HaruDora! Complete – Toradora! Haruhi ED Parody


This MAD is the finalized version of the Toradora / Haruhi OP parody video seen here some time ago.

The original was already a work of some accomplishment even in its unfinished state, so the complete version is even more of a joy to behold.

This completed version was uploaded shortly after the original post, but the MAD’s popularity on Nico (currently number 1 in its Anime Rankings) demanded the mastered version to be given the same attention:

The incomplete draft might also still be of interest for its amusing placards of Minorin apologizing onscreen for the scenes that had yet to be drawn.

The creator has also uploaded a large resolution version of the “wind scene” titled “The Melancholy of Minori Kushieda” onto his otherwise sparse Pixiv profile.


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