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12-Year-Old Transsexual Shocks School


A school descended into chaos after a 12-year-old boy returned to school after the holidays as a girl, with teachers ordering pupils to address him as “her” and by his new female name; parents were given no warning and children were left bewildered.

The boy is preparing for a sex-change operation and hormone treatment after psychologists decided he had a gender identity disorder.

The boy, whose identity is a closely guarded secret, now attends a secondary school in the south of England; in his previous school he apparently had a long history of cross-dressing and “girlie” behaviour, wearing a bikini during swimming lessons and wearing pink ribbons in his hair.

With the start of the latest term he began attending school as a girl, wearing a dress and with his hair in pigtails, having legally changed his name to something more feminine.

Children at the school were simply told at an assembly that:

“You may notice one pupil is not present in this assembly – that is because the pupil is now a girl.”

Children not using his new name or referring to him as a girl were then threatened with punishment.

It seems the boy and his parents thought nobody would notice that he was now a “she,” as the children had just moved up to secondary school from primary school.

However, pupils from his primary were attending the new school as well, and immediately recognised him and spread the word. Unsurprisingly, taunts and bullying soon followed.

The fracas has seen the boy scared away from school, says one source at the school:

“His parents have accepted he has now chosen to be a girl, and that’s how he will be. She has not come into school since the assembly. There were things that went on in the community which have been extremely upsetting for the family.

It was a knock-on effect from what was said in school. So they can’t let her come in for her own safety. We have no idea exactly when she will be coming back, but she will be back.”

The school felt the best way around his problematic gender as to provide him with his own special toilet and changing room; his previous school had insisted he use the same facilities as other boys.

A taxpayer funded operation and hormone therapy will apparently have to wait until the boy passes puberty.

Via The Sun.

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  • Never ceases to amaze me that people assume that OTHER peoples lives and bodies should be dependent upon THEIR OWN notions of identity and self. Because we all know that “deviants” must have their affairs open to public scrutiny all the time, even when you don’t.

  • I approve, mostly because I love traps, 2D and 3DPD alike, but also because the kid is going to reassign his gender sooner or later, and it probably helps to start this early.

  • BloodThirstyNogitsune says:

    poor kid, it IS a fact that the brain way of thinking may differ to the body. Heck I’ve even looked into this enough to know that there are studies out there to prove it, I’m not sure if you consider this as one but i have a link to a site that tests how you’re brain works
    PLEASE if you click this reply to me if you’re gender and mind are opposite. (apparently I think like a girl ‘spite I’m a guy :'(

  • For all the narrow minded losers and bigots out there, it has been scientifically PROVEN that some people actually have a brain more congurent with the opposite sex, than the one they were apparently born as. Also, most trans people say they felt they were the opposite sex at a very young age. Taking into consideration also, that a lot of pubertal effects are irreversable, (especially on the male body) then early treatment and intervention is the way to go. This kid will have far higher chance of blending into society as a woman, than if those highly damaging pubertal effects are allowed to irreverably change her body. If someone has felt the opposite sex from a very young age, and still feels that way by the onset of puberty, then it’s almost certain they will feel like that for the rest of their lives.

    What you narrow minded morons out there don’t accept, or don’t want to accept, is that these people CANNOT help how they feel. And if their brain is wired to that of the opposite sex, then parental “guidance” and psychological treatment to try and change how they see their gender won’t work. Like it or lump it, some are just BORN that way. Some of you might not like that FACT, but it doesn’t prevent it from being so. Just because the brain cannot be seen, does not mean it should be disregarded in assigning someone’s gender. You will never convince someone with a female brain structure that they are male, because their brains are not wired to accept that. The fact they may have male sexual anatomy matters not a jot in that department.


    I’m so sick of reading some coments…
    It’s just a girl soul born in a boy’s body! That’s all!
    But who are you to judge him/her? You real fucking idiots.
    I just really hope people like him can find their way to live in that fucking planet with animals like you… pffff…

  • why the hell do the other kids gotta change the way they speak to him? wtf is up with that, i mean being called a looser and all other names are hurtful but they allow that to be said. why do people need to say “she” just so cross-dressers and gender benders feel better about them selves…

    note: no matter how much of your body you make look like a female, your still gonna be a male. its impossible to make a male body 100% female, just because he likes men and dresses like a fucking girl doesn’t mean he’s a real girl.

    i accept the fact that he dresses how he wants to, but i won’t give up my freedom to say it how i see it. let him deal with the teasing just like 99% of all the other kids have to do.

    it fucking pisses me off that everyone takes special care of gender benders, while everyone else is on their own in this harsh world.

  • If it was her decision then let it be.

    Not everyone is born the way they want to be. Some people genuinely feel they are of the opposite sex (many possible events could occur after fertilization of the egg and sperm where someone is genetically a boy; XY but wrong hormones or signals were sent and moved them towards femininity. Or it could be he was XX, a girl but wrong signals were sent to make them develop into a boy. There is soo many possibilities…)

    Why these people don’t give her a chance. I don’t think its creepy for her to be in a girls bathroom as she is a girl now. People just need to accept her decisions and treat her like a human.

  • ok cross dressing can be fun, yes i am a guy . but using tax money for retarded treatment or changing sex because you’re a uncomfortable is plane retarded . What that kid needs is some good beating to knock some sense into him , not sex switch . and he feels like suicide , thats great too

  • Well i can understand this since some men act girly and i have read things which i don’t remember enough to translate them.

    Anyway how anybody doesn’t want to have a penis anymore even if he wants to be a girl is beyond me.
    Can’t they make him in a futanari?

    • Because not everyone subscribes to old farmers tales of Gods. Once one opens their mind to some rational thinking and truly takes a good hard look at their beliefs, they hopefully see the flaws in it.

      Watch some QualiaSoup videos and open your mind.

      It’s not what he was “meant to be”. He/she had a genetic mixup upon conception. Giving her a female mind, but a male body. She wants to correct this genetic hiccup so she can feel normal, not like she’s been put in the wrong body.

      • A genetic mix up?

        Are you sure? Can you demonstrate that objectively? Can you define normal without making a normative judgment? And what’s the universally accepted definition of “a female mind?”

        He’s exactly what nature, genetics, and chance determined he would be. If someone can’t survive, they die. If he can’t attract a mate, his genes won’t be passed on. Nature doesn’t care because a single individual doesn’t matter. Saying it’s a mistake is like saying it’s a mistake for a comet to fly into a star. It implies intent where none exists.

        He doesn’t want to correct nature’s mistake. He wants to reject what he is in favor of what he wants to be. There’s no problem with that, but if you’re going to criticize belief in the Gods, don’t then imply a will in nature.

        • A genetic mix up as far as mix up’s go in life. Conception didn’t work they way it usually does. Genetic code wasn’t copied properly. This happens in life sometimes due to the chance of many variables.

          A female mind is genetically different from a male mind. That is my definition of a female mind. Genetics determine your sex and general attitude. While experience as your growing up add-on to that base attitude.

          I never said nature cared. Everything in life is the result of something else. There is no chance or free will. Just equal and opposite reactions.

          What happened is a mistake as far as mistakes are defined in life. A procedure didn’t go how it should normally go. And thus something went wrong.

          Humans have evolved to a point where we have to take evolution into our own hands. Natural selection has little effect when we have created such a society where we take care of the stupid, lazy and retarded. Where in the wild they would have died off pretty quick in most cases.

  • This is pretty disgusting, honestly. “Psychologists said so” is the most rage-inducing reason to fuck up your kid’s life to me and I’m seeing it happen more and more in both the people around me and the people in the news.

    It’s not so much a problem of psychologists diagnosing stuff, it’s the methods of fixing them that they suggest. “Your kid has trouble paying attention in school. THIS CAN NEVER BE FIXED WITHOUT PERSONALITY-ALTERING DRUGS, SO BE SURE TO TAKE THEM.” “Your kid hasn’t even hit puberty yet and he wants to be a girl. THIS CAN NEVER BE FIXED WITHOUT PERMANENTLY ALTERING HIS BODY TO BE A FEMALE, SO BE SURE TO GET A SEX CHANGE.” Yeah, sure.

    The part that REALLY makes me angry, however, is how easily modern parents give in to this shit. Do they really not know how to raise their kids to the point where they have to hand them off to someone else and leave them in the care of modern medicine? EVERYTHING is a “disorder” now, and modern drugs are powerful enough to permanently destroy those “disorderly” parts. Depression? It also has another name: it’s called sadness. Back when people lived as people, the common prescription for it was called “cheer up”.

  • For some reason, this article makes me want to cry… She shouldn’t be bullied just because she feels she’s a girl, even though she was born a boy.

    I’ll admit I don’t understand more than a minor part of desiring to be the opposite gender (seriously, I’m sure that almost every girl wishes for just a moment to be male during a certain part of the month…), but I do understand that to some people, being their biological sex just doesn’t make them happy and that it often makes them hate themselves. Why should those around them make it any harder on the person in question?

    Not sure about my feelings on the government funded part… But I’m butthurt about anything the government does anyway, so it doesn’t matter.

    Also, Jun~!

    • Agreed, though I have to add there’s also the “grass is greener” thing. I’m a girl too and when I was younger I went through a period of thinking I would fit in better with guys, and feeling that they have it so much easier because my habits matched up with theirs much better. I was so jealous of how they could practically roll out of bed and go out and still be socially acceptable. I acted that way and was ridiculed since I was a girl who didn’t give a crap about makeup or fashion, and it gave me a serious inferiority complex.

      As I grew older though, I learned to see all the social standards guys have to live with too, which are just as bad. Being expected to be tough and unemotional would have been hard on me too. They also seem to not be allowed to enjoy cute things D: and get constantly accused of being pervs and pedos, and can’t even like kids in a totally platonic fashion without being under suspicion, which just sucks.

      After that realization and maturing a bit, I’m happy to be a girl. I’ve grown to appreciate my body more, and my ability to indulge in a variety of cute things. It’s great to be a girl… you practically get a free pass to enjoy all the loli you want. |D

      Anyway, um.. my point is that at a young age it might be easy to feel like you’d rather be the other gender, but it could be because you are tired of all your own gender’s problems and haven’t yet recognized the problems of the other. Not at all to say gender identity disorder doesn’t exist, but this is just something to keep in mind.

      • I understand the ‘grass is greener’ deal, though I’ve long since stopped caring about being bullied for not taking an hour to get ready. I was lucky and aside from my mom wanting me to wear dresses all the time (another stroke of luck being that I only had to wear them on special occasions. It would have been fine if they had fit my sense of style, but I’m getting off- topic now)I could play sword fighting with boys and was allowed to play with dolls when I wanted, and Hotwheels when I wanted. I don’t fully understand the difference between males and females as far as gender roles go, anyway, so I look at the ‘being a guy’ thing as ‘not bleeding for seven days without dieing, and the insult of being in pain from it as a bonus’ rather than ‘Uhg! If I was a guy I could get away with my hair being a mess.’ Overall biology factors I can understand, but not being allowed to like dolls because of those biological features, I do not.

        I have to say that both social standards are annoying as hell. It annoys me to no end that a man who loves his daughter is automatically assumed to ‘make love’ to her too. God help a guy want to be a teacher because he loves children when they aren’t his own! He’ll be investigated as a pedo by the end of his career even if he is sexually attracted to women with impossibly large breasts and no sexual interest in anyone under fifty. I think things would be better if people were more realistic about social standards. There’s nothing wrong with a guy who can cry, or a girl who wants to participate in a male dominated sport. And while it seems more likely that a man will molest a child (I have done no research on this subject and am simply basing this on a few things I’ve heard, so consider this a disclaimer) that doesn’t mean the odds of little Timmy’s science teacher giving him an unwanted handjob are high.

        Indeed on the free pass to like Loli! Heck, girls can like (and are practically expected) to like shota without problems, too. And we aren’t assumed to be gay if we like traps. I really wish guys were allowed to indulge in cute things, too, without someone ragging on them. There’s no shame in thinking somethign is cute.

        True. The thing about this though is that she’s not allowed to start hormone therapy until she’s gone through puberty. That’s at least 16 or 18 from what I can tell. In the mean time, there’s nothing wrong with her taking a female name, she can change it back if she has a change of heart. Heck, even if she suddenly decided ‘You know, I’m a boy, and I want to stay a boy, what am I doing?’ I’d see nothing wrong with a boy wanting to wear girl’s clothes, and that’s not the trap lover in me speaking. I can wear men’s jeans if I please, why can’t a guy wear a sun dress if it makes him happy? I can’t say I wouldn’t have a double take if I saw a guy who would fit the description ‘hairy lumberjack’ walking around my local supermarket in a sundress, straw hat, and high heels, but if it makes him happy and no one is hurt, who cares?

  • This is the “gayest” thing I’ve ever heard of.

    You know, my philosophy is strongly against guys who like to cross-dress and thus have surgery to become a “woman”. No matter how I look it, they will ALWAYS be guys to me.

      • As embryos, everybody starts female. Primary sexual characteristics are determined before we’re born, with secondary sexual characteristics developing during puberty.

        A Y chromosome. You either have it, or you don’t (ignoring extremely rare cases). He’s either a boy, or a girl. He can think or act however he wants, have all the plastic surgery and hormone therapy in the world, but unless science makes some major advances in his lifetime, he’ll always be a male.

        A sex change is nothing more than a surgical form of dress up. It allows people to pretend they’re something they’re not, but it doesn’t change who they are.

  • Ever read Hourou Musuko? Do it. It’s great stuff.

    If the kid is mentally a girl then it’s outright cruel to expect her to continue living as a boy. If someone is mentally one thing and physically another then obviously what they are mentally is more important- that’s what their entire reality is built around. You can change someone physically by surgery and hormone therapy, but the only way to change someone mentally is brainwashing. I’m glad her parents understand.

    • What makes one mentally a girl or mentally a boy? Gender differences are a social construct. Instead of telling him (and until scientists can swap chromosomes he’ll always be a he) that he should have a sex change, they should be telling him and everybody else that there’s nothing wrong with a male wanting to wear dresses or act femininely.

      If people could just accept each other for who they are, people wouldn’t be so obsessed with changing any part of them others don’t like.

    • Traps still have penises… Traps are people who could convincingly pass as the opposite gender.
      Or, rather, males that look like girls are traps and girls that look like boys are reverse traps, to put it in a basic manner.

      Futa are ‘dick girls’, possessing both breasts and penis. Sometimes the possess a vagina as well, but it seems to depend on the artist involved, as I understand it.

      Unless she can pass as a girl, she is neither a trap nor a futa.

      Either way, she’s still got a penis, since she has to wait until puberty.

  • I wish I had been as brave as that kid when I was that age. I’m glad to hear she’s starting so early. To this day, I seriously regret not starting on therapy and hormones back when they could have made a huge difference. If only I had known back then what was possible and preventable, I would have spoken up earlier. Even when I did my best to hide the truth from others (and myself), I was still constantly abused. So in retrospect, revealing the truth back then wouldn’t have made that much of a difference with regards to how others would have treated me anyway. I would have been happier with my body and myself at least. Oh well, better late than never, I guess. I suppose my current body isn’t too bad though, but I’ll always wonder about what could have been.

    • Guess you best do what your mind tlls you ! I f feeling you to be a girl, act like a girl an the other way around as well ! For me it does’nt matter whjat you feel to be like, i just love (or don’t love) the PERSON you are ! So for now : I LOVE you – as i am bi … (Pete)

  • Change all his physical traits (voice, adam’s apple, etc) to that of a girl, except for her breast so that we can have an everlasting DFC. Leave the penis too.. in case for yuri futa sex with his girl mates..

  • *British voice on*
    Oi, what’s all this then?
    *British voice off*

    This is the youngest account of a transsexual in the news. It’s weird, but hey, it happens. No real need to threaten the kid though.

    On that note, breast cancer victims in UK get shunned for wanting a medication that could’ve saved their lives b/c it’s too expensive, yet this teen gets to have a sex change ok’d by same ppl? The world is indeed fukkd up.

  • What kind of fucking retard parents let a 12 year old decide what gender he wants to be? Holy shit, a 12 year old confused with his identity? That’s clearly a serious problem that requires a sex change.

    Someone needs to tell him the truth. No matter how feminine he acts, no matter what they do to make him look like a girl, he’s a boy and he’ll always be a boy and nothing can change that.

    If he still wants to go through with it when he’s old enough to think somewhat rationally, fine. But letting him pretend to be something he’s not just so he can avoid having to work through any identity issues he may have is asinine.

      • You can wait. Until you’re brain is fully developed. Then you can go to a shrink and see what they think.

        Sorry, but I don’t put much faith in psychologists in general, and in particular those who think treating a boy as a girl is the correct way to deal with common adolescent gender identity confusion.

        If he has a real condition, have him see a psychiatrist, not a psychologist. Have them document and treat it. Just don’t let him ruin his life before he’s even old enough to decide such things for himself.

        • So a 12 year old doesn’t have the right to choose what would make him happy? That what the majority of these comments sound like just because he’s “too young to think this through”

          What if she never gets to grow up because all of the stress and bullying get to her and she goes and kills herself?

        • He may indeed simply be a confused child, since most children who meet the four criteria for GID have no symptoms post puberty. IE, all he probably needs is time to grow up.

          There’s some evidence that GID may have a neurological basis, and if that can be demonstrated by a psychiatrist, and the boy and his parents decide they’d rather have a sex change that address any underlying medical conditions, fine. But has he even seen a psychiatrist? Or were his parents so confused by his behavior that they brought him to a psychologist who decided he needs a sex change without even considering his neurological health?

          There’s no consensus of course, and many doctors feel GIDs a mental, not neurological condition. If that’s the case, considering that many mental conditions expressed in childhood eventually disappear by adulthood, is 12 years old really the right time to decide what gender he should be? That’s not even considering whether changing the body to meet the mind’s perception makes more sense than counseling the mind to accept the reality of the body.

          Just to be clear, I’m not denying that GID exists, or saying he shouldn’t have a sex change. I just think that 12 years old is too young to make permanent decisions based on what may very likely be a temporary condition.

  • Wow, I haven’t read an article with this kind of thought put into comments in a while. Personally I don’t see a problem with him wanting to turn into a girl, it’s just that he should have been ready or at least be prepared for the public outlash that would follow. After all, society is hard-wired to reject the abnormal, that is to say, anything different from what is considered the norm in that particular society.

  • “Everyone is born BI, its just the teaching of Elders, and religion that bends ppl to like the opposite sex.”

    so the boy wants to be a girl, than let him. sure he has not hit puberty, but that don’t mean ppl still have to force him to be manly.

    i agree that the surgery should be held off till then though!

    but in my opinion: if the parents continue to support him and let him do as he pleases than even though puberty he may still want to be a girl and there is nothing wrong with it. i mean its 2009, “just because a bunch of bible thumpers want to say its wrong and teach there kids strictly by the book, don’t mean it is”

    • And I suppose it’s the teachings of the elders and religion that causes every single mammalian species to seek mates of the opposite sex?

      The problem isn’t that he wants to be a girl. The problem is that he’s 12. If he were 45 nobody would give a fuck but 12 is too young to be making this decision, and instead of doing what they should be doing and telling him that he’s fine just the way he is and that he doesn’t need to change his appearance to be happy, his parents are letting him make a decision that will quite probably ruin his life.

      All kids are confused about who they are. They don’t need a sex change, just a supporting family and time to grow up. If he has to wait till after puberty to have the change anyways, why not treat him like a boy until then, since that’s exactly what he is. By the time he’s 18, he’ll probably change him mind anyways.

      • with most trans kids, when people force them to “stay a boy” or w/e, they end up committing suicide or engaging in other self harming activities by the time they’re 18 (drugs/cutting/etc)
        you can’t really know how things feel to the kid unless you ARE the kid…

  • Not even going to bother explaining why the lot of you are narrow-minded idiots, but I will add this:

    Transsexuals don’t choose their gender. They’re made mentally female or male, without their sexes necessarily matching up accordingly. Outer influence are variables, but for the most part, are not. The most influence they normally are are of how difficult it’d be to fulfill their needs and become accepted by society.

    It’s actually BETTER to start young and BEFORE puberty, because after puberty, the body will release hormones that influence her body to become more masculine, which is obviously the opposite of what’s wanted. Beginning hormone therapy early on influences the body to grow with the right hormones she would prefer to have, and give her more of a chance to grow up like a normal girl by adulthood.

    People who decide to become transsexual later in life take longer to develop characteristics that they want, and are unable to get rid of other ones such as masculine bone structures, height, and etc.

    A lot of transsexuals, in truth, are whiny emotional bitches, not only because of hormones, but because others decide to be complete douches on the subject and it gives them an excuse to take offense and blame it on their transgenderism. I know, it’s not what society accepts as normal so it’s a bit more difficult to swallow, but please, look at all the other shit people on Sankaku Complex are into. Seriously can’t handle one in millions of transsexual people in the world?

  • …. him being a her is not the problem, let him live the life for awhile, and if he still wants to be a she after puberty hits, then fine, let him have the surgery and live the life he wants, but a couple of things..

    1. if your going to do this, change schools entirely, ie move across the country, or b. Home school till he knows what he wants. this fracas will only hurt. parents are dumb!

    2. this to me is the ultimate “let ur child do what he feels like” just like don’t whip him, or use red ink to grade a paper becasue it would be a negative in his life… sheesh… if i was the principal of the school, i would tell his parents the above, and probably not even allow this to happen, let a lone have an asembly pointing him out!

  • Actually im against people wanting sex changes, and gays a bit as well, since they don’t always but generally come along the same boat. BUT i have to say you do have to feel sorry for the guy at the end of the day, because you have to have some balls to actually go through with something like that, pun not intended. Good luck to him his life works out fine, as long as he doesn’t plan to trick people in the future from the same sex, thats mainly why I and others have any reason to hate people who have sex changes. But on the bullying side of it, whilst you can’t really stop that in schools, generally i feel sorry for him, must be hell living with constant insults almost all your life for one choice you make.

  • oh god I can see it

    the girl(?) will start to be bullied, and then there will be one kid that will defend her(?) and then they will start to be friends

    4 years later, the girl is now a full girl, and she’s the prettiest girl in school
    and the kid and the girl now have become osananajimi
    but feelings start to grow between them…

    goddamnit I want a VN like that D:

  • Oh, COME ON! That’s the fourth news story today and I HATE Sankaku news stories for all the same reasons.

    Where’s the loli? I have a craving, a craving that can only be solved by MOAR LOLI!

    (And before you tell me to hit the Channel, I almost suffered a virus attack there, so forget it.)

  • marvelous land of oz by frank l buam second oz book the main male character tip turned into ozma in the need it was a fucked up ending.
    look it up again today. come to sankaku sees this.
    this is messed up hes twelve i would make him go through extreme therapy.
    surreal and creepy as fuck

  • While i’m all good for more traps to indulge in, I’m kind of outraged it’s taxpayers money that will be used to fund this.

    “A taxpayer funded operation and hormone therapy will apparently have to wait until the boy passes puberty.”

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for it, but fuck if my tax money could be better spent on other things.

  • I knew someone in my school where the person whet from elementary to high school with the people in their old school. The info got around, but no one ever asked too many questions and it was never made into something the entire school was concerned about. I have some mixed feelings about it, but there isn’t really a point where I’m strongly against it or think it shouldn’t happen. Maybe thats just the difference in societies though.

  • Ah, so impossible for psychiatry to just brainwash him (while he’s young enough) into believing he’s the boy whose body he inhabits. Let him be a bit fruity, it doesn’t harm anyone’s tax money.

    But nooo, they just have to put a superfluous burden on his classmates and society.

  • Gender dismorphic disorder is no different a brain disease then Anorexia.
    If a person is deluded into thinking they are fat due to a mental disease you don’t let them get their stomache stapled right?
    So why let someone cut off his dick when he just might be teh gay? He won’t be able to put it back on you know. Most people who go through this operation wish they stayed traps.

    Also this is hella sexy and I wanna suck his dick before he hits puberty.

    • >So why let someone cut off his dick when he just >might be teh gay?

      So…I have this friend who’s going to get female to male treatment soon. And (S)he’s attracted to guys.
      So (S)he won’t be ‘teh gay’ until after. What do you make of this? Going by that logic, (s)he might just be ‘teh straight’, right?

      • Gender identity and sexuality are two different things. A gay man does not thing he is a woman. It isn’t abnormal for gay men to actually dislike or fear women. A lesbian does not think she is a man no matter how funny the prospect may be.

    • GDD is more akin to homosexuality (Hence, why it’s LGBT and not LGB) than it is to Anorexia, and homosexuality isn’t considered a mental disease these days. (Least not by the American Psychiatric Association anyway.)

        • Yeah, but why let such a little thing like a proper understanding of science get in the way of good old fashioned prejudice.

          Kinda ironic in a sense, considering the number of lolicons on this site, and that said behaviour would qualify as a paraphilia in the DSM. And thus they need proper medication to get over those unnatural and harmful feelings.

          *sarcasm mode off*

      • gays do not self mutilate and have no illusions as to their identity.
        Transgender is basically a schizophrenic with only one personality that doesn’t match the body. It’s a delusion. Harmless to others, but still a warped reality. Lithium may help them realize they are merely a trap and btw MOST transgenders i’ve talked to DO lose the ability to orgasm.

        • How is it even remotely like schizophrenia? They’re not hearing voices that tell them to get SRS, they don’t literally see the other physical sex when they look in the mirror — oh wait, you just don’t have any idea what schizophrenia (or gender identity disorder) actually is.

    • The dick is not cut off during gender change operations though, it's literally transformed into a vagina (glans->clit etc., you get the idea). Depending on how well it goes, the results can look almost natural, and they don't lose the ability to orgasm either.
      In my personal opinion, this is still vomit-inducing. People should wait until it's possible to change one's gender via gene therapy.

  • @Anonymous 07:10: it’s not a “ghey” thing. Being sexucally attracted to members of one’s biological gender is one thing.

    Wanting to change one’s biological gender to match one’s mental gender is a different thing.

    It’s currently easier to change a person’s biological (physical) gender than it is to change their mental gender — at least without unacceptable measures (brainwashing).

    As far as restroom use goes, there is a simple, obvious check:

    If the individual posseses an external penis or external testes, AND does not posess a vagina, the individual is designated “male”.

    If the individual does not posess an external penis or external testes, then the individual is designated “female”.

    If the individual posseses an external penis or external testes, AND ALSO posseses a vagina, then they’re hermaphroditic, and I don’t know what to say.


    Now, the obligatory smart-ass comments.

    (1) She’d kick all those bullies’ asses, but… well, she hits like a girl.

    (2) Well, that’s one way to switch teams.

    (3) Is she gonna have her old cock stuffed, waterproofed and then use it for “special” purposes?

  • Wait, he lost his dick. That’s no fun. Won’t be so interesting to me when he becomes and adult without the dick.

    I mean, without the dick, it might as well just BE a girl for me. And indeed that’s what it is to be a transsexual. Congratulations. Aside from lack of reproductive functionality, what the person has done has been a success. Because as a person who is attracted to transgender guys, this person is for all intents and purposes, just another girl to me.

    But whenever a male literally decided to be sex reassignment surgery, I feel like the world has lost another delicious penis. I’d be happy to date such a person when they come of legal age, but…I won’t ever be able to suck their cock.:<

  • I am suprised they allow this on such a young body in the UK

    just a few months ago i saw a documentary on this and they had the minimum age for teh hormone treatments was 16 because it can cause major anomalys if the body is still growing

    • She is most likely already receiving psychiatric help to assist with the bullying and the overall transition, as well as to confirm that this is something that will actually require hormones and surgery rather than just a misguided fantasy.

        • If you are speaking of natural wars, I will like to point out that ant colonies tend to go to war against one another, slaughtering each other and stealing each other’s larvae to raise as slaves to tend to their fungi farms.

          Also, termites and ants go to war against each other almost all the time.

        • I usually use wolves as an example of how nature itself is fucked up. The majority die in territorial wars, they hunt and kill other large predators then kill their offspring, and they only incapacitate their prey long enough to tear open their chest and eat their heart, lungs, and liver in that order.

          Nature is one giant guro war. Feel free to go back to it.

        • Also true, just that we humans tend to do it on a far larger scale (cutting down Old-growth forest) and with a greater impact (Chernobyl). (to name but 2 examples)

          Would also like to point out that prolonged droughts in the Sahel region also were a major contributor to the desertification of that area.

        • Actually, animals can be destructive and hate filled. It was a flock of goats that contributed to the turning of the Sahel into a desert, and elephants were known to go on a rampage upon seeing someone who has wronged them in some way in their past. Don’t act as though humans are special in the negative parts.

          In other words, the world is a downright shitty place.

        • I’d argue that the world would be a better place without folks who sexually abuse kids, whether their own or someone else’s (Dugard case).

          I’d argue that the world would be a better place without those who would sexually abuse others in general. Whether they be male rapists or the female kind.

          I’d argue that the world would be a better place, if those filled with hatred and fear towards others, just because they look different, pray to a different deity/deities, have different customs were no longer on this planet.

          I’d argue that the world would be a better place, if folks let go of their xenophobia, admitted to any mistakes their nations may have made in the past and try to learn from said mistakes so as to prevent a re-occurrence in the future.

          I’d argue that those who embrace the idea that while all folks are Equal, some folks are more Equal than others were no longer on this world.

          A kiddo like this, who just got dealt a lousy hand? Not even in the Top 100. There are far more malignant forces in this world, than this kid.

    • Read the article again. He was receiving psychiatric help and was diagnosed with a gender identity disorder. His best hope for a normal life is as a girl, apparently.

      Unfortunately, bigoted assholes will make it hard on him/her throughout her life.

      The school seems to have handled the situation very poorly, IMHO.

      • YOU read the article again.

        Do not confuse psychiatric help with psychological counseling. One objectively studies actual diseases and conditions, and the other subjectively analyses thoughts and feelings.

        He may need psychiatric help. He got psychological counseling.

      • There’s a rather significant problem though.

        We can’t turn him into a girl.

        We can completely castrate him, reroute his plumbing, install an internal flesh sock, and give him artificial breasts.

        That is not the same thing.

        We’re simply still decades too early (and the fact that people have been performing these sex “changes” for over 50 years is even more terrifying). Personally, I’d be fine with letting people do it, if we actually could, but we can’t yet. I’m also 100% in favor of doing the necessary research to figure out how,

        It’s a catastrophic, completely non-reversible surgery that will radically alter someone’s life, and it has the critical flaw of not being real.

        I object to it for exactly the same reason I would object to performing a voluntary leg amputation on someone. Prosthetics suck. Until we ca grow real replacement organs, this sort of stuff is really questionable, in my opinion.

        • […]an internal flesh sock, and give him artificial breasts.[…]

          Stem cell technology. Japan and Australia have “grown” real breasts from Stem Cells that grow them inside people. It takes a while though, just like real human breasts, but they are as real as they can be. I’ve heard(read somewhere actually) that it’s now possible to do the same for males, whether puberty testosterone-engaged already or not. Surgically “installing” real replacement female organs have been possible too already just by growing them from stem cells (as it’s possible already to transfer them from the body of a female to a male although it has its own complications) but I don’t know much about this.

          anyway, I think SRS is best done before the testosterone kicks in, so that (s)he’ll look as female as possible like Kim Petras (she’s a perfest example lol.) If you let it pass that stage, the results may be horrendously bad, which is what I think is the reason many object to this although of course there are more underlying reasons.

        • It has been two years since we have made functional prosthetics which can be used as real limbs.

          The surgery and hormone therapy make them female in all respects with the exception of a uterus. I would also like to state that infertility is a relatively common problem for women.

        • Anon 09:32 is stunningly right. Whatever the case, the bewildered reaction of 12 years old kids to such a thing had to be expected. From a psychiatric point of view that may have well been a very bad trauma for most of them.

          Gender confusion is not that rare during puberty, so it clearly appears to me this is exclusively the consequence of an incredible combination of dumb teachers, dumber psychiatrists and completely retarded parents.

        • Well, generally speaking, if it’s not of any consequence to you, then downplaying it for your own amusement serves no benefit to said individual. How people live their lives is our of business, so long as they live it without doing harm to others.

          As for the people who for some odd reason claim it’s morally wrong, strange, etc. I find it weird I should find them on this site considering most people here are deviants themselves.

          As for his/her decision in the sex change, well, I think it’s a bit of a hasty decision to just decide that a sex change is the best alternative. The guy might just feel physique is inferior to other guys, and opts to be female instead. Never know. They should wait until his/her cognitive processes develops a bit more, and then see. In the mean time, I think they should start educating him on gender roles.

    • for all we know there could be biological reasons for him being so “feminine” as well. Not to mention the fact u can’t always cure teh ghey with psychiatric treatments. However it does seem odd he is even allowed that treatment at such a young age if it was purely a psychological thing

    • “I don’t know what would be creepier, walking into a boys bathroom and seeing him/her use a urinal, or being a girl and knowing the person in the stall next to you has a penis.”

      You don’t mean there are people out there with genitals do you? Oh gross, now you are going to tell me they piss out of their crotch, the horror!

      Seriously, what’s creepy about a girl with a penis? She isn’t flashing it to you or beating you with it so what gives?

        • First off it isn’t allowed because most men are assumed to be attracted to women and so you wouldn’t put attracting genders in the same bathroom. It’s the same reason alot of guys wouldn’t be able to handle a homosexual being in the bathroom with them.
          Secondly, just because society hasn’t caught up with reality doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

          THINK…. before you accuse people of ignorance.

      • It is sort of creepy… I want to know where people think the line should be drawn. After all, a kid with some sick fascination with murder, or a desire to be a nudist in public would be forced to change.

        So should this kind of thing be allowed, or should the kid just be told to be like everyone else? I mean, if someone had a crippling leg injury, we wouldn’t tell them to get out of the wheelchair and walk like all the other normal people, but at the same time, this is just a kid who likes to dress up like a girl. I knew boys who did that, were told not to, and promptly stopped and became horny womanizers later in life.

        The kid is hardly old make choices for himself, so the issue gets even more complicated.
        What does Sankaku think? Morally right or wrong?

        • if this poor kid whats ANY chance of passing when she is older they have to act fast now be for the hormones kick in destroy any chance she has

          gender disorders are real
          i dont see why people have such a hard time with this >.>

        • Thanks for Anon@11:33 for pointing this out.

          But sadly, as we are on Sankaku, i think it is pointless to try and explain the difference between a crossdressing pervert and someone suffering from GID.

        • @anon 08:23

          The child’s psychologist stated the child has gender identity disorder and felt that this would be in the child’s best interests, and the school and parents support the psychologist.

          That being said that is their life and if that’s what they feel is best then so be it, if others support it that’s fine and if not then the child’s life is none of their business.

        • 08:23

          Puberty wouldn’t change anything, it has to do with how the brain is hardwired, and that happens during the prenatal stage due to hormones fluxes produced by the mother.

          See also Congenital adrenal hyperplasia for another form of how hormones can effect a developing embryo/fetus.

        • Table-wanna-be says:

          You guys should know that 12-year-olds are smarter than you think. Some of you type as if she had a mind of a toddler. The psychologists determined that “he” should be a “she” instead. Meaning they told her loving parents about the results and decisions they can make. They probably asked their son on what to do before making the transition. As well some of you should know that they have to wait for puberty to hit because for this procedure a large dose of female hormones is used while androgen in needed. Inducing such procedure before time can pose a health risk.

        • @ anon 08:23

          Dude, have a shittier opinion. If you aren’t happy with how you are what should you do about it? Dur, change it. How in the name of whatever god you pray to do you think that someone is sick for allowing him to be what he wants to? What parent would tell their kid, straight up, that their feelings are wrong and that they are bad for having them?

        • Anon 19-09-2009 08:24:

          Well, I think that is why he hasn’t been allowed to go all the way yet and has to wait till puberty right? It isn’t like he just decided to do it by himself; he has the support of a psychologist.

        • what? u never heard of a boy trying on girls clothes before? obviously someone hasn’t corrected him, and obviously hes too young to see left from right. theres some encouragement or some help. the freaking parents prolly want him to be a girl. its total shit.

        • i just want to point out something to all you dumbasses who support this garbage.

          the kid hasn’t even gone through puberty yet, his testosterone could easily kick in and he will become more like a guy, too young to be making stupid life changing decisions.

          theres just some sick people in this child’s life that are indulging in this crap.

          where he even get the clothes that fit him. hes a 12 yr old, u telling me he went shopping for one that fit him? fools.

        • Funnily enough, I once made a prediction to my GP, that it just might be possible to create living spermatozoon by way of cloning and stem cells. That was about 20 years ago, iirc.

          Mark my surprise, when I read an article earlier this year, where it was announced that the first tests, with regards to such a procedure, had been successful, but that further study was required to make it a fully feasible treatment form for infertility.

          Lot can happen in 20 years, so gene manipulation or allowing said person to indeed become pregnant through other ways.. Not so much science fiction as you may initially think. Just a matter of time and patience.

        • @anon 07:43

          Technological advancements in the future may allow him/herself to become pregnant in the future through various methods(maybe involving surgery). Or technology may advance to the point where s/he can become a woman 100% perhaps through gene manipulation(science fiction atm I think). Only time will tell in that department.

        • I think it goes without question, that this is morally wrong. Personally I feel sorry for the guy who falls in love and plans to have kids with ‘It’. Though I think it would be far more comical if ‘It’ became a lesbian.

        • Have to point out that there are plenty of folks who have indeed gone along with societal pressures with regards to their gender identity and who have been fairly unhappy in life, some even going as far as killing themselves, because they can no longer bear the strain.

          In that sense, it’s no different from folks being told that fancying someone of your own gender is wrong as well, well, unless the girl in question is pretty and so is the other girl she fancies, in which case most men want to watch or participate.

          All I can say is, sometimes Mother Nature fucks up when it comes to forming the wee ones. Things go awry and situations like this arise.