Policemen Force Woman to Urinate: “We Didn’t Look”


A woman is accusing male police officers, who held her down and forced her to urinate for them, of a criminal human rights violation.

The woman, in her twenties, was taken into custody after causing a ruckus at her Osaka home. Police then obtained a warrant, and ordered the woman to urinate for them, with three male officers holding her down.

The woman launched a case against the police, alleging their procedure was an illegal violation of her human rights, and saying she “felt terror equivalent to that of rape.”

In their defence, they point out that one woman officer was watching as she was being restrained, and that “we turned away and that was enough.”

Analysis of her urine would demonstrate she was using stimulants at the time of her domestic rampage, with blood and urine samples being sufficient grounds for prosecution under Japan’s absurdly draconian drug laws.

Her counsel asserts that this evidence was obtained illegally, and so cannot form the basis of a prosecution.

Via ZakZak.

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