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To Love-Ru in Trouble: Cancellation Imminent?


Top alien-girl-falls-in-love-with-boy, alien-girl-gets-raeped-by-tentacles shonen series To Love-Ru will soon be ending its serialization in Shonen Jump, according to credible rumours on 2ch.

The spectre of cancellation had long hung over the series, and recently the story had been pointing towards signs of coming to a conclusion, making the news seem all too likely to be legitimate.

The initial source of the cancellation talk came from a post on a 2ch thread, “Jump Ending Survival Race”, by a poster nicknamed Bare-shi (Master Reveal),  known for supplying 2ch with accurate, apparently insider knowledge on the cancellations of Jump series.

On Aug. 24th, he announced the current status of To Love-Ru as:

とらoutらしい (Seems like it’s ‘To Out’)

Fans naturally would enjoy some more concrete information on the matter, but given the problems the series has had with the Jump Reader’s Popularity polls, the oft-repeated talk of the show’s impending cancellation and that the story seems to be heading toward a conclusion, it is not too much of a stretch to assume that the modern-day Urusei Yatsura will indeed be ending soon.

Below are the reader satisfaction figures – needless to say, To Love-Ru is at the very bottom and Naruto is at the top:


Some images from the latest Chapter 161 show the usual gratuitous bikini action which has sustained the series thus far:





Images via Nichijou to Kamihitoe no Sekai.

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