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Microsoft: $100 Xbox Cut “Nothing To Do With” PS3 Slim


Microsoft has taken care to assure everyone that its slashing of the Xbox 360 Elite’s price by $100 has nothing whatsoever to do with Sony’s imminent release of the PS3 Slim.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, boss of product management for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live, told a journalist:

“Typically these types of price changes are targeted to drive sales for the holiday season. However it is difficult for our retail partners to make these types of changes in November or December so we try to work with them to make these types of adjustments before things get too hectic at retail.”

Nothing at all to do with Sony.

Being a hopeless PR flack, he also leaps on the chance to rubbish the PS3 when asked what he thinks about it:

“I guess as a gamer, I am glad I got an earlier PS3 console before they pulled a lot of the functionality like backwards compatibility out.”

Curiously, Microsoft dropped support for “Xbox Originals” earlier in the year, and by now many early adopters of the Xbox 360 are rather familiar with the company’s very reasonable warranty offering…

Via Ore-teki.

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