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Extreme Loli Dancing


Little girls energetically dancing or otherwise gymnastically exerting themselves have long been a TV favorite, and several examples of such quality programming are visible below.

Shanghai recently bore witness to a competition of talented loli dancers, even including some Japanese participants. Most performers were between ten and twelve years of age and danced in the hip-hop style, popular in Japan and beyond.

But this kind of competition is not merely limited to fancy and quasi-erotic dance moves done on stages in shady back rooms of East China.

Osaka was host to a national dance competition where the “Powerful Angels” could be seen dancing to Pekori Night. The youngest of them is eight years old while the rest are not much older:

The opposing dance troupe also knows the value of having loli dancers on their team.

Emotions run high and it appears many team members start crying come the conclusion of these events, small wonder given the age of the competitors.

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