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Bayonetta Gets One-Handed Onanism Mode


Not long before the release of sexy witch fighting game Bayonetta, maker Platinum Games has announced a special “very easy” mode which allows players to do most in-game fighting with but one hand.

With the “automatic” function, players need only press a few buttons to inflict damage on opponents, whilst lascivious witch Bayonetta jumps around and does all of the taxing business of playing the game.

“Automatic can be used on Easy and Very Easy difficulties, and leaves the most complex controls up to the CPU,” says an official with Platinum.

Ingeniously, this frees up the player’s other hand (and much of their active concentration) for other tasks, and ensures players will be able to fully appreciate the cheeky British witch’s moves:

Bayonetta also capitalizes on particular fetishes, including glasses and hair, and rather overdone British sauciness.

The game itself is a supernatural action game based firmly around charmingly bespectacled witch Bayonetta; she wears a suit of her own hair which can be seen artfully leaving her body in order to deliver special attacks, and can transform as she desires in battle, as demonstrated in the video above.


Developed by the same studio that created cartoonish action game Viewtiful Joe, many of the same game elements are found in Bayonetta, such as fighting styles reminiscent of a tokusatsu-style television series and a lead character that facetiously incites her enemies.

The game will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with a Japanese release in October and a release to American consoles in January 2010.

The stunning trailer can be seen below:

Via Platinum Games.

With so much of the skill required for such a game eliminated by this mode, gamers are left to ponder just what it is they are supposed to be doing whilst the game plays itself…


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