46% of Japanese Women Admit Infidelity


New survey results compound previous findings with the news that 46% of Japanese women admit to cheating on their partners.

The survey, conducted by StyleWalker, asked 2,000 Japanese women in their teens and twenties “Have you ever cheated on someone?”

23% confessed to some prior acts of infidelity, giving the usual creative excuses or remorseful vows never to do it again until the next time.

A further 9% admit to “unintentionally” cheating, giving such highly convincing excuses as “I was dating someone, but he confessed to me and I couldn’t refuse…” and “I fell for someone else even though I was dating him.”

4% actually acknowledged they were currently cheating on their man, some even with more than one person…

However, 54% of women asked would not admit to cheating on their partners, though whether this implies innocence or discretion is certainly open to question.

These results seem extraordinarily similar to another, previous survey; that put the proportion of cheating women at a close 45% of the total, suggesting the results may be quite reliable.

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  • So, in summation, humans are awful, selfish, cowardly things. If you don’t like your mate, be you male or female, dump them, then have sex guilt free. Don’t marry and then sex up some one else (unless that’s what the couple wants, then party hard whenever that agreement allows).

    I don’t get why that’s hard to do. I’ve been married for 2yrs, and we dated and engaged for 8yrs, no infidelity between us that entire time (I trust that she hasn’t and I will not ask unless given fairly obvious evidence saying otherwise).

    Simple equation folks; Don’t like your mate, don’t stick around. Sex is only one part of marriage, and it appears that a LOT of guys and girls either never learned it, or forgot it in a haze of self-satisfaction and excuses.

  • I’m really dissapointed from the japanese womens.
    For real the get all the money what their man earns and then on top of that the cheating.
    Some poeple would say just shut up, you don’t know nothing but sadly to say I hear every now and then from people I work with, friends etc. that their woman cheated on him. And to all people here I can say that way more then 45% of japanese women cheat. I would almost say it’s up to 75%. Really I feel sorry for the japanese men to have such slutty womens. btw, I’m american and work in japan so I can say this because I saw and heard this whole things.

  • “I was dating someone, but he confessed to me and I couldn’t refuse…” and “I fell for someone else even though I was dating him.”

    fuck them all, all of them. my ex did the exactly the same thing to me. fuck her & her motherfucking doctor. i wonder if they have rational mind at all.

  • “Silly Anonymous, Middle East isn’t the world.”

    Well, about that, at the rate Muslim populations are displacing current populations in countries in North America, Europe and Asia, They will be. In a hundred years or so but still.

  • lol more like cheating on themselves.

    ( my opinion )
    guys are better cheaters cuz they think straight lol when they spot sluts its just a free idiot to dispose of sperm xD

    altho i think wemen who had sex with more than one guy are custy xD and ones who say it wasn’t on purpose disrespect themselves just as much as the ones who do admit .

  • Cheating is not limited to women I think men cheat even more,most of my friends and relative cheat on their partner. At first I always tried to reason with them but later on I just stop caring. As for me I had a fair amount of invitation from someone else wife and girlfriend, but I have always decline and few occasion where I found out they are on a relation and stop seeing them. For someone who have never been in love I don’t think cheating is right or taking advantage of the other person for that matter. I know some of you will think it’s pathetic while other knows what I mean.

    • Men cheat of course but its harder for men. Unless your a looker your chances of getting some is not going to be that easy. Even the lookers have to be well off and have the right opportunity. Women, on the other hand, it’s easy and a few beers will make any man sleep with just about any women.

  • On a related story… Japanese Live Births are below replacement levels.

    Same with Western Countries.

    Dick’s Corollary: The Stability of a Society and its population is inversely proportional to the Fidelity of its Constituent Populous.

    You remove the motivation for a Man to work hard to Provide for his family (Assured Paternity) and you get a generation of John Galt’s


    Goodbye Society!

    • LOL, I think we will be just fine. As for Japan is in no place to have a population explosion and as long as they don’t do the EU thing and start letting every Muslim they can find into their country a drop in population will not change the fact of military might. Now 3,2,1 another war killing millions is about to start.

      • Nope, shonen harem stories dont necessarily have a 200% perfect beings like those crappy shojo: Every single dudes have to be sparkly Bishonen; if they’re teenagers, they’re good in both academics and athletics; if they’re adults, they are always rich nobles and the most common thing whether they are adults or teenagers is that they can do every fucking single thing like they are superman or something. While in Shonen, the dude can be fine with a flast chested Tsundere, a clumsy cute looking one, the boring cute gal childhood friend ,… In short, most of the time, the harem dude doesnt need his gal to be rich, busty,perfect in everything like how shojo portray the boys to be.

        Another thing is in shonen harem, most of the time the dude push off the women surrounded him while thinking about the one(s) he truly loves while in shojo, the fucking slut gets french kissed by a buncha guys while giving the crappy excuse of “Kyaaa, me want resist but he was too strong and it kinda feels good so why not let him ravage mah pussy?” Why not giving the dude a kick in his balls then? Because she was a slut who loves bishies’ cock and cant bring herself to kick a bishie’s balls even if that means she was gonna cheat on the poor dude happened to be her lover?

        So, who’s taking who serioulsy now? Go search for facts before bullshitting, you FAGGOT!!! ;p

        • Yeah, but I think the point he tried to make is that guys usually arent as greedy and demanding as women nowadays. Their partner’s ideal is pretty simple and realistic while the gals’ ideal was like “WTF?!!!”

          And as a respond to the article, his points were pretty valid since it showed that the harem guys tend to be pussy(s) or wuss(s) but at least they are fidele to their partner, while the harem females tend to get carried away by sex and such, with the whole “it cant be helped” attitude that just shows how slutty they are; hence +>9000 for Anon, ALL HAIL ANON POWAHHHH!!!

        • Just shows you what guys find attractive— which is an average or better gal that is into them— and what girls find attractive— perfect males who take what they want from her, but aren’t so wacko that they just kill all the others and lock her up somewhere, so instead she gets passed around like the best party favor in the room at a kids birthday party.

  • I’ve had my fair share of cheaters before, so when I got married I was a little hesitant. Luckily I got a lawyer to help me with a Prenup. At first she didn’t want to sign it saying things like “You don’t trust me? is that it?” and the like. I just Looked her in the eyes and straight up told her. “If you really love me, and are not just in it for my money, you will have no problem signing it.” She complied no problem after that.

    Two years later, were happily married with a daughter.

  • ” A further 9% admit to “unintentionally” cheating, giving such highly convincing excuses as “I was dating someone, but he confessed to me and I couldn’t refuse…” and “I fell for someone else even though I was dating him.” ”

    Yup, had this happen to me. Fuckin’ skanks!

    Fuckin’ skanks!

    Fuckin’ skanks!

  • i’d refrain from commenting much until i know more about the survey.. most girls i know have a difference sense of what is considered ‘cheating’ to most guys i know.

    stuff like talking intimately, and emotional sharing with another guy other than your current partner can be considered cheating as well by some.

    for guys, cheating = getting laid elsewhere(?)

    • That’s true. Let’s look at what women consider cheating, and what they don’t.

      * One night stand: doesn’t count as cheating
      * Fucking any guy you have previously fucked before: doesn’t count as cheating
      * Fucking ANYONE outside one’s city, state, country: not at home, so it doesn’t count as cheating.
      * Getting drunk and then fucking that nice looking bloke at the tavern that is always saying nice things about your ass: doesn’t count as cheating.
      * Fucking his brother: doesn’t count as cheating.
      * Fucking his dad: doesn’t count as cheating.
      * Fucking his son: doesn’t count as cheating.
      * Fucking his boss: doesn’t count as cheating.
      * Fucking the cable guy: doesn’t count as cheating.

      Hell, he list is VERY long. But you should start to get the idea.

      What does she count as “cheating”? Getting caught in the act.

      What is cheating on her? Not constantly paying her attention. It’s worse if you are paying attention to another female.

      Welcome to real life.

  • Funny the fact that, everyone here is bashing women as whores are twice as RAAAAAAAAAA because:

    1. They’d never/rarely have the chance to be with one woman, hence they don’t even have the opportunity to cheat.

    2. Even with 46% of women being sluts, you’re still not getting laid.

  • Man, this is disheartening. Some of the women seem too willing, and friendly; really a scary thought. Women you need to learn how to say no you’re in a relationship, if not then, what’s the point (couldn’t be money all the time)?

    Maybe it’s just lust or like a hunger craving when you’re horny. We have brains for a reason, use them.

  • …….and here i though American women were whores, but at they mostly go after any guy with money to spend on them, then they’re onto the next.Once you take away the power of the pussy though, they are pretty much powerless, and to a point useless.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    Speaking of cheating…you guys remember how the To-Love-Ru manga was said reported as gotten axe due to “low popularity” on Jump, despite the stand alone manga volumns sell extremely well?

    It didn’t really got axe as some people have claimed. It was because Yabuki’s wife (well ex-wife) ran off with a 18 years old boy, filed for divorce in March and settled April, taken a chunk of his assets by offering the custody of their 3 years old daughter to Yabuki.

    Yabuki is now a 29 years old single dad, and he was busy moving home, plus he want to focus on taking care of his daughter and it is probably the main reason when he decided to end the manga.

    His ex-wife is a real whore! May Yabuki’s tragedy serve as a reminder to us all, if we ever decide…or even consider getting married.

      • Actually I want to see the 18 years old cheat on her more…that’d show her! lol

        A 18 years old boy who is fairly good looking and can play no lesser than 5-6 music instruments (not sure if anyone remember the guy who wore a horse mask performing so famous songs with multiple instruments in splitscreen on some Nico videos…that was the guy that Yabuki’s ex-wife is having an affair with) would hopefully be tired of the 29 years old female NEET soon…unless she start drawing shoujo manga again and support him financially…which most likely won’t happen.

    • MelancholyMomo says:

      yeah.. its true.. I heard about this a while back…

      ‘While I was working hard on a manga that was focused on taking young girls’ panties off, another man was taking my wife’s panties off.’
      – Yabuki

      if you read some of the later chapters you can actually see how Haruna slowly changes.. (Haruna was apparently based on his wife)..

      if not just read chapter 140..

  • This is pretty much true anywhere if you ask me. Just seems overall that women are cheating more these days than they used too in general. If you ask me, it seems like the gender role almost entirely swapped these days.

    Men are becoming pussies and being shoved around too much, and a woman will take advantage of that.

  • 2,000 women from the age of teen’s-20’s isn’t really a good sample size. I’d be willing to bed a large number of any women in that age range could be found in any country. Since most people dont seem to start taking relationships too serious untill late 20’s.

  • Given the sort of demographic that tends to visit a website like StyleWalker, I’d say this survey is, you know, just a bit skewed (even for the teens and twenties crowd). It’s like surveying NRA convention attendees to see what percentage of Americans are gun-toting turdwagons.

      • Foreigners have to find some way to feel “superior” to the vastly more successful US so they keep bringing up tiresome crap about guns and shit. Guys, we win in every way. Get over it. When you have as many violent minorities in your countries (like some of you are well towards with your idiotic PC Muslim immigration policies–hi, France!) you’ll be begging for some way to protect yourselves.
        Criminals don’t obey laws.
        And like this non-PC fact or not, if black crime is removed from American violent crime rates, we are roughly similar to Europe (except Scotland, who wins). These statistics are from the Bureau of Justice and FBI unified crime report.

      • I once visited a friend’s mother’s cabin (cabin’s actually a bit of an understatement) in the Catskills. She was quite a woodsperson, who was handy with a chainsaw, knew her way around the woods with nothing to guide her, and owned a small set of hunting rifles and shotguns. She let me try target practice with a lever-action rifle, detailing how to use it and going through a bunch of safety precautions. She doesn’t go hunting, saying she doesn’t like killing animals. She keeps the firearms because they belonged to her grandfather, who built the cabin. She never takes them home to the city with her, saying that guns are not something that belong in a crowded place. She’s not a member of the NRA.

        NRA members think M16s are the de facto standard for hunting rifles, which also make great mantelpiece decorations with the magazine loaded. They have an overly pronounced love for the gun which oftentimes feels like they’re compensating for something. Self-protection is an excuse. I need only mention Texas and their internationally infamous laws about gun ownership and self-protection when I need to show how silly the notion is.

        • Tiedupinknots says:

          I guess the words for the day are RESPECT and RESPONSABILITY….

          If we all respected each other and were responsable with our gun safety practices this wouln’t be an issue.

          However if we all repected each other then guns designed for killing humans wouldn’t be needed. Guns for hunting would still be ok. And we would store our guns in such a way as to keep children safe(from accidents and ignorance). Older children are taught the rudiments of safe and respect for people and firearms.(Was like this where I grew up)

          Sorry, we’re humans and don’t trust our local nieghbors much less the global ones, so we have guns to kill with and people are irresponsable.

          So, what is needed is a middle ground. The right to bear arms and a govermental regulation on safety, with the banning of firearms to criminals not law abiding citizens. And perhaps most people will stand up and be responsible with there guns, children, and safety.

        • In reply to Noc, I lived in Anchorage for three years and I heard about three murders. It’s one of the places I feel really safe at – compared to VA, CA, or even NY. Heck, people left their house doors and car doors open at night in my neighborhood – and was shocked when they got their wallet stolen out of their car.

          I am not sure where you got the numbers, but your number is either misinformed or skewed.

          And yes, I meant to say .44 magnum. Sorry for the typo.

          I agree with Tex. Guns are not the cause or solution to the problems. People are. Unfortunately, people will continue to be foolish whether they have a gun or knife in their hand.

        • I belong to the NRA and they are the most reasonable and well-adjusted gun owners in America. The gun crime rate for NRA members is less than half that of the general population.
          Do you get annoyed by the distorted and ill-informed mass media stories about anime? Well, those same people are writing about the NRA. You probably don’t like being painted as a fan of “kiddy cartoons” living in your Mom’s basement and watching tentacle raep porn. I don’t like to be pained at a psycho killer fucking my guns during the day then jacklighting deer with a machine gun at night.

        • I think the even simpler point is that gun control is a solution in search of a problem. I’ve noted the reprehensible tactics used by the NRA, as well as it’s opponents. But what if both sides are equally irrelevent?

          Noc’s most recent suggestion offers this much- it would cut down on the sort of gun fetishism reasonable people should find alarming, it would probably decrease accidental deaths, and make absurd legislation like the original AWB less likely. These are good things.

          But armed crime would continue, guns will be stolen, and some psychopaths are going to do what they do best. People, armed and unarmed, will continue to be idiots. I think as long as we understand that, it places gun ownership in the proper context- Not always a solution for the world’s problems, but not always a cause, either.

        • I’m unconvinced that modern Japan would benefit from laxer gun laws. It’s an ethnically stable nation with good infrastructure. Even the Yakuza are comparatively good neighbors. This could change, though I hope it won’t. Airsoft and cuckoldry for all!

          I’m in agreement with Noc’s geographical analysis, though I’d like to point out that NYC’s gun control is much harsher than the state itself, and I presume we all know how that turned out.

          Regarding Mexico, it’s true that many of the cartel weapons are of US origin, however a majority of these are military guns, handed out as military aid, or used by proxies in the guerilla wars of the 80’s and 90’s. In an epic facepalm moment, many of the Cartels’ leaders are deserters from the Mexican special forces, who have found their military connections convenient for getting new hardware.

          What you describe still happens, but a truckload of smuggled Glocks is small potatoes to the crates of assault rifles and grenades we gave them FOR FREE.

          I think VT debunks the myth that gun control saves lives. But I don’t necessarily buy it as an excuse. Risking expulsion to prevent being murdered is reasonable, to me.

          Anon8:36 might be interested to know that the ‘.45 magnum’ is an obscure hunting pistol round used in the 80’s. The .44 magnum is another story, as is the .45 ACP. But unless Alaska has gotten very cyberpunk, I am skeptical.

        • I guess the alternative to a complete gun ban (which probably wouldn’t lower crime rates by by the amount that proponents usually say it will) would be a mandatory open carry for all citizens aged 18 and over, with government funded classes, sessions and public service announcements to safe gun use. As crazy as it sounds, it might work. Like they say, an armed society is a polite society. I can definitely see this working for rural areas and quiet suburban bedroom communities (the only real dangers are accidents, but this is avoidable), but inner city, urban environments? This will likely do to Washington D.C. what crack cocaine did back in the 80s.

        • This really doesn’t have anything to do with pacifism, and your information on Alaska is just plain wrong. Try 661.2 violent crimes (out of every 100,000 inhabitants) in Alaska versus 414.1 for New York, almost a 60% increase (this doesn’t really have anything to do with guns, but you’re five times more likely to get raped in Alaska than in New York. Safest places to live in? I’d say no).

        • You know, Alaska is the one of the safest places to live in with very low crime rates.

          Why? Because everyone knows that just about everyone carries .45 magnum. I don’t know about assault weapons, but it’s legal for anyone to carry concealed weapons without license in Alaska. You just don’t go breaking into people’s homes or carjacking when you know you gonna get shot.

          Look at Japan. They are the one of the most advance countries in the world but they are quacking in their boots because they don’t have any power to fight North Koreans. Diplomacy without military might is just empty words.

          You know, with all those aversion to firearms in Japan, there sure are many stabbings.

          Yes, guns are designed to kill. But someone broke into you house and threatened your loved ones, are you going to try to talk them out of it with your sweet words? See if you can take them on with a knife?

          I am sorry, but I am not going to be a pacifist. That’s for dumbasses who will go on their knees and ask the predators with tears not to stab or shoot them. I want power to defend myself and those who I care about.

          If you don’t want power, that’s your choice – but you are just a wuss like Ikari Shinji who didn’t want the power to defend everyone.

        • It’s true that Illinois has high crime rates. But New York especially has significantly lower violent crime (murder, robbery, rape) rates than Alabama, Alaska, Arizona (only Montana and Vermont on your list are actually below the national average. Here’s a theory why: less racial diversity and a much smaller population density), Arkansas, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Tennessee, all of which are states with less stringent gun laws. People have a ridiculously strong tendency to look at this from an isolated, state-by-state point of view. The thing is that guns are always available in other places. Many guns found at crime scenes in states with tight gun control laws come from the very states with lax gun control laws. Our easy access to guns is heaven for drug cartels in Mexico, where police and gang members alike die by the thousands. They’re purchased at gun stores and gun shows in America, then smuggled across the border where they become objects of frequent use.

          Guns aren’t the cause of violent crime. Just ask that Japanese dude who ran over a bunch of people in Akihabara before going on a knifing spree. But they sure as hell make things easier (Akihabara slasher still has nothing on Virginia Tech dude, who caused nearly five times as many deaths, and more than twice the injuries).

        • More. As for the evils of assault weapons, consider the following: a 10-gauge shotgun, legal in most of the world for sporting uses, can shatter bones, blow through multiple humans, and disable light vehicles. it can cause lethal wounds to armored targets through organ damage and bruising. Equipped with a hacksaw, you can make it concealable. It’s amazingly destructive.

          It’s also loud as hell, slow to reload, uncomfortable to fire, requires constant repair, and inaccurate.

          Despite Chen’s assertion above, I don’t think it’s easy to kill another human by any method. But should it become necessary, I’d be completely insane to not want every advantage possible. All political correctness aside, If I’m firing on a guy (or bear, or robot, etc) I want to survive the experience. That means a weapon with concessions to combat performance, rather then an archaic liability, deadly as it may be.

          I will concede that none of this is likely to happen at a protest venue, but every legal freedom carries the risk that someone will use it to be a complete douchebag.

        • I think Noc is trying to make a intellectual, rather than a emotive argument, and he should be commended for that. I also think the facts give a strong counterpoint, though.

          Those age limits are Federal laws, and are enforced throughout the nation. Texas is not an open carry state, so anyone handling a weapon, whatever their age, must have a reason.

          New York and Chicagoland are outlying cases at the extreme end of the spectrum, and both have frighteningly high crime rates. Central Illinois, along with most of the midwest is quite similar to Texas. Of course, Open carry states, like Vermont, Arizona, and Montana have violent crime rates well below the national average.

          It’s absurd to think the NRA is representative of gun owners, when they have repeatedly indicated they’ll happily backstab minorities, the disabled, and even nonamerican gun companies. They largely have no philanthropic motives, but neither do most gun control PACs. It is, at worst, a necessary evil.

        • Tiedupinknots says:

          Believe me when I say that the NRA has its fair share of nutjobs, I’d be that last to deny it. The other side of the coin is also rife with fanatics of eqaul or even greater furvor. And I for one find tha any american that is ready to forgo the rights bestowed upon us by our founders, is a coward and traitor.

          I believe in the neccesity of being an armed( and responsible) member of the common melitia. Not just to protect my rights and person from theives and criminals, but from corrupt goverments within and without.

          I could go on with statistics and all that crap, but no, I think there are plenty others to preach that stuff. I just want to say that choosing to carry a firearm does not make you the “shaking paranoid psychopathe” that’s ready to kill at the slightest sneeze. It makes you ready for those moments when shit happens…

        • That just makes you one of the few responsible gun owners Tiedupinknots.

          On the other hand, you got a Dingleberry, who’s openly displaying a firearm, and carrying a sign that the Tree of Freedom is watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants and protesting a speech by the PotUS. This despite the common knowledge than the current one has had more death threats than his predecessor, who had been in office for 8 years, and who wasn’t exactly Mr. Popularity either.

          Then there was the guy carrying around an AR-16 and protesting the PotUS and getting into arguments with folks who disagreed with his assessments.

          Both were also self acclaimed members of the NRA.

        • Tiedupinknots says:

          Just for the record…
          I am an American and I am a member of the NRA, I hunt and CLean/cook my kill and am happy with that. I do not think a M-16 is needed to do my hunting, and do not appreciate your generalization. I also keep my guns unloaded and in a safe, or locked with a trigger lock (though I don’t have kids).

          So the one being silly here is you feeling all scared because some with out a badge has a gun.

        • We’re also not in agreement on anything. Longtime gun-owners come in all shapes and sizes. Some are respectful of their gun-fearing neighbors, and others will gladly turn you into Swiss cheese for accidentally stumbling onto his perennial garden.

        • Huh? Texas doesn’t have any laws about 18-year-olds carrying rifles and shotguns, and nothing about 21-year-olds carrying handguns. They don’t designate assault weapons. They only restrict NFA weapons by federal regulations. The only anomaly with Texas gun ownership is the several laws they have about when and where you can conceal or openly carry a handgun. If you want to make gun ownership comparisons, try Texas to New York or Illinois.

          I’m also really referring to Texas’ recent Castle Doctrine. Something about being able to shoot trespassers dead just doesn’t sit well with me. It’s a law that supports vigilante justice while ironically supplanting the other laws of the justice system. You know, like a trial by peers and a prison sentence for such a crime.

        • While a hilarious example of a stereotype, Texas is far from the most permissive state in terms of gun ownership. That’d probably be Florida, Arizona, or possibly Montana.

          I won’t defend the NRA, or it’s associated nutjobs. But I’m in agreement on you with one thing, that longtime gun owners have much harsher safety standards than people who started on a whim.

      • Where are you living Anon? No one ever robbed me or someone I know and even the newspaper rarely mentions something like this, is your country THAT unsafe? I would feel insecure if I or someone I know had a gun, ’cause guns are for killing.

        • Virginia Tech happened because they were a GUN-FREE ZONE. Had they allowed concealed carry, he wouldn’t have targetted VT.

          At VT, there were several individuals, includig a teacher that died there, that were trained shooters. Several were former military, and had experience in real fire fights. Had any of those “gun nuts” been allowed to carry on the school grounds, they would have put a stop to the nut in just a couple of shots.

          The main argument AGAINST guns, if you look at the figures, is that is is an EASY tool of choice for sudden suicide. You have a lot of peope who get drunk and then successfully commit suicide with a gun that otherwise would not SUCCEED at their sudden decision and immediate try to kill themselves. It is much harder to kill yourself with a knife then most people think— and it is much more painful then they are willing to put up with. So they ususally stop, and get help. But with a gun? Point, click, bang! Dead, or worse then dead— alive and wishing for the end of their pain.

          In countries with strict gun control, they still have gun crimes— as it is trivial in most areas for criminals to get guns. If guns are ilegal, then you just need to find a decent drug dealer, and he (or she) can usually score you a gun as well. Money to bribe cops to look the other way for drugs works just as well for them to ignore lesser items like guns.

          On top of that, people still commit violent acts on others, even when a gun isn’t handy. In fact, banning guns leads to HIGHER violence and crime rates— because he big can more easily victimize the smaller, weaker, and less aggressive. That’s just the facts. Guns are POWER EQUALIZERS. Anyone who is small, hates confrontation, fears pain, or is female, should carry a gun. In fact, most of the people that do legally carry guns in the US is female— to protect themselves from known or potentinal “aggressive assholes”.

          Guns are not the end all be all— they are a tool which someoen can use to protect themselves or hurt others. Up to the user. Just like any tool.

        • Do try to keep things civil, I didn’t call you any names either.

          I’m merely pointing out the difference between something which sole purpose is to kill vs things that can be used to kill.

          The latter section is no different in principle from the whole VCR copying debate which came up in courts. Just because a VCR could be used to commit a crime, illegally copy tapes, doesn’t mean that this is it’s primary function (See also Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc and 17 U.S.C. § 1008).

          Same cannot be said of tools which sole purpose is to kill though.

          And yes, even without weapons folks will still kill folks, whether it be braining them with a frying pan, or a stick or a rock. That’s indeed a human problem.

          Doesn’t mean however that it’s generally ok for the general populace to have access to weapons though, especially not if they lack the sense of responsibility in their proper usage or how they should be kept, stored etc.

          Is anyone allowed to just step into a car and drive around? Nope, you need a license, and you’re tested as to your knowledge and practical showing of your skills.

          Firearms on the other hand, well, the licensing process is hardly as rigorous, hence Virginia Tech and other such incidents.

          I don’t have an issue with responsible gun owners though. Just that they seem to be as rare as Roc eggs. Also the general concept of a reckless person being handed an item solely designed to kill, with no real safeguards as to its usage, just doesn’t sit well with me.

          Seems like a lot of needless deaths and injuries. *shrugs*

        • Tiedupinknots says:

          Wonderful…In that respect, if you take away all the tools/weapons (like guns, knives, swords,cars, screwdrivers, etc), then peace will abound? Idiot! Go ahead and take that all away and someone will just kill you with a rock or stick, or jump up and down on your pansey ass till you puke blood and die.

          The obective isn’t that guns are bad it’s that killing is bad. Get a clue, humans killed each other for millenia before guns were invented.

        • Eh, guns (like swords, crossbows, regular bows, spears and maces) are a mono-purpose tool. All they are designed for is killing things.

          All the other tools, to which you referenced, are multi-purposed ones. They can be used to kill, but that’s not their primary function.

          A hammer can be used to brain someone, but it can also be used to knock nails into a wall. A sledgehammer can be used to brain someone, but it can also be used to knock down a wall. Knifes can be used to cut various materials, like for making a sandwich, or to stab someone. A screwdriver can be used to stab someone, but it can also be used to deal with screws. 😛 etc

          A car is no different in that sense, it’s a multi-purpose tool, and it’s main function isn’t to run folks down with.

          Also cars are far more widespread than guns, hence why you end up with higher statistics.

          Course, if you start making comparisons between the willful use of the tool to deliberately hurt someone else, than I suspect that the guns will trump the cars by a significant margin.

        • Tiedupinknots says:

          @Aono 21:22….You’re an idiot!

          If a country bans it’s law abiding citizens from having guns, then the only people carrying guns are criminals and law inforcement (sometimes the same). I don’t think that you will be able to carry a police officer around with you to keep you safe from the criminals. So the only option is to train yourself and/or carry a sidearm.

          Unless you want to be a subject instead of a citizen….

        • It’s all statistics. You’re far more likely to die in a car crash than be shot to death, but in the former instance, you likely can’t do anything about it. In the latter, a firearm offers a small, but significant chance.

          As the international types of this board have pointed out, violent crime isn’t exactly unique to America.

        • It’s obvious Chen-03 does not live in America. Sad enough that Americans need a gun to feel the illusion of safety, but don’t assume the same holds true for other countries. It might be unthinkable for Americans, but there are places in this world where you can actually go out on the street without having to fear for your life the instant you close the door behind you.

        • @Chen-03


          Motorized vehicles are FAR more common than guns, are pretty easy to use — you don’t have to aim so carefully, because they’re much bigger than bullets — yet you don’t move to the middle of the desert out of fear, do you?

        • Anybody with a gun can kill easily. If they have what it got to kill with bare hands or knifes or other things, okay. Not scary at all. To do that you need to be more than just some whimp pulling a trigger. I don’t know any farmers with guns. The farmers around here have pitchforks and stuff like that. Things they need in their daily life. Sure, they can kill with that, but it’s not as easy as with a gun. After all the easier it is to kill, the earlier people will do it. Or do you think that Death Note is a story made of bullshit with a touch of fantasy?

          So, I am not scared by a tool, I am scared by a tool that makes it easy to kill.

        • That’s stupid logic, guns don’t kill by themselves, people are killers not guns, guns are tools, most everyday tool we have can kill someone, so stop talking crap.

          A lot of farmers have guns, are you scared of them?

      • Well, OZmall isn’t exactly a nexus of varied demographics either. Vapid, style-obsessed Tokyo office ladies does broaden the range a bit beyond vapid, style-obsessed teenagers and twenty-somethings (they sort of mesh together here, don’t they?), but it’s exaggeration for sake of humor if you’re going to say that those groups provide the overwhelming majority of Japanese women. Another thing you have to keep in mind is that voluntary surveys are inherently inaccurate (especially the dreaded online poll). There’s a greater likelihood that people who would answer with an affirmative for such surveys will participate than people who would answer with a negative.

        You could always change your methods if you want more corroboration. Maybe take a sample by region, try other institutions (college?), etc. Sticking to fashion websites isn’t really going to help.

        • MelancholyMomo says:

          ‘people rarely bother to look at what is on the inside, if they don’t like what is on the outside’..

          most foreign otaku’s who visit this site, probably won’t be interested in Japanese women in general, just the ones that look good.. and..

          ‘there is no such thing as an ugly woman, just a lazy one’..

          hence you could argue that surveys from fashion websites are of interest to some people…

          don’t really care in the end.. >_>..