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PS3 Powers Cinemas


A chance observation by 2ch has led to the surprising discovery that some Japanese movie theatres are actually playing their films from PS3s.

The tale begins with a 2ch denizen’s visit to a Sendai cinema, where the audience’s viewing of Kara no Kyoukai was rudely interrupted by the appearance of an onscreen warning to recharge their controller.

Opinion was quickly split as to whether this was a fine advertisement of the PS3’s capabilities or a rather miserly move on the part of the cinema.

Soon the news spread through 2ch-watching blogs and was picked up by a site which apparently managed to confirm by way of Aniplex that the showing was indeed using a PS3, though not using Blu-ray as some had thought.

It transpires that full HD at 1920×1080 was being stored on the PS3 HDD, with the quality apparently indistinguishable from more typical projector-source hardware.

A number of cinemas are apparently using this method, though it might be hoped they are rather more careful about keeping their controllers charged…

Via Hachimaki.

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