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9-Year-Old Transsexual Shocks School


Another school has been thrown into chaos with the surprise announcement that a 9-year-old boy will henceforth be a girl.

Under circumstances all but identical to a previous case involving a 12-year-old boy, a 9-year-old boy at a UK primary school suddenly returned to school at the start of the new term as a “girl,” in the vain hopes that nobody would notice.

The school, together with the boy’s parents, decided to sidestep any tricky explanations and simply lie to children and tell them the boy had been replaced by a similar girl, which unsurprisingly did not fool the children at all.

Parents were stuck trying to work out what happened and how to explain matters:

“My son came home from school and asked why one of his friends had become a girl. I thought he was joking, but he kept asking – that’s when alarm bells began ringing.

The pupil’s classmates were told he had left and that a new girl would be starting in his place this term.

We have had to deal with the fall-out from all this. It’s not a situation I or other parents are comfortable with and we’ve not been given any help from the school about how to handle it.

My son is too young to really understand the significance of what’s happening. It’s hard to explain to him.

He doesn’t understand the differences between girls’ and boys’ bodies yet. I’m terrified he’ll ask me if he can become a girl as well.”

The boy will apparently be sharing toilet facilities with female pupils, a situation sure to create further interesting situations when he reaches puberty.

“Doctors” and the boy’s parents apparently decided that his wishes to become a girl should be indulged. A source at the school reports that “the boy had always been rather feminine.”

A “gender counselor,” whose trade revolves around promoting sex-changes, is unsurprisingly supportive:

“People should not be surprised that a child so young has these feelings. What is more of a surprise is that the child has been able to express them openly, and that because of changes in society those around the child have been so supportive.”

However, an actual organisation of transvestites and transsexuals doubts the wisdom of this:

“This child is vulnerable to bullying and teasing. They and their family have been seriously misadvised. It is hard enough for an adult to change gender.”

Although the boy is doubtless on the fast track to a sex-change operation and hormonal treatment in order to turn him into something approximating a female, he must wait until he is legally an adult before any actual operation may take place.

Via The Sun.

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  • I am one of these too, but I just gave up myself two years ago…
    I ever were very shy but when i turned 18, i thought I could tell this to my parents without getting into trouble, since i was old enough to leave home if necessary. Well, When I had my first touch with psychotherapists I needed to talk with and tell my whole fucking life and feelings, just because of stupid laws who need this to be sure It’s okay, I had to go through alot of hassle. After I found out he weren’t okay for my Health Insurance Agency I switched to another one who was called “okay” for them. This women were so rude to me and her eyes just were like needles staring inside me and with this cold expression, so that i just were scared to talk with her at first. After some time I tried it and the problem began. She ever tried to push me in another way like she was asking “why don’t you try testosterone pills first? I know this will change your feelings and thinking about it too!” She just didn’t understand any thing and wasn’t very sensitive too. There i was 19…
    After nearly one year and her more and more growing ice cold personality, I couldn’t stand this any longer and so I stopped this. Since then, I never tried anything other again and I just try to stay in my room the whole day and I feel like shit and never want to go outside or do something called “funny stuff”…
    I’m 23 now and in two months (2nd April) I’ll turn 24…
    If I just weren’t so full of fear about death and so scared about pain, I think I would have ended my life. So i just feel the inner pain every day but I try to hide it as good I can. I just don’t trust anyone anymore any longer and hide myself inside my room as long I am able to…
    This world is so rude and so filled with rudeness, I just can’t stand these views at me when others would know what is with me. I feel so empty inside and have nearly zero will to do something.
    I think I just gave up myself…
    I don’t know…

    • It’s never too late to start again down the right road. Mail order pharmaceuticals are down right cheap compared to locally acquired. And yes it is legal to order meds mail order without a prescription. All the necessary meds would come to about $250 a month. What you will want is known as a Smiley Cocktail, estrogen, progesterone, and spironolactone (an anti-androgen). After 6 months on that, go to an endocrinologist. Have them do your blood workup, and get an actual prescription. You will still use the mail order meds, the prescription is just for better dosing.

      Getting your letter to recommend surgery is easy once you are most of the way there. Self medicating is a strong indicator to any shrink that you DO need surgery. Or you can skip the letter all together, and get your surgery in Thailand. There are some very skilled surgeons there. Even people who go the expensive route go to Thailand for the surgery, as one of the surgeons there is considered the best in the world (8-16 month long waiting list due to popularity).

      So don’t give up. You life can turn for the better. You just need to make it happen.

  • I think it’s silly how much of a fuss parents make about explaining things to their children. It is, after all, their job to socially educate their children, yet they shy away from it. My mother explained what a transsexual was in simple terms when I was very young, and I never had any trouble understanding it. I will explain anything that needs explaining to my own daughters as well. It’s really not that hard.

    This reminds me of the presenter on children’s TV (I have forgotten her name) who was born without one arm, and the parents kicked up a stink about it, claiming the kids were frightened and how could they possibly explain it to them? But the kids weren’t actually bothered. They were mainly just curious about why, like kids are with everything. All it takes is ‘sometimes things don’t go as normal when a baby is growing, and they are born a little different’. I don’t see why parents are so silly about these things.

  • All this is happening due to certain things in some items that act as endocrine disruptors, which mimic estrogen, causing more females to be born, and for hermaphrodites to occur.


  • He was an hermaphrodite so he had a choice which gender most suited if i remember correctly so he was born with both genitals intact, now the procedure should of been performed at birth to stop confusion but.. i guess some parents dont no when they hit puberty what will actualy happen ;ssss

  • Some of these comments people should be ran over by a cement truck for. such as the comment made on 20-09-2009 21:33. You Sir Need to be barred alive where not Spartans. (if you seen the movie 300 they tossed there born children in a pit if any thing seen wrong was found such as being disfigured. They had to be perfect when born to not be tossed)

    Although i find everything pretty much posted on this site questionable. real or not, but the point of across. of course its something that no action should be under taken. its the child choose expect for any medical or surgery changes.

    I to was a kid and some things i did where stupid. just like any other kid. Allot of us still act naive like kids.

    If later on he still has these feeling no one should stand in his way.

    Me Im a Girly Boy. But dont plan to do any sex changes. I am what i am, and how i was born. Even know i tend to act girly or wanna dress as such, i dun plan on getting it the change or taking pills for it.

    But even if i did its wouldn’t be something for me to decide till i reach a certain mature mental state where im able to truly weight the pros and cons. A child certainly cant do that.

  • MRRRAAAAAGH!! All this news on Sankaku is driving me INSANE! This is the fifth in a row, and I still don’t have any ;oli to tide me over! Not to mention I can’t trust the channel due to an invasion by a virus. What’s goin’ on?!

    WHERE’S MY LOLI?! I can’t stand all this GODDAMN news on Sankaku. Give me loli!!

    …sorry, I’m going nuts without my daily source of loli. It’ll pass…I hope.

    • 2D > 3D

      Real life traps are extremely rare. By “trap” I mean the guy seems like a girl in every way. It’s easy to draw a girl and then tell the viewer it’s a guy – or just photoshop a penis in.

      It’s not so easy taking a real life boy and trying to force his body into becoming the opposite gender, with the end result being (what appears to be) a perfectly normal girl.

      Rather then a trap, in real life what you get is a girl with a lot of lingering masculine features. Even after years of plastic surgery, there’s subtle differences between men and women that we pick up on without thinking. To others, (and to the individual) it always seems like “something’s off”.

  • I’m not bothered by the gender bender, but there’s no denying this is a tricky thing for parents to discuss and explain to your 9 – 12 year old child. Hell, it would be tricky for adults to understand and discuss openly.

    “Daddy, Jake came back to school, and he’s a girl named Jenny now. The teachers are pretending its not Jake and everyone is making fun of him. I think he’s faking. It’s dumb. He can’t be a girl. And we get in trouble if we don’t call him a her. It’s not fair.”

    And dad’s life is shortened by 3 years as he shifts into damage control mode.

    • It’s BS that parents are like that. It’s because of this that there is an upsurge of underage pregnancies. Just the word sex can invoke uber protection mode in alot of parents, so talking about a sex change would be like bring out the tanks and warships. If parents don’t adapt to their own child’s intake of knowledge they don’t deserve to be parents to begin with. Trying to keep a child dumb and in the dark about anything is only going to harm their development later. It is a known fact that if a child has had their sexual curiosities repressed till later in life, they tend to develop social disorders, especially towards the opposite sex.

      Children learn alot quicker than decades ago. Obvious why, since information is much easier to attain currently. Does that particularly make them smarter? No. Therein lies your problem. It’s basically similar to giving a Gun to a 6 year old. Having knowledge and understanding it are 2 completely different things, something the moralfags can’t seem to process through their heads. Albeit there are some parents willing to step up to the plate and take responsibility in educating their child according to their knowledge intake. Sadly this isn’t the case for the majority. Instead most will try and dodge the question or completely answer with lies. By doing so the child will be left to his/her own devices. Another words they will try and firgure it out on their own. Meaning they are left unguided and to make random conclusions and when something goes wrong guess what the parents will blame other than themselves?

      Anyway I myself is a little skeptical that a 9 year old has completely affirmed he wanted to be treated as a female knowing full well the complications. Here’s a tip average joes; sometimes psychologists are the cause of personality disorders and mental illnesses. Fair enough ‘IF’ the kid knew what he was getting himself into (people develop at different rates). If he was bullied before the transgender modifications, he’s only going to be bullied more after. People are twats about these things, while kids are brutal little fucks.

  • It’s interesting that some of the hateful comments left here are unremoved and extremely offensive at transgendered people, most likely by guys who are scared that if they find a Transgendered person attractived they believe it threatens their manhood and makes them gay.

    And Artefact, you aren’t much better, it’s fine with talking shit about 2D imaginary people and claim to know what your talking about, but you clearly don’t have enough understanding about this subject and have commented on it more than once.

    I have seen way less hateful comments removed because of other sensitive subjects like religion and children etc. Yet your fine letting a huge amount of viewers bad mouth people who are actually suffering?

    Most of these people believe a male to female sex change involves cutting someones penis off, and that female to male sex changes don’t exist because they’re just gay guys in denial.

    You don’t need to be transgendered or even know someone who is transgendered to understand, do a little research.

    Transgendered people go threw enough shit threw life by other assholes who decide they would like to beat, rape or kill them, who are any of you to hate them? What they do with their life doesn’t even effect yours, show a little fucking compassion and at least ignore things you don’t understand instead of posting hateful comments.

    • I hope you’re not confusing comments in disagreement with the child’s parents, teachers and doctor with “hateful comments”.

      The main problem most commentors in disagreement (and Artefact indirectly, through the tone of the article) have, is not that this male wants to become female – it’s that this little boy has made this decision, and it’s being taken seriously by his parents.

      We don’t live in some kind of fantasy world where everyone has complete tolerance for everyone else. Especially grade school children, who’ll prey on anyone who’s even mildly different then themselves.

      This boy’s school years are going to be horrible, and for what? Because of a life altering decision he made at the age of 9.

      • I have no problem with people who disagree as long as it’s not some stupid reason like “eww thats sick” or something similar.

        Trust me, if this child decides to go threw with it, the school years are going to be the better years until she has fully transitioned, it just gets worse as you get older, until the process is complete.

        Besides the child shouldn’t be put on hormones but hormone blockers there should be no reason anyone has any problems with this, but I would side with people why some issues with giving hormones to a young child, thats completely reasonable.

        Really the best they can do with this child if he really believes himself to be a girl, then they should put the child in home schooling, he will lack some life skills but will be a lot better off without being bullied every day or beaten etc.

        The UK isn’t known for it’s acceptance of transgendered people, of course there are much worse places to be transgendered…

  • Dumb parents listend to their dumb 9 year old kid and made a dumb decision. Then the dumb doctors didn’t stop the dumb decision from being carried out. Nothing to see here, folks. It’s just a buncha dumb people doing dumb shits together.

    When I was 9 I wanted to be a career gangster. I’m so glade my parents beat some much needed sense into me back then. I feel sorry for the kid for having shitty parents. I hope he can stick to the decision he made as a clueless young kid as he grows into adulthood.

  • This kid is a genius, he won’t actually get any op until he’s an adult, by which time he can change his mind. In the meantime, as a boy he gets the benefits of going in the girls changing room, every schoolboys dream. Genius!

  • 9 year old : Mommy, daddy, I want to become a girl!!
    *transforms into a girl*

    ~10 years later~

    19 year old : Damn it, shouldn’t become a girl. A sword is more powerful than a sheath.

    It’s his own fault for slicing it off anyway. After all, he ain’t a man yet.

  • There may be background information we’re not privy too, such as the boy may have been born hermaphroditic and the parents / doctor (doctors sometimes make the choice without parental consent) decide that it’ll be a boy. And maybe they chose the ‘wrong’ gender, and they should have gone with going female originally. And this could be a form of correction.

    Of course articles are going to push the ‘scandal!’ button. But given the community here, I’m rather surprised theres not more ‘More cute girls in the world!’ XD

  • I wish her good luck, forget what everyone else thinks about it. It’s best to make any changes before being an “adult,” though. Laws based on preconceptions about age ranges can all go to Hell.

    • Totally agree, kids know EXACTLY what they’re doing. Not like they’re mental functions aren’t fully developed yet or anything. If a 12 year old wants to hit up the bar, it should be his right. If an 11 year old consents to sex, A-OK! If a 13 year old’s parents die, he’ll be just fine without legal guardians, he knows exactly what he’s doing after all.

      Seriously though, you’re an idiot.

  • If he’s only nine and he can’t actually have a gender change operation until he’s an adult, that kid has about a decade of ridicule and abuse ahead of him.
    By the time he has the operation, he’ll be so mentally effed up that he will either off himself or be “put away” in an institution.
    The parents have made a really bad decision on this one.

  • Here we go again, another sex-change debate… Anyway, I still keep the position I held in the other article; It’s fine if he wants to be a girl, but both him and his family should ready and not be surprised to the inevitable public outlash and scorn they will receive. While the world is starting to become more open-minded (or at least trying to be), it’s still not ready to readily accept the really difficult issues like sex-change and abortions and the like yet.

  • So apparently a transsexual can feel the same sexual stimulus as a normal girl. I just found out reading some of this article. This is actually extremely informative about transsexuals and just females in general. This does have some graphic pictures…but if you’re on this site it shouldn’t be a problem. The procedure itself looks, quite honestly, painful though….good thing you’re not awake for it.

  • Well you see… if you are going to make a decision about gender it is best to do it before puberty… so the body can grow into the selected gender. Medicine cannot restore genitalia completely (senses and pleasure are messed up… they can’t even uncircumcise some one) so It would be better to not have surgery and just go the chemical route (androgen blockers) and then female hormones when the youth has really made a decision. Theoretically you could delay puberty indefinitely, although if you wait to long maybe past 16 you won’t really have much room left to grow, male or female.

  • Why is this even an issue? If someone changed their hair colour no one would mind, but because the issue of genders arise, people panic?

    People need to learn to get over the social norms of sexuality and gender roles of a bygone era. If it doesn’t harm you, or anyone else, let anyone do whatever the fuck they want; dress like a cow, die your skin pink, cut your arms off, do whatever makes you happy.

    Open your minds, people. Your parents beliefs need not be yours.

    • If gender roles are irrelevant, why does he need to live as a girl, undergo hormone therapy, and probably get a sex change later?

      I don’t disagree with you. I just think a guy should be able to act as femininely (whatever that means) as he wants, wear all the dresses or whatever else he wants, etc, without being told he needs to have a surgery to become something else.

      If gender roles really were irrelevant, no one would ever get a sex change, because sex wouldn’t matter. Telling someone who wants to act in a manner generally associated with females that they should become a female if they want to act that way is a step in the wrong direction, and will only serve to reinforce traditional gender roles.

      • They matter to you more than them in that case. You are the one making note of the fact it is a gender change, to him, it is simply changing his appearance to match his mental self-image. if we call it female, then we are the ones unable to shift from the gender roles and templates.

        But yeah, I fully agree with you; act however you want, regardless of gender.

        • You guys seem to be under some strange assumption that the sex of a human being is irrelevant – it’s been pretty damn relevant for the first couple hundred thousand years we’ve been around.

          Oh, but society now says that it’s irrelevant, and it’s all about how someone feels, right?

          God damn, when did the world go crazy?

        • As you say, he wants to change his physical appearance to match his self image. I worry though just how that self image developed.

          Most likely, it’s because he associated his behavior with behavior commonly associated with girls. That in and of itself is fine. However, if he’s lead to believe that behavior isn’t acceptable for boys, it’s inevitable that either the behavior or his self image would have to change. If people felt free to act as they chose (providing they don’t anybody), there would be no discrepancy between his behavior and his gender, since gender would be irrelevent.

          Without the discrepancy, he would probably be able to live perfectly happily behaving in a manner more generally associated with girls, while being content with, and having a positive self image of, his male body.

          That’s still not impossible, but unfortunately unlikely, as most people still seem grounded in traditional gender roles.

  • I remember reading about these cases in a psych class. Although I do think there’s merit to such things, 9 is just too freaking young to be doing the actual treatments…
    On the plus side, though, if they start him at a younger age, he’ll be more feminine looking in the long run, like that one German boy turned girl.

    • Anima and animus. One generally builds their inner personality based on their opposite gender parent, and their outer personality on their same gender parent.

      This is why growing up in a one parent home as a child is really damaging. You end up incomplete.

  • Well, if a 12 year old is mature enough to decide to change their gender, why not a 9 year old, or a 6 year old, for that matter?

    I mean, because if teens know everything, preteens surely know enough to decide what’s best for themselves.

    Also, UK, can you get any fucking gayer?

  • I do think it’s psychologically foolish but this still makes me really hard.

    But seriously, these kids are to young o understand the full impact, sexually, and socially, of their decision which may seem like a fun day of pretend but has long ramifications. long, hard, ramifications….

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    Y’know, I made a rant and I decided to calm down. I actually WORK with a TransSexual and “She’s” OK. It got me riled up fierce and I wasted a lot of time typing out a rant, but then deleted it. I might have some wild opinions but don’t want to be a “Troll” that causes arguments for the sake of it.

    But again, this happens. A boy is infected by the anti-male virus, be it a Meme or a literal one(?), of the “Pig Ladies of the U.N.” and the “Modern Women who seek to destroy Men”.

    Really, what if we had an article over a Muslim man who purchased a boy slave as was going to have his balls cut off so he could have a “Feminine” plaything but not be in violation of God’s law? (by technicality) This used to be done in the past, and probably still is done today, with or without Islam. Mohammed himself said he’d “Testify against” any Muslim who did it to another Muslim before God on the last day, but didn’t forbid it if you got a castrated male boy-toy from the non-believers or had someone else do it. (and to a non-Muslim)

    I bet if there were such an article most would be raving and foaming hate speech, even worse than the “Child Bride” stories. Yet, the “Modern Woman who seeks to destroy men” is doing that right now. She’s cutting off the balls of a young male and going further to remove the “Male Rape Organ” and then to have a “Fake Female” for the non-reproductive lust pleasure of others.

    Myself, it freaks me out. My “Co-Worker” is an adult and is mid-20s. But a child should be re-conditioned to help him see right. I’d be for first counseling, then some male hormone injections and violence training. Martial arts, boxing, going into the woods and being forced to run, to fight, to kill an animal with a knife in rage. 9 is a bit young, but 12-16 should also get “Pussy Therapy” from some lusty harlot once they’ve been “Bloodied” a bit. Now, there’s more than savagery to this therapy. Natural behavior triggers the right mechanisms and the body should heal itself and stimulate the mind properly.

      • Ah, the classic “Ad Homenim” attack: Attack the speaker not the argument.

        It’s one thing if he wants to break God’s laws and become a butt-sex faggot and mutilate himself when he’s 18 or older. As I said, I work with a “Woman” who did that to “Herself” at 26 and I don’t give “Her” a hard time. I believe that “Freedom” is life itself and so it should be allowed. I don’t even hope he burns in H-ll, either, I hope God forgives him for maiming himself and I don’t mean that sarcastically… Jesus’s hardest and most important lesson is “Forgiveness”…

        However, “freedom” is what I find in question in both of these wanna-be castrated butt-boy cases.

        Frankly, I’m not so sure the kid really wants to be a castrated fake female freak. I think it is indeed a “Male Genital Mutilation” crime by the “Modern women who seek to destroy men”. They fear the male penis, they hate the male, so they seek to cut off the penis and destroy and weaken the male. All the modern laws are chiefly against the male, especially the white male. (Divorce laws usually drag through the coals the white male, they leave the woman with all, but they rarely scourge the non-producing black male) Feminism, I believe, is the surface force, but in reality it is the reptile parasite entities that do the deed, for they fear man’s liberation.

        I re-iterate: If this article was about a modern “Sally Rover” (a Muslim Corsair) who took young boys and cut off their balls so they could be “Feminized Males”, you’d be screaming for his gory impalement. Yet, this is about a young boy being brainwashed into thinking not only should his balls be cut off but his penis as well, the head mutilated into a fake clitoris and maybe be sensitive. Therefore, instead of a “Eunuch” you get a “Fake Female”, a man who has been fully castrated and turned into a feminine sexual plaything but can not re-produce and is not a real woman.

        And, as if that didn’t irritate you enough, maybe this will too- What the Sally Rovers did for a pittance (sharp knives, basic herbal medicine and a frame to tie the butt-boys to) will be done with hundreds of thousands of dollars and because its in Britain, I bet it’s on the “Dole” so to speak. In short, tax payers pay for the genital mutilation of a brainwashed boy, along with his brainwashing and the “Recruitment” of other boys to be brainwashed!!!

        You imply I’m insane- (“Can’t be taken seriously.”) – !? I’m the sane one here. This is too young, this boy is being brainwashed so they can mutilate him and charge people for the butchery and force the people (like his schoolmates) into thinking it is “Normal” and they are “Hate mongers” if they disagree.

        There are two cures for this:

        The first I outlined in my earlier post. “Violence Therapy”, get the lad’s attack/flight instincts riled up and his body will start producing the right hormones. We need our emotions every bit as we need to control them, not having either the emotions or the self control is the modern sickness. It is one thing to be alive and another to live.

        The second, only to come after the first, is “Pussy Therapy”. In the past, older women used to discreetly seduce younger men. Some tribal societies were (are, but being destroyed for it) openly practicing this. Usually visiting during a festival. It’s not good to let them frequently bed them, but once and never again that woman does good for both. It gets the lad ready to plunge his avenger into the girls (THAT, boy, is why we kill Sabre Tooth Tigers!) and it gives the “nurturing” part of the feminine instinct that control release that since it is frustrated is going haywire in the “Modern women who seek to destroy men”. For a brief time she can have a small man who she is stronger than with smooth soft skin almost feminine who due to youth can be stimulated frequently and one time after another. Although a whore will do, it should be the “Friend of a friend from out of town” so some loosely connected friend gets a real thrill but then leaves the area quickly so there’s no attachment except to renewed male instincts.

        You might check out “Matty” in the gallery here. Just some HCG sets, imagine as a lad being swallowed by a giant voluptuous raven haired lady…?

        Almost happened to me, btw… A Hispanic friend of my mom’s had a crush on me, gave me hickeys:-) But mom stopped the involvement and I know she did it to “Protect” me… If only I’d been “Raped”, let me tell you that was HOT! I’m like at her nipples with my eyes and she picks me up (she was stronger than some weightlifters, real superwoman, but found supermen for real mates) and hickeys me! “Protect the Children” my A–. Kids should not be “Innocent Children” till 18 then “Legal Adults”. Growing up should have increasing rights and burdens along with a few “Rites of Passage” including to the point of “Brutal Hazing” for men.

        And, hate what I’m saying as you will. This is how the “Controllers” control us, part of how they take away our true lives so we just live. They fill us with all this garbage and lies, but if you look at what little leaks out from the “Real top floor of the SkyScraper” you’ll find that rich and elite society is full of: Molestation. Families living together, not running apart. Effective “Tribes” in the form of secret societies with all sorts of rituals and brutal hazings. -and- Arranged marriages for breeding and political purpouses with controlled “Safety Valves” such as mistresses and sex tours. (They only stopped it for middle class, didn’t want the proles waiting in line at the underage brothel in Cambodia)

        • I’d have a heck of an easier time trying to take you seriously if you didn’t keep throwing nonsense like ‘butt-sex faggot’ and ‘self-mutilation’ around, didn’t suggest teaching young boys to murder animals, didn’t babble about Jesus’ lessons, and didn’t keep putting anything remotely sensitive into quotes.

          Why did “Co-Worker” need to be quoted? Didn’t you see her as a full co-worker just because she had a sex-change operation in her past? What the fuck is wrong with you? Fake acceptance is strong with you.

          Also, you somehow managed to spell “Ad Hominem” wrong.

        • Don’t mistake changes in visibility with changes in occurrence.

          It’s one of the same mistakes that some bible thumpers make when discussing homosexuality and how it didn’t exist back in ye good old days.

          Thereby ignoring the fact that those folks did exist, but as it was more of a taboo issue, that few folks openly came out for it, and everything was done more covertly. Heck, roaring ’20s had sizable gay communities in San Fran, Paris and Berlin.

          Same deal really with all of this stuff, well, except for the whole surgery bit, seeing how the proper alterations are a relatively new invention. That a lot of these folks often lived as mere crossdressers / transvestites. That sections of them were locked up in the local loony bin etc etc.

    • Completely agree. Needs to wait until after puberty-preferrably 18-to make such a grave decision. People change during puberty so these kids better hope they made the right decision. I can’t believe parents would take the opinion of a 9 and 12 year old on whether or not they should completely alter their body.

      • I agree. Active intervention by adults in powerful positions of control over the kid should not be allowed at these ages. Who do they think they are? Nostradamus? Neutral counselling until the main changes of puberty are past should be the only thing allowed. Too much can change during puberty–which should be obvious to the doctors involved, or maybe they need to re-read the part in their old textbooks about the massive sex hormone changes during puberty.
        Not to mention the simple act of “growing up.”

  • i guess the UK doesnt have anything interesting to show to the world that why they publish this kind of thing unlike the other countries. few that interest the world: US = war, health and budget. Japan = technology and hentai stuff. China = life and banning world of warcraft expansion.

    • If he wishes to smoke crack, so be it. It’s his body afterall. Let him do whatever he wants.

      If he wishes to kill himself, so be it. It’s his body afterall. Let him do whatever he wants.

      If he wishes to get fucked in the ass by a dozen men with AIDS, so be it. It’s his body afterall. Let him do whatever he wants.

        • Anonymous says:

          ahem, ayu is actually right, as a “sex changed freak” i know well,

          anti-baby-crap is basically ethinylestradiol mixed with cyproterone acetate, this is technically 5000 (yes, five thousands) times more dangerous than a transgender patient’s hormonal REPLACEMENT therapy, wich is involved in replacing some hormones by others it’s a pretty simple process actually because the “system” that regulates male and female hormones is actually the same and reacts to both either way so it is actually quite easy to keep a healthy balance with simple blood analysis from time to time, and that way, using hormones in gel instead of pills to avoid polluting the liver etc, it is absolutely not dangerous

          if not monitored, with random pills, of course, then it is dangerous and possibly fatal .


          then for this specific case, 9 years old is quite young , the curcumstances of “the boy”s change are a bit too unclear to me (how could have this kid been showing strong enough signs of gender dysphoria so early?!) , and the way it has been handled in school or etc are devastating, there are some mistakes there indeed..

        • You are way full of bullshit Ayu Jochuu: oral contraceptives, or “anti-baby crap” like you name it can cause cervical cancer and or mammary cancer in the long run. Event the most secure ones. If by any chance you are not a retarded ugly fat yaoi cow and have an active sexual life, try to persuade your sexual partner to wear a condom, or if not better do him blowjobs.

          Large doses of hormones (like the ones used in the “sex change” treatment)s are indeed dangerous, so what is your “argument”? You were so POWNED in this discussion and the more you reply, the more you sink.

        • I am not “sex changed” but since you use hormones almost everywhere in medicine these days, I had to learn about them for the education in medicine science. You know what all these anti-baby crap is made from? Yes, lots and lots of hormones. Besides that I am not saying everybody that wants a sex change should get one but that hormones aren’t toxic or dangerous these days if you don’t abuse them.

        • News Ayu Jochuu: if by any chance you are one of these “sex changed” freaks; they rip you off; you will never be a woman and neither a man again. Instead of being butthurt, why not prevent others from committing such a mistake?

        • Ayu, I have to disagree.

          It’s possible to create what looks like a vagina. It won’t be a vagina though, just as making him look like a girl won’t get rid of that pesky Y chromosome. Should he decide that he wants to undo the operation, the doctors can stitch on some skin that will kinda look like a penis, but it won’t be a penis. Even if he manages to get a penis transplant, the likelihood of it functioning correctly is small, and it still won’t be his. That doesn’t even take into account things like bone structure, the effects of female hormones on the mind, etc.

          The real issue, which you’ve somehow overlooked, isn’t physical though. Let’s say he changes his mind. Are all the kids in his school just going to forget that he decided, even temporarily, to be a girl? Is he going to forget that his parents and doctors told him he’d be better off as a girl? Are his coworkers just going to forget that he was a woman? What if he lives as a girl, marries a man, has some children (by surrogate) and then changes his mind? What are the chances of that family functioning normally? What are the chances of him not spending the rest of his life in counseling, trying to come to grips with a decision made when he was barely old enough to cross the street on his own?

          You can’t undo the past, but the present is determined by it. I doubt he, his parents, his doctors, or you, have fully considered the possible outcomes of this decision.

          He’s the one who will have to live with this decision, and he’ll be responsible for the outcome. It’s unfair to put that responsibility on a 9 year old. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening.

          He’s too young to give informed consent, so this is just his parents are deciding for him. Is it really OK for parents to pick their kid’s gender for them? Shouldn’t the choice be his? And if it should be his, shouldn’t he be given the choice when he’s old enough to understand the implications of that choice?

          It’s no different that forcing a person to be an astronaut or a fire fighter, just because that’s what they said they wanted to be when they were 9, except that a job is what someone does, while this will determine who he is, and will impact every single aspect of his life, for the rest of his life.

        • Ayu Jochuu; hormonal treatment ARE dangerous. You have been just completely overwhelmed by the actual SCIENTIFIC FACS in this discussion. Can you be a mature person, retract for the misinformation you tried to spread and stop the bullshit?

          BTW I agree: a “person” who wants to change his/her gender four times in a round shows sings of being deeply mentally disturbed; and mentally ill people doesn’t need a sex change or hormonal treatment; what they need is actual psychiatric treatment because they are a danger for their health. That’s just plain basic medical ethics: you don’t do a dangerous procedure that it’s not strictly necessary to a patient suffering a mental disorder. What are the credentials of this “sex change” doctors? Where they “learn” the ethics of the profession?

        • If he is not happy with the operation, there can be another operation made to make it undone. It is not like that didn't happen already on some cases. Besides that hormone treatments are not dangerous, if you don't got a stupid doctor that doesn't isn't a specialist in such cases.

        • Listen, Ayu. There is something called ‘hormone imbalance’ and that KILLS. The body is always under the delicate balance of homeostasis where everything is tightly regulated. You do not get more insulin or you end up with diabetes (yes, insulin is a hormone). You do not get too much adrenaline or you die from stress. The body has ways to reduce the levels of hormones once its levels goes too high, and increase the levels of hormones if it is too low. How your body decides if the hormonal levels is too high or low is highly dependent on the situation and stress the body is subjected to. For example, an increase in blood sugar levels will trigger the secretion of more insulin to compensate, and the reduction in blood sugar levels result in the decrease in insulin levels. Inability to do either results in diabetes.

          Hormone treatments include the risk of ruining said homeostasis, which will screw up how your body functions. Too much oestrogen in a guy and the guy ends up developing things that only girls should have. Too much tetesterone and the girl ends up developing facial hair. Too much insulin and you die from not having enough blood sugar when you need it. Also, too much progesterone and oestrogen will result in the girl developing cervical and/or breast cancer because the cells just wouldn’t stop growing.

          Before you spew out more nonsense about hormonal treatment being perfectly safe, go read more about hormones and homeostasis as well as the cell cycle. You can find those in biology, molecular biology and cell biology textbooks in your nearest bookshop.

        • OK.

          Now prove to me that this opperation would be good for his body.

          Hell, I’ll make it even easier. Prove that this operation would be good for his mind or his body, or good for anyone other than his parents or gender counselor.

          There’s no guarantee at all that he’ll be better off living as a girl or getting a sex change. His parents and doctors are just guessing, based on his current condition. The problem with that, is that lots of things change quickly during childhood, and his condition now is most likely a temporary one. If someone’s going to decide that he makes a permanent change based on a temporary condition, shouldn’t it be him? And, since children lack the mental capacity to fully appreciate life changing decisions, wouldn’t that mean waiting until he’s a adult before letting him decide?

        • Like I said before, you don’t know anything about current the medical possibilities and technologies. The hormones you get these days at a hormonal treatment are the exact same ones as the ones you can find in everybody’s body and don’t harm the body in any way.

          You have proven now that you don’t know ANYTHING about that topic. Trying knowing more then somebody that got a education in medicine science is just epic fail.

        • Only NATURAL hormones are non toxic or nocive.

          ARTIFICIAL injected hormones (like the ones used by sexual deviants in sex change treatments or the ones used by athletes to cheat in competitions) ARE nocive. IT has been proved in THOUSANDS of medical papers.

          An aggressive hormonal treatment in a child before puberty will cause permanent lymphatic damage, renal litiasis (kidney stones), prostate damage and OF COURSE sterility.

          What do you support is to permanently damage a child’s in body and mind. You are worse than Hitler.

          First finish college and them try to shell your BS to the people.

        • Cigaretes harm your body forever and hormones actually don’t do anything to your body, they are not toxic or anything else that would harm the body.

          You don’t really know anything about the medical possibilities and technologies that are existing these days. Go back in your cave where you belong to.

        • You are so full of bullshit Ayu Jochuu!!! Who do you compare novice artificial hormones injected to the bloodstream to a refreshing cigarette? Read a little for good sake. If you smoke you may or may not got cancer; but artificial hormones are REALLY toxic to the body and all the people who consumes them in higly doses are sure to get cancer.

          If it’s not enough, how do you compare a genital MUTILATION with some disease that can be actually healed, like emphysema or lung cancer?

  • Kinda funny how people think 9 year olds dont know anything about sex related things, when I was 9 I may not have known what the things I was doing were called, but I had no problem getting pretty far with girls at that age.

    I dont really know what to think about the gender change thing at that age, but I did watch an episode of 20/20 where they discussed boys and girls who wished they were the other gender, and its a very serious condition. Its rather annoying how most of the people in here think hey are medical experts when they don’t know the first thing about transgenders other than that of the 2d variety.

    • It isn’t about how far a 9 year old can get with girls or how much they know about sex. What matters is how fully they can appreciate the consequenses of their actions. We don’t let 9 year olds smoke, consent to sexual relationships, enter into legaly binding contracts, etc because they are just too fucking stupid to understand what they are doing and what it can lead to.

      What he knows about sex is irrelevant, what he doesn’t know about life is what matters.

      • lol you know what is funny… all the arguments against children doing sexual things are still valid not matter how old you get. Oh and females are naturally inclined to be less aggressive than males…

        • True enough.

          Sure, it would be great if there was some magical machine that could tell if a person fully though through their actions and apreciated the decisions they made. There isn’t though.

          That leaves us three choices.

          1, Nobody can decide anything, ever. Since the decisions aren’t theirs, nobody can ever be held responsible for anything they do.

          2, Anybody can do whatever they want. Everybody, regardless of status (such as age, mental capacity, etc) will be held fully responsible for what they do.

          3, Using what we know about human behavior, we can select an arbitrary standard, such as age, at which people will be assumed to be capable of making their own decisions, and will therefore be held responsible for their decisions.

          The only practical solution is the one most peoples have chosen, which is to use age to determine when people can make their own decisions, and when they’ll be held accountable for them.

          As for aggressiveness, again, you are correct.

          However, unless you are assuming people would be better off if they were less aggressive, it’s largely irrelevant on an individual level. If you are assuming people would be better off, you should know that aggressiveness is often imperative in goal orientated behavior. Sure, some people have problems controlling their aggression, and would be better off if they were less aggressive. But there are also many people who would be much better off if they were more aggressive. Aggression in and of itself isn’t good or bad. What determines if it’s good or bad is where it is focused.

      • You missed my point entirely, unless you fully understand the seriousness of the diagnosis you really cant say what is the right way to deal with it. Some of the idiots in here saying you have to force the person to be a boy even if that’s not how they feel are completely ignorant. There have been many television documentaries on this, and I suggest some of you armchair psychiatrists watch a few of them.

        • I like how all your replies only are based on your opinion and no real concrete understanding of the situation. Until you actually understand what the hell it is you think you know about this disorder then my discussion with you ends here.

        • Watching documentries on TV isn’t research, Genius.

          You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, which is probably why every argument you make eventually devolves into you whining about how little anybody who disagrees with you knows, despite your apparent inability to offer anything resembling a valid point.

          DO SOME RESEARCH before running your mouth. You’re making a fool of yourself.

        • And once again you have no idea what you’re talking about, DO SOME RESEARCH before running your mouth. Christ, this site gets filled with more and more idiots who think they know everything by the minute.

        • And what is the diagnosis he got?

          ” “Doctors” and the boy’s parents apparently decided that his wishes to become a girl should be indulged. A source at the school reports that “the boy had always been rather feminine.” ”

          This tells me that he, at the age of 9, wished to become a girl because he had always been feminine. It does not say why he had been faminine, but it could just be how he was raised by his parents.

          There are those that believe they can shape the kid based on what toys the kid gets to play with. The most common thing is giving dolls to girls and giving lego to boys. But there are those that give lego to the girls and dolls to the boys. And this would indeed make a guy be more feminine if it was supplied with girly clothes.

          In the 12 year old case the guy was said to be wearing a bikini during swimming lessons, and who do you believe got him that?

          Chances are parents in theese cases shaped the child into being feminine in various ways. And if you add that together with the common “Girls mature faster than guys” it make sense why there aren’t 9 year old girls wanting a sex change into a guy. Or at least not any reports of that up here yet. You don’t have to be much more mature in order to make a difference.

          A common case is the teenagers getting all drunk every weekend. Those a little more mature does not end up sleeping in some akward position after throwing up what they had for dinner the day before. How often do you find an adult, 18 is not an adult in this case, doing that every week?

          One doesn’t have to be a medical expert, psychiatrist or even wanting to be one to add up the details listed here.

          I suspect that you are self proclaimed…

        • No one is saying he should be forced to be a boy. That’s like saying someone is forcing me to be a mammal, or forcing you to breath.

          He has a Y chromosome. He’s a boy. Doctors currently don’t have the means of turning a boy into a girl. It’s that simple. Nobody has to force him to do anything.

          Now, it’s possible that he would indeed be better off living life as a girl starting at 9 years old. It’s also possible for an adult to have a mutually benificial sexual relationship with a 9 year old without negative consequences for either party. In both cases though, the odds are against it. Just because something’s is possible doesn’t mean it should be done.

          If his parents would focus on helpping him have a healthy and happy childhood instead of telling him that he should become a girl, he would probably adapt and adjust just like all kids do growing up. And if he doesn’t, there’s nothing to stop him from living as a woman or having a sex change when he’s old enough to be likely able to understand the consequenses of his decision. Right now, it’s not even his choice, his parents are deciding.

          You speak of “the seriousness of the diagnosis,” but what has he been diagnosed with? What’s the diagnostic criteria? What’s the threshold for diagnosis? What’s the cause? Is it psychological? Physiological? Are there alternative treatments? They say he acted femininely, but femininity is relative. Who’s to say if his behavior is normal or not, or masculine or feminine? So long as he’s not hurting himself or anybody else, why can’t he just act however he chooses, just as he is. As what he will always be. As a boy.

          Also, most documentaries that make it to television are complete crap.

  • I always wonder how parents and their children can be so confident that sex-change is the answer. During primary/elementary school I was a total tomboy, hung out with all the rowdiest guys in the class, and generally dressed looked boyish. As I got older I realized being a girl wasn’t so bad and that there were some feminine things that I enjoyed doing. I’m perfectly happy with the parts I have, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like if my parents had decided to “indulge” my tomboyish stage any further.

    Not saying that people who genuinely need sex changes don’t exist, I just think that diagnosing a problem at such a young age is a little rash. It’s one thing to be an adult whose felt that way their entire life, but having a girly son and automatically assuming that he’s meant to have a vagina sounds a little sudden.

  • This is silly and stupid, and harmful to the kid. So what happens a year from now when he changes his mind, but has to live the rest of his school years with the harassment? Or even if he doesn’t? The double standard on being able to make decisions applies. I just cannot fathom a system that allows an adult “counselor” to encourage a 9 yr old child to make this decision and a family to allow this to happen. For sure, the kid didn’t dream this up himself, he got it from somewhere, and at 9 years old he definitely doesn’t have enough experience or education to understand what this decision means in reality and for the future. The media-loving tranny counselor needs to be reprimanded if not stripped of any certifications. The parents are the ones that need counseling anyway, and encouragement on getting themselves better trained as parents. Whoever in the govt who allowed or approved this should already be standing in the unemployment queue.

  • If you apply for a public sector job in the UK most of the application forms ask:

    “Do you consider yourself to be: Male/Female”

    The lunatics are running the asylum and we seriously need a revolt or a military coup to get things back on track.

    • If u realy feel you wanna be a Girl it should get Treated as soon as Possible once they hit Puberty it can be too late in some Cases.

      hell i wanna be a girl too! but i guess i stay with my shitty male life and hope being reborn as a girl 😀

      • Didn’t they say he would have to pass puberty before the operation anyway?

        at least that was written in the 12 year old case.
        “A taxpayer funded operation and hormone therapy will apparently have to wait until the boy passes puberty.”

        Won’t that make your statement of it being to late after puberty kinda silly, as he would have to pass puberty before they even started in the first place…

      • Really?

        So if a 4 year old really feels like he wants to be a girl he should have a sex change? What about a 2 year old?

        This may come as a total fucking surprise to you, but sometimes what people think they want at 9 isn’t what they really want at 20. To even suggest a child can reasonably understand the life long consequences of his actions is ridiculous.

  • i said it on the 12y old, the experts there consulting should be shot!

    let the damn boy/girl hit puberty atleast to make a descision!… what happens if this boy hit puberty (in like 4 more years!) and starts to like girls? or wants to be a man again? then what?

    parents should indulge somewhat… but this is flat out not caring for the child, cuz they are going to commit seppuku real fast cuz of the hazing and bullying! and the second he/she comes back from the surgery i see a gang rape or a hanging… come on people use ur common sense!

    • “let the damn boy/girl hit puberty atleast to make a descision!… what happens if this boy hit puberty (in like 4 more years!) and starts to like girls? or wants to be a man again? then what? “

      As a note, just because the kid feels themself female doesn’t mean they can’t like girls as well–sexual orientation and preference are, whilst linked intimately, distinct from gender identity.

      That said, yes, I agree, it’s… really, really opened to bullying and torment for a nice while. People can be bastards. *sigh*

      Definitely a very physically, socially, and mentally dangerous move on their part.

  • Even an actual organization of transvestites/transexuals don’t think its a good idea. These “doctors” don’t give a shit what happens to the kid as long as they get can milk some money out of this. The parents…are just dumb as hell and the kid is going to have a serious traumatic childhood if this keeps up.

  • Dirty_Dingus008 says:

    Britain has already jumped off a cliff already by given allowances to their local ragheads to practice sharia laws in that country. Why not take that extra push while in the air to do this?

    But remember, there’s always the sudden stop when Everything hits in a very Bloody and messy end.

    That country is a current example of how a empire DIES. Be sure to record it for posterity and laughs. I know I am!

  • Let me get this straight–under law, any youth under 18 is incapable of making sexual decisions of any kind and therefore any sexual contact with them is molestation or statutory rape.
    But a 9-year old kid is allowed to make the sexual decision he’s a girl and facilitated in that decision by the State itself.
    Gee, that makes perfect sense and is consistent in all ways!

    • Sophistry, I say. You’re just pasting the broad phrase “sexual decision” to both cases to make them seem like very similar things. One could easily argue that gender and sexual contact are two very different things.

      Children generally are unable to make decisions on their own, though. They’re swayed easily (candy in the van, anyone?), so I’m pretty sure the parents or the child’s quack pediatrician/shrink was responsible for coaxing (coercing, even) him into the idea.

      • They may have simply listened to him spouting whatever he saw on the internet that makes him feel he should be a girl.


        Sexual attraction or just attraction to opposite sex can begin before puberty and his attraction to girls may have led to fascination with all things girls.

      • I reject the charge of sophistry. They are just as arguably similar.
        As I said, they both involve serious sexual decisions, even if you think a decision to “change” gender doesn’t qualify as serious. I suggest “changing your sex” at 9yo might be even more severe than a little consensual fun between a 17yo and an 18yo, and you can go to jail for that. The point is, if we say, legally, anyone under 18yo is incapable of making sexual decisions under any circumstances when influenced by an adult, it is hypocrisy to support this situation and to expose this kid to the details of sexuality (and how could they not?). Being fondled by his uncle wouldn’t do the kid any good. And neither will a decade of social abuse foisted on him by the decisions of other adults. Yes, it’s unfair that people will abuse him due to a situation he possibly cannot control. But abuse him they will.
        (And, by the way, anyone who thinks PC doesn’t play a large part in this are fooling themselves.)
        On the other hand, if this physically male kid really does act in all ways like a female due to genetic mutation or a mental birth defect, something should be done to help him. What that something is, I do not know.

    • Wow, I never thought about it that way.

      Double standards indeed.

      Apparently, Statutory rape laws are in place to “protect” young teenagers because they’re too young to make decisions regarding sex, yet a 9-year old and 12-year old are old enough to make the decision to change genders.


      • And everyone who has seen a 9 year old kid theese days…

        Showing them boobs would result in an “Eeeeew” reaction. And yet you believe they are mature enough to decide that they should change their gender.

        • Considering how American society (it’s actually safe to assume you are American) brainwashes it’s children into thinking sex is awful, hideous and evil, that reaction is not surprising at all. 9 year old kids these days in societies that didn’t get stuck in the 19th century when it comes to sexuality know full well what sex is about, how it works and what implications it has. Just today one of my step-imouto’s male friends from her class (she’s 10 and in 5th grade) groped her for quite a few minutes at her birthday party. He knew exactly what he did, and so did she. Her reaction showed disturbing (for Americans at least) amounts of enjoyment. Nobody bothered to intervene, as such behavior is indeed perfectly normal already for kids that age in German schools, at least in urban areas.

          inb4 bitches and whores. I hereby preemptively wish anyone replying in that manner lots of fun and memorable moments spending your nights alone.

      • Kids are smarter these days? That’s just plain BULLSHIT. Kids (and people in general) were WAAAAAAAAAY smarter decades ago. Stupid kids these days can’t even do simple math operations or write with good spelling without be assisted by a computer (call it a “smart phone” a laptop or a desktop computer).

        The only thing stupid kids are good nowadays is to blackmail their parents to buy whatever shit is on a videogame or on TV. These kids are followers, not thinkers.

        I think it is correct to physically and emotionally harm a “kid” if they show sing of being feminine (if boys) or when they try to blackmail parents (emotionally or economically).

        • Do take note that electronic devices DO PRODUCE ERRORS. There’s where the term ‘bug’ comes from. Also, human error also play a part in errors displayed by electronic devices.

          Technology is meant to make this work more efficiently, but always remember that it is the HUMAN MIND that envisioned its creation. Nothing is more powerful than the limitless capacity of the human mind. Unfortunately, for most of the world’s population, it isn’t used enough.

        • Yet I work with kids and I side with Anon. Kids may be “smarter”, but they at age of 9, they most likely don’t know much other than doing math because they were told to do so. They don’t exactly fully understand why they do certain things and don’t really think about the results/consequences until the later age.

        • Just because they prefer using electronic devices because they don’t make erros like a human brain, it doesn’t mean that can’t do it themself. You say you know about the kids these days but where did you got the knowledge from? Just seeing them doesn’t mean you know ANYTHING about them.

          I have a little brother and some fans that are childs, so I think I know what I talk about more then you.

        • Do you REALLY “think” the smartest thing a person can do is to completely depend on electronic devises? What is the computer breaks or the cell phone is drowned or run off battery? You just simply don’t do shit? Do you even know that a human brain (if is used correctly) can be WAY powerful than any calculator or computer? You are an IDIOT Ayu Jochuu

          Yes, I know about kids these days: they are a bunch of brain-dead wannabe blackmailers that can’t do anything for themselves and cannot FACE the consequences of their actions. Like I said, they’re full of bullshit.

        • Actually they can do maths and such but they are SMART and use the faster way that is always correct.

          You don’t really know anything about childs these days… Besides that spelling has nothing to do with intelligence, languages develop and change the whole time at their spelling.

      • Haven’t spent much time around little kids, have you?

        Let me give you a hint. They’re all idiots, they don’t know shit about anything, including themselves, they change their minds about everything every 30 seconds, and saying penis is usually enough to make them spray whatever they’re drinking from their noses.

        There is no way in hell this kid can understand what his parents and gender counselor say he wants, and even if he could, he’ll change his mind in a week.

        • There’s always exceptions.

          Just because the idiots are easier to notice and more numerious doesn’t mean there aren’t kids that are surprisingly wise for their age.

          Though I figure the same is true for idiots of any age category whatsoever.

        • Sure more then you since I work at conventions mainly with little kids. Also there are many adults who freak out being like “eww” when saying penis and change their mind often so you can’t argument with that.

      • “Girls matere quicker”
        That varies from person to person. Not all girls are more mature, even if they’re older than the guy compared to.

        But yes, at the age of 9 or 12 you are not mature enough to be thinking about a sex change. Regardless of your gender in the first place.

        Not to mention they shouldn’t be alowed to change the sex based on the kid’s wishes. Nor one single doctor, as many of them aren’t that goog either.

        Would it surprise any of you if “Equality Now” was behind it all? I don’t know, it just struck me as an ironic possibility.

      • Girls start puberty at an earlier age. They don’t fully mature until a year or two after men.

        I think we need more mental training in schools. Teach everyone how to keep a coherent line of thought. “You like to style your hear and match your clothes, here lets cut up your penis.” Also maturity is relevant to either gender. Name five mature people from both genders and then name 100 immature people. Which was easier?

    • yeah what year were you living in?

      you can’t possibly think that you at 9 and her at nine are are the same IQ?

      god, i cannot believe people from past generations could possibly begin to compare to IQ to the modern age? they know more than you simple as that.

  • Some people say applying fantasy stuff to real life must be one of the most exciting thing. Like MOST OF YOU GUYS here luv how some male characters looks and acts like a girl, some of you even admit you’d fap on it. But why is it when there’s a real one you all react the opposite way? don’t you wanna fap for a real one? Hahaha!

  • I’m all for kidding around, even about pedo matters and such, that’s why I browse this site, but this is not funny. This is dangerous. A child that age is not capable of making such a decision. Billions of men throughout history certainly have, for example, played with their mom’s underwear or something, that doesn’t mean they should or even would have agreed to take hormones if they could, nor that they’re gay or anything. There’s no EITHER gay, OR NOT gay, just as there’s no EITHER wanting to be a girl, OR NOT wanting to. For a while I masturbated about being a girl and getting raped, and I’m not gay (in before “UR GAY XD”). (no, I’d like to be serious, that’s not funny “LOL TRAP XD” etc.) To a certain extent, pedo jokes are fun because you know it’s not actually true, you wouldn’t do that, etc… Or at least you fantasize you would do it in a “non-violent” way, going gently, talking… ie you don’t think of yourself as a rapist because you read rape doujins. You know, anyway, that’s not the subject.
    Think for a second, this could have been absolutely inconceivable, maybe even 10 years ago, and all of a sudden, two cases like that ? So close in time (and who knows, there may be more) ? What is going on ? It’s like just because it’s now a little more socially accepted and there “official” representative groups and lobbies and such, now it’s absolutely ok ? There’s gotta be some middle ground… It’s like nobody can think for themselves, because now “gay” and “trans” and “bi” are ok and even cool people, like Bruno, he’s on cinema, so he must be cool ! It’s ok to want to be a little girl, we can help you you know ! That’s not like wanting a toy or a candy (even if these can induce crying), that’s an important decision with long-term consequences. A lot of adult people regret having had plastic surgery.
    Just because a boy “always have been a little feminine” doesn’t mean he wants to be treated hormones and undergo a sex-change operation. Whate the fuck is wrong with these people. It’s not about “acceptance” either. Again, you can jack in your mom’s panties and put her make-up on and be straight. It’s pushing a tiny thing to an immense extent, which will have an important impact on my life, extent which I don’t even know what it consists of, nor desire. They’re not helping him “accept his sexuality”, saying this is fucking stupid. They’re pushing him into something he didn’t ask, doesn’t know about, doesn’t want. That does not have anything to do with what he may have in mind, having if he’s putting on make-up or shit. This is child abuse, recommended by doctors and promoted by official establishments. “Gender counselor” ? What the fuck.
    Ok, I didn’t read all of the comments, I’ll post that anyway. Not that it’ll do anything anywhere.