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Nagaru Tanigawa “Has Started” New Haruhi Novel


Haruhi author Nagaru Tanigawa has finally started work on the long anticipated but hugely delayed (as below) “Suzumiya Haruhi no Kyougaku / The Shock of Haruhi Suzumiya” light novel, the first in many years.


Previous announcements relating to the title, once due in 2007, always turned out to be lengthy delays, to the point that the once popular series appeared to have been abandoned, but this seems not to be the case now, as in a recent edition of The Sneaker he is described as being in the process of readying the novel.


Whilst it seems for all intents and purposes the Haruhi franchise is finished after having been driven into ground, it will be interesting to see whether Tanigawa manages a worthy continuation after so long a hiatus.

There is of course the intriguing possibility that he long ago succumbed to writer’s block or totally lost interest in the series, and only now is finally having his arm twisted into finishing it, a possibility which does not bode well for the quality of future installments…

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