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Man Arrested for Using Knife to Commit Seppuku


A man who attempted to commit seppuku in the traditional manner has been arrested because the knife he used to slice open his stomach was of an illegal length.

The 62-year-old man, the leader of a Fukuoka yakuza syndicate, took it upon himself to end his life in the honourable fashion of a samurai, and so took a trip to a local park with a knife.

There he committed seppuku, inflicting upon himself a 20cm wide wound as he sliced open his belly.

However, for some reason he had second thoughts about ending his life, and called one of his chinpira henchmen saying he was injured and needed help.

The underling swiftly arrived and took him to hospital, where he was swiftly treated. However, the hospital noted something strange about his demeanour, and when summoned police soon found him to be carrying the 15.5cm long combat knife he had used in his failed disemboweling.

He was arrested and charged with carrying an illegal weapon without good cause under Japan’s draconian Swords and Firearms Control Law, which only allows blades of less than 5.5cm under normal circumstances.

Police suspect the suicide to be connected to the recent suicide of the regional leader of the local syndicate, who shot himself, and another man connected to the group who was shot dead around the same time. Investigations continue.

Via Asahi.

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