PS3 Slim Sales Best Ever: 150,000 in 4 Days


Sales of the PS3 Slim in Japan have hit record levels, with the console selling 150,000 units in four days, 50% more units than the Xbox 360 sold in the entirety of the 2009 financial year.

The figures show the PS3 Slim to have sold 150,252 (the old model sold an additional 500 units in the same period) in the four days after its release, the highest since the console’s release.

This brings the Japanese PS3 sales total to 3,431,964 units, with the Xbox 360 trailing with 1,113,372.

Of course, the real question is how much this release will do to close the global 10 million unit gap between the Xbox 360 and the PS3, although just how many of those units are still working is open to question…

Via Hachimaki.

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  • I think you need to do a background check on this.

    Have you heard what American paychecks are the fattest? Plus welfare?

    Talk about high wages in Asia, people will go wow. Talk about welfare and people would think you’re nuts.

  • Arte: “just how many of those units are still working is open to question…”

    I’ll answer you question: all of them. As long as the lazy-ass consumer makes the most of its rights and 3-year guarantee, there’s no reason not to either have his machine up and working, or getting a brand new one.

    Also, this sales burst is sure to be short-lived, with perhaps a second wave thanks to Final Fantasy XIII’s release… and nothing more. Sony has next to nothing to offer on both America (hey, biggest and most important market here!) and Europe (by the time Gran Turismo 5 shows up I’m almost sure Turn 10 will already be working on the fourth Forza Motorsport title), so… no, not really, the PlayStation 3 is clearly our brand new seventh generation era loser, with the not-so-sure-to-work-LOL-RRODDDDDDD Xbox 360 the overall global winner. We are now four years into this generation, you can almost consider it done with.

    • Actually, the Xbox 360 is still 100 bucks below the PS3, and 50 below the Wii.

      I know most informed people don’t give a crap about the Arcade SKU and tend to “phase it out”, mentally speaking, but I’m sure it’s been the most successful one for Microsoft.

      Oh, and don’t forget the Go Pro one, also some 50 bucks below the PS3 and going right against the Wii.

  • …PS3 Fanboys….seriously…
    I have read many PS3 / XBOX 360 Articles here now and it always says Xbox breaks all the time and such…

    Well, I have a Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 …I can enjoy all those consoles and dont say one is superior.

    What you do on this site is “journalism” …even though a bit different. But, still…keep your thoughts to yourself and stop trying to get yor point of view to other people.

    • I may not wholly agree with Arte’s opinion (or at all), but I don’t think it’d be a necessarily good thing for him to post news in a supposedly objective light. It’s better for people posting news that they do so in their own ways and with their own style.

      Now, if you want to somewhat “balance” his bias, you can always check out UK:RESISTANCE. 😀

  • Pc still owns only system to run over 1080p resolutions bitches. I love my 360 and ps3 but games cant even go real 1080p only bs 1080. Console companies should be working on the next gen consoles and get these weak ass consoles off the market and bring in real HD gaming cause playing a game on pc then switching to a console game makes you want to laugh at how horrible they really are.

    • Lols. True enough.

      Everytime someone blares to me at how AWESOME their NEW 1080p AWESOME console graphics are, I usually counter with “Well, I’ve been playing at 2560×1600 with -good- graphics for three years. Beat that.”.

  • This is actually considered just a normal sales spike at the moment, due to the number of people waiting for years for a price drop due to rumours, a cheap blu-ray player or those who must always buy the latest gadget released. The true statistics is during Christmas to determine properly if the console is a success or not.

  • Yea, good games have been known to keep a system alive or revive it. HALO 2 (not that I liked it much) on the original XBOX…

    Upgraded my ass, no PS2 support AT ALL. You are getting less for your money and much cheaper? The 360 has seen more price drops in the last few years…

    Face it, it didn’t make the 360 kill the Wii, it won’t make the PS3 kill the 360. Each company put themselves in their respective spots and it will take Keanu Reeves destroying the Matrix to change the fate each company was dealt…

    • Demon Souls
      Atelier Rorona
      L.A. Noire
      Heavy Rain
      ModNation Racers
      Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time
      Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
      White Knight Chronicles
      Final Fantasy Versus XIII

      Not to mention:
      Valkyria Chronicles
      Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
      Yakuza 3
      PixelJunk Eden
      PixelJunk Monsters
      Killzone 2
      Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice
      Fat Princess

      You sir, Fail!

    • Heavy Rain, Katamari Forever, Last Guardian, FF Versus XIII, God of War III, New Shin Megami Tensei (remoured but very likely), Agent, Uncharted 2 so that’s 8 off the top of my head that look to be very high quality exclusives I could find more if I went looking.

      However the PS3 already has it’s exclusives that make it more than worth buying, those being Valkyria Chronicles and LBP. VC is possibly one of the best games to come out in a long while on anything.

    • Well, there’s… um… FFXIII… oh that’s on the 360 too… and um… GT5, if they ever release it… oh wait, Forza 3 is out next month… um…


  • Marine-RX179 says:

    Thanks for explaination. I always been wondering what exactly was the cause of RROD.

    I guess for people who buy a 360 in countries that has poor warranty support…the sensible thing to do would be to take it apart and install the hardwares into a good case with lots of fans and good airflow or make a custom case for the 360 hardwares instead of use the crappy box exterior provided by Microsoft?

    • The 360 failures are due to the nvidia GPU’s failing because of thermal stress. Nvidia made some mistakes with the bump materials and other chip substrate layer materials and as a result the GPU’s fail when subjected to thermal stress (cold to hot to cold again). The failures usually are due to cracks in the bumps or substrate. The 360’s get really hot so it’s no wonder they fail as often as they do. This problem also affects laptops (like the mac book pro) and desktop machines (to a much lesser degree).
      Nvidia publicly admitted the problem in their 8K filing and MS took over 1.2 billion in funds and set them aside to fix the problem.

  • Actually from an economist stand point, realistically the sales figures for 360s are not accurate as they do not account for re-buys due to failure and malfunctions world wide. alot of people perfer or cannot send in their systems for various reasons so whatever the sales figures are cannot in good sense be trusted. Its like Gamestop false profit reports, They reduced workable hours to make it appear as Gamestop turns a bigger profit, thus making it seem as its a great investment in a weak economy. It still is but still shady number manipulation makes things seem better that they really are.

    • Can’t wait for the numbers for PS3 sales in the USA, all those trade in for slimmer version sales that hardcore Sony logic failing fans (not like the 360 doesn’t have enough of them either) will come in running and screaming saying ZOMG Sony is totally teh best and totally 100% accurate sales numbers dat donut reflect anythingz….

  • Japanese are XENOPHOBIC, they don’t like anything that isn’t form Japan, therefore it isn’t shocking when the PS3 dominates 360, overall 360 still has and edge over PS3 world wide by about 5-6 million consoles.

    • It’s main advantage (both in sales, install base, and correspondingly influencing developers to make games for it) has been it’s price vs the PS3. With that gone, and the PS3 being the superior hardware, we shall see how long that lasts.

      • PS3 has lackluster software HUD wise. It also sports the same type of graphics card just a different manufacturer, well same type performance wise. It also restricts 256MB of RAM for the CPU and 256MB for the GPU where the 360 allows the developer to choose how to allocate the 512MB it comes with.

        If you know (and truly know) hardware, the PS3 is only superior CPU wise, but that hasn’t translated too well past dual core support in PC games, which is why development for the PS3 (true exclusive I am going to milk the power out of the PS3 development) costs so much and takes so much time.

        I love both systems, I have them both, but I know my shit. Also PS3 Slim vs 360 sales in Japan? Come on, it’s going to rape the 360 there, US system adoption is low there, it’s really the first time they had a decent US choice and with lackluster software support of course adoption rates suck. Where we in the US are use to Japanese systems and like games from both regions…

        I say, see how well it does here in 6 months, since the larger install base is in the US. If it is raping the 360 by then, then Sony has regained a lot of the ground THEY lost. Bet you they will procrastinate on the HUD updates when they do…

  • Stupid game console maniacs have trouble comprehending the meaning of statistics.

    Japanese obsessively buy anything which is shiny and new.

    Let’s see the Slim sales figures 6 months from now. That’s when a real story can be told.

  • Wow, what a great marketing scheme. It’s literally the same console as the un-slimmed version except for about a defrag’s worth of additional power (not much at all), and it sells this big in comparison to it’s first version. It’s not even that much a trimmed version even! Just a redesign! Such is the world of capitalism though, so I’m not complaining. I love both the X360 and The PS3, but I think I’ll just stick with the X360 for now, as I’m not as rich as Sony would like me to be. Luckily, mine has lasted over a year and a half before having to be repaired. I’ll switch to the Wii if it breaks anymore often though.

    • I live in a third world country and the PS3 is the number one current gen console here (of course the PS2 still kicks everyones ass). This is despite being the most expensive console and with full price original games, while the Wii and Xbox 360 have been cracked with modded consoles and pirated games aplenty. There is no official warranty from either Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo here.

      It’s more that a purchase means more to poorer people to get their money’s worth, and having no warranty they dare not spend an entire month’s worth of salary (e.g. $250-$300 equivalent for each console hovers around the same price, the Arcade at the 250 point) on a crappy machine.

      • Don’t forget game prices are inflated in these parts, with piracy being the cheap choice with the “buy, play, trash after 6 months” consoles.

        Dealing with the ps3 (originals only) we actually pay more than what most gamers in other parts of the world are accustomed to due to parallel imports.

  • Well I’d say this gives the PS3 some significant momentum in the Japanese market at least. Looks like Sony hit that sweet spot in pricing that they needed. Hopefully we can get some more RPGs on the system soon.

  • The global battle is a joke. X-360s numbers are highly inflated by the dead machines that needed to be replaced, so the number of ACTUALLY owners is much lower. The PS3 numbers will also be inflated because many will buy a slim to replace their fat. So, nobody really knows how many X-360 and PS3 owners there really are. A.K.A. stupid fanboy wars.

    • Metal Masquerade says:

      If the old fat PS3’s are still working, then they will be either sold to friends, or sold to gamestop to be resold at lower prices, increasing Sony’s install base after many of the Slim purchases. The Sony fanboys are actually doing a good job with this latest obsession. Even if half the Fanboys keep both consoles, the increased user base from the others will result in more PS3 games being bought, which will result in developers having an easier time choosing the PS3, or at least having less 360 exclusives.

      • Man what a spin! You seriously think people will purchase those used FATS? especially fats that don’t have PS2 bc?

        SPIN SPIN!

        In that case, 30-54% RROD and let’s say half of that percentage went off to get a 2nd or 3rd 360 because their warranty went out or because they wanted to have a backup just in case it RRODs.

    • RRoD= an issue which, at best, is minimal but the media helped to make it seem like all 360 owners were doomed. The PS3 is still overpriced and won’t beat the 360. Graphics with bells and whistles doesn’t make a winning console, games and a community do.

      • That is the current problem not only the PS3 is facing. “New generation” gamers who have no privilege in playing DOS era games have no idea what “content” means for games. The only idea they know or pretend to know about games is “The better the graphics the better then game.”

        Chew on that line and start asking those brats out there.

        I am not far off.

        Apparently, its the 360 with bells and whistles not the PS3. The PS3 only has a superior cell processor to talk about and no programmer knows how to use it.

      • Xbox 360 = The only American and patriotic electronic console every American should purchase.

        It RRODs on you, scratches your discs, gives you an E74 WTFOMGBBQ headache. It only does everything. Even burn down your house! 3 Years Warranty even!

        Made by Americans. Built for Americans. Like American cars.

        Don’t order french fries! Order Freedom Fries! It’s the only patriotic thing to do.

        Get your Xbox 360 today with a side order of freedom fries! If you call now and within the next 10 minutes, we’ll even throw in a free cardboard coffin for when you need to ship it in for repairs! Hurry! Supplies are limited!

      • While I agree that games make the console. The definition of quality is dependent on the individual. Personally I prefer the games and online community of the PS3 more than the 360. Does that mean I write the 360 off as a console? No, it also has it’s own quality software, which I enjoy.

        As for the RROD, it was a serious issue, an a foreseeable one. They expected to take one of the hottest running processors availible at the time, the IBM 970FX (Or as it’s known, the Apple Macintosh G5 processor), over clock it and stick it in a console. In a G5 tower, dual cores running at 2.6 Ghz needed a massive heatsink, multiple intake outtake fans all in what is essentially a wind tunnel. In the 360 it was put near the video card, with a small heat sink and only a weaker outtake fan array. This led to the overheating and component break down due to the rapid expansion caused by the heating.

        On models using the 90nm 970 triple cores the chances of failure after moderate use is reported at 60%, while most likely all in use units will probably experience failure based on thermal dynamics alone sooner or later. The problem is still existent in 65nm to a lesser extent and minimal in 45nm machines.

        So while the 360 is still a good console, it’s a horrible failure at electronic engineering that I would rate at the level of someone who just tried to put together a gaming PC together for the first time with no prior training or a clue.

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          If people got the knowledge on how to set up/program PC hardwares to run them as a 360…sure, by all mean do that. But I doubt it would be that simple…otherwise all the PC DIY people would had built themselves a “PC 360” already instead of feeding their cash to Microsoft…

        • Marine-RX179 says:

          Thanks for explaination. I have always been wondering what exactly was the cause of RROD.

          I guess for people who buy a 360 in countries that has poor warranty support…the sensible thing to do would be to take it apart and install the hardwares into a good case with lots of fans and good airflow or make a custom case for the 360 hardwares instead of use the crappy box exterior provided by Microsoft?

        • Well you must not be much of a gamer to be so blinkered as to what’s available. There’s more stuff on 360 than any other console and since you only looked at the FPS (which I pointed out fighting and RPG too) I’m guessing your back to being the Socom / KZ2 and Uncharted guy I pointed out. Not much to play if you stick to a few consoles and only a few genre man. Other than the odd FPS and RTS there’s not much on 360 that’s exclusive and on PC too (like DOA 4, Naruto games, Halo 3, Gears 2, Infinite undiscovery, Last remnant, Star ocean 4, Too human, Perfect dark, Banjo, Viva pinata, Fable 2, Blue dragon, Kingdom under fire circle of doom etc)

          I can accept you might have a PS3 and PC so there’s not a big enough reason to get a 360 (unless you want RPG) but the point is just that all the consoles are good, these fanboys are dumb and there the ones missing out.

        • Have to agree with the anon above.

          All titles I’d consider interesting on the XBox I can already buy for my PC.

          The PS3 is the only console (well, if you discount the DS. <.<) that has exclusives I'd actually want.

          Do note that I do not own either console yet, so I'm actually just stating my observations. I'm not in either camp.

          (Though, do note that free online on PS3 versus paid subscription on XBox360 is also a huge factor for me.)

        • Everything that remotely interests me on the Xbox is also on the PC, that leaves Halo, Gears 2 etc left. They suck and you’d only praise them if you were a kid, havn’t played many games or are a fanboy.

        • 360 = exclusive games, community, voiced chat online, better multi plat games (when released on same date). Cheaper pads (if bought wireless), cheaper games and bigger game selection.

          PS3 = exclusive games, better multi plat (on a few games like tales of vesperia and NGS2), free online, free wi-fi and blue ray.

          How can any real gamer not want both? I mean this is a japanese focused site and yet the 360 has the japanese games so what do the Sony fanboys play all day??? Socom,????? Warhawk???? Uncharted???
          Seriously there’s Disgaea 3, Demons souls, MGS4, Valkyria chronicles and then not much else. Naruto game
          360 has Lost odyssey, Infinite undiscovery, Last remnant, Blue dragon, Dead or alive 4, 2 Naruto games, Ace combat 6, Star ocean 4, Dead rising, Lost planet, loads of SHMUPS and stuff like Rumble roses etc.

          And then you can play tales of vesperia and Ninja gaiden 2 NOW.

          I play all 3 so I get my fix. I’ve been playing Fire emblem, Lost odyssey, Demons souls, smash bros, Okami, Last remnant, Tales of vesperia, Star ocean 4, Valkyria chronicles and more but what do you lonely fags play?

        • Jeez, it’s douchebags like the people in this reply tree that saddens me. You didn’t make the fucking video game systems, stop acting like a bunch of fantards. They’re video game systems! They’re not the holy grail or the meaning of the universe, stop getting elitist over everything. Each system has its perks and faults. For instance, the PS3 is a slow as shit Blueray machine.