Reality TV Internet Sex Slaves Rescued


Nine women held captive for two months after being tricked into thinking they were in a reality TV show have been rescued; their captors sold scantily clad images of their prisoners online even as the public voted on which they preferred.

The group of 9 women, the youngest being only 15, were recruited to attend what they thought would be the filming of a “Big Brother” style reality TV series, set in an Istanbul villa.

However, the women quickly realised all was not as it seemed, and asked to leave; they were refused, and a period of incarceration lasting two months ensued.

During this time pictures of the women exercising and in bathing suits were sold online, with votes held on which were most sexy.

Turkish authorities eventually got wind of the scheme and military police launched a full scale raid on the villa, freeing all of the girls.

Via AP.

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