Ishikei’s C76 To Love-Ru Doujinshi “MikanAL” Translated


NiseMIDI Doro no Kai’s (the circle name of the well known artist Ishikei) main Comiket 76 offering, MikanAL, is likely among the more sought out and lusted after books to come from the event, featuring To Love-Ru’s youthful imouto Yuuki Mikan in Ishikei’s distinctive style.

Sankaku Complex’s own Quen has turned his expert hand to a translation of the short book as a send-off for the recently cancelled To Love-Ru series – hopefully bereaved fans can find at least a little solace amongst the pages of yet another Ishikei doujinshi.

The entire doujinshi can be read here on the Channel, in what is almost certainly the best quality scan available of the book online so far.



Some may find the Channel’s translation interface confusing – remember to click on the image to turn the transparent mouseover boxes on or off.

Unfortunately a full scanlation was not doable, so anyone with the requisite image editing skills may feel free to typeset the pages properly, or use the translation as basis for their own scanlation.

Last of all, thanks must be extended to artist Ishikei (official website) for producing this fine work of art.

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