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PS3 Slim Sells Out


Sony’s last hope for revitalising its flagging videogame business this generation is apparently a huge success, with a host of Japanese retailers selling out of the PS3 Slim completely before the general release has even begun…

A quick tour of big name Japanese game and electronics retailers reveals inventory has all but dried up; confirmed as being completely sold out are Amazon, Yamada Denki, Sofmap, ubook, eDeji and Rakuten, with Bic, Yodobashi, Geo and Joshin having sold out of the Gundam bundle but not (yet?) the bare console.

Of course, no one would put it past Sony to deliberately restrict supply to stores in order to create “sold out!” headlines and create an air of rarity and desirability, as some might suspect Nintendo of doing with its hugely successful Wii when that was first released…

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