Otaku Threatens to Kill Seiyuu Mai Kadowaki’s Parents


An otaku fan of seiyuu 門脇舞以 / Mai Kadowaki, known for her appearances in Doraemon, Kodomo no Jikan and Strike Witches, and lately Rorona no Atelier and Amagami, has been arrested after threatening to kill her parents.

The 26-year-old unemployed seiyuu fan sent a threatening letter to the 28-year-old seiyuu’s office, in which he stated he would soon kill her parents.

He gives the usual bizarre excuse, apparently having resolved to threaten the seiyuu after seeing BBS posts slandering her for “adultery”; “I couldn’t forgive her. I frightened her, I did a bad thing” he confesses.

Police discovered he had left his fingerprints all over the threatening missive he sent her, which allowed them to trace him after they found the prints matched fingerprints found on earlier fan letters he had sent. Celebrities in the public gaze commonly archive fan letters for just these kind of reasons.

He has been arrested and charged with intimidation.

Via ZakZak.

Kadowaki is a bespectacled and artistically capable seiyuu, so it is easy to see how she is prime stalker fodder:


Otaku are an occupational hazard for seiyuu, and as they commonly have to deal with this sort of thing hopefully she will be able to take this in her stride.

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