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Hikikomori Murders Imouto: “She Was Noisy!”


A hikikomori has stabbed to death his own little sister after being irritated by the sounds coming from her adjacent room.

The 22-year-old NEET, who for the past 5 years had lived in seclusion with his parents and siblings in an apartment in Aichi prefecture, had apparently long enjoyed good relations with his 20-year-old little sister, a student, but lately had become upset over the noise coming from her room.

This peaceful coexistence was turned into a bloodbath when, for reasons which are not clear, he finally snapped, grabbing a kitchen knife and repeatedly stabbing his sister in the chest and stomach.

The bloody deed done, he summoned an ambulance, admitting the crime “I stabbed someone. I’d like you to take her to hospital.”

He was arrested at the scene for attempted murder, and his sister was taken to hospital, but died from the shock of her profuse blood loss.

Police soon upgraded his charges to murder, and when questioning him as to his motive he frankly admitted “I stabbed her because her room was noisy.”

Via ZakZak.

Sadly, this is not the first time a presumably deranged hikikomori has viciously turned upon the same family members who help shelter him from the world…

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