Burglar: “Hitting Girls is Wrong, So I Raped Her”


A robber who broke into his female victim’s home and outraged her explains that he only raped her because “hitting girls is wrong.”

The 22-year-old man accused of the crime claims to have attempted to enter his victim’s residence in Aomori when she was out in order to rob her, but admits that he knew she was home when he broke in.

He subsequently assaulted and raped her.

His trial is ongoing, but the transcripts make interesting reading.

He explains why he was annoyed by his victim:

Prosecutor: “So, you strangled B-san didn’t you?”

Defendant: “Yes.”

Prosecutor: “You were annoyed by her demeanour?”

Defendant: “That’s right.”

Prosecutor: “What sort of demeanour was it?”

Defendant: “Just her overall attitude.”

Prosecutor: “How did you think she should behave to you?”

Defendant: “I didn’t think about it too much. I just didn’t like her attitude.”

Prosecutor: “She should be obedient, she should obey. Was that how you thought she should be?”

Defendant: “Maybe so.”

His victim alleges he broke in, telling her “You’ve got an attitude, you do. You’ll pay with your body!” and threatening to kill her if she did not strip off. He would bind and violate her in a manner which left her fearing for her life.

In total, he stole just over ¥500 from her.

His excuse for raping her is unusual:

Prosecutor: “Your aim was to rob, yet you went so far as to rape her, why was this?”

Defendant: “Well, I got real angry. If I put things formally, she needed to be properly restrained.”

Prosecutor: “Restraint, was it? Just why did you select rape as the method of restraint?”

Defendant: “Kicking, hitting and punching a woman is something I was taught never, ever to do. So when I thought of a method to do it, other than that sort of violence, I thought of rape.”

Possibly his teaching was not as thorough as it might have been…

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