“Sex Healer” Heals 1500 Men Through Sex


A “sexual healer” who has treated some 10,000 patients estimates she has had sex with 1,500 men over her 23-year career, charging $165 a go, and seeing as many as 5 customers a day.

Qualified sex therapist Mare Simone, now 54, has now helped thousands of UK men with their sexual problems by having sex with them for money:

“I am helping improve and change the sex lives of thousands of men, which means I am also helping improve the sex lives of their wives and girlfriends.

Some women become baby surrogates because they want to help women who can’t have children. In the same way, I feel drawn to helping others have an intimate sex life.

My job is so fulfilling and enjoyable. Seeing my customers leave with a new-found sexual confidence is a wonderful sight.”

Of course, she makes large amounts of money in the process of her healing antics:

“I see about four or five people a day and charge around £100 for a session.”

She describes her days of sex:

“My clients are all ages, shapes, sizes and professions. They have either been recommended to see me by a sex therapist or former client or they seek me out through sexual surrogate organisations.

The men generally need help with erection and premature ejaculation problems or have been sent by their wives because they weren’t pleasing them in bed. Before they see me, they all have an STD test, and must always use a condom when seeing me.

I also have some women come to me. Their problems are usually that they can’t orgasm or have had bad lovers. I show them how to pleasure themselves and make them love their bodies.

Some visit me for a few sessions, while others have around 12, depending on the extent of their problems.

All of my sessions start in the same way. We start by chatting while I caress their hands to make them feel relaxed and confident with me.

During the next few sessions I move to giving them back and shoulder massages, so the client relaxes further while talking about their problems.

Following that, we do a mirror exercise. This is where the client and I will both take off our clothes and look at our bodies in the mirror.

Usually, they feel very timid about their bodies and find it difficult to look at themselves. But when they realise I am not judging them, they begin to open up and feel confident.

At that stage I move on to front body massages. I take over ‘down below’, showing them how they should be touching themselves.

Finally, it’s time to put everything into practice. This is the stage of lovemaking, so they can learn how to control themselves and solve their sexual problems.

Sometimes I will have sex with a husband in front of his wife, to show them both how to be more sensitive lovers. Often, couples find just talking openly to a stranger about the problems in their love life helps in the bedroom.

My job is basically to make people realise their problems are not just physical. They are in the mind and have a lot to do with self-confidence.”

I am a sexual healer and so proud and happy that I found my dream job.”

In the 20 years I have been doing this job, I have never felt miserable about going to work. I love what I do and have no plans to retire within the next ten years.

She describes how, after being raped at the age of 19 by a friend after taking a lift home from a party, a failed marriage a decade later convinced her she needed to tackle matters:

“My fear of sex put a huge strain on my marriage and I knew deep down it was due to the rape.

It was then that a friend recommended I start reading about tantric sex and sexual surrogacy.

Learning about this unknown world of sexual healing made me feel that there was hope for me to get my sexual confidence back.

It was fascinating and during the course I also realised, for the first time, that the rape I had endured a decade before was not my fault. I could enjoy sex without feeling dirty, ashamed or guilty.”

Regarding the legality of her profession, she insists that having sex for money is not prostitution as it is “healing”:

“I earn my living by sleeping with other women’s husbands or boyfriends. But I am in no way a prostitute as sex surrogacy is legal, as long as it is done in a therapeutic and healing atmosphere.

People are paying for counselling and to cure their problems – not sex.”


Truly a marketing genius.

Her site may be of interest.

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