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Agarest Senki Massacred by Anime Haters



Xbox 360 and PS3 breeding ero-RPG Agarest Senki, to be known as Agarest: Generations of War in its European incarnation, clearly had too much in the way of beautiful anime art for the publisher, who decided to change it to something unrecognisably manly.

The protagonist as he originally appeared:



Fortunately, it appears they eventually relented and selected anime artwork after bothering to consult some of the people intent on purchasing the game, although the mere fact it was considered says it all.

The Japanese version was rated a C (15+) on Cero’s scale, being packed full of banana fellatio and bikini service, whereas the European cover here is given a PEGI “12” rating, raising some interesting questions about the ratings systems involved.

The publisher claims it is uncensored, although the PS3 version is apparently already “Sony checked” in comparison to the Xbox 360 original, so this would appear to be another case of mysterious console rating systems.

A visit to the game’s US homepage reveals that for the past several months they have had this charming image as their header:


“COMING soon” indeed.

It seems nothing will disavow international publishers of the notion that games including creepy Chinese cartoons need to be given manful CG art, as seen recently in CG Tales and international Star Ocean localisations, though it is clear this only serves to alienate actual anime and JRPG fans, whilst having questionable impact on the store-going general public…


Via Hachimaki.

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