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  • China is our own little big Post-Apocalyptic wasteland to build cars out of rubbish and invent some neat shit.

    Once the USA succumbs to it’s own tyranny I plan on making a journey over there to battle for survival until I grow old and become the legendary westerner who braved the toxic snow and gaseous marshes of human waste. I will be the Wanderer.

    CHINA.. *wink* SEE YOU SOON..

  • that is the brownest chinaman I have ever seen. I guess it is because he drives a convertible.

    Also, personal (and larger) submarines are in use by south american drug smugglers already so no news there.

  • Political discussions on sites such as these remind me why you should never expect high level discourse from perverts.

    Artefact: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I understand that your sole purpose is to drive site traffic (and I’ve known doubt you’re succeeding outrageously), but goddamn this site is becoming a schadenfreude paradise.

  • Anonymous said:
    There's a fucking billion something people in China. Amazingly, most of them are not in government. It is the Chinese's fault when a billion people don't overthrow their "unwanted government".

    1. The Chinese probably don't want and don't need to overthrow their government. It's bringing them a lot of economic progress. Face it, China couldn't give two shits what you and I say. They only want to make the country richer and stronger.
    2. One can only assume their government is unwanted. Most people there seem quite happy with the government. I've been to China.
    3. They probably couldn't overthrow it even if they wanted to. Think back to Tiananmen.

    • I lol’d. It’s a bit of a double standard really. If it’s on a big scale, it’s called “being inspired”, “cultural import” or “borrowing”. Example: Tokyo Tower and the Eiffel Tower.

  • LOL at all the anti-chinese comments. xD As a chinese myself, I gotta say, china is really being retarded nowdays. All they do is copy Japan’s stuff and claim it’s theirs. God, when will all this racism and plagiarism end? Fuck, why can’t we just forget the damn past? Why we still gotta bitch about World War 2 or shit? I know it was terrible, but we are in 2009. And not all Japanese people are like that. Seriously, China, grow up.

    • Racism works both ways, my dear. There are shops in China with signs saying “no dogs or Japanese” and shops in Japan with signs saying “no Chinese”. Think before you speak.

      And THAT is not even racism. It’s ethnic tension. “Race” is biologically defined and all of the world’s population, with the exception of a few tribal people, fall into three categories of race: Mongoloid, Caucasoid, Negroid. Chinese and Japanese people both belong to the Mongoloid race.

      As for WW2, that’s a stupid thing to say. It’s like asking the Jews to forget that the Nazi Germans slaughtered about 6 million of their population. People can only forgive, they don’t forget. Are you sure you’re Chinese?

      • Yes, I am Chinese, but people still can’t put the past behind them. Remember the “Chinese men lust after Japanese women for revenge” article? And even if Japan has shops like these, that is still no way to respond the same childish way. It’s just adding more fuel to the fire. I could care less if racism is used in a minimal level, but to use it an a extreme level of making stores forbidding a race from entering is just going overboard. It’s like the struggle between white people and black people. Believe me, I know how terrible world war 2 was. My great grandfather was murdered very brutally. My grandma even watched him get killed. However, even though it was terrible, that is still no excuse for racism. Not all Germans are Nazis and not all Japanese people are cruel. People need to realize that we are in 2009 and not 1940’s. If China really is against Japan and Korea for what they did in the past, they should take the appropriate response and just ignore them, rather than fighting each other like children in a playground. It is time for peace, let it stay.

  • That’s why China is still a 3rd world country, even having satellites and Olympics. Sadly, the govt is still backward thinking, the mainland Chinese give a bad name to other Chinese from other countries.

    • i call a pig pile of hurrdurr on your post bro.

      for a government that ‘is still backwards thinking’ they sure managed to bring a country which was stuck in between total buttrape from japan, civil war destruction and communist experimentation failures into a economic powerhouse, military threat and western butthurt in LESS than 30 years.

      something the for which the west used more than a hundred years.

      and that the US is quoted to ‘interested in having a good relationship despite differences’ (CNN just now) sure is a prove for ‘backwards-thinking’ only because they dont produce so much sick shit you you guys to fap as Japan.

  • From the quill of the “Barbarian of Gor”…

    Let’s not mock the Chinese. I like them actually.

    I got the lowdown on China from a hot Chinese chick I dated. The long and short is, imagine if the “Counterculture” revolution of the 60s had actually won and we had a long term “President Hoffman” who had some good things and some ideas that failed miserably.

    To them, it literally seems like that, compared to the horrible and brutal emperors and the in-between “Capitalists” who somehow managed to make life even worse. We didn’t discuss politics that much, it just came up with those Australian kid arsonists and I just said “Bet they’d shoot ’em in China” and she got mad and explained, but we made up and later, given the scope of the burning and the deaths it caused, yeah they woulda been shot…

    We were mostly discussing eating, since I like Oriental food. She’s a bit plump, btw, but I don’t care:-) She mentioned “Thousand Year Egg” was the result of the “Slave Society” Mao had overturned. An emperor decided to re-decorate the imperial palace, gold versus jade or something and his viziers said it would cause 80 million to die of starvation and he went ahead with it, also strengthening the army to brutally crush rebellion over it. Almost all “Delicacies” are rooted in acts of desperation, so imagine digging though ash piles since even the trash is eaten and finding an egg that dropped from a large cooking pot into the ashes and sat buried for months…

  • True.

    Re the Viet Nam war: are you referring to the M-16?

    The war was over by the time I reached draft age (thank gods), but if I’d been sucked in, I would have carried an M-14 if I could gotten myself issued one, regardless of the additional weight!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SqrAA0xDKmE

    Chinese Farmer flying with his home-made Plane!

    Seriously,I have the feeling that Chinese would be most likely the only race on earth that would survive a WWIII plus an Alien-Invasion plus 2012 Breakdown AND the Zombie-Apocalypse all together at the same time.

    Seeing that China still possesses, as the only first-world industrial country, such amounts of people with postapocalyptic ingenuity which is commonly only found in countries like Somalia or Kongo, while other first world countries are sinking in a pool made of fat, effeminacy and amikawaiiuguuu~, makes me feel pretty bad about our future.

  • Artefact,
    your obsession for shitting on china has already gone to the point that you (finally) wont hesitate anymore to distort the truth in news(if it still can be called so)you posted,,

    these pics ,some are just a PS work as a joke
    some are just a spare time enjoyed by some wealth person,
    some are just for fun
    for example, in last pic,the guy used 2 years to build a submarine using only recycled junks just to fulfill his childhood dream(it has already cost him some money(i dont remember clearly some 5,60thousands RMB)) ,,however it fianlly finished,though ugly but effective(thus the news report)

    YOu really disgust me….

  • Remember 9/11

    Support the troops. Support USA.

    Star spangled banner
    O say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight
    O’re the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air
    Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there
    O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave
    O’re the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    O say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight
    O’re the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air
    Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there
    O say, does that star spangled banner yet wave
    O’re the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    • I support our troops.

      I disagree with our government.

      I remember 9/11 as the time when our government lied to and betrayed the American people (yeah, I know, add it to the all-too-long list of prior occurrances).

      • Well, thats true but theres really not that they could have done to prevent it. If the government one day, just up and decided to triple the amount of security at airports “just in case” when there is no prior precedent would not be a popular move.

        W was planning to invade Iraq for a long long time. After 9-11 he just used terrorism to make it all sound more palatable.

    • Dude, if American autos didn’t suck so hard, we wouldn’t have to “make” America number one again — we’d already BE number one (in the auto industry).

      I’ve owned both American and Japanese autos.

      I was more favorably impressed by the Japanese autos’ quality and higher resale value.

      Until the American auto execs get their heads out of their asses and get their shit together, the American auto industry is hosed.

      And, MY tax money went to support those overpaid cocksuckers (Chrysler bailout)!

      Make a good-quality product, sell it at reasonable prices, don’t sacrifice babies (so to speak) in the production process, and people will likely buy it.

  • funniest one i’ve seen was Xianxingzhe, china’s first biped robot in 2000.
    the japanese ridiculed it saying it’s crap from a country who contributed many technological advances plus ASIMO was far superior.

    he even looked at the chinese characters for the name but read it as a japanese would, Senkousha.

    the videos people made ridiculed it more.


    • “Urine big trouble, mister!”

      — but c’mon – I can just envision this happening:

      *RING* … *RING* …

      HelpDesk: Albert’s Above-Average Automobiles, Customer Service. How may I help you today?

      Customer: Mhwa-mwah-mwa-mwa-mwha.

      HelpDesk: I’m sorry…I…I didn’t quite catch that. Please say again — what happened?

      Customer: Mhwa-mwah-mwa-mwa-mwha.

      HelpDesk: You did WHAT? With YOUR what?

      Customer: Mhwa. Mwah-fuckin’-goddam-mwa.

      HelpDesk: Really. Which model do you have?

      Customer: Mhwa.

      HelpDesk: Oh, that explains it perfectly. The model 43 ALWAYS comes with an in-seat cigarette lighter.

      • Why are you always discriminating Chinese people? It’s not their fault for having such a government
        But I think most of lucky people who have never experienced any totalitarian rule can’t understand it.

        • The reason this site has such a hard anti-Chinese and anti-Korean stance is because Arterfact is a weeaboo who desperately desperately wants to be Japanese. He tries as hard as he can to imitate the Japanese, but of course the easiest thing to do, is to hate people. This is a subject that most of you people on this site are very familiar with since each and every last one of you is a misanthropic hate filled bastard with nothing at all to live for. You all hate people as much as possible because thats all you are good at.

          Anyway, I’m getting off topic here. Artefact hates the Chinese because a lot of Japanese peopl- Well, not PEOPLE persay, but instead 2channers, hate China, and Korea. He identifies this as an easy way to act Japanese, and thus he does it, hating on China and Korea when Japan is equally shitty. it makes him feel morally superior when in reality he is a poor lost soul with nothing to live for. Honestly, if he dies, do you think anyone would mis him IRL? I’m sure you will notice if he stops updating the site. But you’ll all jsut go to other sites and not pay him any heed. maybe, there’ll be a blurb in some newspaper someday, weeks later. “Welsh man found dead in apartment”. The coroner has concluded “death my auto erotic asphyxiation”. “he is believed to have no next of kin, and we have been unable to find anyone who knows him.”

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          To be honest that was actually what I meant when I said..

          ‘However you could argue that there is proof that the Chinese government have changed their stance, and are now trying to reform their system, while also creating new economic sectors.. so they won’t rely only on exports..’ ^^..

          I have always believed that the Chinese boom will last well into the next decade maybe longer depending on how they invest, due to urbanization of rural areas, and the growth of new industries.. and the returns that the Chinese economy will get after a few years from all their investment in foreign markets, during the depression..

          After that China will have far to many contenders.. but who knows..

          I don’t want to end up writing an essay so I shall end it at that..

        • How does a simple article revealing interesting information about some poor/relatively poor Chinese coming up with some actually cool shit relate anything to the government, japanese/korean relativity, economic growth/recession?

          This article, while can be seen as negative toward Chinese, can also be seen as some poor innovative people, doing some cool shit with basically trash (except the seat toilet in car…thats just a bad idea.).

          Also, China is a decent nation (atleast for the lightly wealthy and the huge growing middle class of some 300 million people.) Like it or not, China is a massive producer of low level-mid level products for all of the world. Obviously, with a huge population of 1.3 Billion or more, you’re gonna have fuckups and retards and genepool dirtying sluts etc. etc. But with such a population, its bound to happen. Thinking about it from another side, where are smart Chinese students flooding to? Dozens of Harvard like schools across China and abroad to US and international schools such as Columbia, Yale etc. etc. So say what you like, but China is on the UP.

          As to WHY, many countries hate JAPAN, its because for a long time, JAPAN fucked with all its neighbors, trying to become something like Germany. But for MANY/A LOT of younger citizens of Korea, China, Taiwan, Asian country etc., they get along just fine with Japanese counterparts. Thats because they dont have personal experience/hatred for the acts of Japan. If people bothered to understand/learn the history of Asia, you would understand.

          Though, I doubt anyone will read this, it was worth taking the time writing since too many people here are too ignorant about reality in Asia. Japan doesnt hate Japanese loving foreigners. But they are racist, just as almost all people, especially asians are.

          The Anonymous has spoken.

        • If Japan is so great and original, why have they ripped nearly all aspects of their society and culture from China and the West?

          Kanji? Kimonos? Western Industry? Anime??? Early manga artists based their works off of…that’s right….American comics.

          The truth is all countries and cultures copy off one another. Some more than others that is…

          But when it comes down to it, some countries have contributed more to human progress than others. I’m not saying Japan isn’t innovative; they sure are I mean who doesn’t need a toilet paper dispenser hat? But Japan isn’t at the top of the list. Top 3 countries that really changed the world through invention are: China (paper, gunpowder, compass, etc.), UK (1st industrial revolution), and the US (modern industry). That’s right all you Sino haters, China did more to change the world than Japan.

          All the Japanophiles that dislike America: well now if it wasn’t for America’s involvement and rebuilding efforts Japan would be dismal and probably look a lot like Kazakhstan. Post-WWII Japan would have become under the Soviet sphere of influence and all its industry and commodity aside from the essentials sent back to USSR HQ. That means: Boohoo no anime.

          @MelancholyMomo: You have the general idea but there is still much growth left in China. Many areas of China are vastly behind. Expect to still see double digit or high single digit percentile growths in GDP due to Gershenkron effect.

          As for outsourcing? China, India, and Latin America (maybe) are the last and best places for this. Forget about Africa, outsourcing requires stable governments and a high level of local human capital. True China has trouble with copyright laws, but that’s only a big deal for software developers and media corporations (that violate American monopoly and trust laws so I could give a shit about them making nothing in China).

          But yes, all you Japanese lovers…Japan doesn’t love you back. They don’t give a shit about you. But keep buying their anime anyways…they love you at least for that. =D

        • So many ethnically challenged people here in sankaku, and the oh so confused… You do know that the japanese people hate white people too? along with koreans and chinese? actually, they hate anything that is not japanese, so any ass kissing you do won’t really grant you any favors you stupid confused crackers.

        • Wow so much fags who criticize other governments while unable to keep anything sane on theirs. I luled at people govern people trying to say that everyone is at cause. Be it Amerifags or Eurofags.
          Oh yeah, Chinese despise Japanese, I wonder why… Can’t be that Japanese attacked them multiple times.

          Well, it’s trollkakucomplex after all.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          @ Anon 21:00

          I thought it was more common sense.. and a basic understanding of supply and demand.. and since I was bored here’s a simple explanation..

          Any civilization that rapidly grows will have trouble staying efficient and controlling the negative side effects of growth..

          it's like running a marathon at full pelt.. you might be fine for a while but lactic acid will inevitably build up, and you will need to stop and rest regularly to refresh yourself otherwise you will inevitably collapse.. if you train beforehand and build up your stamina you might last a little longer, but it isn't limitless..

          sadly China the giant resource sucking manufacturing plant that she is.. is currently going full speed.. and you can already see the negative effects of it..

          this isn't helped.. by the fact that the Chinese economy is heavily centered on exports, hence basic supply and demand tells us that it has and will continue to be affected by the lack of money in the west.. the demand for their goods has dropped.. so now the Chinese economy is also forced to take care of tens of millions of unemployed citizens with less resources..

          now China is running in an area located at a high altitude, its getting harder to breath, she is still running full pelt, but again inevitably it's getting harder and harder by the second.. and sadly she also had a little trip up, and hurt her feet.. and it seems that the pain is slowly growing as she continues to run..

          and now that the west is looking elsewhere to manufacture their goods.. and their foreign exchange reserves are being depleted by the second.. I can only see trouble on the horizon for China.. I wonder if she will be able to make it to the end of the race, if she doesn't take a long rest and recharge soon.. I pity China.. T _ T.. Being forced to go through such horrific things because of who controls her..


          However you could argue that there is proof that the Chinese government have changed their stance, and are now trying to reform their system, while also creating new economic sectors.. so they won't rely only on exports..

          nevertheless to the earlier Anon.. China will almost certainly be a major economic power in 50 years.. after all 50 years is a long time.. but then again you could say so will the Koreans, the Brazilians, the Russians(?), etc.. you could also say that civilization will have collapsed by then due to peak oil, super volcanic eruption etc.. ah well.. the world is going to explode on 2012 anyway.. :O..

        • “Cause they hate Japan so much that I choose to hate them……”

          Lol, retard with no factual knowledge

          “who ask you people use all their talents in imitating products? who ask your smart people go add plastic into milks, or making imitating eggs, or make shouyu from people’s hair?
          you made the world to do so with a reason.”
          they do so for a reason to, would you make fake products to sell and live if you had nothing to eat and were to die the next day? People strive to live, some do it using unscrupulous methods, some don’t have much of a choice.

        • the anon who speaks about the china’s rapid gdp increase doesn;t know anything about the present news.

          foreign companies are starting to leave china since they wouldn;t be able to make much profit anymore there. yeah, right china has a rapid increase in its economic growth but inflation is also another factor that will hinder Chinese progress, recently Chinese economic growth decreased drastically yet the inflation increase is continuing to rise. economic experts predict that by 2010 Chinese economic growth will begin to slump down again unless there’s some stupid company who wants to make business with China after the “all your source codes are belong to us” news and the drastically rising wages of the Chinese and the abominable Chinese propaganda.

          read some economic news,magazines before you talk about anything related to it, fellow anon.

        • Japan will be back and shit on those sino asses.
          Japan kicked them during WW II.
          Japan has a superior culture and even better than the west.
          Japan got everything from great electronics, computers, consoles, anime and everything you like.
          Japan will be back with a vengeance.
          Asia belongs to japan.

        • win wooooooo
          you think this is 3 year old kid quarreling?
          who ask you people use all their talents in imitating products? who ask your smart people go add plastic into milks, or making imitating eggs, or make shouyu from people’s hair?
          you made the world to do so with a reason.

        • Someone there is disgusting. You don’t like chinese people, not for any logical reason, but for your subjectivism, OK, it’s your choice, you can disgust all of us, but we have 13 hundred million ones to disgust you, let’s say, who will win.

        • @Anonymous 17:30:

          Worker A: “Hey, Worker B. — do you openly support Mao and the glorious revolution to transform our society into a Communist showcase which will shine light upon the world forever?”

          Worker B: (Slowly looks around, see political correctness officer glaring at him and fingering his sidearm.) “Why, yes. Yes, I do.”

          More seriously: The Chinese dynasties and successive governments of China have been – excepting for a few arrogant fools – and continue to, be afraid of the mass of the Chinese people.

          Their tools of oppression (wow, I’m starting to sound like a right revolutionary here, eh?) are ignorance and illiteracy, division and separation.

          The Chinese governments don’t want the masses communicating freely, exchanging ideas, debating things, and (worst of all) coming to a concensus which might result in massive revolution (“Hey, ya know what? They’ve been lying to us and screwing us over. Fuck that! Let’s get ’em, guys! HRRRRAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!”)

          So. The masses in each little region may be educated in their regional language, and in math, and some other things, but they are not taught how to read, write, and speak a language common across all of China

          They are discouraged from speaking “dis-approved” things, from reading “dis-approved” things. Censorship is invoked, ostensably to “protect” the populace from “dangerous ideas”.

          Logic and critical thinking are not taught in primary schools (that’s true here in the U.S. as well. Hmmm… I wonder… could MY governments be doing something like the Chinese governments are doing? Nahhh. This is America! That could never happen here! If you look at the curricu–oh, hey, the game’s on! It’s the Steelers!).

          The Romans knew the trick, and they used it. Bread and circuses.

        • There’s a fucking billion something people in China. Amazingly, most of them are not in government. It is the Chinese’s fault when a billion people don’t overthrow their “unwanted government”.