Darwin Film “Too Much” for Americans


A recent movie celebrating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth has ignited a storm of criticism in the superstitiously minded US, with creationists denouncing the movie, reversing the balance of opinion seen in other developed countries.

So much so that the producer has opted not to even bother releasing it in the USA, saying Americans are “not ready” for such a work.

Though American attitudes to evolution are nothing new, the all but universally scathing reaction of Japanese online is interesting to behold, particularly considering the Japan is hardly free from superstition itself.

2ch holds forth on the subject unsparingly:

“Americans are just too stupid.”

“There are no gods. Gods and demons are just the products of the fevered imaginations of men.”

“That the US, so full of idiots, can maintain a scientific and technological lead is the real mystery here…”

“America is really a cult nation.”

“They don’t really believe this, do they?”

“Those intelligent design guys. They got teaching evolution banned in some schools y’know.”

“Nice joke!”

“God didn’t make man, man made god.”

“It’s the 21st century and these idiot Christians still believe these fairytales. How long will they keep believing this rubbish…”

“Truly the land of the free.”

“What is the US, some kind of huge kindergarten?”

“I use to believe in evolution but lately I feel it might be plausible that aliens made man.”

“So who made the aliens?”

“>Only 39% believe in evolution.

What kind of idiots are they… God made it all – ridiculous.”

“But some Japanese do believe in an afterlife.”

“Americans love massacres so it’s fitting they are all Christians.”

“There are idiots in Japan who believe in spirits too, so we’re really in no position to laugh at these fools.”

“And these idiots make a fuss over a few whales…”

“This is just the protestant right making a fuss. Most Americans don’t even know what evolution is.”

“This is a matter of faith. God is necessary to maintain American society. Pure reason can’t maintain a human society. Religion is necessary to reassure people in the face of all the crime and death.”

“Saying ‘Are there really people in the US who actually believe God made man?’ to an American might be a bit dangerous…”


“What can we say about America…”

“You should put up one for blood type fortune telling too…”

The same sort of thing goes on over the thousands upon thousands of posts spawned in response to this news.

Via Itai News.

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  • Religion is tool, people speak like no belief in god means someone has no morals, but it is belief in god that ruins peoples morals, and many act upon that for their false sense of “justice”

  • Not all Americans are religious nut-bags. I’m not. I think Darwin was spot on. The unfortunate thing is that our media caters to the lowest common factor and in our country its pretty damn low. Those of us who are smart enough to even realize this usually just roll our eyes and get on with our lives.

  • I am Japanese who discovered this article by chance.

    Only one thing that says,
    “Itai news” of linked Websites is famous because one-sided opinions are collected.
    Plz note it.

    It was translated by “Excite Honyaku”.

  • As an American, I am offended by comments such as “Americans are just too stupid.”

    There’s 10% of the population that’s intelligent. As a godless Social Democrat, I would like to consider myself a part of that percent.

  • I think that it is just ridiculous the way people from all over the world just condemn different belief…

    Brasil is not even in the list, but i can say that it would be betwen turkey and USA… or even worse than turkey when we are talking about creationism.

    If USA really was a “free country” there would not be this kind of boycott.

  • If you read and study the Bible, the truth will be shown to you. It’s as simple as that. Good comes out of bad, and things happen for a reason. To say there is no God is to call yourself an accident and worth nothing more than dust. If you really think about “Free Will” and REALLY think about it, you will find it isn’t as free as you’d like. Everything that happens, happens because of how the world began. If there is a God, that means there is a plan, and some people have to suffer for the better good. If there is no God, then not only are we heading down a path that will lead to destruction, but there is NOTHING we can do about it. You cannot say or think or type anything, without something from outside your body influencing you. No one can make an unbiased decision. Therefor your thoughts are the result of the factors that you encounter, therefor your thoughts are not yours.

  • Who care how were we made,it’s not like it’s going to change our future,the most important thing is we are here.I for one stop believing in God cause for me my parent are my god,they gave me life,look after me,feed me and made me who I am,they have more than god can ever do.

  • Yes, a large proportion of Americans are idiots. Or should I say, they have been propagandized into ignorance. Look at how they resist the sensible idea of a national health program.

    Whether or not you believe in god, evolution is clearly true.

    As for that bs about “metaphysical dualism,” it is something only someone with a prior illogical belief system could get into.

  • As an American and an Atheist, I’ve gotten death threats, had to drop out of high school, lost jobs, and was assaulted more than once when outed as an Atheist. Although this is far from the norm, and one persons experiences are far from a reliable source of evidence, but I find that critical thinking skills are almost non- existent.

    • Or, maybe people are mean to you because you are all asshole. Did you ever think of that? Thats probably a good part of the reason. People treat you the way you treat them, only in your case, you deserve it.

    • The rape of nanking?

      Or was it the welcoming at nanking?

      In 1937 a large group of Japanese tourists made a goodwill visit to the Chinese capitol of Nanking. While there, they greeted the locals in their usual manner (in japan, rape is like saying Hi). To this day that event is known as the welcoming at nanking.


    Jesus, you people talk like you know who God is. People who actually believe in God, don’t truly know him. NO ONE TRULY KNOWS HIM. So fuck off people calling God malevolent, or evil. You disgust me.

  • “You should put up one for blood type fortune telling too…” <– only Japan is stupid enough to believe that. Nuff said.

    “And these idiots make a fuss over a few whales…” <– actually, it's the people that believe in evolution that do that. The majority of bible thumpers are poor Stewards of the Earth.

  • lets get one thing straight here. i am an american, but i do not belive in any religion and find it laughable that people actually think that any of those stories in the bible actually happened. and it irritates me that religion has been holding back the progression of america in the ways of medical science.

  • The producer’s decision not to release this movie in the US because “Americans aren’t ready” is utter bullshit. I’m an American who believes in evolution and I would love to see the film. I guess I’ll just have to go and illegally download it. Thanks producer, you’re making us sensible americans resort to piracy. Or is this the producer’s way of poking fun at americans?

    Personally, I wish they would release this movie in the US because it might convince some of the backwards retards I so regretfully have to share American “brotherhood” with that evolution is undeniably true. After all, fundamentalism may run rampant in the US right now, but you can’t expect that to change by standing idly by and not doing anything about it.

    • The producer is being an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole. Only a VERY small minority of Americans actually believe in creationism. The media makes a big deal of it because it’s such a hilarious and sensational concept. “People in first world countries believing in fairy tales” rates right up there with AUM Shinrikyo and the Nazi party in terms of groups of people being stupid. I’ve been living in this country for 12 years now and the only time I ever met an actual creationist was when Fred Phelps was protesting at a friends funeral.

      Anyway, if that movie will not be distributed in America, then I will certainyl be illegally pirating it, even if it’s available in my home county, I’ll pirate it just out of spite. I urge all of you to pirate it as well, whether or not you can buy it legally.

      Also, I liked that comment about Americans liking Massacres. It’s true, but sadly, thats one field that Japan is superior in.

  • (not guy you relpyed to)
    and now the carnival of epistemology begins XD.
    I my self am a Christian,evolutionist, theoretical physicist. While absolute proof of divinity eludes us do to the extremely limited scope of our perception and science we can still weigh the evidence.

    One of my disputes with atheists is not in the creation of emergent complexity (dna, cells) but on intrinsic complexity ie: why is an atom an atom, why is electromagnetism the way it is, and if you are a string theorist why is their the dimensional bulk that creates variable universe. The point is that any intrinsic complexity can only be explained by metaphysical dualism (Google it), which’s logical end is the existence of a divine, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient creative force to explain all contingent existence.

    • Metaphysical dualism has a few too many logical flaws for me to accept it in it's entirety. I prefer the anthropic principle as a complete, total and coherent explanation for why the physical constants (and therefore the nature of atoms, the four fundamental interactions etc.) are like they are.
      Yes, I'm a convinced atheist, in the sense of the word that I strongly oppose any believe in the existence of one or more omnipotent divine entities. I do sympathize with spirituality though (namely Shinto).

  • One: You, sir, are a tool. If you actually use your self-anointed non-stupid brain to read up deeply on this, you’ll find out it takes literally blind faith to be an atheist. You can’t really know if God exists or not. The most rational and reasonable position is being agnostic.

    • No, it doesn’t.

      The evidence against any god(s) existing *as described by religious texts* is overwhelming. You can argue about what happened “before” the universe all you want, but the fact is it could not have happened as written a couple thousand years ago by some crazies.

      Any explanation that tries to credit a specific entity for the creation of the universe is pulling it out their ass. There’s no evidence to support such claims, and even if there was, it doesn’t explain the origin of said entity or the meta-verse that they must exist in in turn. Saying “my god *always was and always will be*” is a cop-out explanation as you have no way of proving it, and it fails as an explanation because it doesn’t explain said god.

      There’s plenty of reasons and evidence to believe with extreme confidence that the likelihood that there are no gods is far higher than the alternative. An atheist can be comfortable with this and still admit the possibility of gods (like an agnostic), in the same way that they admit the Tooth Fairy “could” exist. This is the opposite of “blind faith” and satisfies the conditions for being an atheist.

    • (not guy you relpyed to)
      and now the carnival of epistemology begins XD.
      I my self am a Christian,evolutionist, theoretical physicist. While absolute proof of divinity eludes us do to the extremely limited scope of our perception and science we can still weigh the evidence.

      One of my disputes with atheists is not in the creation of emergent complexity (dna, cells) but on intrinsic complexity ie: why is an atom an atom, why is electromagnetism the way it is, and if you are a string theorist why is their the dimensional bulk that creates variable universe. The point is that any intrinsic complexity can only be explained by metaphysical dualism (Google it), which’s logical end is the necessity of the existence of a divine, immutable, omnipotent, omniscient creative force to explain all contingent existence.

  • I’m surprised no one really takes a closer examination of America.

    Paying attention, America is actually pretty damn divided, but united still. Like one big-ass dysfunctional family. So, despite actually being the DSA (Divided); USA is still used to keep a good image. Like most families would in a suburbia.

    Denial of the fittest, I say.

  • Nope we aren’t bankrupt. Remember we stole all the money from the UK and Netherlands and invested them somewhere in the Caribbean, we’ll cash out once the Global financial situation becomes a bit more stable.

  • I’m an evolutionist, and I’m an American, I believe that we evolved from Primates, after all when you think about it, if god is real even IT had to have evolved from something, it couldn’t have just appeared one day outa thin air and made everything, it’s illogical.

  • I don’t see religion in general as a problem. It’s the Abrahamic, absolutist religions that have been fucking everything since their formation.

    Great empires like Rome and Greece were filled with great philosophers and scientist at their peak. After their conversion to Christianity and banning the ancient religions, it all went to hell.

    The ancient Arabians were an advanced society with beautiful art and a peaceful culture, tolerant of other religions before Mohammed came into scene. After Islam, their history has been re-written to portray them as “barbaric heathens” and most of their art destroyed. This is also the same religion that demolished the Buddhas of Bamiyan, and that orders the death of apostates.

    The Mayans had hundreds of historical and scientific documents destroyed by the fanatical Catholic Church.

    And let’s not forget Hypatia of Alexandria.

    I think we should all go back to Paganism. The Aztec, Norse, Yoruba, and Greco-Roman pantheon could all kick Jehovah’s ass. Besides: animal/human sacrifices, orgies, and trances are AWESOME!

  • IMO, John Scalzi says it best…

    “The major US studios are no longer really tuned to distribute films like this in any event.

    Maybe if Charles Darwin were played by Will Smith, was a gun-toting robot sent back from the future to learn how to love, and to kill the crap out of the alien baby eaters cleverly disguised as Galapagos tortoises, and then some way were contrived for Jennifer Connelly to expose her breasts to RoboDarwin two-thirds of the way through the film, and there were explosions and lasers and stunt men flying 150 feet into the air, then we might be talking wide-release from a modern major studio. Otherwise, you know, not so much.

    The “oh, it’s too controversial for Americans” comment is, I suspect, a bit of face-saving rationalization from a producer flummoxed that such an obvious bit of Oscar-trollery such as this film has been to date widely ignored by the people he assumed would fall over themselves to have such a thing.”


  • The only reason religion excists is due to two things: 1.People need someone to turn to when in need, or when life is hard, etc. 2.People are afraid of dying. This was alot more true in the past than now here in Modern Societies, but alot of other places in the world, like the Middle-East for instance, are just the way they were back then, more or less.
    I believe that at some point, due to above mentioned reasons, and the fact that humans couldn’t explain everything any other way back then, religion came too, and allthough there were different religions, they all mostly happened the same way all over the world, because regardless of where they are, humans are mostly the same on the inside.
    There is no proof that there is a God, or a God-like excistense, nor is there any real reason to believe there is one, except if you need him for above mentioned reasons. I don’t need a God to explain everything, nor do I need to explain and understand everything. We aren’t supposed to understand it all. I don’t have enough of an awful life that I’ve turned to the hope of a God for consolation, and frankly I think I would find it more problematic if there really was one, cause based on how the world is, he can’t be much to brag about. And I have long since accepted that after death, that’s it, so live life while you can. Which is why I feel sorry for the one’s of you that are really religious and can’t enjoy life because of your beliefs, norms and restraints. You are beeing fooled, and living a lie. There is no Hell, no Heaven, no Devil, no God, no life after death, nor any other superstitious mumbo-jumbo, and the sooner you realize that and accept it, the better. Everytime I hear someone say “you’re going to burn in hell!”, I just sigh, shake my head, and think to myself “you poor deluded fool”. Even worse is when someone religious tell me they feel sorry for me for the fact that I don’t believe in anything. Why? I’m a realist. I am happy as can be, and enjoying life they way it should be enjoyed, because I’m not restrained by religion or beliefs, but only by logic and moral/etnic restraints. Ergo common sense. I’m the one who should feel sorry for you. You’re not living life the way you could, you’re living a lie. Deluded, clinging to a hope of something that was never there in the first place. I say to you, Wake Up!
    …..And why did I let myself get dragged into this stupid discussion?…Artefact!, more news on intersting things like the articles before this one, and less of this stuff. It just turns into an overly long and annoying discussion with too many silly people involved. *goes to watch anime*

  • There is so much bias, misinformation, and blatant stupidity everywhere in this post it is almost impossible to create every mistake in thought.

    Just to clarify some misconceptions on part of Catholicism.

    The Catholic Church accepted evolution as not being in conflict with the Bible and its teachings. The basis for the modern Big Bang Theory is credited to a Catholic Priest who was also a Physicist. Pontifical Science Academy, best to look it up, as many of its members have or are Nobel Prize winners in science.

    MANY CATHOLIC SCHOOLS TEACH EVOLUTION AS PART OF THEIR SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMS. I can attest to that for the better part of 8+ years.

    What Catholicism teaches about evolution is that it should not be an ideology, only an explanation.

    Of course, you have very ultra-conservative Catholics that deny evolution. Then again you also have some agnostics/atheists who also do so as well.

  • I’m an american and I also believe that the US is too closed minded. Evolution and religion are both opinion based beliefs. Just because one person believes and supports evolution and you support religion doesn’t give you any right to bash them for supporting evolution. We support choice and sadly many have abused this freedom to bitch about things that lead to disaster. Stop being closed minded assholes and give evolution some space. You don’t have to agree but you also can’t dismiss/hate it entirely. Just watch the movie to see how it is. I will.

  • People dont NEED religion to have a reason to kill each other. Your just bashing on religion with examples of massacres in the name of God. People kill just as easily for land property (dirt), money (paper or metals), and for women (sex toys).

    • In fact, more people have died because of all those reasons you listed as compared to religion.

      World War I and II, the two deadliest wars in history, were started over pride, nationalism, land, and genuine human hatred for everyone else but one’s self.

  • Couldn’t read through all the anon flood here. Anyway, “God” if anything, was a programmer. That’s why we’re so buggy.

    cd /home/god/junk
    dna++ -c *.dna -funsafe-math-optimizations -masm=carbon -lGL -lPhysX -o life
    mv ./life ~/universe/trunk/planets/earth/water

    Uggh, I forgot the debug symbols, ahh whatever…

    smplayer ~/Downloads/\[Zero-Raws\]\ Bakemonogatari\ -\ 10\ RAW\ \(MX\ 1280×720\ x264\).mp4 &

  • People claiming not to believe in evolution due to sheer nihilism would qualify as pretty dense as well, I’d say. Really, you can chuck that Descartes-argument into any debate if you fail to come up with anything better, but it doesn’t lead anywhere for either side.

  • Like 80% of the freakin’ nation is Christian so for the United States to even have that much of an acceptance for evolution is good enough. I’m sure they realize that evolution is more reasonable but RELIGION MAN. RELIGION. It would break the foundation of what makes this country FREE. BIYATCH. Its not like they crucify all the people that believe in evolution.

  • God’s existence can’t be proven, nor can it be refuted. That’s the inevitable outcome of every God-debate ever held.

    To each their own, is what I think. What’s REALLY disturbing in this article is how the film was received in the US. Seriously, Christian or non-Christian, some people just need to get a grip. :/

  • Ya know what?

    Judeochristian religions and their god can kiss my fucking ass and go rot somewhere for all I care. Nothing good comes from getting close to them. Let alone even sticking one’s hands in them. The United States, the greatest nation of them all? Thanks to religion!? Give me a friggin’ break. Fucking genocide governments that have ruled over it and the mindless masses that have supported them are what made that nation what it is. A nation nearly full of bigots and callous morons that can’t guess correctly where ANY country is. Let alone their own states.

  • Ok, I’ll give it to you. That’s some decent trolling. But really, religion? That’s as hard as stealing a candy from a baby. You trolls are just being lazy.

    For all of you who cling to your god, just try and wrap your mind around this:
    In every religion that has ever existed (and I know of), there is one concept that is always a given is persistence beyond death. Religion was invented by people who were afraid of dying and wanted to escape in their own magical world where people magically turn into incorporeal young version of themselves and praise the lord to all eternity. Even if you want to defend your religion as being authentic, then clearly all the others are human invention.

    Well let me ask you a little question. How do you know, that it’s your religion that is right. Why do you believe in your religion over Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or whatever religion you consider false.
    Is it because of some divine sense of purpose or is it just because you were taught to follow it as young? Seriously, all you have is century old writings to back you up. Against all the dinosaur fossils we keep digging out of earth. And physics. And mathematics. Seriously, even if you keep saying that the bible is full of metaphors, how can you be sure “god” is not another metaphor? Divine sense of purpose?

    Basically, the only proof religions have is “I want to believe that there is god”.
    We scientists, on the other hand have physics, which tell us that in the beginning there was nothing. Which then exploded. Ok, so we have holes in our understanding of the universe. But at least we don’t believe in fairy tales and that some day some magical man in the sky will come and rescue us without us lifting a finger.

    It’s very convenient to think that you will be rewarded when you die, so you can go ahead and accept everything life throws at you without questioning it. It’s like… well… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Denial

    Have fun getting eaten by worms after you die. Because I’m pretty damn sure that you won’t end up living among the clouds when you do. Because you know everyone who has ever ridden a jet knows there is nothing but air and water there.

    It will not be people like you who will be granted eternal life, but it will be all those professors in white lab coats who will probably some day find a cure for aging. It’s a pity this is highly unlikely to occur in my lifetime, but I’d rather stay positive about it.

    • THEN DIE.

      how can you prove such a nano small thing like cell can move on its own? Can science bring ppl back from dead?

      If you believe man come from ape, then what happened to the ape now?

      You dont have to think hard, just look at yourself. For instance your hair. Can science re-create hair that can grow longer each day?
      DNA, you can alter it, but can you create DNA?

      Chicken and egg. Man and baby, ape and baby ape.
      then what is before ape? Cells? Where do they come from?

      You want become an atheist, do what you like and STFU. You dont care what we think, we also dont fucking care what you think.

      • “how can you prove such a nano small thing like cell can move on its own? Can science bring ppl back from dead?”
        Didn’t you get to use microscope in school? If you don’t even want to understand science that’s fine with me, but don’t go giving away ignorant opinions then.
        And yes, science (medicine) CAN bring people back from death under certain conditions. Which has much higher success rate compared to various holy books and priests.

        “If you believe man come from ape, then what happened to the ape now?”
        We didn’t. No sane scientist would say that we did. The apes today are a different evolutionary branch. You know, just like how white people are different from black people. Except the difference is much bigger.

        “You dont have to think hard, just look at yourself. For instance your hair. Can science re-create hair that can grow longer each day?
        DNA, you can alter it, but can you create DNA? ”
        Yes. It’s called organic chemistry. Sure, we have to copy something that already exists to create meaningful DNA, but it’s quite possible to create a fully synthetic clone of an existing strain.
        Besides, even if we are to assume god does exist, then it’s very logical to assume he is the one who created DNA and therefore creating DNA is possible. You don’t really think he just snapped his fingers and created the universe and everything, do you? I guess that shiny golden apple must have held the knowledge of how to make DNA. That, or god was really the “get off my lawn” type.

        “Chicken and egg. Man and baby, ape and baby ape.
        then what is before ape? Cells? Where do they come from?”
        Organic molecules. Which came from inorganic molecules. Which came from atoms. Which came from… well, we haven’t gotten that far yet.
        BTW, if you call this a “chicken and egg” problem, then where the fuck did god come from?

        “You want become an atheist, do what you like and STFU. You dont care what we think, we also dont fucking care what you think.”
        I never said I don’t care what you think, but rather I consider your views to be wrong. Free speech laws give me the right to express critical opinions to whatever I choose, so long as my words are structured in a non-provoking or offensive way. Well except feminism but this is another topic.

        “THEN DIE.”
        No, fuck you.

  • Okay, let’s assume that god exists. He created people to test them, according to which vast majority of us will be doomed to hell. Doesn’t this mean god created us to condemn us rather than save us? The majority will suffer eternally, not existing in the first place is greatly referable to such fate.

    And some more whine about Christians, I hate it how christians tend to see the Islamic world as utterly barbaric. If it weren’t for the islamic revolution in 1970s, 90% of Middle East would also be calm territory with democratic values and high standard of living. Teocratic despotism is repressing people who are no less sensible than those of other cultural areas. And as for why they see Americans as utter filth, that is a an exaggeration. That’s just the voices that reach America, the formal Strategy of the Islamic elite relies on hatred towards the West, and especially America.

    Yeah, and I’m not a Muslim. I’m a Christian who wishes God exists, but is quite sure He doesn’t.

  • sure are alot of biblefuckers on sankaku, who would have thought?.

    well I for one belive in the power of man ( the power of science).

    Nothing good comes from blind worship in my opinion, people are free to do as they like and belive in what they like.

    At the end of the day “God” isnt the one who plants and harvests are crops or the one who saves peoples lives from burning buildings… Its man.

    Sorry for bad english~

  • I would find Christian thinking easier to accept if they didn’t curse non-believers to hell and such. It would be understandable if a Christian wanted to help change the insulted person’s way of thinking with the threat of eternal torment in hell, with sincere will to save everyone. But unfortunately it seems that many Christians just seem to threaten ‘heathens’ to express their self-satisfaction and feelings of superiority that reach levels of obsession. It’s as if the only things that uphold their faith are the promise of an eternal life in a land of marshmallow clouds, and especially the promise that people they don’t like aren’t allowed there. Original Christian values are good but many Americans tend to make selfish interpretations to justify their own greedy actions.

    “On the final day, followers of God looked down on the pitiful heathens in pits of hell and laughed, HAHA, TOLD YOU SO, FUCKERS” I don’t remember seeing this part in the Bible.

    • I spent a lot of my childhood terrified that the world was coming to an end soon and I was going to hell for masturbating. Nevertheless, I’m not an atheist; I finally settled for Reform Judaism. But I also realize that sophisticated versions of religion like Reform Judaism, Unitarianism and Episcopalianism/Anglicanism are losing adherents and that fundamentalist, dogmatic religions and cults are constantly gaining converts. The problem that rationalism just doesn’t “sell” as well as emotionalism. Most of us–honestly, *all* of us at some times–would rather believe (or tell) comforting lies than unglamorous truths.

      I’ll illustrate with some examples from the dying American automobile industry.

      First, before Robert MacNamara mis-managed the war in Vietnam, he was president of the Ford Motor Company. In the Fifties, he brought out a safety package for Fords. It didn’t sell. Then,
      in response to the first wave of imported cars (from Europe) he sponsored the design of the Falcon. It was the best of the first-generation compact cars, offering excellent value for the money. It sold well enough to stay in production for seven or eight years, but it wasn’t sexy. So one Lee Iococca took the Falcon’s chassis and drivetrain, moved the passenger compartment back to make the hood longer, cut down rear-seat legroom beyond budget-airline standards, cut down the trunk so much a family of four would have to take home part of each week’s groceries home in their laps if they didn’t want to make two trips, and called it the Mustang. It sold fabulously and is still in production. Anyone who knew anything about cars knew the original Mustang was not as good a car as the Falcon, and the Mustang cost quite a lot more. Didn’t matter. The Mustang was sexy and the Falcon was not.

      Flash forward to the nineties: Every car manufacturer made as many SUVs as possible, and most tried to make their other cars look like SUVs. The minivans and aerodynamic, relatively fuel-efficent American cars of the 1980s vanished. Now, most of the imports were more aerodynamic and fuel-efficient, even their SUVs. Even Mercedes and BMW shied from producing anything as toxic as the Cadillac Escalade or the Lincoln Navigator. No matter; the last two sold well, and their profit margin was awesome. The Hummer H2 and H3 sold better than the H1, a true all-terrain vehicle (the civilian version of the HMMV or “Humvee” which replaced the jeep). People were willing to shell out outrageous sums for cheap trucks dressed up as military vehicles. It was almost an exact repetition of the boom-bust cycle of the early 1970s when even the “compact” models got big, heavy and ugly. But, hey, that’s what the customer wanted, and it didn’t cost much to add more size; steel was so cheap the American steel industry was already in decline as foreign steel imports rose. And when gas mileage dropped, why, just make the gas tank bigger. Then came a big rise in gas prices, and the four-wheeled dinosaurs suffered a mass extinction. The first time might be excused because America thought of the automobile as a quintessentially American industry, and few were really afraid of losing market to better made, better-designed foreign cars. But repeating the same mistake three decades later demonstrates just how irrational even our “Captains of Industry” have become. But it’s *our* fault, all of us, because even the stupidest CEO won’t keep making something we won’t buy.

      There are no great songs about Darwin, and lots of great songs about Jesus.

      I saw a bumper sticker with a dead fish with legs, refuting the “Darwin” fish that was fairly common here in the somewhat rational San Francisco/San Jose/Sacramento metroplex. It said something about God being alive while Darwin was dead. Well, Darwin is definitely dead. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t *right*.

      But I see a lot more Jesus fish than Darwins on cars.

      Oh, well. At least *most* of the fundamentalists begrudge that the Earth is round and moves around the Sun. Give them another 500 years or so…

  • “That the US, so full of idiots, can maintain a scientific and technological lead is the real mystery here…”

    it’s not a mistery, they mantain it because they give money to EUROPEAN and ASIAN scientists and make them work in their Universities.
    USA alone can’t do anything at all, guess they are not intelligent enough.

  • I have to agree with most of what these people are saying about Americans. As part of the ~1% of Americans who aren’t cultist retards, I can’t (and wouldn’t even if I could) defend the worthless trash that makes up the vast majority of this country’s population.

    However, I am still insulted that this is coming from the Nips; a society of men so perverse, pathetic, and unmanly that not even their own women want anything to do with them, and whose women are more materialistic, adulterous, bitches and whores than the women of any Western or modern industrialized nation.

    I mean, JESUS CHRIST, have these people seen their own movies? Do they read their own news? Do they watch their own TV or pay attention to their own culture? Suicide clubs aren’t popular in this country. We don’t have a society of middle school prostitutes whoring themselves to buy cell phone accessories. Nor do we have a society of NEETS or hikikimori. I’ve never seen our society mass migrate to temples to wish for luck and success on school exams, job interviews, love, etc, etc…

    Plus, these are the voters who voted in a government official, into what is arguably their country’s highest figurehead position, whose wife swears she’s been to Venus via alien astral projection and once knew Tom Cruise in another life when he was a Nip.

    • Generalizations are for simple-minded people who cannot put theirselves in someone else’s shoes. Calm down and you realize that this argument serves no purpose.

      It saddens me how these generalizations create so much hatred. I wish more people could just appreciate the cultural diversity of the world.

  • Come on Artefact, you know that most of the complaints come from the loudest section aka the crazies be them from the right or left. Most of us just want to judge for ourselves. With people like Narcissist making stupid comments it gives everyone a bad name. Why can’t you believe in god and in evolution. These beliefs are not mutually exclusive.

  • I have to agree with most of what these people are saying about Americans. As part of the ~1% of Americans who aren’t cultist retards, I can’t (and wouldn’t even if I could) defend the worthless trash that makes up the vast majority of this country’s population. However, I am still insulted that this is coming from the Nips; a society of men so perverse, pathetic, and unmanly not even their own women want anything to do with them, and whose women are more materialistic, adulterous, bitches and whores than the women of any Western or modern industrialized nation. I mean, JESUS CHRIST, have these people seen their own movies? Do they read their own news? Do they watch their own TV or pay attention to their own culture? Suicide clubs aren’t popular in this country. We don’t have a society of middle school prostitutes whoring themselves to buy cell phone accessories. Nor do we have a society of NEETS or hikikimori. I’ve never seen our society mass migrate to temples to wish for luck and success on school exams, job interviews, love, etc, etc…

    Plus, these are the voters who voted in a government official, into what is arguably their country’s highest figurehead position, whose wife swears she’s been to Venus via alien astral projection and once knew Tom Cruise in another life when he was a Nip.

    Criticize me if you are my better, but you inferiors haven’t earned the right.

  • All good and evil, Angels and demons, god and the devil are within you. You have infinite potential to be either or. It’s you who choose whether to be the former or the latter.

    Whatever excuse, whatever justification, Hannibal lecture or whatnot, it all comes down to your choice as a moral or immoral man or woman. I choose to be moral and show that there is good, whether there is or isn’t a god.

    Now on the issue of how it all began, nobody knows. Nobody was there at the beginning except the imagination of our minds. We can only look to clues that may or may not be true, speculate, and turn to theories made by people who have their own personal views of the world.

    Could go on and on, but feels a little too troublesome so I’ll stop now.

  • What’s most interesting about those results is that Ireland, of all places, actually has a majority of people who have enough brains in their head to understand Evolution.

    Ireland, where it is currently illegal to say or create media that communicates religion is stupid.

    I’m not joking. Read –> http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/9975

    The “Blasphemous Libel” law is innately anti-speech, so it’s already a failure to begin with… But it’s the double-standard that proves Ireland’s parliament are unreasoning sheep:

    It’s still perfectly legal for priests to bitch on and on at the pulpit about Evolution being stupid, but scientists can’t say or print that religion is stupid without having to pay a 20,000 Euro fine at least :\

    And yes, I completely agree with Artefact’s narrative bent in this article. In countless more subtle ways than Ireland, America is even worse. Unfortunately for me, living in America, I’m too stupid to know how to move out of here.

    Iceland has a perfect climate all year round, and LOTS of hot springs… too bad my American brains have rotted enough that I’d never be able to learn how to speak Icelandic.

  • WRONG. Religion is purely a political organization. While the government is mandated by laws, religion is mandated by a collective of individuals masquerading as a single white-bearded entity.

    Religion is one of the most efficient political organizations that has ever existed, where else can you find righteous justification of killing people for the sake of faith?

  • This is just plain stupid. Why bother posting something about the Darwin, evolution and what the japanese fuckingly think about it? This is utter crap, completely unproductive =S I’d rather read about the Ultimate Hentai Teacher, it’s an awful lot more interesting, and it’s more Japan-related than goddamned Darwinkrautvolution…

  • “I use to believe in evolution but lately I feel it might be plausible that aliens made man.”

    “So who made the aliens?”

    Best responce ever.

    And srsly, why there’s have to be either God or Evolution? There’s a miriad of other ways.

  • The 2ch responses are as expected, a bunch a rude generalizations. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution…..not sure where these numbers come from, but statistics are like a woman in a bikini, what they show you is appealing, but what they conceal if far more important eh.

  • *sigh*

    As a person that works in the house of Charles Darwin (an English Heritage site), I can tell you that this movie has been nothing but bad news for us – well, good news for profits, but bad news for how ridiculously busy we’ve been.

    • So does evolution. And materialism.
      The world was at peace because of religion (in general, not specifically christian, buddhism or whatever).
      When people stop believing in God,
      they think they have the right to do *anything*
      hence everyday horrible news we read at SanCon.
      Humans told humans what they can or can’t do based on what is allowed by humans’ brains. The world is most likely human-biased, eh?
      When science is made the measuring tool, human morality is lost. Love towards other species is lost.
      We share the world with a lot of creatures. And religions told us just that – dos and don’ts that maybe out of humanistic thinking.
      Almost every old religion prohibits killing, rape, etc. My school is a religious school, and I love it.

    • This may sound stupid to everyone but i belive in both GOD and evolution. there’s no reason i can’t belive in both of them and i’m a christian, i’m just not a fanatic that belives everything that the church tells them!

  • One: God is only something stupid people created so they have something to believe in. There’s no such thing as god in this world, or universe. There’s no prove of his existence. It’s all science.

    Two: I hate people who think they’re all that because they’re American, and we’re the “strongest” country in the world. The only reason the US is powerful; is because our fucking government spends to much fucking money on weapons. And they’re constantly trying to develop new weapons that we don’t fucking need!

  • Damnit, internet users can be stupid.

    I really despise how they put everything into the same pot, as if every american or every japanese was the same.

    Generalizing is often the source for bad things (racism for instance is based on wrong generalization).

    Also, logically, generalization often causes somewhat true statements to become completely wrong. Saying “Some americans believe in creationism” is correct. Saying “All americans believe in creationism” is wrong.

    The difference between “Some” and “All” is an extremely large logical one (in predicate logic).

  • yeah, i’m gonna guess that the poll was taken in the Bible Belt. i recently made a friend who lives in the Bible Belt, and seems that shit there is ass-backwards… 2009 and they’re still raising their girls to be whiny housewives who always have to get their way and their boys to be stoic and take care of fucking everything without complaining. makes sense that those types of people still believe in Creationism…

    much love and good wishes to the people living in the Bible Belt that actually have brains.

    • I’m pretty sure theamazingatheist, Youtube personality, lives somewhere in the Bible belt.

      Several hundred videos of how such a person deals with all that. 10’s of thousands of regular viewers, plus his own aggressive brand of comedy, if you’re interested.

  • 2channers, LMFAO. For a nation that has Christian weddings, Shinto visits regularly, and Buddhist funerals, you sure are thick aren’t you? Laugh at us all you want. We got Biden, you got a PM’s wife who thinks Venus looks green.


    Anyway, the director foolishly underestimates the US n this film. Not ALL Creationists are that closed-minded. But, that’s okay; go screw urself off then.

  • Believing in God might not be very logical, but it does not inherently make one a stupid person. Not believing in God might be more logical, but it does not inherently make one a smart person. I don’t personally believe in God, and being associated with the kind of high-and-mighty genius assholes in these comments makes me sick.

  • I love the part about “And these idiots make a fuss over a few whales…” cause I am American and I can’t stand that Whale war show, freaking eco-terrorists.

    The thing is I am usually the type of guy who wants to attack both sides of something. I hate atheist and religious people equally, both sides think their right, neither side can prove it and both think I give a shit… which I don’t. Oh and guess what I live in the bible belt too.

    • Science is about finding the truth, not the answer that most accurately aligns to your theological beliefs. The THEORY of intelligent design has been peer reviewed and has been found wanting, just as the THEORY of evolution has. Darwin was a christian and it pained him that his study didn’t align with his faith, yet he continued his work in search of the truth. Proponents of intelligent design are invariably christian in faith, and seek only to drive a theological wedge into atheist science. God or no god, Intelligent Design doesn’t seek to answer any scientific question, and is a useless argument scientifically – but not theologically. Therefore, it *IS* about god!

  • I read this earlier, and I have to say it feels manufactured. Either that, or there are pieces of the story we aren’t being told. There are literally HUNDREDS of movies about Darwin distributed in the US, why would everyone decide to shun this one for only that reason? inb4 this movie suddenly “finds” a distributor in a couple months.

  • People jumping on the JAPAN RULZZ AMERIKA SUXLOL = Fat Otaku rejects that get erect off their own manboobs.

    CANADA RULZ #1 = Too much beer, hosers. Canada = #1 Greatest Insignificant in the world; you all are like that whiny little brother in the chav clothes way too big for your ass; just look at your land.

    SCIENCE IS FACT. NOLIE. = Science is not a matter of it is or it is not. It doesn’t prove anything; it doesn’t disprove anything. Science is a method of maybes, and by all definitions, it continues to seek to disprove gravity. Again, SCIENCE IS NOT TO BACK UP YOUR ARROGANCE. So GTFO.

    BUUUURN CHRISTIAAAANZZZ!!! = So you’re an atheist. You believe in nothing, but that in itself is a belief. You are no better than a Christian for trying to push your beliefs on others.

    With love from Lancashire, U.K.

  • I’m a Christian myself and I’m pretty comfortable with evolution, that might be how we were made in the first place-though I wonder why we dropped our furry monkey coats the more we evolved. You’d think that would be helpful. There’s just too many ignorant christfags in the US that can’t accept evolution as an explanation for how we end up. Believe me, the world wasn’t made in literally a week, if that story is even true but no one has taken the bible literally even when it was just created.

    • Humans are suppose to have originated from either africa or china. Fur would NOT be helpful

      If your as hairy as the men and women in my family, you kept the fur regardless.

      Lastly, you need anyone who was around at the time or knew anything about it to die out before you can make everyone believe bullshit.

  • Christians, Jews, & Muslims can accept that all living things come from God, but can’t accept that all living things have a common point of original ancestry. They want to believe that the way animals & plants are put together are united by the idea that one all-powerful being did it all at once, not by the idea that the design of one form of life led to & influenced the design of later-appearing forms of life in a step-by-step progression.

  • The US is pretty set it its old, often downright stupid ways–that’s nothing new. What’s got me shocked is that so much of Japan is down with evolution, what with all the talk of shrines and anti-demon barriers and danmaku-ing virgin goddesses (possibly excepting Suwako Moriya, depending on who you ask). I guess there’s no reason those can’t co-exist alongside an origin that makes sense, though.

  • I always laugh when someone bring God in to a topic. Seriously, the US nation really need some hardcore education to get their mind thinking about what is really happening and what not.

    From where I live they are a lots of idiots saying GOD is all that. I’m really sadden by them.

  • It’s moments like these that make me ashamed of being an American. I accept people having different beliefs, but when those beliefs are forced upon other people like the fucking Republicans tried to do for the last eight years, that’s where I get pissed. One day, I would like to live in a country where our beliefs don’t isolate us from the rest of the world. I mean seriously, it’s probably just a movie talking about Darwin, and the fact that it won’t come out here says how much catching up we as a country need to do.

  • A more sophisticated view of politics and power would lead you to the conclusion that powerful special interests disproportionately effect perception in the United States more than almost anywhere in the world.

    Also, you can look beyond the name calling if you are a sociologist and attempt to study why there are so many more religious people in the United States; mainly the eradication of all social programs, stagnation of wages, lack of health care, rising cost of virtually everything, eradication of labor unions, eradication and privatization of schools, poverty, outsourcing and the destruction of all manufacturing. It’s basically extreme oppression and corruption. In areas like this, you see irrationality and religion replace reality, because the reality is despair.

    A truly educated observer would realize that most of the people in the US are either misrepresented by a vocal minority, or victims. The same thing has happened in multiple parts of the world before.

  • Those responses from 2ch makes me think they don’t even realize how entrenched mysticism is in Japan.

    Okatu praying for an Anime wife at a shrine.

    Anyway believe in God or not only three things matter:

    1. You cannot deny science nor can you take it too far.

    2. Don’t push your views on others.

    3. However you do it, be a good person.

  • Most people don’t even know what the proponents of intelligent design are arguing against. Even though there are good evidences out there pointing toward evolution but it’s still inconclusive, as in they still haven’t found “the missing link” even though the archaeologists have been digging up dirt for like 300 years. Also there is also the problem of “irreducible complexity”: A lot of organs/cellular mechanisms in the body can’t function as “half-evolved”, take heart and lungs/Krebs cycle for example. There needs to be a minimum complexity for it to be functional. And actually, intelligent design doesn’t rule out the natural selection, which is a kind of microevolution that has been studied, documented, and proven. But as to life evolve from nothing and from single-cell organisms to multicellular organisms, that kind of macroevolution. There are more studies to be done on that.

  • I am both ashamed and annoyed.

    First of all, I am ashamed to hear that such a startling number of people in my own country still believe in something as ridiculous as religion.

    Secondly, I’m annoyed by all the people who generalize to the point that it sounds like ALL Americans are stupid cunts who believe in God, etc, etc.

    This is not the case. There are always exceptions.


  • Kitsune9Tails says:

    Man, getting told off as “stupid and ignorant” by 2channers is too rich.

    A country like Japan doesn’t really have any diversity in the ethnic religious makeup of its people. So, they don’t understand that in a country like the US, you don’t have to go far to suddenly be in a whole different world.

    If they split that poll up to “South of the Mason-Dixon Line from Texas on east” vs. the rest of the damn country, the North would be up there next to Japan while “Dumbfuckistan^H^H^H^H^H^H^H the south” wouldn’t even be on a chart with Muslim nations listed.


    • Not too many foreigners know this, but all of the southern states are actually not part of the USA proper. They are still technically part of this country, but they have limited involvement in federal issues and international affairs. In f

    • this artcle has nothing to do with 2chan

      “So, they don’t understand that in a country like the US, you don’t have to go far to suddenly be in a whole different world.”

      yeah man once i saw a white person, travelled to a different place and suddenly i saw a black person! my world has been turned upside down

  • “That the US, so full of idiots, can maintain a scientific and technological lead is the real mystery here…”

    part of the reason is – people who have come to work from other countries ))), I (living in Canada) yet to find a professor in physics, math or engineering who/whos family did not immigrate))

  • Dear 2ch.

    I am an American. I am an Atheist. I wish to deliver a message to the world. People are fucking dumbasses.

    There is no bearded man in the clouds watching over us. If he was real, he doesn’t listen to our prayers. If he did, there would b e no reason for these things. Either he doesn’t listen, or he listens to the bad ones. If he does this, then why do we call him god?

    Sincerely: Anyone with a brain.

  • It’s amazing how successfully the filmmakers have trolled the news media. We’re talking about a boring period piece, something that might, at best, play in some arthouse theaters for a couple of weeks.

    Reviewers have called Creation “Flat, dull, and painful to sit through”. Another reviewer pointed out “Darwin the scientist is reduced to a brooding, whimpering intellectual parody who wouldn’t be so out of place in a Woody Allen movie.”

    Distributors don’t shy away from controversy, they relish it… as long as a market is involved. Dogma got huge distribution, for example. What we have here is a movie nobody will go see, not because of their opinion of evolution… but because it’s a boring waste of time.

    • Darwin was a boring, whimpering wretch of a clergyman whose idea of fun was collecting beetles. He would never have published it at all if someone else hadn’t come up with the same theory and been on the verge of publishing it themselves.

  • As an American, with no particular faith but a strong scientific background it amuses me that with reports like this that the religious groups can gripe about being an oppressed minority, and to the best of my knowledge even as the simple American that i am none of our public schools are allowed to teach anything other then evolution.

  • That’s why the Catholics don’t have a problem with the evolution theory. My mother has a Catholic Bible that dedicates the first dozens of pages to clarify that religion and science can co-exist, and that the Bible mustn’t be taken at face value.

    Unfortunately, most Evangelists are illiterate, really poor people, or grow up with too much censoring of information, and the damn pastors who only like money spread all the nonsense. Its a pity. Catholics don’t bad mouth other religions, but the Evangelists LIVE to tell people they’re going to hell. And they make all Christians look bad. That’s why I can’t stand them. Ò_Ó

  • “Americans love massacres so it’s fitting they are all Christians.”

    Wow, his one is butthurt since ’45…

    “And these idiots make a fuss over a few whales…”

    Is it even related to whatever is going on? And “few whales” must be quite literal since there aren’t many left.

  • I thought it was bad enough that everyone has such bad stereotypes about us, but, just wow, I really feel offended by this. Not as a Christian (I’ll just define my beliefs as ‘not sure’ to keep it short), but as a citizen of the US.

      • So when I visit Europe, and I personally get scoffed at as an evil american pig tourist even though I did nothing offensive at all, it’s a good thing because it will teach my politicians to care more about other countries opinions?

        • That’s not it. They get angry because they want to be the top dog in the world unfortunately handled by the US. It’s just human’s jealousy against others who have better than them.

          Seriously, get over with the hate because all of us are fail. One for ridiculing other races that are different from themselves culturally. Like a retard hating another retard.

        • yes their are organizations that help but to be honest America is the most generous nation and will continue to be so except in a depression. Not only does our government give away ridiculous sums of our Tax money Americans give away huge sums of money to charities that help people across the world.

        • Well dunno which countries you mean, but many EU countries have helped US in many ways in the past and probably do in the present.

          Hurricane Katrina incident for example had many ppl from around the world helping any way they could (mostly medical help from Red cross)

          There are also plenty of Peace keepers in Iraq from many countries.

          Dunno how well you ppl get informed about these helping chases tough. The ways the media tells things greatly differs between differend media and countries.

  • That really is sad. They can believe in god all they want but they can’t even accept evolution a another view. So much so, that they’re denouncing the movie. They clearly don’t have enough faith in their own religion and are afraid they’re gonna lose worshippers and donators to the evolution theory.

  • ahh yes…the glorious christfag
    didnt we learn history that some dude create those religion???

    now in year 2009 people still think those are real?
    come on, the bible say this, the bible say that…those are all written by people and it never come to their mind that “the people” might be “full of shit”?

  • When will this country see religion for what it is. A fucking fairy tale. What pisses me off the most is how Christians say “we’re a peaceful religion” when the only reason Christianity is still around is because it was spread at the point of a sword.

  • Nah man, he’s just trying to generate some controversy by not releasing it over here. In which would generate interests as well. Now people would actually kinda wanna see what the movie’s about.

      • Not believing in evolution alone does not make you retarded.
        Not believing in evolution in the face of overwhelming scientific empirical evidence makes you a retard.And there are plenty of people like that.

        • At least science has proof and does not go around claiming that it is infallible! In fact, current science knowledge changes, gets replaced, gets thrown out or gets updated very often!

          Religion (or at least people practicing religion) insist it is right even when there’s overwhelming evidence pointing that it is wrong!

        • Basing on scientific empirical evidence alone is retarded. You can’t even prove you are awake right now and all of this is not just a dream ’cause the world as we observe is just the interpretation of our brain. And, dream is also interpretation of our brain. Really, science can’t prove anything.

      • Not believing in evolution doesn’t mean you’re retarded, it means you’re uninformed. Evolution cannot be believed in, because faith does not play a part in it. Not accepting evolution on the other hand, is pretty foolish once you see that all the evidence that points in the general vicinity of evolution.

  • The reasoning is only done by the less vocal groups in America who aren’t religious fags, seriously the testament of the idiocy of the American general public when it comes to religion is evident in the election and re-election of George W. Bush as president just because he declared himself a borned again Christian.

    This statement is something that even American’s admit, well at least the learned few.

  • I think the critism here is a little harsh and I’m not even from the US (= Gerfag).

    On the other hand I’ve got to say, (all) religion works quite a lot with symbols and metaphors imho. The bible does not tell a verified story with lots of elaboration. Instead of taking everything at face value people should see the underlying messages.

    If people would start seeing the difference here, Christianity wouldn’t even have any problems with the evolution theory.

    • Actually, the Japanese hate all Americans with a passion. Not just conservatives. But liberals too. They laughed when 9/11 happened. They didn’t lose anyone in the WTC. And those buildings were UGLY! All American cities are ugly. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Seattle, Philadelphia and especially Washington. You have no health care. You discriminate against everyone who isn’t like you and you’re entire existence is stained with the blood of the millions of innocent Natives that your ancestors slaughtered. This land is not your land. This land was not made for you or me. It doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative. Democrat or Republican. White or Black. Gay or Straight. Man or Woman. From California or Texas. New York or Alabama. New England or Kansas. All 303 million Americans are fat, stupid, ugly, lazy ignorant, racist, sexist, homophobic, closed-minded, intolerant war-mongering, bible-loving, white supremacist assholes! You are the worst country in the world and the world wished you NEVER EXISTED!

      Sincerely, Canada.
      Who has absolutely, positively, NOTHING in common with you hosers.

      لموت لأميركا!
      미국에 죽음!!!

      • death to America….love that Canadian tolerance. especially since french and English are native Canadian tongues. Not to mention all those ethnic Canadians who lived there long before those damn Europeans arrived there.

        Sure America’s a shit hole but why do you have to bring Canada into this?

        • Hey guess what? You think the “Christian Right” are the only ones responsible for turning this country into a shithole? Conservatives of all kinds, either real or not real, have done their fair share:

          Who wanted the south to keep slavery to preserve their economic superiority despite their unethical practices? Southern/economic conservatives.

          Who opposed (and continues to oppose) the existence of unions that fight against abusive managers and poor working conditions despite the? Economic conservatives.

          Who were the ones that were so obsessed with the “invisible hand” theory to the point where they opposed the New Deal in the 30’s that helped save our economy in the Great Depression? Economic conservatives.

          Who gave the biggest support to McCarthy’s abusive and paranoid policies against leftists in the name of fighting communists despite? Foreign-policy conservatives.

          Who were the ones that supported segregated facilities in the 60s and the massive resistance towards integration in the 70s? Southern conservatives.

          Who were the ones that lowered the tax rate in the 80s to the point where there’s no longer any incentive for wealthy people to donate to charitable organizations? Economic conservatives.

          Conservatives of every kind, both the religious ones who’re conservatives in name only AND THE “REAL” ONES THAT THINK OF IT AS A MODE OF THINKING HAVE CAUSED TOO MUCH DAMAGE ALREADY. So what if you’re not one of those fanatically religious conservatives? You still continue to associate yourself with a group of people who’re just as equally capable of causing as much (or even worse) damage as their fanatically “fake” counterparts–Why shouldn’t you all spend the last few moments of your pathetic lives staring down the barrel of an M16?

        • Conservatism is about a mode of thinking. What you are describing are Republicans, which is about is a lack thereof.

          Of course, I’ve seen bitching about all those things from the left, who, it’s true, aren’t terribly conservative. But that doesn’t mean the mouth-breathers who elected Bush were, either.

          If you’re really interested in getting the US out from the yoke of the megachurchs, etc. Do some research, and find out what a conservative is, and isn’t. Just because someone wants that label doesn’t mean they deserve it.

        • This isn’t a “governance” or “economic” issue dumbass, it’s a socio-cultural issue (i.e. the “Culture War”), which is something the conservatives have had an edge on for far too long now.

          The conservatives are the ones that are raising the most shit with regards to concepts like evolution in schools, gay marriage, pornography and other things that run counter to traditional fundementalist Christian dogma–The conservatives the ones siding with the fucking religious nutcases and their megachurches in making America into a theocracy and prolonging our embarrasment in front of the whole world.

          With that in mind, why shouldn’t the liberals rise up and take every fucking conservative to the gullotine?

        • 16:10, Conservatism has nothing to do with evolution. It is essentially a concept of governance. Unless your argument is that the US should nationalize all film distribution?

          16:14 Most successful nations have gotten there through collateral damage. I seem to recall Canada wasn’t exactly uninhabited when it’s settlers got there.

        • Damn dude you sound like a terrorist. You seem to pray a lot… prayer is a joke.

          “Illegally invade another country for oil”. Yes because we have such super cheap gas prices here that must have been the reason.

          “murder innocent women and children with nukes who had nothing to do with a war” Sorry but that women and children only rule is a load of crap. So as a male its ok for me to die but not women of the same age, wtf? Women teach the kids about the people who kill their fathers, then children grow up to become the new enemies. So nobody is innocent.
          Hell the fact we had to nuke them twice show how crazy they all where.

          Every war huh? What about helping in WWII you know like Canada also did. Everybody always says every war is meaningless, sorry but war is good for a few things, evolution, new tech, less people to feed etc..

          I hate when we go to war because we always see to fight for other dumb asses freedoms

        • “We have the best health care in the world. We have low crime rates. And more importantly, our history isn’t as blood-stained as America.”

          + We have great education system and gender equality.

          Welcome to the Northern Europe.

        • I hate the USA for what it was and what it is and pray that it has no future.

          And we may have run away during the Revolutionary War, but at least we didn’t illegally invade another country for oil or murder innocent women and children with nukes who had nothing to do with a war that their militaries were fighting.

          I personally think that every war that the USA fought in was wrong and meaningless. Except the Civil War. Oh, yes. Americans killing Americans. Oh, I pray that Texas secedes from the American Empire so they’ll have to lie themselves into another war for oil. It’ll be beautiful.

        • I’m an American and I can actually feel for what you guys are saying.

          I have a message to all liberals in America:


        • I thought Canada was above radical nationalism. That’s a little of what I liked about it. Too bad I was wrong. Also, hating a country for its bloody history is stupid. Hate it for what it is not for it was.

        • Because it’s not a shithole like Canada. We have the best health care in the world. We are the most ethnically diverse nation in the world. We have low crime rates. And more importantly, our history isn’t as blood-stained as America. Plus, America is destroying our culture. I don’t watch American movies or TV. I don’t listen to American music or read American books or magazines. I don’t even like liberal Americans like Michael Moore or Keith Oblermann simply because they are American and nothing else.

    • well, the majority of Americans aren’t Catholic. They’re every flavor of protestant you can think of. I don’t know if other countries have those money-grabbing religious businesses the megachurches but they’re a rampant disease over in the U.S. Anyways…..Protestants don’t care much for catholics either. So if John Paul II said it they’ll probably say he’s just an idiot. It’s is kind of funny how catholics were also persecuted in America for quite a while since the country came to exist.

    • Somehow, the press enjoys ignoring the fact that many great scientists have been Catholic, and that the Catholic Church regards Genesis as an allegory, not literal fact.

      This could not possibly be due to any degree of anti-Catholic sentiment on the part of the Jews who run 99% of the mainstream media.

  • Anyone know the source of that survey? Some parts of the US are pretty wacko when it comes to religion, mainly the “bible belt”. Just look up the Scopes Trial. Its been over 80 years since that and things really have not changed down there.

    • It probably was that region. There are 7 million or so people in North Carolina and at least 90% are the hypocritical ass hats that deny science but they go against there own “teachings” everyday.

      Why follow a group that can’t follow there own rules?

    • I’m curious (worried) about the survey’s methodology as well.

      I really, really hope that I don’t live in a country in which the majority doesn’t believe in rationality.

      And it should be pointed out more often that evolutionism =/= atheism, despite what creationists suggest.

      PS There is no god but Haruhi, and Kyon is her prophet. Amen.

  • LOl at the poll that only represents 1.5k of us Americans. Believing in God is lol, however Japan believes that everything is a spirit so we at least believe 1 God(spirit) made everything instead of believing that 2 billion spirits exist that make one thing each. ROR w