NEET Earns $$$ in NicoNico Douga Live Sex Begging


NicoNico Douga’s live broadcast feature has been turned into a venue for sex-begging, with one enterprising lady using a combination of Web-Money and the promise of a glimpse of her nipples to pay for an escalating variety of goods.

The female NEET initially used the already notorious “Nama Housou” feature to solicit funds from onlookers, using e-money service Web-Money, at first in order to amass funds for a new PC.

However, things went rather better than anticipated, and soon she had amassed $700 in just 2 days, later managing a total of some $1,200.

2ch soon got wind of her antics and a matsuri ensued, with some apparently rushing off to see her ero-begging whilst others derided anyone foolish enough to go along with her. 2ch’s legion of stalkers quickly started trying to locate her based on her accent, also claiming to have reported her to police.

It seems she escaped having her account banned as she never actually did show her nipples, which is the limit for Nico.

Just why these excitable Nico-goers did not use a conventional sex-chat is a question nobody seems to know the answer to…

You can see similar antics captured on Nico in previous articles on the subject.


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