still be asking “Okay, Nintendo, you have the install base, but what’s up with your attach rates? Wii owners don’t buy games!”

    If it continues to market itself as a casual’s toy then boy they will face some stiff competition from the makers of Polystation and Funstation. Can’t beat 1,000 games in one, all the more if they have the ORIGINAL mario, not the latest 3d but simplistic tard iteration of it.

  • So now there abandoning the Wii mote, seriously I’m done with Nintendo. When the Wii came out I expected revolutionary gaming, not a load of mini games for pentioners and spoilt little brats.

    Now they have gone down the conventional road. Unless they bring out a game about a busty seductive Assassin, with deadly kill moves, I doubt nintendo are gonna compete with adult games.

    • Actually this article is entirely inaccurate, since it’s actually a prediction by Square-Enix’s Yoichi Wada. There was no confirmation by Nintendo or any other companies. This is nothing but a rumour, and an incomplete article.

      As for your “spoiled little brats” comment, you should take a closer look at the “next generation gamers” who pretty much chased away all potential “hardcore” game development for the Wii. All I’ve seen from “next generation gamers” are constant whining about the graphics and storage space. When a company is planning on building a “hardcore” game for the Wii, they immediately get bombarded with complaints on why it’s not on the X360 or PS3 instead of the Wii.

      I used to play games for the sake of enjoying the games, even with low graphics and low storage. But nowadays all I see on every game is low quality gameplay with fancy eye candy. 10 hours minimum of gameplay time in order to complete a game is not fun to me, older games used to take days or weeks to finish since they were focused on the game instead of spending all their budget on eye candy.

      Basically Microsoft and Sony pretty much created a generation of whiny gamers who are only interested in graphics more than the actual gameplay nowadays. For proof, look at all the articles lately where people are constantly comparing the difference between X360’s graphics vs PS3’s graphics for the same game. I really wish people would just stop all this fanboy attitudes towards a specific console. All three consoles have their own strengths and weaknesses, so why don’t we just enjoy all three without attacking each other?

      • and yet wii has the most number of rubbish games despite on nes they have they quality seal where almost every game is a classic.

        graphic does enhance game play, but of course good graphic doesnt mean good game play. wii targets a totaly different crowd compared to 360/ps3. fanboy of 360 and ps3 flaming each other because they are competitors.

        however if wii want to join in the fray and try to go in core gamer world i would certainly believe that it will fail miserably.

        • Actually that depends on your interpretation on which console has the most rubbish. Realistically the PS2 had the most if you looked at their entire library. The biggest example of shovelware was the EyeToy that was released personally by Sony. The camera came out along with some games for it, but they’re all mini-games as well. After a couple of months, Sony forgets their new toy and barely mentions it ever again.

          The only reason why the Wii was targeted as the most shovelware is due to the X360 and PS3 fanboyism, and realistically even those two consoles includes a library of shovelware. Despite the fact the console was mainly marketed at an entirely different demographic, the fanboys somehow view this as a threat to their games.

          The interpretations by fanboys and regular people seem to differ in many cases. PS3 fanboys look at something like the upcoming EyePet as an amazing new thing from Sony, despite the fact it’s pretty much shovelware that has absolutely nothing to do with gaming. With the upcoming “me too” version of the motion control wands for the PS3, I can guarantee you that 3rd party developers are already lining up with their versions of shovelware for the PS3 or ports of existing Wii shovelware.

          Meanwhile X360 is planning their release of Natal with mini-games, which is another extreme form of shovelware. Now most people may interpret this as an unwarranted attack against the Natal, but think seriously about this first. I’ve seen a large number of X360 fanboys already clamoring for this new add-on for first person shooter, sports games, or fighting games. Realistically, how many people really have the stamina to play all these types of games with their entire body throughout the entire game? The demand for fighting games is especially unrealistic, especially when you’re forced to motion punches and kicks in fraction of seconds for at least 7 to 30 minutes in a storyline match. First person shooters would require for you to constantly move left and right, duck, crawl, etc. That’s a lot of motions for you to perform! Microsoft still haven’t mentioned how much space is even needed for setting the Natal’s cameras as well, and to include another player in the mix would result in cases more severe than people flinging the Wiimote into each other.

          You’re free to continue believing what you want, but I prefer to look at things realistically, and judge these type of things accordingly. Personally I believe all consoles throughout the generations have been releasing shovelware, it’s just more prevalent due to unwarranted attacks by fanboys.

      • you’re right yet most don’t have the money to enjoy all three, so fights breakout all the time. Also there wouldn’t be so many fights if all 3rd party games came out for all consoles so those who have only 1 of the 3 consoles can enjoy it as well.

        • That’s always up to the 3rd party developers, it’s not up to the console makers themselves. To blame the console makers for the 3rd party’s decision is pointless, because they’re just directing the blame to the wrong people. It’s just like a criminal framing an innocent person. Besides, there’s always the option of waiting a little longer because the 3rd party developers may either decide on a port, or another company will make a game with the similar concept and mechanics. Everyone knows cloned games will appear sooner or later.

  • does this mean we’ll see some real games in the future? I’m sorry but the fact that Muramasa is the only game I can get this holiday is a disappointment. Maybe all those “in-developement” games that Ignition’s Shane Bettenhausen was talking about at PAX are coming our way.

  • Bakamoichigei says:

    Not to start a flame war or anything, but what would a Nintendo console do with that kind of power? I mean, Nintendo games (Which is to say ‘things that would be released for a Nintendo console’, basically its own genre at this point.) tend towards being rather simplistic, and I don’t mean that pejoratively. It’s just that they aren’t all SUPERFLASH AWESOMETASTIC GRAPHICAL EXPLOSION THAT’S LIKE AN ORGASM IN YOUR EYEBALL with 10.2 SUPER QUADRATIC DOLBY DIGITAL VIRTUAL SOUND ENVELOPE and all that. And they don’t need it. Simple and fun.

    I think Nintendo would sort of screw themselves if they did this. They’d have a powerful system that wouldn’t really benefit the types of games they let people develop for it, and at the same time, it’ll be extra expensive.

    • Give me a break. In 2011, 360/PS3 level hardware is going to be last gen, so it makes complete sense for Nintendo to release a new console with comparable hardware and at the same cheap price. At the very least, Nintendo has no choice since the Wii is no longer a hot item (yes it has huge market penetration but it’s only downhill from here).

    • It’s still at least 1.5years away.. by that time the Wii will look very outdated and if Nintendo aim for power comparable to PS3/Xbox360, by that time the tech would be cheap. I believe a $250 price tag for PS3/Xbox360 tech in 2011 is possible.

      And it’s not that developers don’t want to do better graphics with Wii, it’s just that there isn’t enough power to begin with. The looks of most Wii games isn’t because the lacks of hardware but more of knowing your target audience… that doesn’t mean those cartoon-ny games use less power than realistic looking games.

      The simplest way to use PS3/Xbox360 power on Wii-type games is upping the graphics to at least 720p (or maybe even 1080p!) with at least 2xAA 8xAF and targeting 60fps… that would be sweet.

    • It’s great and all that Nintendo strives on innovation and simplicity, and that it allows a broader spectrum in demographic for target consumers (from a pre-schooler to a senior at a retirement home), but you have to realize that technology continues to move forward, with or without Nintendo’s casual market.

      More and more people are playing games on HD displays, plain and simple. Nintendo needs to accommodate this, and it becomes fairly obvious when their games lag behind other consoles in the graphical department.

      You still want the “Nintendo” genre of games? It will still be there. Just like how Disney’s classic animated films are now remastered in Blu-Ray, it still keeps its original charm, with all the “ooohs and ahhhhs” of high definition.

    • I said the same thing when they brought out the Wii Nintendo keeps blowing their chances.

      By the time 2011 comes around the PS3 will have a solid library of games and the 360’s red ring problem will be…….oh yeah………scratch that part…..

      • A lot of these comments is full of fanboy logic and are retarded. Like anon already pointed out, systems usually sell as a loss leader, meaning the console developers lose $$$ with every console sold. Majority of the profits come from games, licensing, etc.

        However, Nintendo has been making profits on the Wii since almost day one. This means that even if PS3s and/or 360s sells just as much as the Wii, Nintendo still made more profit in the end. Not only are they making money on the games, licensing fees, and the accessories, they were also making shit ton a money on the Wii consoles.

        Like already said before, the only people that were owned were the Wii owners. Nintendo still made lucrative sum of money.

        So units sold != profit made. Now stop arguing you stupid fanboy dumbfucks.

        • And all that console fanboy wars can be resumed in:

          If you like to eat nachos & drink beer, maybe you have an Xbox 360 and live in your college dorm.

          If you like to eat sushi & drink Pepsi, maybe you have a PS3, you live in yours parents basement and not have/need any friends because you fap all day seeing 2D bitches.

          If you have a Wii, it’s simple: you like to eat cock, drink semen and you are an interior designer who lives on Castro Street.

      • The only people who will buy it are people who buy all of them, or people who like the Wii.

        That was an interesting comment about project Natal. I thought to myself that Natal seemed very Nintendo-like.

        BTW, Way, I’ve got to give props to Nintendo’s strategist’s for putting out a shitty product that sells like hot cakes, only to steal newer technology once the other companies made it cheaper.

        • Anon 23-09-2009 13:03

          Did you know that blueray and HD existed a long time before Microsoft and Sony started thinking about putting it into their consoles? The reason it got cheaper were because computertecnology is developing at an increasing speed.

          Today’s supercomputer is tomorrow’s standard.

          The reason the HD and Blueray is available for the average man theese days is simply because there is no way in hell they’d get to sell it if you could get tomorrow’s tecnology at the same price.

          And furthermore, claiming that Nintendo’s products are shitty would only encourage other to state that Microsoft’s and/or Sony’s products are worse than shit.

          A computer has the same tecnology as a Xbox360 or PS3, but I’ve yet to see one with the tecnology used in the Wii remote.

          Not that it is impossible, just pointing out how Nintendo actually made something new, which take much more tecnology, rather than “uppgrading” old tecnology…

        • Every parent with kids will buy it! That is still the primary video game console demographic. That ESA survey that said “The average game player is 35 years old” is misleading because it includes 45 year old women playing web games like Sudoku during their lunch breaks.

          There were no hardcore 20-something gamers in the NES era, and yet Nintendo sold 60 million NES systems mostly to families or kids. Sony sold 140 million PS2s, but don’t for a moment think that was due to hardcore gamers. 88% of PS2 owners did *NOT* buy Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. What do you think they were playing? Games that outsold Sony’s precious “Killzone” on the PS2 include: “Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy”, “Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex”, “The Sims”, “The Simpsons Road Rage”, and “Scooby-Doo! Night of 100 Frights”. Yes, a Scooby-Fucking-Doo outsold Killzone. And now that Sony is focusing exclusively on games like Killzone, they’ve handed the family and kids demographic right into Nintendo’s lap.

        • @CowExtract:
          That was the code name for the gamecube
          like Ultra 64 was code name for N64 and Revolution was the code name for the Wii.

          I had heard a while ago they were working on a new console so this isn’t really a big news. It was supposed to be called Wii HD… which will maybe be it’s code name and surely not it’s name,

        • It feels like it went by fast because we’ve all been waiting for games worth buying on the console to come out and all we’ve only gotten is a small handful. It’s not at all like in the SNES days when there was like a hundred games worth buying for the console.

        • @ Anon 23-09-2009 09:11,

          I had not realised it untill you put all those dates there, but yeah, you are right. (wow… I feel old…) It is about time for a new Nintendo system. I wonder if it will be the “Dolphin” thing that was being talked about a while back… Or was that what ended up being the Wii…?

        • 1.- How is nintendo being pawned??? Last fiscal year they reported a profit of over 20 billion yen while bout sony and ms reported loses of over 10 million yen

          2.- Every household in united states has a 360? every household in the world has a Wii, even 2 if they can. The world > united states

          3.- That they are abandonning it??

          Nes 1985
          Snes 1990
          N64 1996
          GameCube 2001
          Nintendo Wii 2006

          2011 sounds about right to release the next nintendo platform iteration with hd capabilities given how they have been keeping the 5/6 years life time

          Now, 5 years went pass by like the wind, i’m scared, they did really went by flying out, way too fast

        • untill a moment ago, the wii sales were almost the same as the 360 and ps3 sales put together. You should all get your facts straight and look it up.

          Though the ps3 is starting to sell veru well <.<
          stupid tales of vespiria crap

        • “It doesn’t matter if they own the system, because it costs the company more money to make the system than the profit they make from that sale.” =

          actually no it doesn’t, which is why Nintendo’s been raking in the cash all gen long. if you had done some research before talking you’d know that Nintendo’s been making a profit per unit since day one, mostly because unlike Sony and MS they didn’t decide to compete in the tech race. as a dev famously said, the wii is “two GCs taped together”

        • It doesn’t matter if they own the system, because it costs the company more money to make the system than the profit they make from that sale. It’s the games where they make their money. However, since all of Nintendo’s systems are easier pirated, who’s buying their games? Also, Wii’s titles are so shitty now, it’s not even funny. Seriously, when they dropped the EU and NA title of Fatal Frame 4, the shit hit the fan for them. I’ll admit that there must be some stupid kids out there buying the crappy games they have out, but the Wii is simply a party machine. Of course, I agree that most Americans probably purchased a 360 over anything else, but that also is probably due to the fact that they break so often. Sony still has a whole length to catch up with though.

        • how was nintendo “powned” when the ds was and “is” the hotest selling system worldwide and the nintendo wii is still selling really well in many area where as ps3 is starting to take off and xbox360 is starting to crashland.(though i don’t really car seeing as my xbox360/ps3/wii/ds work fine lol sucks for all those rrod people)

        • Wii is a toy and nothing else. At least XBox can play DVD’s and PS3 can play Bluray.

          PS3 is the console of otaku & game freaks, X Box is the console of the fratboys & casual gamers; and Wii is a toy for kid’s parties.

  • “New Nintendo Console in 2011 More Like Xbox 360 & PS3”
    I hope this doesn’t also mean Nintendo’s next console’s power will be similar to PS3 and XBox 360’s, though I’m willing to bet that will be the case. How long can Nintendo last using inferior technology?

  • Anonymous says:

    Just because Nintendo sold more than ps3 or 360 doesn’t mean that its the better of the 3. Nintendo is a system for lil kids,old people and people who can’t play hardcore games. I have both ps3 and 360 and have no intention on ever getting a Wii. I’ll stick with cod,gow,gow3,re5 while you Nintendo fanboys can stick with the 500th Mario game,those gay ass Zelda games,and Wii fit…cause I really need a video game to work out

  • Anonymous said:
    fuck wii, fuck ps3, fuck xbox….

    the best gaming console there is is the one in ur pants!!


    Ps3, Xbox 360, Wii. all are crap.
    Best gaming system are Neogeo or a real Arcade Cabinet with real PCBs of 2D shooter or Fighter.(not MAME and its gay romz)

  • Alot of Wii hostility in here….whatever, say what you want, the Wii makes hardcore Nintendo gamers like me happy with Super Mario Galaxy, Smash Bros. Brawl, and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. And all the older games. To you who complained about having to pay for those, you’re an idiot. Offcourse you have to pay for them. I for one love how I can finally play the old games I loved so much on my TV without having to connect my PC to the TV and use an emulator. I dare say you guys are overly optimistic if you think there’s gonna be a PS4 and/or XBox 720 by 2011 though. I for one doubt it, and actually hope that doesn’t happen. Consoles should be out longer than that before they make a new one, otherwise they are just ripping off money from you. I’l be buying a PS3 and XBox 360 soon to get the increasing ammount of exclusive games that I can’t get for the PC, but I stand fast on my claim that the majority of WORTHWILE games for the PS3 and XBox 360 can be bought for the PC. Read majority, not ALL. There’s nothing wrong with the PS3 or XBox 360(well, ok, the 360 has a bit too many hardware problems for my taste), but the Wii is awesome aswell. I honestly find all fanboys of any of the 3 big kinds, be it Nintendo/Wii, Microsoft/360, or Sony/PS3, to be annoying. Fanboys that whine about their favourite console beeing superior, and the rest beeing sucky, are all complete idiots imo.

      • That’s the most intelligent rebuttal you can use as an argument? Your must have the highest grades in your kindergarten class.

        Also for your information, homosexuals also play games on the PS3 and the X360. Since you believe all players who play games on the Wii are homosexuals, that means all PS3 and X360 players are homosexuals as well. So I wish to congratulate you on officially declaring your gender preference to the online community!

    • Except for the small fact that Twilight Princess was originally a Gamecube game (It’s the last Gamecube game that I brought…) and yet Nintendo purposely delayed that game for a year and then brought out the cheap mirror flipped Wii Gamecube 1.5 (Clue/Hint: Link is left hand…)version first in order to sell Wii units.

      Stubborn Nintendo still hasn’t learned their lesson yet you can only yank someones chain so many times before they get tired of it.

      Sure Sony and the %50 failure rate 360 have their problems but decent games ain’t one of them.

      Nintendo better not try to market their next console based off of a gimmick or a fad.