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Crayon Shin-chan Mangaka Killed in Clifftop Fall


Yoshito Usui, author of the famous manga Crayon Shin-chan, has been found dead on mount Arafune, apparently after a hiking trip gone wrong.

The 51-year-old author’s body was reported lying under the Tomoiwa cliff by a male hiker. His personal belongings was found near his body, including his backpack and mobile phone. He had been reported missing a week prior.

His remains were airlifted from the scene for autopsy, with police concluding he died of a collapsed lung and other injuries incurred during the fall, confirming the identity of the corpse with dental records.

The precise circumstances surrounding his death are not known, but police do not seem to be considering foul play or suicide likely explanations; attention focuses on the precarious and unfenced nature of the trail, although it is said to have long been accident free.

The publishers of the manga has extended their condolences to the family, and will review the uncertain future of Crayon Shin-chan’s publication.


Via Mainichi.

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