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United Under Gundam



The first Gundam themed wedding event, which was organised by T&G for gundam fans has gone ahead without hitch. The lucky couple were chosen out of a substantial pool of nearly 500 hopeful Gundam fan couples.

The couple, both long time fans of the original series, chose this special package to renew their vows under the imposing 1/1 scale of the RX-78 model Gundam.

They are apparently huge fans of the show, and even named their daughter “Seira”, after the character Sayla Mass.


Along with the Gundam towering over them, the groom wore a suit that based on the uniform of Amuro Rei, the main protagonist of the original series. Also present was the original director of the series, Tomino Yoshiyuki, who handed the happy couple a special gift.

Via Shibuya246 and Kotaku.

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