Full Metal Alchemist Ratings Collapse


Mustachio anime Full Metal Alchemist’s remake has attracted much unwelcome attention with the release of TV ratings which show a collapse in ratings, especially compared to the much loved but totally divergent original:


The original maintained an average of 6% throughout its 50 episodes. The remake on the other hand manages an average of a mere 3.3%, and falling fast, less than half way through.

There are rumours of the show being moved to a more favourable timeslot, not that there is any real indication that this would rescue it…

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  • Kid friendly involves cute ishvalan little girls getting shot in the head and baddass characters get cut in half.

    Kid friendly and sunshiney happy, huh?




  • If you’ve read the manga, you know what to expect storywise.

    i mean the character Mei, she just pops up, no explanation on how she got there, or Yoki. They just both APPEARED in the story and the show expects the audience to know that.

    Awesome fight scenes like Lan Fan fighting Envy and kicking his ass was left out

    now i know the flashback episodes were left out cause as fans we should know what happened, but they put a couple in anyway, but it just seems more of another mess of an anime than a remake, thought it does follow the manga more closely than the first series

    But the first series had a charm to it and a very deep and emotional plot. In the new series, we don’t feel that cause we KNOW WHAT HAPPENS.

    Every scene is like the reboot trying to tell the fan “Hey remember this in the manga?!”

  • It’s tiresome seeing people view the last one as the original. Because it is NOT. The manga IS the original and it aint the same story too. (Again with the same explanation. Ugh)
    And if the story’s so predictable, then I dare someone who hasn’t read the manga to tell me who the main villain really is and what he’s planning.
    If you get it wrong
    You=EPIC FAIL.

  • Actually, the episodes after Greed’s death are completely different. It’s a new story for me..and its really good.

    I think the new one is better, try watching it around greed’s death..its different. It’s not just a remake, it has a new storyline.

    the viewers probably got tired of the first few episodes because its pretty much the same as the old one.

  • Overall, the hearing on Gundam 00 tb was not good … as compared to the Gundam Seed for example was much lower than expected (Even Sunrise investing more in Gundam 00). Of G00 was just a little more about the Code Geass that tb had poor ratings (but incredible sales of DVD / BD), what happens in reality is that this time it came on TBS is suffering from falls … But in fact the same as valley is the sales of DVD / BD, where Otakus will buy their favorite animals to stay in the collection (and incredibly some buy more than 1 copy oyarzunsergio).

  • No geral, a audiência de Gundam 00 tb não foi boa… se comparar com a de Gundam Seed por exemplo ficou muito abaixo do esperado (Mesmo a Sunrise investindo mais em Gundam 00). De G00 foi apenas um pouco melhor da de Code Geass que tb tinha audiência baixa (mas vendas incríveis de DVD/BD), o que acontece na real é que nesse horário na TBS veio mesmo é sofrendo de quedas… Mas na verdade mesmo o que vale é as vendas de DVD/BD, onde os Otakus vão comprar os seus animes preferidos para ficar na coleção (E inacreditavelmente alguns compram mais de 1 cópia o_Ox).

  • The original FMA had moments of pure awesome (mostly the shocker moments where somethign goes horribly wrong for the sake or irony), but the majority of the series was dull and repetitive at its best and unwatchable shit at its worst. I got through the entirety of the series, somehow, but I could never stomach the repeats, especially after having seen the shocker moments once before and knowing they are coming. The idea of doing it all again with subtle variations is my idea of torture, and even if the series goes a different direction at the tail end, that will be as uninteresting as the rest of the series and the series it was remade from.

    • Jasper yet again:

      It’s already veered off very, VERY differently from the first anime and there’s not a lick of similarity between the two at even the halfway point.

      Look at it this way: The first series was boring, meaninglessly angsty schlock disguised in the trappings of the Dramatic genre. The second series is a no-holds-barred adventure where the stakes get high and the action with it, mixed in with a bit of politics and espionage for the State Military side of the story.

      In the first series, nothing really happens and everything returns to a rather drab status quo. Most of those “shockers” either came from the manga or were pulled out of thin air due to a lack of ideas on the writers’ part. In the second series, the heroes secretly organize a rebellion to overthrow the corrupt State government and fight to save the entire nation-state of Amestris from a fate worse than death (much worse, in fact). The shocker? Unlike the first anime, they actually make it happen. And the Rebellion Arc is hands down the most badass story the entire FMA franchise has ever told.

      “Subtle variations” my ass, this what Fullmetal Alchemist is supposed to be.

        • Jasper again:

          Well the comedic timing in the manga’s spot on, and all I can say is that Bones ought to polish up on that.

          The first series also had shit pacing with a second half that bored people to tears while simultaneously reducing the entire plot and all potential character development to irrelevance.

          If having a “less interesting story structure” means having a more interesting actual story then so be it. There’s nothing wrong with being straightfoward in one’s storytelling if the alternative is meaningless emo-babble.

  • This is very disappointing, this one is not perfect but it’s still a thousand times better than the first, cracktastic one. I hope the ratings are enough to avoid getting cancelled, but even if they cut it short, the manga sells really well and it’s fucking awesome and that’s more than enough to make me happy.

  • I don’t get it. Hagaren did very well and this new one is just as good if not better and it has poor ratings? It must be the timeslot.

    And to those bitching about the first dozen episodes being similar:

    I guess none of you should bother watching the vastly superior Hellsing Ultimate since the first few episodes of the old TV series are so similar to the first couple of OVAs.

    …you people make me sick.

  • Poor rating has nothing to do with the story but more with the time slot. Code Geass R2 flopped. Gundam 00 S2 also flopped. Sunday 5pm slot is just not good for anime. There is just much more other things to do outdoors at that time slot than stay home and watch anime. I am not sure why TBS think it would work in the first place. Switch it back to midnight and the ratings should rise again. I followed the manga very closely. And I actually thought the first show was brilliant the way it deviates from the manga(except that they killed Scar…). The second show has a lot more going on but sometimes I find the humors take away the seriousness of the show. Other than that I like how they stay true to the manga plot so far. And they got Miyano Mamoru to voice Ling Yao. I just hope the ending won’t disappoint.

    • gundam s2 and code geass r2 didn’t flop due to the timeslot. their plots sucked because the producers were too money-minded and just wanted to make more model kits.

      code geass 1 was epic. the first few episodes of r2 was good, and then it flopped.

      gundam 00 started off epic, then became decent and started failing the moment the 3 new gundams were introduced.

    • gundam s2 and code geass r2 didn’t flop due to the timeslot. their plots sucked because the producers were too money-minded and just wanted to make more model kits.

      code geass 1 was epic. the first few episodes of r2 was good, and then it flopped.

      gundam 00 started of epic, then became decent and started failing the moment the 3 new gundams were introduced.

  • I just hope this won’t reduce the number of episodes planned, at least it has results which can be compared to other popular animes.

    This version is soo much better than the first series, the plot in the manga is much more interesting, well developed and more original, while in the first series there were several moments that I may say that I hate ( like equivalent trade is completely false and the energy come from another dimension ).

    I won’t say those who prefer the first series are stupid but I just can’t understand them, maybe once they see all the episodes from this series or the manga they may change their idea.

  • The remake is good.
    It’s just that everybody is stupid not to watch it.You just need to know which episode to start watching from.

    It’s clear that everybody who said they like the 1st better are morons who have never compared the first series with the original source material.I have and the original is way better.Ignorance is not an excuse for FAIL.

  • FMA was probably the only time I ever fell asleep reading a manga. Of course, it doesn’t fall into my particular vein of interest (see shounen action), and I was coerced into reading it by a preternaturally meddlesome friend.

  • I think the problem is that the anime creators of the FMA Brotherhood is that they are cutting/skipping the wrong parts of the manga for the anime conversion and putting the more boring parts into the anime adaptation. Also some parts of the anime is way too fast; sometimes the pacing is just wrong. But overall, Brotherhood is a very enjoyable anime series with excellent voice-actors. I thinks it’s a much better effort than DragonBall Kai which is actually a work of copy and paste + censorship.

    • Oh don’t tell me you’re one of those wangsty types, too!

      C’mon, Icy. You’ve gotta look past the superficialities of initial tone and see both series for what they are.

      Series one was meaningless tripe dressed up in contrived angst with no real character development in the end and a villain pulled out of a writer’s bum. It’s darker but it’s a shallow, contrived darkness that ultimately has no meaning or theme behind it.

      Series two might be a more straightforward action-adventure but the characters are treated as actual characters and the story doesn’t treat its readers like idiots who can’t tell an obvious logical disconnect from a “shocking twist,” unlike the first series. It’s more optimistic because there’s a real story for the telling and the characters don’t exist for the sole purpose of being melancholy.

  • The new series suffered from a lot of flaws anyway. The new art style is too goofy for FMA, everyone looks like they are stuck between Chibi and normal mode all the time, you can’t take anyone seriously.

    This remake feels more action than philosophical drama too, those chinese characters were never interesting at all, they cut out a lot of stuff from the manga anyway like Marcoh’s screentime, etc, etc. This new series was never necessary and the manga wasn’t as good as people claimed it was unfortunately. It definitely has it’s “Hell Yeah” moments but between all that there really isn’t much to keep me going.

  • I think people are too used to the anime ,,, this one was made so that it will follow the ORIGINAL meaning to say the MANGA ,,, for me the first anime was just fine ,,, and i thought the story of the anime was based on manga, it was not a good idea to diverge from the original concept because people become poisoned thinking the first one was the good one …

  • I started watching this on Hulu (yes, it’s there and easy to find), but I was pretty disappointed at how… different it was than the original. It’s more like a dumbed down version for those who want a little more comedy, and less struggle, fighting, blood, etc. More appropriate for the 14-year-olds ‘sneaking’ to watch it like I had to when it first aired in the US.

    I’m still gonna find a store and buy all the original. Especially since I didn’t finish watching it. Not this one. :/
    …and I still don’t know how Al got the Philosopher’s Stone in his armor.

      • Lust’s death made Mustang awesome. It really takes alot of steel to sear his own wounds close, and some really creative thinking to use that busted lighter for the spark and blood-drawn alchemic circle on the back of his palms.

      • Jasper says, again: Crikey I should just create an account, shouldn’t I? Yeesh.

        The original FMA didn’t have a central theme or point, especially if you watch it all the way through. It also definitely lacked emotional depth since it ham-handedly cut through a number of characters’ motivations in order to increase angst.

        The manga, and by extension what this series will become, had emotionally higher highs and lower lows. On the one hand it’s a more straightforward adventure story with some political twists, but on the other hand the story actually goes somewhere, whereas the first series dwelled on “past tragedies” because it had no real plot-forward direction to go. And people thought this instance of poor writing was “meaningful” because TrueArtIsAngsty.

        If people are giving the old FMA’s crappy second half a pass because the first half (the half mostly based on the manga like Brotherhood is) was good, then they should at least give the source material the benefit of the doubt. And do the same with the more faithful adaptation.

  • Remake trend = pointless. Why the fascination with re-animating *nearly* the same exact story more than once? Does Japan have a fascination with OCD repetition?

    If they want to sell new material of an established franchise, why not just pick things up where they left off? Have a round-table session with some creative minds, think up new material.

    Hellsing and FMA did just fine being loosely based on their mangas… why not just get the same people who made those adaptations to continue from where they left off?

    Maybe the 2nd pass does do it better. But when I see essentially the same events happening all over again, I just lose the motivation to continue with it.

    • The first Hellsing series sucked! It was badly animated, badly written, Icognito sucked. Who the the hell would want those idiots to make a second season?

      Have you seen how awesome the Hellsing OVAs are? Nazi vampires invade London and pretty much kill everyone in it.

      As for Brotherhood

      I blame the fact that it’s actually good unlike the mega popular Gundam Seed Destiny, Code Geass R2, and K-ON cosplaying as Haruhi.

    • Read the manga and then tell me that the anime and manga are even remotely similar. The original anime was pure crap in explanations as well as other things. This anime will be beyond epic in later parts. Besidese TV ratings really don’t matter, it’s the DVD sales that do.

      • Settle down, the manga is highly overrated. It’s good but besides the occasional kick assness, it doesn’t have much to entertain itself. Like I said below, the chinese characters are uniteresting additions, the new series is dumbed down and too goofy. The first anime explained everything excellently and is still considered a well done classic. Heck, the maker of FMA sat there, read the episode scripts for the whole series and approved!

        • This is Jasper, who as you’ve implied, has spent too much time watching this page:

          tl;dr The above Anon’s criticisms of the original manga were silly and he ought to feel silly.

          Shounen demographic adventure comics. Oh my yes.

        • *spoilers*You do know the Chinese came into the story only halfway through the manga. Actually less than that.

          The whole “other world” thing in the first anime was leading more up to what the manga did moreso than what Bones did for the ending. For example the whole Wrath and his body is closer to what the manga did such as your body still being at the Gate. Again the first FMA doesn’t even count if you count the pure amount of fillers even early on in the series. Maybe 30 of the 50 episodes had manga related material.

          The whole Mei chan’s alchemy has been explained in great detail and makes perfect sense now as Hohenheim being the inventor. Father did the West and Hohenheim did the East. All of this was very well integrated in the story. If you know anything about Arakawa then you know she has a fascination with China so I guess she wanted to put some Chinese characters in there. Not to mention it’s looking very likely that the Chinese group might be the ones to kill Wrath. So no it’s not just Greed and Ling. Ling also fills up a major plot hole and that was what was Hohenheim doing while Father was building up Amestris. Ling is pretty much the doorway into the other country and helps us get a better understanding of the world in general. Ed and Al obviously had no background since they’ve been busy researching Alchemy and dealing with their own problems. The main problem almost everybody had with the original series stems from the last few episodes and the movies where they rushed the pacing and threw everything together(it seems Bones does have a habit of doing this hence Soul Eater).

          Also your opinion on the chinese group is irrelevant as they are a major part of the plot. Oh and you should probably try to understand better what a plot device character is.

        • For context, I’m Jasper. The “Well at least the manga isn’t condescending to its audience and artificially wangsty-for-angst’s sake” Anon.

          The “chinese characters are very crucial to the main plot and again if you aren’t up to date with the manga then there isn’t anything to discuss” Anon is someone else entirely, and I really ought to just sign up to avoid confusion.

          But for the sake of comprehensiveness I’ll try to back him up anyway. And I’ll have to warn people that what I’m about to say includes Spoilers so be warned if you haven’t read the original manga.

          The introduction of Eastern Alchemy only shows that the author did her homework–there really does exist a divide between Eastern and Western alchemical philosophies in the real world, and real thinkers did try to combine the two schools for either practical or philosophical reasons. Zosimus was one such historical alchemist–one could say he was the most legendary alchemist, though Paracelsus/Hohenheim was the most famous in recent centuries.

          When the author started slowly bringing in Xingese characters and revealing that their alchemy is a counterpoint to Amestrian alchemy, I at least was impressed by how thorough her research was. And the two halves of alchemy provided a logical in-setting explanation for the special properties of Scar’s arm–his brother studied both halves of alchemy to create it. This alchemy, original alchemy, was once the purview of the lost kingdom of Xerxes. Both Hohenheim and the villain of FMA took ancient Xerxesian alchemy and derived their own styles of alchemy from it–the villain created Amestrian alchemy while Hohenheim taught the country of Xing their eastern alchemy. The Xingese characters were also introduced not too far into the series running and didn’t provide much actual plot device functionality (as in, they didn’t suddenly appear for the sole purpose of moving the plot forward). Taken solely on its own merits, the manga introduced the Xingese characters casually and without telegraphing the intent to use them as plot devices–unlike the first adaptation’s casual abuse of returning one-shot side characters and inflicting quite terrible fates on them for no reason other than they needed to establish some sense of continuity and tragedy since they didn’t have a real plot or worldbuilding to work with.

          (The anime doesn’t have the kind of worldbuilding that comes with writing the history of the world and its predominant technology, while the manga certainly does.)

          Secondly, on Pride: He’s not Bradley. Bradley is Wrath. The identity of real Pride was hinted at for several real-world years over the course of FMA’s publication and clever or perceptive fans managed to figure it out ahead of time. Of course, what they figured out sounded so “out there” that casual fans, as well as fans of the first adaptation, didn’t believe them. That is until Pride revealed himself, at which point the more thorough FMA fans were vindicated.

          And on the topic of the villains, I’d think creating a logically dubious origin for the homunculi counts as “pulling stuff out of their ass.” Their seemingly random origins (the results of various failed human transmutation attempts) in the anime makes their convenient categorization by Deadly Sin terribly contrived and their connection to the root of the first anime’s plot–the made-for-TV business with Dante–almost an afterthought. And their connections of a few with their Sin namesakes are more tenuous for it.

          On the issue of the Gate: I didn’t have a problem with using it as the source of alchemy’s powers, I merely felt it was the ultimate schlock-pulp cop-out to say that the Gate functions by being a turbine generator for souls moving in and out of it between a “magical world” and the “real world.” Note that the dichotomy between a “magical world” and the real is one that has long been seen as cliched and stereotypical of fantasy anime. And videogames. (There’s a reason why the Summon Night series dropped all mention of their “people from the real world visiting the magical world” pretext and decided to focus solely on their fantasy setting without any tenuous “real-world” justifications.)

          It’s schlock not nearly worth defending on the same level as fine literature. The poor pacing and character derailment endemic of the first adaptation’s second half left the writers with nowhere else to go but cheap and worthless shock value to keep their audience’s attention.

          Also, it’s incorrect to treat the original manga and Brotherhood as being the result of multiple writers. Perhaps this was a typo, but unlike the first anime there wasn’t any writing by committee. This is the result of Hiromu Arakawa’s writing and research. While fans of the first anime (and people who eat up poorly-written slop so long as it’s sufficiently emo) might dislike her straightforward approach to the adventure genre and her own love of comedy, if her manga were not popular enough for her publisher to take notice then your favored series wouldn’t even exist. FMA doesn’t pretend to be smarter than it is, though it’s certainly got enough details and internal consistency.

          Yes, the introduction of the Xingese characters is consistent with other sets of national identities. They acting as counterparts to Amestrian alchemists and are comparable to the Ishbalan characters, though perhaps more relevant to the theme of alchemy instead of the backstory of the military side of the narrative. Note that the Ishbalan backstory partly existed as a commentary on real-world military politics (in the anime much more ham-handedly, while the manga chose to subtly invoke Japan’s militaristic history with various shots of Bradley and the State military higher echelon poised in a manner evocative of Japanese right-wing imagery) and partly to give the world a sense of history (the Ishbal war story was not anime-only, it came from the manga) as well as building context. The first anime liked to obsess over it because it didn’t have anything else to say about the world–it had to grasp at straws to keep its plot relevant. Ah, but I digress.

          The fact remains that Bones even decided that it might be worth revisiting the franchise and making a proper adaptation as opposed to a loose one. The idea of a rebooted series would certainly be controversial among the fanbase, but perhaps they mistakenly believed that the fans had both the good taste and goodwill to grant them a do-over. Certainly they could’ve picked up another property instead of risk making themselves look like they’re going for a cheap money grab and let’s face it the decision to remake FMA and do it right most likely was not unanimous. Honestly? If they really wanted an easy money grab, they’d have made an anime-only sequel that ignored the manga altogether. You guys would’ve eaten it up.

          Judging by the success of the franchise she’s created, apparently Arakawa’s doing something right.

          If you’re worried about FMA being kid stuff then, well, go watch the noitaminA block or something. FMA has always targeted the shounen demographic, not seinen. Don’t kid yourselves into thinking it was more mature than it really was–it’s on the same market bracket as One Piece for cryin’ out loud. (Though OP’s certainly better-paced and more entertaining than Naruto “I wish my editors let me make Sasuke the protagonist” and Bleach “I’m just phoning it in since I need a regular paycheck.”)

          That the first anime tried to be dark and mature only to come up empty and barely coherent was a shame and I honestly wished they’d handled it less clumsily. That an audience starved for mature media while obsessed with works in the adolescent demographic ate it up and thought it was “Deep” and “Meaningful” was hilarious.

          You want dark and mature? Go rewatch Monster. That’s a damn good story right there.

          FMA is shounen, and compared to its peers it’s both less pretentious and simply more entertaining than most. Which is why it’s popular.

        • Whoa, wall of text time…
          The first series did not just drop stuff into your lap like you’re saying. It hinted about the Gate so many times with things like Wrath, constant review of what alchemy is and the laws of equivalent exchange, souls that power the philosopher’s stone, the kingdom’s odd behavior and tactics leading to Bradley also being a homunculus, etc. Even Lust’s true identity was heavily hinted at. When the truth is finally revealed, we call it a “plot twist” or just plain giving us a piece of information. You apparently call it “pulling stuff from one’s ass”. You’re being insanely biased and hating the first series for what the second series does.

          I could call the manga’s explanation for Mei chan’s new alchemy being pulled out of the writers’ ass under your interpretation. I could also say Ling Yao’s sudden insertion into the story is stupid, “I’m just looking for immortality for my king. Holy Shit Homunculus and bad guys, I should get involved in things! Now I’m one! boy am I feeling greedy now! Self control, must control! Wait…why am I here? Die Bradley! You suck!” Ling’s sudden importance in the story is much worst than Bradley being Pride.

          It doesn’t matter if the chinese characters are crucial, they are uninteresting and overall lousy characters who only serve as plot device. If this were any other series you know you would complain about such “plot device” characters.”

        • The first anime pulled stuff out of their ass like explaining where alchemy came from and the whole alchemy is powered by dead people. Not to mention almost completely cutting some characters out. The chinese characters are very crucial to the main plot and again if you aren’t up to date with the manga then there isn’t anything to discuss. The first anime in comparison to the manga is too jarbled and especially the second half can’t compare. There were some pacing problems early on with the new series but it seems that they are trying to fix it.

        • Well at least the manga isn’t condescending to its audience and artificially wangsty-for-angst’s sake.

          It’s an adventure and doesn’t pretend to be darker and “deeper” (note quotation marks) than it is, and the characters actually do something other than mope around or get knocked up by rapist soldiers. At least the author had an actual plot in mind.

          For example, she’d been subtly hinting towards Pride’s identity for volumes before the actual reveal, and here’s a clue: He ain’t Bradley. The first series? No signs of world-building or long-term plotting other than a slap-dash job of reusing old one-shot characters and an endgame revelation that came way out of left field.

          Just because the tone’s less serious than the first adaptaion doesn’t mean it’s not better-written and thought out. Or less entertaining, for that matter.

  • though i’m against having FMA a remake just like a fail Dragonball Kai,still i enjoy it but it lacks strong character developments and storylines been rushed compare to the original.I wish they just continue what the original left off.

  • Never watched the original series. I’m liking the show now. There’s people complaining that they’ve already watched it and then there’s people complaining the recap was way too short. Like Artefact says, it’s impossible to please everyone, but I think Bones understands that the majority wants new material ASAP.

  • Okay first of all, whats this data based off? Is there a source? All I see is a powerpoint graph and I won’t easily believe that some ratings system happens to use powerpoint with all the default settings.

    And where did you find out about these are so called rumors?

    • happens to use “excel” with all the default settings…


      The stats aren’t just for the recap episodes. That ended around ep 15, so the big drop is on new ones. I thought the first season was good, not awesome. The second season isn’t awesome either, so no point in watching the same characters do something different if isn’t awesome. 52 eps was enough of them, apparently. [non-manga reader]

  • And shitty Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 has high ratings. K-ON, Haruhi 2, KuroSHITsuji are at the top of DVD and BD sales. And noone buys DVDs of Higashi no Eden, Natsu no Arashi, Sorakake, Michiko to Hatchin, Xam’d and other good shows. Something is wrong with this country.

    • It’s because there’s no perky schoolgirls or the showing off of boobies.

      Personally, I like Higashi no Eden, and I love what’s going on in the new FMA, because it’s so close to the manga and it’s even more loaded with conspiracies.

  • Lame.

    Screw you Japanese people, for not watching this show.

    Of course you’re the ones who made the show to begin with, so bravo to that.

    … but don’t now fuck it up by getting it canceled!

  • I think FMA Brotherhood is better than the first FMA series. To those who have watched the first series, seeing FMA Brotherhood you’ll feel bored…. at first. But after finishing the episode that Greed dies. The following episodes are different from the first series. FMA Brotherhood follows the manga’s plot. I got bored on some parts in the first FMA series. But here in Brotherhood, I don’t feel bored.

    Some audience thinks that FMA brotherhood is like the first series. I think the ratings will go back up again if the audience will know that Brotherhood has a different plot than the first series.

  • Brotherhood is better than the first series(I don’t consider it to be the ‘original’ since it’s just an animation studio remake of the manga, they rarely turn out well). I was wholly unimpressed with the first series, except for the fight scene between Ed and Greed, that was fun to watch.

  • Everyone’s already said it but it’s due to people expecting a whole new experience, and then being treated to the same content for around 12 eps. Going on the ratings, alot of people gave up before the new material even started.
    Also, the ratings aren’t exactly terrible since the likes of Naruto Shippuden and Bleach hover around 3-4%.
    Move the series to a better time slot and start a big commercial push for the new content and I’m sure people will return.

  • The recap episodes I hated, felt like they were going too quick and the whole chibi shit was annoying.
    Then the new material came and it felt it got serious. Now it’s awesome, I don’t see what there is to complain about.

  • Not enough Schezka, that’s why! >:0

    But yea, i actually like FMAB better, it’s more interesting, less emo and the storyline makes more sense.. The only stuffs that i have to say nicely done in the first one were the Chimera episode and Hugh’s incident.

  • No, the only reason it’s falling because it’s something that people already watched it. As for me still not watching the first series I found this show is really good. Thing might be differ if I already watched the 1st series..

  • Chen says:

    Can’t take it serious with all those moments that are supposed to be funny. They should have made a normal second season and ignore the manga. If this is close to the manga, than the manga suckz dragonballz (compared to the earlier anime, anyway.)

    • Chen says, too:

      btw I don’t know the manga, but it feels pretty predictable. I was shocked it took Ed so long to figure out what mustang was doing with his little trick to safe someone.

      I only watch it, because I hope for some romance stuff. The loli was pretty cute too, but Scar just suckz nowadays.

      Tried watching one episode of the older FMA and was blown away by it’s epicness. So, I still like FMA (but not brotherhood, which suckz a little compared to the old).

        • Jasper says:

          Yeah, Brotherhood is building up to big payoffs down the line (the manga definitely raises the stakes and the drama much higher than the first anime ever tried). In contrast, the first anime definitely petered out into meaningless backstory-obsessed, navel-gazing drivel halfway through and then ended on a massive trolling that people ate up like hotcakes.

          With the first anime and its movie sequel, it definitely came off like Studio Bones just said “Fuck it, we don’t care anymore. Let’s go to Nazi Germany since we might as well go for easy ‘SHOCK VALUE’. It’s not like those idiots watching will notice or care.”

    • I don’t think that’s the main reason since many anime also taken from ongoing/finished manga and still attracts people though they know what’ll happen eventually (assuming the anime is faithful to the manga)

      • The problem is what previous posters already said: There has been lots of stuff that we have already seen from the previous series.

        So this made many people to stop watching it after a few episodes, hence the decline on the ratings.

        Nopw, the only way for the ratings to come back up, would be to have a great word of mouth going on to make people interested again. I don’t know what’s the current timeslot it is in, but it might actually help being in a more friendly timeslot, as far as it doesn’t make them censure some episodes.

    • the problem is, it isn’t really a new season (as it is a remake anyway) since most of the story arc were identical (feels like watching endless eight in FMA version). Thus most people who already watch the first anime will feel bored (me for example)….

      moreover, I personally believe the old seiyuu for Mustang is better than this one….but that’s my personal taste though…

      • Gantz_Playboy says:

        This gives me a mild sigh of relief. Hopefully all the Emo-Hot Topic kids won’t get an English version of this show after all?

        I really don’t want a resurgence of this series to hit the USA.

      • It’s already gotten to new material over a month ago, so most complaints come from people who didn’t like the first “recap” arc.

        Judging by the length of the material and the prospective episode count, over three-quarters of the series will cover material from the original manga that the first series didn’t.

        Therefore the ratings problem would be a case of a poor first impression.

        This is sad because the second half of the first series, compared to the manga, was utter shit.

        • … if you want to know how different the two arcs are, just pick up the manga. You’ll note that the only common things end at the death of Greed. Probably the end of the original manga series will be “agreeably similar” to the reformulated anime, since the connection to the movie woud make sense.

        • Yes, after the ‘death’ of Greed, the story in manga format is 100% different from the 2003 Anime. I like both, but in my opinion, its almost a stretch to name both Full Metal Alchemist, as the difference in story is like night and day.

        • the difference is quite huge…. the difference becomes apparent after greed dies, not in the hands of the hero but of the enemy from there the story is way different, also the presentation of the story… the presentation of the story is better in the old one be it a different story altogether…

        • Well, let’s just say that they created a whole new villain just for the sake of the first season of the anime. And they stripped a main character of the manga from 3/4th of his reason to be in the story.

        • I’m just wondering…how far is the difference between the first anime and manga actually? I only watch the first and a bit of the second but didn’t read the manga…If the difference gap was too huge, people who already watch the first will be confused and then lost interest to the series (due to their ignorance that the second is actually the “right” story)

        • The original series was made when the manga wasn’t very far in the works, so the story was rewritten to have an ending.

          This version follows the manga, shortening as much as possible the parts that are similar to the first version, and now going into full swing with the manga plot.

          Both I and my girlfriend are enjoying the show, our favorite so far this season.

        • You guys are idiots, it is not the same as the first one o_O… and yes humanity fails again.
          -100 Human vs +100 points for FMA: Brotherhood

          Yeah, I’ll admit that the first 13 episodes were similiar to the first 13 episodes to the old fullmetal alchemist, but they were clearly different from the original for I have watched the original show on DVD multiple of times.

          Reason I think people are pissed off, because alot of ‘those’ people don’t like reading the manga or they don’t like reading manga period.

          And yeah I know they skipped quite a few stuff from the manga, but they had no choice to do it that way and hoping that people can understand why they had to rush the first 13 episodes which I thought was a good choice on their part to do so.

          For those that decided to stop watching it, you’ve missed some really good episodes of 18-20. If you haven’t read the manga.

          I don’t know, maybe it is the economy that’s making these people feel like show is shit, but I don’t think it’s shit seriously. It’s no wonder that good in depth shows always gets axed because people have short attention spans and again humanity fails and goes the way of the dinosaurs.