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Art Gallery Bans Nude Art


One of the nudes on display at New York York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has been arrested for not being 2D enough.

Photographer Zach Hyman’s spree of exhibitionist photography went unmolested throughout New York, but when he dared to display his nude model amidst the nudes of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the gallery swiftly had his model arrested for public indecency.


Having gained recognition from his subway voyeurism shoot recently the 22-year-old Hyman (pictured above in a black shirt and a canvas bag) took to preparing another shoot amongst the collection of nude works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The model was however detained by museum security and turned over to the police. Hyman evaded detainment, and with his attorney’s number on speed-dial and a pocketful of bail money, even makes plans ahead of time in the event of his own arrest during each shoot he takes.

The model, a volunteer, is charged with public lewdness for exposing herself to a crowd of museum-goers, who appeared to be giving more attention to her ‘performance art’ than the other art on display at the Met.



“It’s not pornography,” said Hyman, “it’s not women with their legs spread. It’s a pose — it’s a study on the human form.”

An interview with Hyman revealed this particular shoot took weeks of planning, even though his works typically last no more than 30 seconds from the time it takes the model to strip off.

“Why is this wrong? There were thousands of people in the Met today looking at nudes as art, but as soon as there is a real nude, it’s a big problem,” said Hyman.

Via NBC New York.

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