Teacher Gropes Loli Oppai for 30 Minutes


A teacher has been arrested on suspicion of touching the breasts of a schoolgirl for over 30 minutes.

The 41-year-old teacher taught in a Miyazaki elementary school, where the incident occurred.

He is alleged to have spent no less than half an hour one afternoon after school feeling the breasts of a young girl in the school gymnasium, whose age has not been released so as to keep her identity secret, though she is described as an “infant.”

The girl told her mother, and a report to police was made.

He denies the assault, with there apparently being no other witnesses at this state, making this a case of his word against that of a little girl, all but a foregone conclusion.

Police have charged him with indecent assault, whilst educational authorities promise harsh punishment if he is found guilty.

Via Nikkan Sports.

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