Lolicon Steals Loli, 100 Sukumizu


A lolicon who carried off a 6-year-old girl into a store toilet in order to have his way with her was subsequently found to have stolen 100 sukumizu.

The 22-year-old car mechanic, a resident of Miyagi prefecture, was arrested after he seized a six-year-old girl in a convenience store and took her into the store toilet, gagging her to keep her quiet.

Once in the toilet apparently all he proceeded to do was pick her up and hold her; police charged him with assault after his apprehension.

Once caught, a search of his home revealed over 100 sets of school issue swimwear, all stolen from local elementary schools.

He admits charges of breaking into the schools in order to steal the sukumizu, and has been charged with trespass and burglary.

Via Jiji.

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