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To Love-Ru Trace Trouble: “It’s My Mother, Honestly!”



Hastily concluded oppai manga To Love-Ru seems to have retained enough popularity to create some entertaining tracing controversy centred around an amusing attempt to cash in on the moe boom by selling moe seaweed using traced To Love-ru imagery…



The company in question was to begin sales of its moe-themed Hokkaido konbu (a type of kelp widely harvested and eaten in Japan). Moefication was to be accomplished by the addition of maids and schoolgirls to the packaging, and a star and gratuitous use of hiragana to the product name (青春☆こんぶ).

However, the makers were soon tipped off that the illustrations they were going to use appeared awfully similar to To Love-Ru published illustrations.



The illustrator, アセリオ / Aserio, was confronted, and denied the charges, providing a photo of his mother in the same pose as the characters and insisting this was the model he used.

The company decided not to believe him (fortunately, we do not see the photographs, but it is possible his mother did not look like the schoolgirls pictured).

After the plagiarism was exposed the company swiftly withdrew the product and got rid of the illustrator responsible; he is currently in hiding after deleting his Pixiv profile, doubtless fearing the wrath of 2ch, though he did update his now closed site with an apology mentioning 2ch as the ones responsible for hunting him down like a dog.

This appears a simple case of plagiarism, something which To Love-Ru is no stranger to, but as the recent furor over Urasora demonstrates, things are not always so cut and dried as with konbu…

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