Bayonetta Too Sexy For PS3


Easy witch Bayonetta’s multi-platform debut may not be as smooth as anticipated: those having seen the game in action report notable graphical issues with the PS3 version in areas where the Xbox 360 performs flawlessly.

The developers claim the two versions will be the same, but the release looming players looking forward to their spicy witch action on the PS3 are understandably nervous.

Much additional info on the game is surfacing, curiously all on the Xbox version; you can see some below.

Note the large number of attacks involving a semi-nude Bayonetta (her hair forms her body suit and is removed in the course of certain attacks):

More details on the game have also emerged recently:

One handed play:

More of the charismatic designers:

The Japanese release is due in October, whilst the US release is in January.

Via Hachimaki.


A special extra for players of the superior Xbox 360 version?

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