Japanese PM Calls For Thunderbirds!


The incoming Japanese Prime Minister, Yukio Hatoyama, has suggested that Japan and the UN create a “Thunderbirds” military unit, referring to the classic puppet show.

His puzzling remark:

“A good idea came up. We should have the UN call for the creation of something like ‘Thunderbirds’.”

He was apparently referring to the creation of an international rescue force, using the Japanese armed forces, modelled on that of the TV series.

The DPJ has previously attracted attention for its comical ignorance of military affairs; a senior Diet member involved in a discussion on piracy in the waters off Somalia (the DPJ generally opposes any dispatch of Japanese forces overseas) famously had this to say earlier in the year:

“Well, I have seen ‘pirates’ in manga, but I don’t really get it. Have there really been any instances of pirates attacking Japanese ships?”

This politician, Kenji Hirata, is currently the secretary-general of the DPJ.

Via Jiji.

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