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Top 10 Games for Eternity


Japanese gamers were surveyed as to what games they felt would be the best to leave to posterity, and the results include the expected slew of Nintendo classics and blockbuster RPGs, but also includes surprising entries such as Okami and Clannad.

The results:

1. Super Mario Brothers (NES)

2. Okami (PS2/Wii)

3. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (N64)

4. Tactics Ogre (SNES)

5. Dragon Quest III (NES)

6. Final Fantasy VII (PS)

7. Final Fantasy X (PS2)

8. Chronotrigger (SNES)

9. Metal Gear Solid (PS)


The survey was conducted by Dengeki.

There is much surprise at the inclusion of Clannad (which nearly dominated a similar ranking focused on tragic storylines) and Okami, though nobody could deny the worthiness of these titles…

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