“Xbox 360 Finished in Japan”


With the recent announcement that Japan’s top selling Xbox 360 title Star Ocean 4 is set to get a “complete” release on the reinvigorated PS3, observers can’t help but notice something very disturbing about the top 5 Japanese Xbox 360 titles…

The titles, their sales to date, and their release dates:

1. Star Ocean 4 (208,521 – 09/02/19) > PS3 Complete Edition

2. Blue Dragon (203,740 – 06/12/07) > DS Sequels

3. Tales of Vesperia (194,714 – 08/08/07) > PS3 Complete Edition

4. Last Remnant (154,493 – 08/11/20) > PC Complete Edition

5. Biohazard 5 (121,515 – 09/03/05) > Multiplatform

6. Ace Combat 6 (115,899 – 08/11/06)

7. Infinite Undiscovery (113,195 – 08/09/11)

8. Beautiful Katamari Damashi (112,803 – 08/11/06)

9. Lost Odyssey (109,517 – 07/12/06)

10. Dead or Alive 4 (108,618 – 05/12/29)

One of the most famous (or possibly notorious) Japanese Xbox 360 titles, IdolMaster, only managed 50,000 copies for each version, so how long Microsoft will be willing to pay to keep these exclusive is open to question.

With Japanese developers apparently using the system as little more than a source of development subsidies, it seems Microsoft’s largesse may have backfired…

Via Hachimaki.

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  • But hasn’t Sony always release their game systems at a higher price then there compition?
    Let’s compare prices for their new platform consoles:

    Ps 4: last I checked…$700 – $1,000 US

    Xbox 1: $300-$500…I think

    Wii 2: $ 20o I think

    I maybe wrong on the prices though

  • the 360 and PS3 are both great in their own way but if you like games and like games to look good and play well use the 360, anyone who can get access to both should look at games that are avalible on both machines. I dont care what machine is ore powerful and makes the least noise Im only intrested in which gives me a petter playing experience. The only thing that drives me mad is why the Fu*k microsoft can even sell a machine as unreliable as the 360!! Its a crime.

  • ITT: People that can’t afford multiple consoles, are butt hurt because of it, and insult the games they are unable to play. Also pretend the RROD is a big deal. I bought one 360, one Wii, one PS3, and 3 PS2s.

  • This doesn’t surprise me at all. Japanese corporate national loyalty is infamous the world over because it’s IMPOSSIBLE for foreign companies to break real ground in Japanese markets. This is no exception. Japanese big-name producers were just taking handouts from Microsoft and using the platform as a next-gen playtest machine. *shrug*

    Arguing over console superiority is a waste of time. All I care about is whether or not the games are fun, and EVERY SYSTEM HAS SOME FUN GAMES, so they’re all cool in my book. Right now, as long as I get my Mass Effect 2, I’m good.

  • lets not forget about the final fantasy xiii bundle, final fantasy xiii’s Japanese exclusivity, the rumored new ace combat game that’s probably mulitplatform, if not ps3 exclusive, the upcoming sequel to beautiful katamari damacy, that is ps3 exclusive, while beautiful katamari damacy was considered to be the worst and most uninspiring game in the franchise, the head of team ninja, behind dead or alive 4, has left techmo, and square-enix, the company behind infinite undiscovery and lost odyssey, has stated that the 360 is dead in Japan.

  • Honestly who cares if those rpgs are being ported to ps3? i already played it a long time ago, and honestly im not interested in add ons like ninja gaiden sigma 2 boobs, or a annoying pirate girl in TOV, or play SO4 in japanese language, because that dont change the fact that the game story is bad. 360 strike first and im begin happy that i can laugh on my friends faces because they cant play good Rpgs that are STILL ONLY on my XBOX 360.

    Honestly MS have done their job and its make me happier. and that WHAT REALLY MATTER, so honestly go and play a lot of TOV and SO4, i will wait for the next batch of Rpgs and not be playing old stuff.

    360 forever!

  • fuk xbox360 sales
    fuk ps3 sales
    fuk which is better
    all i give a damn about are the fuking games
    and fuking so4 and tales were supposed to be exlusives but they fuking betrayed the fans(not console fans) fuk it all to hell

  • fanboys fanboys fanboys… calm your self’s down abit. it’s nie on impossable to determin which is the better console at this point in time. it’s all just personal opinions but the ps3 deffinatly has the better exclusives in a technical sense and is most certainly possible of creating greater physics and atmosphere in a game. this is totaly personal prefference but the ps3’s xmb feels alot more grown up than the xbox’s dashboard, and is alot easier to use in a multi media sense and microsoft seem to scream GIVE US YOUR MONEY.

    i personaly want sony to win this gen over microsft because they entered the console market to make great games first and for most but microsoft entered the console market to make money first and for most.

    i’ll say one more thing, i do like some of the 360 exclusive games but i hate micrsoft’s buisness strategies and the cheap as hell feel to the 360. the microsoft fat cats should go to hell. they are in this buisness for the wrong reason’s. MONEY MONEY MONEY.

  • I don’t know why but I just can’t play FPS on the Dual Shock. Is there any 3rd party ps3 controller shaped like the 360s? if there is I would just get rid of my 360 and finally buy more games for my ps3

  • Why is this website so anti xbox 360? thats one thing i dont like about this site. get over it, xbox is has more consoles sold, has more games per console sold, and every knows that ps3 is constantly copying xbox 360s features. i own both consoles.

    • Yeah that’s what I don’t like either. Love the site and the japanese focus but then the fanboy rants and dumb news posters ruin it. I play all the consoles so why would I want to come on and see one of the ones I own blasted all the tim?

      Sankaku is becoming a site for idiots. Why come here when you only find mindless fanboys?

  • There are only a handful of reasonable rational xbox 360-only users in the world. The rest of them are ignorant blind fantards wearing their 360-4-live fanboy goggles.

    These ignorant fantards do very much the same things:

    – they somehow believe that with the 3yr warranty, that it’s completely impossible for people to purchase a second or third 360.
    – that a very very small minority actually purchase the $199 sku
    – that the cheapest PS3 was $200 more than the cheapest 360
    – think Japan doesn’t matter
    – think US sales encapsulate the world
    – think the 360 is beating the PS3 in sales in Europe when it’s only beating the PS3 in the UK
    – forget the 360 had a year headstart in the US and an 18 month headstart in Europe

    • There’s more PS3 fanboys than 360 fanboys so retarded posts like that are dumb (and only show you are a fanboy). Hell look at the reaction sony fans had to FF going on 360, DMC on 360, EA being rumoured to have blocked cross game chat (was only a rumour but didn’t stop PS3 fanboys acting like children and blasting them on there forums) and the general attitude of Sony fanboys on this site. Where’s the 360 fanboy equivalents to these things?

      -they don’t believe that and if there 360 breaks I’m guessing they know it more than you as they’d have to actually buy one
      – How does a minority buying the inferior version of the console make them fanboys?
      – It is cheaper as a stand alone piece and it’s only more expensive if you need the extra’s.
      – Japan does matter, why do you think MS got the JRPG’s etc? But then again MS has got good sales even without japan so they don’t NEED it but it is better to keep trying.
      – They don’t think that you’re just trying to stereotype.
      – Actually it is beating PS3 in more than just UK but not too many more.
      – Wii was also a year behind and beat it. Year on year 360 and PS3 have sold the same and while most don’t appreciate that (on the 360 side) neither do the PS3 fanboys who assume PS3 would be ahead of MS by a long shot if it was launched at the same time.

  • Fuck japan

    I lived there for 2 years, its a fucking racist country.

    I couldn’t even pay for a blowjob in japan because I’m labelled as a dirty disease carrying gaijin.

    Fuck the japanese market, MS just pull out, the japs aren’t worth it

  • What’s funny about this is that the Japanese are just supporting their Japanese made system, and are shunning the US made system.

    And what do we see on these forums? The americans shunning the american made system and supporting the Japanese made system.

    Yay for patriotism!

    And I own both systems, and prefer the 360 – by far. And no, I’m not an American 😛

  • Personally, I couldn’t care less how the neverending console war goes–I just want the PS3 to get some of those damn shmups the 360’s been bogarting. What were they thinking, putting Otomedius Gorgeous on the 360?!

  • Hate to break it to everybody here, but do you really think Microsoft gives a shit whether or not their console bombs In Japan? Fuck no! They knew that their console was in deep trouble due to past experience with the original Xbox. As for the whole exclusivity deal, while it does suck that most of their exclusives are going out the window, I doubt Microsoft is losing sleep over it.

  • I think the remarkable thing here is that it lasted as long as it did, honestly. Remember what happened with the first XboX?

    Luckily for Microsoft, Japan isn’t exactly the vast majority of the video game marked.

    Luckily for me, I get to enjoy both consoles.

  • This just in: major games are frequently released on more than one console. STOP PRESS

    I have them all, so I just get for whatever console I feel works best with the game. I don’t much like playing FPSes on the PS3 nor do I enjoy playing games with heavy d-pad use on the 360.

  • As much as I dislike the 360 (for blatantly obvious reasons (red ring, pay for online, fake exclusives, etc…) it’s not like the PS3 or the Wii is doing any better. What people constantly fail to realize is that each of these consoles is made with a different type of person in mind. The 360 may be finished in Japan but in other countries it still reigns as second best. The PS3 might be more popular if more japanese games were actually released and translated. Tears to Tiara I’m looking at you! The wii is gathering a completely different type of gamer. Overall each console is pushing for a particular audience. Microsoft just happened to make a bad decision. It is highly likely that they said exclusive for such games just so they could get people in Japan to buy their console. Now that they have it though do people really want to trash it? I highly doubt it.

  • Watching butt hurt ps3 and 360 fanboys fight is fun. Plus the fags who throw in why not have all 3 consoles make the trolling much more fun to sit through.

    Also surprised they didn’t like Lost Odyssey.

    • I agree Lost Odyssey had a very compelling story. Unfortunately the genius who published the game decided stacking 3 discs on top of each other was an effective way to ship the game. Needless to say my first 3rd disc was fucked.

      • lost odyssey was a fucking joke

        It was a technical mess, awful load time including a 10-15 second wait for every random encounter. Graphical glitches and bugs that crashed the game.

        I couldn’t get off the second disk because the game kept crashing during the last boss fight on that disk.

        Seriously, fuck that game. Should a shoddy, broken, technical mess of a game should be a fucking illegality.

        • Lost odyssey wasn’t a joke you dipshit it was awesome (which is why it reviewed well and sold well for a very early JRPG release). I played the whole thing and didn’t notice any graphical glitches so what did you see? And 10-15 seconds isn’t that bad for a random encounter, most RPG take a while to get started so you’re looking at a second or two extra compared to other games.

          I haven’t heard many people complain about it either (and I go on a lot of gaming sites and check a few reviews of most games I like) so maybe you just had a bad disc?

    • It’s more like “slapping the consumer in the face” when a Xbox “exclusive” happens to be ported to the PS3/Wii/PC. I nearly bought a 360 just for SO4 and a few others; now, I’m not even sure it’s worth purchasing anymore.

      • It’s only “slapping you in the face” if you care about actively denying other people the ability to play a game you like. I bought a 360 largely in part due to ToV, SO4 and others and I don’t regret doing so because I got to play them all without having to wait. I’ll probably get ToV for PS3 as well when it comes out, it’ll give me a good excuse to replay it. There is always a payoff for waiting, regretting getting those RPGs for 360 is about as pointless as regretting paying $60 for them on launch day when they’re selling for $20 two years later.

    • The amount of Wiis sold doesn’t own in a market. Does a netbook own a Macbook? They practically sell 5 to 1. Who actually bought a Wii on launch and even played it. I mean seriously unless you’re 6yrs old or 90yrs old you wouldn’t seriously play the Wii. The only reason everyone was trying to buy a Wii was because they saw some asshole on ebay make 2grand off of one. Eventually the little kids will grow up and start gaming for real.

  • MS should just forget about japan and not bother, dealing with the xenophobic japs is not worth the time or money.

    Japanese market is in a decline anyway

    The 2nd biggest gaming market is now the UK, not Japan.

    Japanese developers are mostly shunning HD gaming (ps3/360) in favour of developing shitty fucking DS and PSP games.

    You can name the decent japanese HD games on your cock.

    Japan needs to rid their love of worthless handheld consoles to come out of this rut. Fuck DS/PSP, I want to play games on my 50″ HD TV and most westerners share that enthusiasm.

    So fuck the valkyria chronicles sequel.

    • To hell with you and your HD-whoreness! The Japanese are too smart for your single-track mind, double-digit IQ retardation. I guess your racist ass is just too sad that the traditional market is reaping MASSIVE profits across the globe… Whilst your jumbled piece of silicon crap turns in only the close-minded trigger heads (such as yourself). I suppose Microsoft wasn’t satisfied with making crappy OS’s, so they decided to literally throw random microchips into a hunk of plastic and call it a game system… So you can go ahead and blow your extra pixels while the rest of the intelligent world realizes that graphics and resolution have nothing to do with what makes a game great.

  • another troll post and followed by lots of troll comment. its just a business strategy. companies exist to make money not to please fanboys.
    the battle between betabox360 and leftoverstation3, who will win?

  • But if Microsoft stops with the subsidies. Wouldn’t both side hurt? Since developers use the money to make their games then port it to the PS3. Without the money, there won’t be more ports/betrayals/Ex-Bawks360-PeeAss3 dorama.

    • Only the developers would lose the direct benefits with some/lots of added cost in development; the consumer won’t even notice/care. But it does bring up the question on why MS vigorously pushed their benefits package to Devs. in the first place. Makes one question their consoles’ “superiority”.

      Either way, I’m happy with the arrangement.

    • DLC on im@s could well exceed the total revenue generated from the sales of all the 10 games in that list. The MS points that move im@s should not be underestimated. Dream Club seems to be moving in the same direction too.

  • lol @ non-attributed quote leading article as though someone important actually said it.

    My first thought was “I wonder who said that? Famitsu? Kotaku? XBM? Maybe this will be interesting…”

    Did some relevant gaming news site/magazine/celebrity actually say “Xbox 360 Finished in Japan”? Or is this just Artefact peddling his shares in Sony again?

    If it’s the latter, the article would be fine without the faux-quotation and would only be half as misleading~

    • Exactly. I had a 360 and it broke now i had a PS3 and i never had any trouble. Also my ps2 and ps1 after 7 and 13 years are still working fine.

      I use to play single games on the 360 because i didn’t want to pay for the online and now i play online as much as i want.
      Not to mention than in my “European” country only Sony officially supports the online feature.

      Nothing wrong with there way to consumers.

    • I don’t see how they have been an arse to consumers at all in any generation. I have a well made console with a very decent catalogue of games and free access to the PSN, what else do I need from them?

      Though I won’t deny that they can be a bit of a pain for developers.

        • why would ever buy a GO anyway? the screen is smaller and you cant run cfw on it yet. the price is pretty much irrelevant, only people who buy gadgets for the love of gadgets are going to get it. if youre a gamer you have an older psp running cfw already.

        • You do realize that put that in because of the ridiculous failure rate? When it was a guaranteed 1/3 of the consoles were doomed to failed, they had to recoup somehow… and that’s what they did, they increased the length of the warranty. Just so that it’s not stupid expensive to fix and drive away the customer.

        • 1. Sony admitted that the Go was grossly overpriced in order to rip off people who would buy it because it’s new.

          2. Sony admitted the PS3 was made difficult to program for so that developers wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the hardware right away because of their proclaimed “10 year life span”.

          3. This is borderline, but I would prefer a console that fails a larger percent of the time (though the new 360s fail significantly less) but is free to fix for 3 years than a console that still fails an above average amount of the time and has a short warranty.

  • as usual, this is to be expected out of Japan. the fact is that the REAL PS3 fanboys reside there and the Xbots with their Halofags and Call of Duty’s. remember when the PS3 sold out in Japan? well it didn’t in the US if memory serves right. in contrast, however, the Xbox360 DID sell out because I remember looking for one and there was none to be found. oh well, at least I’ve been having MAJOR fun with my Xbox atm.

  • Considering how poorly the original Xbox did in Japan, the 360 is a huge success in comparison. Actually, it’s done better than expected. Microsoft has in many ways, laid down a foundation for a bigger user installbase when they eventually make the 360’s successor.

  • Let’s also say that last remnant pc version had some patches available, which changed a few side quests, making them more enjoyable and less frustrating. I didn’t play biohazard, but I assure you blue dragon is just crap. The other ones are discussed enough already.

  • If the 360 does pull out of Japan what do the PS3 owners think is going to happen? There will be no competition so developers and Sony won’t try as hard.

    And already some of their games are be paid for by Microsoft so bye bye those games. People need to get a grip and realise that without competition the industry will stagnate.

        • WTH is this? Lol.

          If you’re comparing sales, you might as well just compare from when the PS3 came out or something.

          More or less, you should be getting the actual raw numbers of sales rather than inaccurate “360 had it for a long while” charts.

          Or, you can average the sales on the first few weeks of each consoles release to get the inital amount, then start charting by the release of the PS3.

        • Durr, anti-Semitic Anon @ 20:47:
          It’s a little something called timing? Xbox 360 had a place in the USSA waaay before the PS3 showed up. It’s only natural that there are more 360s around (RROD may have had a part in this). But, looking at current sales numbers, the 360 is getting its arse handed to it (esp. with the current firmware update the PS3 has handed out). Hurts, don’t it?

        • All those statistics mean nothing with the newly released slim and price drop. Countless sites have been reporting how PS3 sales are up over 300% and even 999% in certain territories.

          The Xbox 360s Elite price cut only increased sales around 5-10%. Looking at the lineup of games coming out the PS3 should be outselling the 360 for quite some time.

        • Sales in Europe are pretty even actually. It’s like 11 million for Xbox 360, 10.5 million for PS3.

          So no, Sony is not currently winning in Europe but the numbers are so close that you can’t really say anyone is winning in Jewrope.

          As for Jewpan, PS3 is outselling 360 3-1.

          The United States of Jewmerica 360 is outselling PS3 2-1, 18 million to 9 million.

  • Palmtop Tiger says:

    Doesn't really matter when it's doing better in the US. The Japanese don't like the mainstay genre of 360 games which sell like hotcakes over here.

    Now if they could only bring Idolmaster and Dream Club with them.

    • Gantz_Playboy says:

      LOL…Good Fuck You X-Box! You and your greedy ways making millions off your “red ring of Death-Box”. Once again Sont & PS3 show that ‘Slow & Steady’ (and RELIABLE!) wins the race.

      Fuck Off X-Box! Back to the Drawing board! go lick your wounds for 3 years and invent your next piece of shit and Todays (and Past!) PS3 will still in use or selling at a fair price used.

      $50 for Online Play? when PS3 is FREE?…did I say FUCK You??

      • LOL You believe MS is the only company that’s greedy out of the two? Realistically they’re both notoriously greedy! Sony’s just as bad as MS, since the PSP Go! is nothing but a scam. Nobody has noticed that 100% download games will mean that the prices will always stay the same as the original release price, even when it’s 6 years old. Competition in stores create lower prices for games, which is why you can wait a few months and you’ll find the game you want at a lower cost. Since sony controls the download fees, that means the price will remain the same forever unless they decide on a sale, and be honest here, how often did you see sony offer a sale price on old games?

        • Seriously, the only reason Sony had a poor start was because they got too greedy and assumed their PS2 dominance would automatically translate to PS3 dominance–and created a system that was notoriously terrible for developers simply to make porting PS3-based games ludicrously difficult.

          Which became a moot point because no developer outside of Japan gives a fuck about the PS3.

      • what a pathetic gamer you are. Oh wait… calling you a Gamer is a a bit over the top. Butthurt Fanboi fits better.

        btw: you seem to live in a different world than i do. PS3 still isn’t winning anything. This Generation, the Wii flat out dominated the Market. PS3 and 360 are even

        That the 360 fails on the Japanese Market is nothing new anyways. The 360 failed there the moment they released it. The funny thing is that the 360 dominates the PS3 even without Japan.

        Sold units Wii, PS3 and 360 worldwide:
        #1 WII 53 million units
        #2 360 32 million units (only 1.1m in Japan)
        #3 PS3 24 million units

        In the beginning of 2008 it looked like this
        #1 Wii 20 million units
        #2 360 16,5 million units (600K in japan)
        #3 PS3 9,2 million units

        The 360 widened the Gap in the past 1 1/2 year by 700000 units without big help of japan…

        Its funny anyways. The Japanese prefer the PS3 over the 360 (3m PS3 vs 1m 360 there) whilst the Americans prefer the 360 over the PS3 (18m 360 vs 9m PS3). So, the “end” of the 360 in Japan was already there right from the start because the Japs already hated the first M$ console. Its the sad truth, but Japanese are narrow minded and the next console from M$ wont change anything in Japan, it will be the same as it is now. >_>

        Good that M$ has enough bling bling and can “steal” exclusives. Its good for us Gamers that there is competition. So don’t say “fuck off xbox”. If Sony wouldnt have any competition at all, we would pay 1000$ for the console and 100$ for games. … >_>

        • Sold units Wii, PS3 and 360 worldwide:
          #1 WII 53 million units
          #2 360 32 million units (only 1.1m in Japan)
          #3 PS3 24 million units

          In the beginning of 2008 it looked like this
          #1 Wii 20 million units
          #2 360 16,5 million units (600K in japan)
          #3 PS3 9,2 million units

          if we dont incuse the units that got RROD then Replaced and the units that are still in store sale would look like this Sold units Wii, PS3 and 360 worldwide:
          #1 WII 53 million units
          #2 360 22 million units (only 1m in Japan)
          #3 PS3 24 million units

          In the beginning of 2008 it looked like this
          #1 Wii 20 million units
          #2 360 8.5 million units (500K in japan)
          #3 PS3 9.2 million units

        • “If Xbox Live wasn’t worth paying for, why the hell are people still paying for it?
          I’ll tell you why. Because it’s worth it.”

          What a freaking idiot. Why are people paying for Xbox Live? It’s because that’s the ONLY way for them to actually PLAY their games ONLINE. Why is LIVE bigger and has more features than PSN? Cause it was ‘live’ long before PSN was even created. It had a massive head start back when the original Xbox was released, not to mention the fact that xbox users had to PAID for the upgrades. But I guess the xbox fanboys are too stupid to realise that fact.

        • you got 2 nut sacks? good for you.

          real game? you mean WoW? paying each month makes people grumpy, wich makes the costumer unhappy, thus giving the game/console a bad rep.

          FF13 would not fail, not even close. It’s one of this winter’s biggest releases. MS did pay alot, ALOT ALOT, of money for the FF title to not become a PS3 exclusive. Seems like MS is getting desperate.

        • 18-09-2009 07:44
          Pretty much what that guy said.
          The world doesn’t give two damns or a fuck about Japan. They alone can’t determine which console becomes the top one.

          And lol and Gantz shitty arguement. He actually thinks trivial shit like paying for online determines the GAMEPLAY. Lmfao.
          You haven’t played a real game in your entire life. If Xbox Live wasn’t worth paying for, why the hell are people still paying for it?
          I’ll tell you why. Because it’s worth it.
          Why does IGN and Gamespot have its own page for Xbox Live and not one for PSN? Because PSN sucks the pubes from my nut sacks. XBLA actually encourages indie developers to make affordable and fun classic games. Where as PS3, as evidenced from previous articles, are expensive as shit to develop for and force anti western faggot bags to create games for an american system in order to pay to create ps3 games. That’s fucking sad. Ports at that, not even original games. FF13 has to go multiplatform, or it will fail.

        • “Sold units Wii, PS3 and 360 worldwide:
          #1 WII 53 million units
          #2 360 32 million units (only 1.1m in Japan)
          #3 PS3 24 million units

          In the beginning of 2008 it looked like this
          #1 Wii 20 million units
          #2 360 16,5 million units (600K in japan)
          #3 PS3 9,2 million units

          The 360 widened the Gap in the past 1 1/2 year by 700000 units without big help of japan… ”

          I wouldn’t base my argument on those numbers if I were you.

          Those numbers are basically saying that over the same 1.5 year time period 360 sold 15.5m units and the PS3 sold 14.8m units.

          That’s not really a widening of a gap. That’s looks pretty even to me.

        • OR they buy it because they like it, regardless of the failure rate… There I said… Except the simple fact, being a fanboy is about as gay as sucking Sony of Microsoft’s CEO’s dick, on film, wearing a body suit with the color and advertisement theme of your system of fanboyish choice, showing off your uberly pathetic fanboyish charm…

          I have both systems, each lacks in some way… But Japan supporting a Japanese made system? Who would have ever guessed this would happen! Like OMG it must mean that Microsoft’s system is complete trash…

          Failure rate aside, if it didn’t even exist this would have been the end result. Us guys in the West have had primarily Japanese developed consoles from the start, we are use it and we “usually” cut out this fanboyish crap and buy what we want…

          Japan on the other hand has had little out of country influence on this market and the adoption rate from the start was promised to be a slow steady and most likely impossible climb…

        • Gantz_Playboy says:

          Fuck Xbox!!! I said it! Hell, My PS2 from 2003 Still works and has OUTLasted Many a 360 – Suck It Box-fags! MS didn’t make a durable product and you Buy it (often more than once!) cause you can’t admit it’s crap after you raved about it The first Xbox & 360 Hype.

          You gotta PAY for alot of the ‘accessories’ like On-Line gaming and stuff…PS3 it’s Standard. Better product…longer reliability = Better Game Play.

        • Not to mention the PS3 was selling for the majority of the times, at a higher price point than the Xbox 360 from 08 to 09. The cheapest PS3 at $399 versus the cheapest 360 at $199.

          You can argue that the majority don’t get the $199 version, however, those that are out of warranty, want backup systems, or want to get a jasper unit obviously would purchase the $199 sku.

          And what good would competition do for Sony? Prevent them from selling a console at $1000 and games at $100? Take off your fanboy goggles. Ever since the 360 first came out, games on the system were $59.99. Ever since the 360 came out, we gamers had to spend money on DLC KEYS to unlock items that were already ON the disc. Now it’s just unsubstantiated prices for various DLC. Want to play online? Pay for membership.

          If Sony had released a console at $1000, let them. Nintendo would’ve been fine being the only competitor, and eventually Sony would’ve dropped their price to compete. Microsoft as Sony’s direct competitor though. You must be a blind ignorant stupid fanboy to think Microsoft is the better competitor. Imagine what THEY would do if they dominated the video game market. STupid fucking fanboy.

        • I’ve hjad six 360s. Five died but as two were my fault I won’t moan about them(drunken accidents)ting is, though, that the three year warranty is weak as piss and if they can wriggle out of it they will-of the three broken consoles I reported to MS only ONE got replaced by them under warranty meaning I’ve bought FOUR of the things(mainly to play TF2 with mates who game on 360 and cos of the games I already owned).

          It only covers what they wantb it to and though the fault for my consoles was always the same thing(cos of the crap solder and heatsink)as only opne showed up as RROD they only replaced one. The others just wouldn’t power up and they refused to replace the first that did this THEN with the second the rep on the phone called me a liar! 18 months later they apologised when they caught this douche who they stood by when I reported hum, doing it to other gamers! Only then did I get another 360-and this one has been really solid in fairness and even runs more quietly.

          But saying just vecause of the warranty noone buys a replacem,ent is plain wrong when MS don’t always honour it when they should. Not that Sony are much better with breakdown service just that fewer PS3s break down(I’ve only had one problem with mine which was fixable).

          My problem with MS is just their cheek at releasing an under tested console and even when they replaced mine I was without one for over three weeks so IDK why people think they always replace day and daye as they just don’t always do that. The three year warranty isn’t evidence of them caring either-just evidence of wanting to avoid lawsuits and, what should have occurred, a mass recall.

        • If you lose closely at the numbers, the Xbox 360’s numbers also have to do with the fact that it was released a year before the PS3, and therefore longer on the market. If you compare their rate of sales per year, though, the 360 and the PS3 level off, since they average 8 million units per year (32 units for 4 years, 24 units for 3 years). This means they’re pretty much even, unless a influx of games in the future on any console will turn the tide.

          But, of course, both numbers pale at the Wii’s total sales, and rate of sales.

        • i bought my box in 06 to play ff11 and gears. its doing good job bringing in the games. i bought ps3 end of 07 because i heard rumors that ff13 is coming out.

          from the start i dont have any expectation for 360 and have high expectation for ps3. i dont really on my ps3 because i play with japanese and most of them dont own a mic. friend list function was so fucked up at one time you cant even find your friend because they do not appear on your friendlist, you have to keep sign in and out to make ur friend appear. inviting ur friend is a pain in the ass coz people dont even notice you. you cant join in your friend game just by clicking ur friend at first. there is also no custom sound track w/e. but nontheless ps3 is very good in playing animes lol. for 360, friend list function is very very convinient, its easy to jump in a game and join a party anytime and availability of voice chat is a major difference.
          if you own 2 consoles, you will get dissapointed by ps3 and would be surprised by the performance of 360. at least ff13 is coming out this 17th dec, and ff14 beta next feb i guess i would mainly play ff14 when it come out.

        • i think the amount of PS3 still rising, considering the games that going to be PS3 exclusive.

          plus the numbers are beginning of 2008… which is quite long ago.

          and if u compare console sold in places u might need to calculate the population in both country, use % to make it a fair comparison.

          and pirated games are a big factor to console sales, PS2 / PS1 still playable cuz of the games are cheap. people find it value for money.

        • 19:47 your lame. RRoD there is a 3year exchange period. if people keep buying the same console it just means its games are good and people keep coming back for more. even my ps2 keep spoil on me, i still buy back to play fate/ff12 etc. for 360 i changed to elite as my warrenty is over and ps3 to watch anime.
          you are not a gamer and i doubt you even have any consoles. if you actually own any console you wont be trolling coz you will use it to play game not to rub your dick on it and post PS3 is the best and other console all sucked.

        • “Sold units Wii, PS3 and 360 worldwide:
          #1 WII 53 million units
          #2 360 32 million units (only 1.1m in Japan)
          #3 PS3 24 million units

          In the beginning of 2008 it looked like this
          #1 Wii 20 million units
          #2 360 16,5 million units (600K in japan)
          #3 PS3 9,2 million units”

          Have you wondered why the xbox units were sold more ?
          Thats because those xbox has RRoD Problem.

    • Metal Masquerade says:

      If Microsoft were to stop offering money for exclusives, the 360 would fail miserably within 2 years. With developers making bigger and better games, they’re being drawn to the PS3 already because of it’s better hardware and Blu-Ray drive.

      • It already started with FFXIII. Since the 360 has mutliple discs Square Enix thought it would be best if japanese voices were omitted from the US release. Also you cannot travel whereever you want in the world. Certain areas are locked since… the 360 game is broken up into multiple discs. This is not an issue for the PS3 since everything is on once disc – everything can be loaded on the fly – no restrictions. So since the 360 can’t keep up in this regard, the PS3 version has to suffer due to the opposing units shortcomings. 360 will have to do something b/c issues like this will only become common place & gamers will not want to continue to be shortchanged just because of another system & devs wanting to ‘be fair’.

        • either that or the correct way of things will continue to happen:

          M$ wastes their money on timed-exclusivity, game company then finishes developing the game and releases on ps4 as the “Complete” or “Definitive” edition.

          at the end of the day everyone is happy and m$ gets poorer.

      • “they’re being drawn to the PS3 already because of it’s better hardware”

        Not necessarily. Most developers are turned away from the hardware. It is really hard to developer for, so they would rather do it on the 360. That’s why so many jrpgs were originally 360 exclusives.

        • lol alright, here is a few:

          Resistance, God Of War III (when it comes out), Resistance 2, Heavenly Sword, White Knight Chronicles 1 & 2, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2 and a few other exclusives.

          then there are the non-exclusives:

          Enternal Sonata, SO4, Prototype, Assassins Creed, etc.

        • @Anonymous… They both use PC architecture, have you ever read the specs? Both use, CPU, RAM and a Graphics card (either made by Nvidia or ATi)…

          Both use an IBM processor, the PS3 having the more powerful of the two (though lacking in other areas such as dynamic distribution of RAM)…

          Where they differ is on a software level (granted the software is effected by the higher level difficulty of programming for as many cores as the PS3 has)..

          Everyone says “The PS3 is more powerful!”.. Yea, the CPU has more cores, but gaming has been graphics card related on the PC (which use to be more CPU related) for the last 6 years at least.

          The Source engine has had many upgrades and with each major title released it shows that it can run good on mid end PC hardware and look great (specially when compared to the last Source engine title before it)…

          Think of the Source engine like the Unreal Engine, or ID’s Engine, it continues to go through multiple and huge advancements, but it just doesn’t carry the publicly advertised numbers like “Unreal Engine *3*”, etc, etc…

          It’s frustrating for me, as a professional in IT I understand the hardware differences between the two systems. The PS3 certainly has the capability of doing more than the 360, CPU wise but not graphics wise… And getting a CPU core to pick up an extra responsibility while having the graphics card handle a bunch, and many other CPU cores doing other things is no easy task.

          This is why PC gaming is barely beyond the dual core stage and I would say more games on the 360 aren’t beyond that either… Same for the PS3, I wouldn’t be surprised if Killzone 2 only used at max 4 to 5 of the PS3’s CPU cores…

          The reality, in not just the gaming software market but in all forms of software, multi-threaded application development is a slow and painful process, it’s still going through growing pains and getting a true professional who can do things right from the start is rare and I bet they are doing more important things then video game development right now…

        • Stop? When did they ever start?

          It has nothing to do with it being hard to program for. Valve are PC devs. The 360 uses PC architecture, and they are simply not interested in learning anything else. Which is why they’ll be using the Source engine till the year 4000 (or 12/21/12 when humanity is wiped out).

        • Yes they have threatened but they also knew the situation they are in. On the very surface, people are saying the Xbox or the PS3 is better but on their side they are also fighting another war.

          Sony dominated the moment that DVD format threw in the towel. They can threaten but at the end of the day, those are empty threats and Sony only know that too well.

      • well i told em to release those games for US players and EURO players to buy em too. then thay would have sold more of those japan titles only for the xbox like idol masters. and there other bishojo games :)..

        • They tend to sell better on the 360 since such titles are initially developed on the 360, then ported over to the PS3. This is why multi-platform games look better on the 360 since the code is optimized for 360. On the PS3 it is a ‘copy-paste’ situation where devs just do whatever works on the 360 & make sure it can run on the PS3, without optimization. This saves time & money, but hurts the PS3 end product b/c it is a lackluster end result being held back by devs & a competing unit that is not on par with the PS3 hardware/software wise. If the model devs used for creating multiplatform games were the other way around, where games were developed on the PS3 first, then ported over to the 360 – there would be major problems. Now if devs created games for both units, but instead had 2 teams – one for PS3 development & another for 360 – both making sure that games were optimized for both units, people would cry bloody murder stating that the 360 version pales in comparision to the PS3 one.

          Devs find the 360 SDK easier to work with since they had a year head start to learn it & it is closer to that of developing for PC. Although Sony’s is powerful, it is costly & differs from that of PC/360. New devs want to make a profit asap, so 360 is the safest choice.