Rapist: “I Did It 99 Times”


A man arrested in connection with 15 rapes shockingly confesses “I did it 99 times.”

The 33-year-old unemployed man, a resident of relatively crime-ridden Osaka, was arrested last year for violating a woman in her twenties who was on her way home, brazenly assaulting her in a carpark. Police found this was but the tip of the iceberg.

He was found to have used the same modus operandi in this case as in many others: he would tail his victim in a car or on a bicycle, and pounce on them when they were alone, gagging them and carrying them off to a suitably discrete location, where they were brutally ravished.

His crimes continued uninterrupted from 2005 to his arrest at the end of 2008; police have charged him with 15 counts of rape, but it is feared his rape spree is much more extensive, for he confesses “I did it 99 times.”

With his trial underway, police only now saw fit to release details.

Via Yomiuri.

Just why it took four years and perhaps as many as a hundred incidents to catch this man is something police are silent about.

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