Kobe Anime Awards – K-ON!, Haruhi-chan, Eden of the East


Animation Kobe, an event created by the Kobe city for the promotion of animation (moderately Engrish introduction site here) has identified the winners of its 14th Annual Animation Kobe awards on its website.

Among the award winners are such anime as Eden of the East, Haruhi-chan and K-ON!, winning the TV, Network and Theme Song categories respectively.

The award ceremony, to be held in the Kobe International Conference Center, is scheduled for October 18, but the results of this year’s awards are available on the Animation Kobe website.

All awards aside from the first two cover productions distributed with the time span of last September to this August.

Individual Category

加藤久仁生 / Kunio Kato

Kato’s name is likely unfamiliar to many – he is an animation director (official website) that directed a rather unique 2008 short-subject film つみきのいえ / “La Maison en petits cubes”.

Special Category

雪室俊一 / Shunichi Yukimoru

Shunichi is a long-time veteran screenwriter whose career began in the 1960s and has worked on an endless number of anime (especially TV shows) – some of the more recognizable names included are Dragonball, Kimba the White Lion, Sazae-chan, Ashita no Joe and Dr. Slump.

Theatrical Film Production Award



Yes, this is the recent Pixar movie.

TV Production Award


Higashi no Eden

This show, also known as Eden of the East, will incidentally be receiving a theatrical adaptation in the future.

Network Production Award


Suzumiya Haruhi-chan no Yuuutsu & Nyoron☆Churuya-san

The Network (also known as “Network Media”) award is a category that includes packaged franchises that include some level of interactivity – past winners include Final Fantasy XI, Second Life and Hatsune Miku.

Theme Song Award


Don’t say “lazy” (K-ON! ED Theme)

The theme song category is the only award voted on by the general public.

The singers for this song are, of course, the Sakurako Keion-bu group made up of the show’s 4 main leads.

The original award list is available at the official website, along with the aforementioned English introduction page that offers some information on the event.

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