Xbox Users Petition over Vesperia Beta: “It Isn’t Fair!”


Xbox 360 users, stung by being the paying beta testers for Tales of Vesperia, a game touted as an Xbox exclusive and the sole reason many own their consoles, are launching a petition for redress from Bandai-Namco Games, who they accuse of “underhanded” and “unfair” tactics for daring to release the game on the PS3 in massively upgraded form.

Their petition lays out the following demands:

The games should not be dispersed across multiple platforms, they should be consolidated onto one platform [i.e. Xbox 360].

The games should be complete and properly made.

From now on, the porting of titles like Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia should be abolished.

An official apology should be made to Xbox 360 users for the abnormal number of additions made to Vesperia only a year after its Xbox 360 release.

The traces of the later additions found in the Xbox 360 edition should be explained.

Further bizarre product linkages should not be undertaken.

Elements of the Tales series [i.e. Patty Fleur] which cannot be enjoyed by all users should not be added.

Characters and the Tales universe should not be toyed with any more than necessary.

Certain platforms should not be favoured over others.

We wish to see user complaints acted upon.

We wish to see more consideration given to the effects of official actions on the fanbase.

The petition, launched on Japanese petition site, has a closing date of January by which to amass 1,000 signatures, but looks set to easily meet this deadline, having already accumulated 560 signatures.

Distressed Xbox 360 users can join the bellyaching rabble here.

The game itself is nearing release; Tales fans have no choice but to buy it.


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  • ID be fine with vesperia being on the PS3 as long as bandai namco puts all new content into a DL pach on xbox live and ofcors the pach shud be ether free or no mor then 800 pounts to make up for deseving us 360 owners

  • LOL this is perfect. All game companies should do this. Put the crapbox 420 in its place.

    really I could care, i’ve been abused by my 360’s so much i threw out the broken ones (5 outa 6 [purchashed over 3 years]) and sold the 6th one (which was RRoDing every other time I turned it on) and 13 games for 400 bucks.

    Still got my 60 gig launch ps3, still no problems with it. Imo from my experience, the 360 is about as useful as a paper weight.

    but nyway, 360 fan boys, go suck Bill Gate’s **** to comfort yourselves, no one from namco gives a flying **** about your protests.

    meanwhile, us ps3 owners and fans will be enjoying your free beta testing on our now bug-free games while we drink tea and laugh our asses off as you pass a kidney stone at for releasing improved games for the ps3 😛

  • calling the “complete” game a beta just means that you have no respect for the game whatsoever and geez who didn’t see ToV getting ported to ps3? i mean really people. i don’t know about you guys but i don’t even think any Jrpg sold well at all on the Xbox in its lifetime.So how will the publishers get their investment back? well the answer was kinda obvious

  • omg i hope they don’t apology to these pansy why should they they listen to people what original was on a ps1 PS2 if they cant take the heat then by a PS3 damn. if something happen to the PS3 version of it or any content lost to it i be piss off

  • If the Xbox version was sold as exclusive and wasn’t even complete this is fraud. Returning the game for a full refund is the least owners should do.

    I wish the game producer a big kick in the ass both on finances and reputation.

  • Whoever’s doing this petition are a bunch of hypocrites. Nobody had a problem when the PS3 was getting shafted out of DLC, lost FFXIII and especially Tekken 6 but when it comes to this, you’re crying wolf?

    Go cry me a fucking river.

    • Actually, I think the main complaint here doesn’t infact come from Xbox 360 fanboys, but from mere Tales of fans who bough a 360 exclusively to play this game… and now they (I repeat, the Tales of fans) got technically shafted by NBGI.

      As I said, a Xbox LIVE download is the only real, peaceful solution, but Japanese companies don’t work that way… I’m actually more concerned about Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2’s stuff.

  • Cool console wars, bro. You’re really making both sides of the argument look really good here.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m just glad that everyone’s getting a chance to play Vesperia. Isn’t that all that really matters?

    • you’d think that wouldn’t you? i cant see why everyone’s getting their undercrackers in a twist over this, sure they said it was a 360 exclusive but the same thing was said about more than a few ps3 games that are now on 360.

      i am confused about one thing though, these petitioners are quite obviously passionate about what console they choose to play on, so why arent they playing newer games that they haven’t had ample time to finish instead of throwing up futile petitions.

      just a thought

  • for god shakes man. It a damm game. Even I am a XBOX 360 fan. So what is going to PS3. But to make things fair. Why make it DLC for XBOX 360 version. For a prices. And PS3 version comes with it. Then both side will be happy as nune when she meets god. And I also think. If goes to more gamers out there. It only gives power to developer to reach new highs.

  • Question, i have both systems, and are PS3 owners complaining yet about how FF13 is being downgraded because of the 360? I played Tales on the 360 and im goin to buy it for the ps3, its just a game, grow up 360 owners :\

    • Where did anyone say that FFXIII is going to be downgraded because of the Xbox 360 port? It’s important for you to know that the original game, the original code, has been developed for a long time with only the PS3 in mind, so the 360 port has nothing to do with the PS3 release’s actual quality… oh, and besides the PS3 is technically slighly inferior to the 360, just FYI.

  • Come on, 360 has enjoyed more exclusives than PS3 from day one, Dead of Alive, Dead Rising, and even multi-platform games have more DLCs like Fallout3 and GTA4. If a game is re-released 2yrs later, it should be updated/upgraded with more content, like RE4 went to Wii, I bought it too and has never replayed my PS2 version ever since, the Wii version is just better. And not like all 360 owners are still playing this game daily, bet most are just sitting on the desk collecting dust now.

  • I guess I should feel the same way about FF XIII going to the 360? Nothing *has* to be an exclusive. I have Tales of Vesperia for my 360…. it’s a complete game. Get those panties out of a bunch and enjoy what you have.

  • how comes xbox fans or the most foolish out of all the fan boys. There tripping over the ps3 game getting what maybe a hour of extra content. But when both gta4 expansion came out all they did was talk shit though i haven’t heard sony fans getting this pissed over new content. so why are the xbox fans so pissed i mean u beat the game already a i know a lot have if not the game must suck if know one has beat it yet. o and dont forget xbox fans you owe us i mean you got them to fuck up final fantasy 13 and metal gear raiden. just so you could play. everyone knows that multiplatform games don’t do as good as single platform. seeing how they cant go the full potential.

  • Who cares if its Japan only? There will be fansubs for the cutscenes and a translation walkthrough in like a month after this is released, guaranteed. No real Tales of fan is going to let the language barrier stop him from playing this game.

  • Instead of whining and spewing dumb shit about not releasing the game on PS3 or removing the extras, they should be asking NBGI to make all that stuff available through Xbox LIVE as a “game patch” or something of the sort.

    Oh, and it’s still Japanese only, so the PS3 version still is a moot point for ~99.999% of the gaijins visiting this website since JRPGs aren’t import-friendly (unlike, say, the awesome Xbox 360 console-exclusive Cave STGs and some other stuff already released stateside, like Senko no Ronde). 😀

  • All games should be open source and run on Linux.

    PS3, Xbox, Wii, consoles are just fancy DRM shit.
    Companies make business of this whole “which form of DRM should I make my game run on” which essentially comes down to the most popular form of DRM, unless the DRM manufacturer pays for exclusives.

    Stupid DRM fanboys trying to alleviate their guilt in having been suckered in purchasing DRM.

    That said, Tales is a shit franchise, even if it were to run DRM-free on linux I would still not bother to download it.

  • Don’t worry guys, the PS3 is a blu-ray player that also plays games. People are buying the slim but these guys don’t even play their own exclusives, that’s why with 24 million base their games sales are limp much like their god Sony’s dicks.

  • Damn those petitioners…Why so serious about Vesperia being launched in PS3 ? It’s not your lucky day, just that ! Do you know that XBOX have a lot of good games rather than PS3 ? Why bothering all these fuss over Vesperia ?

  • Probably it was timed exclusive for the xbox. And now after (a year?) it can be released on PS3 too.

    Also keep in mind, that a year of developent gives a lot of advancements in the game. Extra content (probably due to 25GB on single layer BD vs 7GB dual layer DVD on xbox), bug fixes, more balanced gameplay features…

    Yes you can fix bugs by releasing updates/patches (they should do that for the xbox version), but maybe the extra content was not in the timed exclusive contract for the xbox release?

    Xbox fans should not complain. They got the game a year ago, and all the extras for the PS3 are due to the extra year of developent.

  • The guy who wrote this petition doesn’t have to worry about that anymore:

    “From now on, the porting of titles like Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia should be abolished.”

    Namco Bandai already said that the Mothership Tales of-Games will ONLY be on Wii from now on, so…

  • OK i render 99% of comments here useless with this one post:

    It’s a japanese survey, set up by japanese 360 owners. Since MS are concentrating on the Otaku market in Japan (see Idolmaster, dream c, Strike witches and a fucking lot of JRPGs), these Otakus are the driving force.

    And now the truth, why Sonyfans should calm down:


    OTAKU – BUTTHURT – OTAKU – BUTTHURT. You get it ? It’s their number 1 attribute regarding EVERYTHING.

  • Cry Moar xbox fanboys.

    What are they talking about fair? C’mon. If it’s released together on the same date, i can understand.

    But it’s already been a year of release. They need a reason to get PS3 owners or existing players that had played this game to buy this version.

    Since most people will had bought the 360 version (or a 360) if they wanna play this game, they need to do something to make more people buy the PS3 version, and what’s that? Add more stuffs ^^

  • Go fuck yourself and stay in your shit-hole with the DVD and 360’s capabilities. Switch to the PS3 and quit complaining about this shit. You honestly think they’d want to waste more money on the 360 version? It’s cake and bake then release it. PS3 gets the real treat. Thanks for the test drive, ladies.

  • what a bunch a fucking cry babies, how many good exclusive from sony you guys got? and still crying over one game? i dont even know what this game is about but for the love of god you xbots get dc like GT4 etc, this game looks like it might be good for a couple of weeks then dry up and yall got the balls to do a petition? wow keep this game

  • You know, I own a 360 and Vesperia, and I absolutely love it. Not every 360 fan like myself is getting butt hurt about like these guys are, but I will say this: if it was already in the game before hand, then why not make it DLC? Think about: not only will you get the revenue from PS3 sales, but also the people who bought it on the 360 (and seeing as how the 360 sold out in Japan because of this game that is quite a bit of profit). Besides, if anything, I more anxious about Tales of Graces; God I hope that comes out in the US.

  • there’s barely any good PS3 games out there how come most of the Xbox fan people are getting pissed about this.

    Ps3 is more expensive and most of there games are in multiple consoles with xbox 360

    when Xbox gets a good game all the fans start acting lame “oh yeah it came out just for this system its awesome”

  • I agree that they whine too much and that Xbox360 users and PS3 users are always fighting but I think they got a good reason here, Namco must release a patch for Xbox360 version or just rerelease it together with the PS3 version.

    It isn’t fair, Xbox360 users were supposed to buy not only a high quality product but a complete one, and then some months after they release a highly upgraded port for another console… I dare to call it fraud.


  • look at it this way theres the sony-checked censorship while 360 doesnt which makes 360 the best console when it comes to fan service games namely agarest senki and dream c club while for PS3 is more on well lets say “eye-friendly” game which tales of symphonia was quite famous with costumes as titles gameplay… heck i wont be surprised if this(ToV) will get bashed when the release copies have already been brought <_<

  • Wow… that petition pretty much gets summed up this way:

    “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW~!!! We don’t want other console fanboys to have bragging rights! Only Xbox fanboys can have them!!! If we can’t have our exclusives, NO ONE CAN!!! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWW~!!!”

    Seriously, what a bunch of crybabies, those petitioners…

  • Thing is the contradict themselves in the list of demands.

    “The games should not be dispersed across multiple platforms, they should be consolidated onto one platform [i.e. Xbox 360]”

    And then go on to say:

    “Certain platforms should not be favoured over others”

    Now to me the first “demand” is favouring one system over others, thus making their second demand null and void.
    Also demanding an official apology is just plain arrogant.

  • Raven (AKA Shwann) stabs you in the back in the middle of the game, then saves you, dies, then later realized that he survives.

    Why is it that the cool character in your party ends up being the enemy? Leon, Kratos and Raven. Though Raven is the first to actually be brought back soon.

  • I do not think that this game is so good (this game is copy of Tales of the Abyss with the worst story) that due to raise so much noise around the PS3 release. But this is good chance for PS3 owners to get acquainted with the game and spend 60$

  • I played the game on the 360 and enjoyed it; throwing it into my “finished” rpg bin

    end of story, minor stuff like this won’t get me to play it again (unless it was an entire story rewrite)

  • 1)life isn’t fair.
    2)quite whining.

    Things like extra content when ported to another system isn’t anything new these days. Rather than rushing and going out to buy the game immediately after it comes out, it would make a lot more sense to wait a while and see if the company is going to pull a stunt like that, rather than bitch after buying the game early.

  • I don’t agree with how they are turning their backs on the 360. I don’t agree with breaching exclusive release agreements because that harms the player base. People buy console for games like this. However, disagreeing does not mean I am up in arms over this. This is such an overreaction.

    My friend has a word for this: “butthurt”. They need to suck it up and realize, while they may not like it, video games are a business and not everything is going to please everyone. The PS3 is pickign up steam and if Namco Tales Studio has the ability to develop for PS3, more power to them.

    If Vesperia hits PS3 in the States, it will officially tip me into buying the PS3 first before the 360.

    This isn’t about 360 vs PS3. This is about gamers not being able to just suck it up and face the fact that nobody is going to pander to just your own pet console. This is why I absolutely NEVER picked sides in the console war. Because the developers won’t pick sides and if you do, all you’re gonna get is butthurt over some game you want getting on the console you don’t support.

    Porting of titles should not be abolished. Exclusives do not need to be made or respected – especially after several years. It would be great if they were, but video games moves faster than any other medium. Some of the demands in this petition are trying to change ways the entire video game industry acts and will NEVER pan out, and if they weren’t so injured in their rear ends over this, they’d see that.

    The major game companies aren’t going to pick something that will make less money so a certain selection of fans won’t bitch. After all, most gamers don’t know what they want, anyway, and will ALWAYS find something to bitch about. They’re doing the right thing by pushing their product forward, improving it, and helping it sell more. And, in the end, I cannot fault them for that.

    • Agreed, ArcheR.

      Also, the so-called ‘exclusive release agreement’ only serve to delay port to another console for an amount of time, depending on the time span of the agreement between the companies. In another word, no game is really ‘exclusive’ nowadays.

      The developer wants money, and that’s what exactly they are doing – by porting games to another console. Developers don’t see any use of keeping their franchise game to be ‘exclusive’ to one console if they can gain more profit by porting it to another console.

      Also… not being offensive to anyone, esp. XBox360 owners (as I don’t have any next-gen console), 360’s ToV is still ‘exclusive’ in a way… that it has different content than the PS3 ToV.

      So, yeah… it’s still ‘exclusive’…

  • SeriouslyWTF says:

    Half the problem with fanboys is they forget what the difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 games are, Not the game size, not the graphics, just the gay ass 20 minutes conversation process to make it work on a PS3 or 360 console.

  • the petition is full of shit and is obviously written up by a moron who’s too angry to write anything that is either 1) doable 2) logically correct.

    iPhone is most backward, functionally shitty phone ever with MINOR improvements every year so you have to buy new phone. Yet morons keeps on buying them. Bandai-Namco will continue to do whatever they want, and the fanboyz will continue to buy regardless of complain right now. All those fucks that signed the petition will be buying the game again, so why should Namco change. In fact, they should do this more often to squeeze the money out of the fans.

    Nothing new here, everyone will ignore the petition (rofl) and move on.

  • Honestly I bought both systems and the only reason i bought a 360 was to Play Eternal Sonata (which was only on 360 at the time)Lost Odyssey and Tales of Vesperia. Now Eternal sonata is on PS3 (and better) and Vesperia is coming to Ps3. If only Lost Odyssey came to PS3 then I have no reason to rebuy a 360

  • Awesome. I totally own the 360 for only one game that’ll be ported to the PS3 anyways.

    But I’m not totally butthurt over it, because I own the PS3 too! :3

    But I will be if it’s not released in English. Which it probably won’t be…

  • Heh, as hard as I try, I just can’t seem to understand the amount of noise being made over one little loli pirate. Seriously, I own both consoles (or at least will, once my PS3 Slim arrives), and have no desire to buy the game again, even once the price drops into the $20 range.

    And really, I think it’s long overdue that the PS3 got the better version of something.

    • Regardless, Vesperia is still a game. Who cares if the PS3 version gets something new. It’s still an a** kicking game on both versions. Just shut up and play that game. If you like the new stuff on the PS3 version, just buy a PS3 and the game. Nothing wrong with that. Stop with the useless trolling. It will never help, plus it escalates the BS arguements.

  • Vesperia is a damned good game actually. It was the first game in a long time that I played that was actually a really good rpg with good characters and storyline. Everytime I thought I was at the end, the game went into new developements that kept on going. Vesperia was the reason I bought a 360 but I now that it might come to US on ps3 is even more awesome

  • All the people who petition should kiss PS3’s ass cause Xbox did the same move to FFXIII and as a result caused us our delay in the US. Go cry elsewhere or upgrade your sorry lives with a PS3 and stop complaining

  • mother farkers can shut da fark up and buy the damn game!

    Do you want a game with limited contents or a game ported with more and tons of contents???

    All I care for is Namco Bandai to make Lloyd playable on the PS3 version, BOOM! SOLD!

  • This idiotic petition aside, i believe this whole stuff of (almost) “only for” should be considered false publicity. I’m a “tales of” fan who buyed the ps3 first and the xbox 360 later only for Vesperia and i feel damn ripped. To me is very simple lie = illegal

  • Boo-fucking hoo. I haven’t played a FF game since X, but the cross platform release of FFxiii will end up fucking up the PS3 version. None of the xbox fanboys seem to care about that. People need to accept that there will always be graphic and feature differences for multiplatform games. That’s just how it is.

  • Yeah!!! EVERYONE BUY THE PS3 Version, I guarantee it’ll be the best no money anyone can’t buy *winks*. I’m so bloody poor, that I got cornpop cereal running out of my socks mmmmmm mmmm tastes good when you’re hungry XDDDD

  • Xbox 360 gets a superior version: Business as usual.
    PS3 gets a superior version: NERD RAGE!

    Seriously, they all sound like a bunch of fucking children. Don’t you think it would be a serious slap in the fucking face if this game came out for the PS3 this far after the X360 version and DIDN’T have a load of new content? I sure as hell wouldn’t pay $60 for an old as hell game.

  • I say Fuck ’em.

    All Xbox360 has done so far on multi-platform games is pull them down from what they could be. 360 is holding the PS3 back, and when it doesn’t the fanboys start bawing like on the subject of Metal Gear 4.

    So, i don’t give a rat’s ass about 360 users anymore.

  • “The games should not be dispersed across multiple platforms, they should be consolidated onto one platform [i.e. Xbox 360].

    Certain platforms should not be favoured over others.”

    the guy who wrote this is stupid? he just said that it shouldn’t be dispersed across multiple platforms, if you make the game in one platform, that is named “exclusive” and then it will be favoured to that platform.

  • Ahahah… I bet there would have been no fuss if it was released on the same system. Tales of Vesperia: FES? There are any number of remakes which the fans lap up. Instead of suing they should have petitioned them to release on XBox 360 as well. Or a patch if that’s possible. If not, lol consoles…

  • Wow they are dumb i mean seriously god forbid ps3 gets more content for a game but when ps3 gamers get screwed by companies giving exclusive content on day one(looking at call of duty,gta4)the game is a year old get over it.

  • OMG, qq some more plox…

    jeez, you ‘box’s get all the games anyways.
    STFU and shove it.

    Xbox owners are becoming so spoiled or something, while us ps3 owners are just patiently waiting for the good stuff that we ‘hope’ for.

  • I don’t have too much money to burn, so I agree that when they make a game, they should make it 100% from the start (one platform is stupid though). Now I gotta go spend more money on a game I already have >_>

  • “Elements of the Tales series [i.e. Patty Fleur] which cannot be enjoyed by all users should not be added.”

    I do hate Patty Fleur as a character, but it’s simply impossible to only add elements which is enjoyed by everyone…
    But by saying that: Emil on Tales of Symphonia 2 shouldn’t be added. (WORST_CHARACTER_EVER! Please, Namco, stop those crybaby-characters like Emil, Karol, …)

    “Certain platforms should not be favoured over others.”

    In that case, I want Tales of Vesperia for Wii.

    “From now on, the porting of titles like Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Vesperia should be abolished.”

    One word: Bullshit.

    “An official apology should be made to Xbox 360 users for the abnormal number of additions made to Vesperia only a year after its Xbox 360 release.”

    That’s bullshit too.
    In that case, I want an official apology why Wii-Owner only got the crappy Tales of Symphonia 2 (i.e.: crappy characters, bad gameplay/story and presentation), while XBox360/PS3-Owner got one of the best Tales of-Games ever made. (i.e.: cool characters, great gameplay and great presentation)

    Oh, by the way:

    Who was the idiot by Namco, who named a FEMALE character PASCAL?! (Tales of Graces…)

  • As a devote PS3 fan (who owned a XBOX360 for over a year before buying a PS3 -> waiting on Disgaea 3), I’d like to point out how shitty it was to find that Dead or Alive jumped ship and joined XBOX when the series was born on PS and its entire fan base was either a Playstation owner or an already jaded Dreamcast owner. Likewise, as a PS1 – PS3 owner (who bought a Gamecube solely for RE and Metroid), I’d like to point out how F-ed up it was for Gamecube to get Resident Evil 4 and the upgrade to Resident Evil 1, when RE was born on PS and carried on in the PS family to this very day (even scoring the RE4 upgrade, but never the awesome RE1 remake).

    Point being: These things happen, so deal with it you stupid whiny XBOX babies! It’s business as usual. It sucks but it happens. I own Persona 3: FES, and I’m glad I waited to pick it up for the bonus junk. However, now a whole new super alternative upgrade is coming out for PSP. I don’t feel bad about it. Likewise, Disgaea 1 and 2 have numerous portable upgraded versions. I bought both originals new and amassed endless hours on each. I’m not bothered about the new upgrades on different systems. Likewise, I’m not sore that XBOX owners can now play Castlevania Symphony of the Night, when it was a PS game originally. Get over your pettyness stupid XBOX babies!

  • Just asking for an update patch would be reasonable enough, Namco should do that without even being asked.
    More money for Namco, gamers get the new content.

    The other demands are ridiculous but I do feel sorry for those that bought an xbox just fo this game.

    • Yeah, like I said. I do have the TOV game, but don’t think I’m like those other whiners. Come on they did the same thing for Tales of Symphonia ps2 port and that didn’t bother me. All the PS3 port is just a few new extras to change some things. Sorry for the reply. Just saying. Really if they plan for international release for TOV (PS3) I’ll get it. Even if they didn’t I’ll just import that game once I get an PS3.

  • I know I have an Xbox 360 and the game itself. But I’m not going to whine just because the PS3 version got something a bit extra. I’m just glad enough I have another Tales game to play with. Maybe someday I’ll get the PS3 version too, but until then, I’m staying cool. No sir, no complaining from me about this at all. *sighs* It just can’t be helped when some gamers fuss a sissy fit about even the most extra details. *sighs and shakes head in pity for the complaining gamers about this issue*

  • Dingus Sezs:

    I remember back in the time, when MGS2 was “exclusive” for the PS2… Which lasted for about a year or so before it got ported over to the xbrick with BRAND NEW added shit that was EXCLUSIVE to it. Thank God the interlub wasn’t widely infected thruout the land or I would of gotten the same fucking shit from Sony nerds decrying the lack of those bonuses in their system.

    RRoDers, suck it! You all played the fucking game already and outside of a paltry bit of added costumes and characters, the game wouldn’t be any different.

    …outside of the COMPLETELY VOICED game as being it on a 25GIGABYTE Disk!.. no difference at all.

    Beta bitches.

  • I do think that doing what they did was a dick move, but calm down.

    I think they should release the upgraded version on xbox as well, but whatever.

    Luckily I never had a chance to play this and now I will get it to play on my new PS3 slim

  • This is namco-bandai we are talking about. EA is a saint compared to namco-bandai.

    -namco-bandai offers no support for excisting games in terms of DLC
    -most namco-bandai games are rushed. SC for psp is a fine example of this
    -region lock abuse for price discrimination. PAL territory’s are pretty much always fucked over by namco-bandai
    -and ofc back stabbing. though i guess MS is to blame as well. they should made a better contract to make sure the exclusive stay… excluive

    conclution: they gonna get jack shit with this petition.

    • -DLC is pretty much a western dev thing, you’d be wise to give up on expecting great DLC support from any japanese dev
      -most games period are rushed. do you really want a list of games from every freaking publisher?
      -PAL territory’s are fucked by EVERYONE. sorry if that doesn’t make you feel any better but its true.
      -NG2 didn’t stay truly exclusive (and MS published it, which they thought would secure it) so i don’t know why anything else would. Clearly there are ways around any exclusivity deal, and really why are we faulting them for wanting to make money on their business on whats ultimately nothing immoral (360 owners got their game, so they didn’t get robbed).

      Its funny how ppl would jump to dev’s defense when they take deals from MS for exclusivity for the money (and yes, that’s been confirmed, Capcom has outright admitted they initially took money from MS), saying the devs have all the right in the world to try get as much returns as they can. and when the game doesn’t perform well enough and they need to seek higher returns, now they’re evil for going cross-platform to try make their money back.

    • This would be the best idea, sales-wise. Just wait a few months and let some of the people give up and buy the PS3 version, and then announce a new 360 version. You’d literally get everyone buying the game twice.

    • As a gamer who loves all game genre’s I feel I’m qualified to say, “Screw You. Judge a game on the game not the genre.”

      Besides, in 10 years people are gonna forget about halo and Gears (which I do love), but they’ll still be releasing final fantasy and probably Tales games

      • Well, I agree with him.. JRPGs are getting horrible nowadays, it’s always the same shit, seriously..
        Look at Fable2 and Fallout 3.. they’re more innovative than a lot of JRPGs in the market..
        The only one that I have high hopes is FFXIII..

        • Well, It’s MY opnion, of course they’re pretty much different.. Also, we’re discussing in SC, so it’s obvious that most people here prefers JRPGs..
          My point is.. It seems like all JRPGs have the same setup.. Get party members, kill some sub bosses, cliche tragedy scene, kill the final boss and save the world.. Of course you can say i’m being biased but that’s prety much in 90% of JRPGs and it’s something that no one can deny..

        • Oh, so tell me, how in the bloody hell can you control simultaneoulsy more than 1 character in a real-time action RPG? In that case, I’m afraid to say that your brain isn’t malnourished, but rather “broken”, my friend. Shouldnt you get a check-up at Arkham Asylum already?

        • or maybe your malnourished brain can’t think enough to control more than 1 character at a time with simplified controls designed to cater purely to focus around singular gameplay concepts of shooting things. strategy for multiple characters tends to require far more thinking than twitch shooting.
          and no, they weren’t innovative, and no they weren’t the best wrpgs have to offer, except to this annoying new breed of 360 wrpg fanboys that have never played the wrpg series (that have been around for longer than jrpgs HAVE BLOODY EXISTED) that were the origins of the stuff you are just now experiencing.

        • Oh yeah? Just because you don’t have the brain to control your characters in a real-time action and instead relying on a buncha turn-based commands to have time for your malnourished brain to think, that doesn’t mean others will be brain-less like you.

          BTW, Fable & Fallout 3 are just mediocre, especially Fallout 3, never get why it fucking got the “RPG of the year” prize… And sorry to say this but most RPG(s) are from the Japs, so of course you will find those lame WRPG(s) “innovative” cuz there’s not a buch of ’em out there.

        • Fable 2 (not better than the predeccessor and this one was only mediocre at best) and Falllout 3 (Oblivion with guns, no remindable characters, no story, shitty ending) aren’t really good games btw Gothic 1 + 2, Baldurs Gate 1 + 2, Planescape Torment or Fallout 1 + 2 are far better than this games

  • Ha…”Characters and the Tales universe should not be toyed with any more than necessary.

    Certain platforms should not be favoured over others.”

    Xbox owners are forgetting GTA IV and how PS3 owners got a massive slap in tha face as PS3 will never see the new DLC for it…and they moan about Vesperia?..

    • To be fair, it was announced a long time in advance that the 360 version of GTAIV would have DLC and the PS3 wouldn’t. These changes to ToV didn’t appear for months after the 360’s release. People didn’t even know the PS3 version would exist at the launch date, let alone the improvements.

  • The image in the post reads: Hurry up and sell that Xbox 360 and buy a PS3.

    I don’t see a problem with enhanced ports, it happens all the time. Sometimes it’s the other way around, so it’s somewhat fair.

    Don’t petition for banning ports; just ask for a DLC or an append disc to get the updates, if the user chooses to do so.

  • This petition is awfully done, clearly it was made by someone without thinking straight.
    These two points contradict each other
    “The games should not be dispersed across multiple platforms, they should be consolidated onto one platform”
    “Certain platforms should not be favored over others.” By releasing a game in only one system you’re already favoring that system.

    Blaming the porting titles is the worst excuse someone can make, a company does whatever it wants with its products unless they are bound by contract with someone else.

    They can add as much stuff as they want, I clearly remember when Genma Onimusha was released on the XBox it had new suits and japanese voice over, clearly an awful blow to the ps2 fans, and many other situations in various games. We can also look at Ninja Gaiden 2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 and they don’t seem to whine to much about it.

    They don’t need to apologize to any console users, they did what they wanted with the product at the time, probably couldn’t add anymore stuff due to the size of the dvd9 or simply m$ didn’t pay enough for the extra content (voice actors and more items cost money you know) or simply since they saw that the 360 version wouldn’t sell so well even in Japanese territory so they decided to turn to the other big selling system with higher storage and bigger fanbase hoping that these new contents will increase its sales, this is pure marketing (sony could had its finger in this, no one is innocent).

    • Yeah, I agree. They are acting like it has never happened to the PS3 before.

      Virtua Fighter 5 is a prime example as you mentioned and GTAIV.

      XBOX360 fans need to understand that these types of games have always been on Playstation Consoles.

      All I can say about this crap ass Petition is sucked in 360 owners,
      the JRPG’s are returning to there rightful home, bigger and better than ever.


    • This “we didn’t whine when…” is getting annoying.

      YES YOU DID.

      Any time there is a difference in content for multiplatform games, there is whining. PS3 fans did it for GTA, they did it for Fallout, etc.

      I’m taking sides, this goes for Xbox as well. It’s ridiculous for any PS360 fanboys to say “we didn’t whine” when they constantly whine all of the fucking time.

  • Haha, massive butthurt.

    I’m surprised Vesperia was ever on the 360 to be honest. Didn’t they pull this same thing with Tales of Symphonia? It was supposedly GameCube exclusive, but a PS2 version was released with extra stuff? I don’t remember any rage like this.

    Instead of crying and whining about “BAWWWWW UNFAIR FFFUUUUU” maybe they should just find another game to play or something. God, it’s like they can’t enjoy the game without the extras. It’s like crying about how big brother got a bigger slice of cake.

  • Would an enormous patch be possible for the 360 version?

    Or the company could just re-release the game on the 360 with new content. People will undoubtedly buy it again for the new content. Thats why I bought Persona 3 twice.(original and FES)

    • would probably depend more on how the new content is worked in. For example, supposedly Patty isn’t just an optional add-on. Tales Studio actually reworked the storyline a bit to fit her in properly as a cast member. It was also supposedly reworked a bit to tie-in with the upcoming movie as well.
      if the add-ons just overlay on top of the original it probably wouldn’t be that hard.
      but if they were reworked and rewoven into the storyline, that might be harder to add in as a simple DLC.

  • Fuck the 360. Tales of Vesperia should never have been on it to begin with. I still don’t know what they’re thinking. The 360’s main target audience is a specific brand of gamers. They shouldn’t try to do too much all at once or they will fail. Hell I’d like to see sony and xbox work together and combine systems. After all with Sony and the playstation materials backing up microsoft (or vice versa) then maybe the red ring wouldn’t be a problem. Hell I believe all games should be made for every system. Hell though the fact that all of this new stuff is being added for the PS3 release should be evidence of which system has the better capability. You can say what you will about each of the systems but the PS3 can do a lot more than the xbox can. Hell someone should start up a petition saying its not fair the 360 owners received the game a year/or two before them. So they didn’t have as much shit I highly doubt you would want them to add it now or they’ll be charging you for every little thing in DLC. The PS3 is the better system (maybe not game wise) but technology wise it can’t be argued (except for the recent ones…the 60 GB is the best). If a game is released on the PS3 before the 360 and later ported you can guarantee microsoft will add something to their version of the game. They do it all the time. How else do you think ports actually fucking sell.

    God how I want to just tear limb from limb all of these idiots that signed the petition. Hell they shouldn’t be mad at vesperia but rather microsoft for lying about the exclusivity. Most people would never have even but a 360 if it were known that certain game titles weren’t exclusive.

    If I were them I’d sell off the 360 (miscosoft has been a big asshole to all of these types of people first the fact that the majority of the systems die, the fact the price is ridiculous (I’m including online play which costs a lot each month/year where as the ps3 is free). They lied. I’m not too happy with Sony either though since they’ve censored a few games recently.

    Either way the petition is completely pointless as microsoft has no say in whether or not vesperia is made on the ps3, and no way in hell would they stop it now that it is near completion for the ps3, not to mention the fact why didn’t all these fanboys start the petition earlier (when it was first fuking announced that it would be on the ps3?). All I’m saying is that nothing can or will be done.

    Suck it up. The fact the 360 owners were such dicks when rubbing it in everyone else’s face that tales of vesperia and star ocean 4 were xbox exclusives it makes me feel they got what they deserved.

    Can’t wait until star ocean 4 is released on the ps3 (the reaction would be priceless)…although it’ll probably be censored if it is released (the asses).


    • Dude…Don’t be a fucking dick. Personally Star Ocean 4 sucked soooo much for me it was sad. So yeah it could come to the PS3 would I care? No. I’m a gamer, I don’t care which console a game comes on cuz owning all three allows me to play all the best games including exclusives. Besides I think Sony also pays alot for exclusives so don’t go out saying MS writes blank checks to everybody beacause that is rarely the case. Look at Ninja Gaiden NG1 to NGS1 now it’s NG2 to NGS2 nobody really cares.

    • God.. Fanboys like you disgusts me..
      Why spend fucking 30 minutes to write a lot of shit in a random article about an old RPG..?
      who cares about all this fanboy shit.. The fans of the game should just be happy that more people will be able to enjoy the game now and it’ll become more popular..
      Seriously, some people at this site act like fucking 12 years old prepubescent brats ..

      • Oh yeah? And by ” The fans of the game should just be happy that more people will be able to enjoy the game now and it’ll become more popular..”, why the fuck don’t you ask yourself why a buncha Shit-Box games won’t come to the PS3 for “more people to enjoy it”? Get your facts straight before bull-shitting, faggot!

        • i don’t give a shit about xbox or ps3, so what happens doesn’t matter to me
          I’m just saying that your attitude is just like a paranoid whiny brat who don’t know how to discuss, so just write the same shit over and over again..
          Well, all fanboys are like this.. It’s hard to understand you people

  • Dear Bandai-Namco Games please cut your prophets in half for the benefit of a small fraction of your fan base to not feel like pissy little 4 year old girls

    as for the rest of there complaints they may or may not be valid

  • So PS3 owner should make a petition demanding that ToV needs more improvement, at least 3 times as much content compared to the 360 version because Bluray has so much space… I believe they would get more signature than this 360 petition… 🙂

    And while at it, PS3 owner should have a petition to all Japanese developer to stop making 360 exclusive games, because there are a lot more PS3 owner than 360 owner in Japan so it isn’t logical to release an exclusive Japanese oriented games in 360.

    I’m not anti Xbox360 btw, it just goes to show anyone that this stuff can go both ways.. and if this kind of petition works, PS3 owner in Japan should benefited more than Xbox360 owner.

    And don’t forget that the US/EU release of FF13 won’t contain Japanese voice because of the Xbox360 version….

  • do any ps3fanboy whinned when we knew neither of the DLC content from GTA4 wouldn’t arrive theps3??? no??? there you have it

    Goes to show most xboys are under the 12yo age range, xDDDDDDD

    Good thing i grabbed a ps3 and not a failurebox

    • Um you have no idea do you? People are still bitching that the GTA content is for the xbox. What alot of people don’t understand is Microsoft paid for most if not all of the development required for the packs so they pretty much own that. Anyway it won’t be too hard to add DLC to Vesperia if they ever decide to even bother and release this in the US(which there is a good chance they won’t because why bother redubbing a large portion of an old game for small to moderate sales).

    • what pissed me off about that is not that the 360 gets FF13, but that they stated when the started working the PS3 was nearly finished (but going with a simultaious release) AND the don’t include multiple audio in the PS3 version because the 360 can’t store it (despite stating they would have enough space on the PS3 disc)…so the 360 users should stop whining about stuff happening to them

  • I buy into some of that shit, but it’s outright whining. I have an Xbox 360 and Tales of Vesperia for it. They should just be happy that they’re adding so much content in the first place, not try and take away all of the content they’re adding. It’s not too hard to just buy the damn console and buy the other game. Yeah, it’ll make the old Vesperia obsolete for all of eternity, but why not fuck that and just have fun with the new game? You don’t have to have some damn loyalty complex about it, just buy the other console and have fun with the games on it….

    (Then again whoever started this whole thing probably isn’t here, so who am I talking to? XD)

    • It’s no one’s fault. The developers obviously had more time to create/test/implement the necessary add-ons between the two releases. In definitive what they care about is making money, not trolling fans or showing how much they like one console more than another. If i were a 360 user and a big Tales of fan i would probably petition for them to port the new version over 360 too, though. It’s not so unusual for a Japanese game to be released in different versions.

  • …What’s so great about Vesperia anyways? I have a PS3 and all, but even with the massive additions I wouldn’t buy such a mediocre game again. I even regret buying the 360 version because it was so boring.

  • *sighs*

    Remember everyone, Petitions are certain to get the desired results and will always be acted apon by the company…

    But even more than that, I think everyone knew that the port was going to happen sooner or later so they only really have themselves to “blame” even if they’ve had the game to themselves for so damn long!!

    • You’re right, but in this case, we’re coming really close to the release date, so ps3 game are already being produced… so I don’t think they will stop doing it and not sell those already produce because of a small 1,000 signatures. When you consider fan of ps3 and xbox to be in the millions numbers, for me, 1,000 is nothing. Only a bunch of stupid people who want Xbox to own every game and others console to bankrupt. I agree that this is a cheap shopt against Xbox360 user and they should make a new version for xbox too like ps3, but i don’t agree that the game should stay like it was and on ps3. More, exclusivity is something about contract between corporation. So, when i see people who don’t know a thing, it makes me laugh at their ignorance and stupidity.

    • You fucktard, that not what they are bitching about, They are rightfully pissed, that this sucky ass game that they <3, won't have all the loli bullshit that the ps3 version will. Mind you I could give a fuck less about this shitty game, but it's a bad precedent to set.

    • I have all three systems. i also played the hell out of this game on the 360 and loved it. Having done that, it urkes me that there is content i will miss if i don’t fork out the cash for a game i already own

      • Dingus Sezs:

        I remember back in the time, when MGS2 was “exclusive” for the PS2… Which lasted for about a year or so before it got ported over to the xbrick with BRAND NEW added shit that was EXCLUSIVE to it. Thank God the interlub wasn’t widely infected thruout the land or I would of gotten the same fucking shit from Sony nerds decrying the lack of those bonuses in their system.

        RRoDers, suck it! You all played the fucking game already and outside of a paltry bit of added costumes and characters, the game wouldn’t be any different.

        …outside of the COMPLETELY VOICED game as being it on a 25GIGABYTE Disk!.. no difference at all.

        Beta bitches.

        I’ve heard that your new Bungie game Demands TWO DISCes for their nue FPS..

        A Fucking simple First Person Shooter that can’t fit in a dual layered disc for the RRoD. The future is Now and your toy is getting left in the fucking dust.

        Dingus Rants OFF

        • PS3 fanboy rage? All I read is more along the lines of laughing at you, 360 fans.

          Truth is, both sides are fucking unbearable. The retards on the 360 side bragging over their warranty for their unreliable system and their Halos and the shit-for-brains on the PS3 side bragging about our (I’m a PS3 user) oh-so-mighty Bluray…

          Give me a break. Why doesn’t everyone shut the fuck up, take their heads out of their asses and for ONCE, enjoy their fucking games!? That’s all they are!! GAMES!!

        • Lol this idiot doesn’t know shit. The 2nd disc is the Halo 3 map expansions >.>
          The ODST GAME is ONE DISC. Get your fanboy hand out of sony’s asshole you idiot dipshit.
          And you know that thing about Metal Gear? Well news flash: It was never a sony franchise.
          Have you ever seen the original metal gear games? Didn’t look like a PS1 to me.
          Not to mention the GAMECUBE, and XBOX got the expanded editions. Snake is in fucking brawl. Don’t tell me metal gear is a sony franchise you bitch.

          If you haven’t noticed. There’s way more ps3 fanboy rage in the comments than there is xbox fanboys. Which is fucking sad considering this article is extremely biased to the point of no credibility.

      • Actually this is a quite poor suggestion, as there shouldn’t be any reason to buy the “same” game twice, whether or not you have all three consoles. People that already have the game for the 360 shouldn’t have to buy it on ps3 just to get the rest of the goodies.

        • You see, the thing about this way of thinking dictates exactly the future of the game products coming from companies who spew bullshit, and decide to bitchslap their fandoms; fan’s of the series and genre enjoy it in the system they buy it for; sure, buying the same game, again, only for a different system would be many arguments, but the facts of life are this: A marketing decision made by a company is to first release a completed game.

          Second: They then take the feedback of the players, improve it, and then release it as an expansion, or otherwise, only in this case, a completely different system.

          Thirdly: Due to the above statement, many PS3 fanboys are all ‘Horray horray.’ Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck about bullshited Console Wars, because they’re pointless. Sure, they’re all a business. Whoopdefucking do. A product is not to be fought over in such strife; a product is meant to be enjoyed by the consumer, and if the consumer is one who enjoys the Xbox, so be it. PS3, so be it. It’s their choice. But onward to my point; due to this, the Xbox 360 Petition should be taken with a grain of salt, as well, because of some obvious biasness. However, there is merit to asking for DLC; by issuing this statement, they have effectively slapped everyone who ever played the 360, urging them to buy the PS3 and play it instead, even though they already own, and operate a 360, to shell out 300 extra dollars, to buy a new console for those who do not have the money, or do not own the PS3, and buy a 60$ game to top it all off.

          Call it shameless business strategy, but is it working? It’s working to solidify them as a company that should rethink some of their moral judgments; not to say I favor a console over another, either. They all have merits, flaws; but this is just placing the 360 owners who have the 360 vs. to buy a new console, a game they already own ant a new price, effectively rendering the 360 version a ‘beta.’ Which is utter bullshit.

          Fourthly: There is no just cause in doing this kind of practice. ‘This isn’t fair’ is quite right; sure life isn’t fair, but I’ll tell you this much. Even though it isn’t ‘fair’, doing morally subjective judgments and then telling the 360 owners that ‘It has improvements. Buy a new console. Buy a new game. Buy buy buy buy!!!!1!1!1111!!!1!!!!!11!’ because they don’t give a rat’s ass about the 360 enough to simply update it with Downloadable Content to give all these improvements to the public. Some don’t have enough money to buy a PS3 and a new game; so why not just give them the DLC option and let everyone be happy? Okay, so them without saying anything was fine, actually; it makes things easier, less anger. Well, this statement..

          ..goes to show how ruthless these people are in ‘business’, and how unloyal to their fanbase they are; by saying this, they are saying to those fan’s who only own an Xbox 360, ‘Buy PS3. Buy new game. BUYBUYBUY. Give money to us, yesyes. We fuck you over, yes. we love you long time, yes. Only if you buy new console, new game. Everytime! Yes, yes.’ basically.

          Sigh. Rant, over.

          For anyone refusing to read all of that? Here’s the basic rundown: Release DLC. Give 360 owners a reason to buy this DLC. By saying this, you have unfairly propograted the PS3, and told to buy the PS3, and a new game, all at almost-400 dollars in total, in which a brutal campaign just to get more money has ensued. Give us the improvements in DLC, for a price; 15 dollars seems reasonable enough. I don’t care about the exclusive deal, I don’t care about anything specific, but this just gives fans of the series a reason to stop caring, if you’re going to release it for both platforms, but give one way too many improvements, and the other left in the dust.

          Just give us DLC, and all will be well. That’s all we ask for. /end rant.

        • I think the “clearly unfinished product” statement is just pure bullshit. I have the 360 version myself and I must say the game definitely seemed finished when I played it. Not only was it a completed product but to me, it was also a very good one. I was seriously happy with what I had and I don’t regret paying the full price for it. I also won’t feel bad about buying it again for the ps3. Its almost an insult to a good game to say it was clearly unfinished. Had nobody ever heard of a ps3 release being made with extra stuff, nobody would say that. The game is a complete product in its 360 version, and I view the ps3 product as being the complete version with some extras. Not an incomplete product finally being completed.

        • I do second some of the pointers being thrown here. Especially, when it concerns the game being released uncompleted.

          Being working in that part of the industry before, things like this do happen mainly due to incentives and deadlines. The main idea is to make the gamers think that what was being sold to them is complete and the “best” while money goes into their (Bandai and MS) wallets.

          “Metal Masquerade” Technologies are not readily available (or is unreliable).

        • Honestly, this should be released as DLC. I’m a real fan of the Tales series and I bought the special edition of Tales of Vesperia, but to be screwed over like this! That’s just cruel. To make me buy the same game again for the price of a new game when I have an incomplete one that was the same price is utter bullshit. Which is why I probably won’t be getting the PS3 version and I’ll just wait for the next game. At least I know how it ends eh?

        • This isn’t about whether or not Vesperia should have been an Xbox exclusive, this is about the company releasing a clearly unfinished product on a platform. Faggotry between the different platform fandumbs aside, this is bullshit on the company. A game should not be released before it is done.

        • well many xbox users bashed the PS3 and its games for quite some time also over Tales of Vesperia etc. so this whole treat us equally and fair is pretty much laughable aslo they got a year earlier and they couldn’t really expect it stays an exclusive seeing how this generation plays out till now with exclusive going multiplat from PC to consoles from consoles to PC and from consoles to consoles

        • lol what a hilarious comment considering Square Enix is my fav company id gladly play any of there games be it on Xbox or PS3 cept Wii im a graphic junkie and the Wii just dont cut it for me, the differences in the gaming consoles will always be a big dispute, even if you own all the consoles you will have a fav. Personally i like the PS3 i like surfing the internet and being able to go to sites like Veoh and megavideo, and being able to watch Videos on my big screen, Not to mention the better storage game wise on the Ps3 bluerays discs. So owning all the consoles wont solve anything.

    • 1000 Signatures to get Bandai to wtf?

      Maybe many should start putting up a petition for MS to stop migrating to other businesses and start putting up a proper fight against apple. Look at Vista.

      I think they the 360 folks just shot themselves in the foot.

      “The games should not be dispersed across multiple platforms, they should be consolidated onto one platform [i.e. Xbox 360].”

      Reason: The main reason why they got themselves as test baits is because they themselves (blame MS) wanted this.

      “Certain platforms should not be favoured over others.”

      Reason: This part is grey. All three platforms uses this tactic. If they want to petition something useful, make ALL GAMES MULTI-PLATFORM NOT Single platform!!!

      “We wish to see more consideration given to the effects of official actions on the fanbase.”

      Reason: If they had already considered themselves “fans” then they should just get the other console or just go over to their friend’s place (with a PS3) to play the game. I consider these people “fanatics”.

    • Metal Masquerade says:

      Where were these petitioners when we got fucked over after buying games like GTA and Fallout for the PS3?

      I hate it when companies for whatever reason decide to screw over their customers after a single or multi platform release. I don’t like it, and I don’t wish it on X bots, even if they are annoying fan boys.

    • aznanimelova says:

      The Xbox fanboy should calm down. If they follow the history of all the Tales game they should know that Tales of Vesperia was the first one on Xbox and all the other tales game were on PS2 and PSP. If they didn’t want to be Beta tester, then they should just have waited like me. Now I have a choice of the 360 version or the PS3 version. Lucky for me for having both console. Now which version should I choose?

      • >>If they didn’t want to be Beta tester, then they should just have waited like me
        Waited for…what, exactly? The faint idea that they were going to stab 360 owners in the back by going back on the ‘360 exclusive’ thing and releasing a better version a year later on a completely different system? Sure, if I pissed dollars and shat gold, I WOULD wait, but silly me, I actually wanted a game to play on the only one I had the money for!

        What pisses me off the most about this is that a lot of people are assuming everyone has the money for both consoles and enough games to make them worth owning. I DON’T have a spare $300+ dollars to spend on a PS3, and I DON’T have the money to rebuy a game I already own. If this were a Fable: TLC sort of thing, I’d be on that like a fat kid in a candy shop, but no, it’s on a completely different system that I don’t have the money for. I don’t give a shit about console wars. I’m not a fan of either side because I DON’T CARE, but I DO care about getting fucked over by Bamco and having everyone laugh at me for being too damn poor to waste my money on everything I want.

        • So u cant pay for a PS3 to get the complete game… So whether Namco comes out wif a PS3 shouldnt concern u either way cause u cant play it anyway… Why get angry when others get to play wat u dun?

          I could get angry at Namco for releasing for the Xbox first cause I expected jrpgs to be on a freaking japanese console so I bought a PS3 and now that jrpgs ARNT on the PS3 and I dun have spare cash to buy an xbox… So I wait a yr and get exposed to spoilers and wat not… 1 freaking yr wif nothing to play on my damn PS3 while u guys had ToV and MORE so I really dun see y they are complaining NOW…

          Those gloated while they had the exclusives really have no right watsoever to complain right now… …

      • Actually the SNES had the first one then ps1 then PS2/CUBE then PSP and 360. So on and so forth in short it’s had a very multi console series life. But still i own the 360 version and would get the PS3 version. Still good luck bitching.

    • “The games should not be dispersed across multiple platforms, they should be consolidated onto one platform [i.e. Xbox 360].”

      I’d laugh if they made their next few tales games PS3 only out of spite.

      • Honestly, Xbox 360 users need to stop bitching. When they find out that a GOOD PS3 games is going to be multiplatform they gladly accept it and now that one of their games are becoming multiplatform they start bitching. They have so much more exclusive shit that Microsoft bought the rights for and they complain about one of their exclusives being multiplatform?!

        • THIS

          anyway, most game developers find it EASY to makes games for the 360, making the ps3 versions sucky glitchy port OR not putting it on the ps3 at all. ( i’m looking at YOU VALVE D:< )

          sigh… makes me think that ps3 owners are more tolerable than the 360 owners

        • Because soooo many XBOX exclusives (official exclusives) have gotten sucked over to the PS3… Right?

          Seriously, Sony fucked up from the beginning, yes their system has a better failure rate, but that didn’t help it sell more in the US did it?

          I own both, my PS3 collects dust, I guess my loyalty to them and hopes of a larger Japanese origin game market (like the PS2 – My last Gen favorite) keeps me holding onto it for future release hopes.

          The few exclusives that are released on the PS3 are good, but in no way did Sony come out of the gate with the better bred horse, now as we go through the 10th or so race, Sony’s horse is starting to show some pep.

          Things will balance out in the long run, specially as console prices continue to sink in the upcoming years, but Sony really is stuck until the next generation to really sock it to MS and get their crown back in all it’s glory.

        • Yea get your money back after you already spent a year into the game. Already makes your argument invalid. All you can do is complain and being an exclusive only covers the first year or so before it gets transferred to another system. Case in point the GTA:CW for the DS and a few other from all 3 companies getting multi platformed.

        • doesn’t the failed “Xbox exclusive” makes the contract invalid? Dunno how it is over there, But I’d try to get my money back. If all those betatester would attempt to do that, I bet there would suddenly appear some DLC and Patches 😉

        • Well….. If PS3 didn’t have sucha great anti-privacy system…… I’d go with it as well…. and right now its just collecting dust. RROD + 54% failing rate but $3 games vs 10% failing rate and $60 a game…. which would u choice?

          Comes back to tales… I’m getting it on PS3 lolol

        • second note, I’m american, and I laugh. You might not want to worry about the QQing people when they run out of money. The american is the same person that supports a car company that was defeated by a japanese one. Perhaps they’d stop QQing when they realize it may only be PS3?

        • You all realized that this is coming from the group of people who are willing to buy RROD with a 54% failing rate and host the company that is willing to replace it numerous times without fixing the problem?

          You’d think that they’d demand a working set of machines before crying over buying a system that doesn’t fail more than 50% of the time…