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Japanese Men Abandon Women for Cats


Japanese men are said to be increasingly abandoning women in favour of relationships with their cats, and these men are being told they need to aim for untaken older women if they are to have any chance.

These “cat loving men” (猫好き男子, or “neko suki mens” as the Engrish has it) are now said to be a common fixture of neko cafes, and enjoying a steady increase in numbers.

Such men are said to treat women as they do cats, observing them quietly from afar without pursuing them for stroking action.

As such these men are branded a type of “herbivorous” man, concerned with harmonious relations and unlikely to pursue women.

These useless men are advised to pursue older women in their thirties, “as most of the women past 30 with no lover are gone, they may have better luck here.” They may find a “rare and exquisite bloom.”

Naturally, 2ch has much to say about all this:

“Getting rid of all those leftover women is hard, eh?”

“So you want them to marry some old biddythen.”

“WRONG: Cat men should aim for women over 30.

RIGHT: Cat men, please take what’s left over from the past it crowd.”

“Cats >>>>>>>>>>>>> Women in thirties”

“Overstock bargain sale?”

“Cat men should watch out for women in their thirties, is it?”

“I like cats, but old women are a bit…”

“I sometimes think it would be better to marry my cat. Humans cost money and are a hassle…”

“Desperate to create a boom for the sake of these leftovers aren’t they?”

“Cat lovers are a bit like lolicon really.”

“Cats totally won out in this thread.”

“Real woman vs Cat:”



“Cats are cute even when they are old. Women on the other hand…”

Via Itai News.

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