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Schoolgirl Groper “Stimulated by Chikan Sites”


A chikan who frequented Tokyo trains solely for the purpose of groping other passengers is blaming his perverted crimes on the stimulation he received from Japan’s growing number of online hentai communities, where all manner of advice and even the opportunity to coordinate attacks are on offer.

The 23-year-old salaryman apparently traveled all the way to Tokyo from Shizuoka so as wreak perverted havoc on the most busy rush-hour trains.

However, luck or skill were evidently not with him, and he was quickly arrested after feeling the nether regions of a schoolgirl, being charged under the usual anti-nuisance laws.

He quickly pinned the blame for his indecent antics on the Internet and its perverted denizens, saying “I saw a chikan site, and soon I just wanted to try for myself,” and “I was stimulated by the sites.” Just why he had gone to the trouble of finding such a site is not something he shares.

Police concern over such sites is growing, as they have apparently heard this before; one such convicted chikan explains “It wasn’t even a route I normally commute by, but when I was reading a chikan site the urge just grew inside me.”

Police are looking to crack down on the sites, which they say now number over a hundred, providing all manner of support to rush-hour chikan.

The sites offer encouragement, information sharing, tactical advice (surrounding women in a group to molest them out of sight of other passengers is said to be a favourite tactic), and the opportunity to coordinate attacks.

Police already register thousands of complaints on the worst hit lines, and suspect many incidents go unreported. Complicating matters further are the many false accusations of groping made against men, and the frequent unwillingness of victims to offer any substantive resistance.

Needless to say, the biggest problem is the evident interest in such unsavoury practices which so many Japanese men harbour…

Via Yomiuri.

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