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Tony Eroge “Fault!!” Ero-Anime Due


Famed illustrator Tony Taka‘s latest eroge, the tennis themed フォルト!! / Fault!!, will be receiving an ero-anime adaptation this November, despite having been released less than two months ago.

Presumably Tony’s esteemed reputation and the runaway success of the last ero-anime based on one of his eroge, “Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro“, both helped in influencing this surprisingly quick adaptation.

Fault!!, the 6th eroge from studio Ciel and Tony’s 8th time at illustrating an eroge, will be turned into at least a 2-part OVA series by ero-anime producer Cottondoll.

The announcement came by way of this page (shown below) appearing on Cottondoll’s website revealing a November 27 release date for Episode 1, which was more or less simultaneously matched by opening up pre-orders for the OVA.


Fans of the excellent Sora no Iro anime may be disappointed to note a change in production studio from Himajin to Cottondoll for the Fault!! adaptation, but Cottondoll does have a number of quality past works to support them, and the banner above seems to show they have done a respectable job of converting Tony’s unique style to anime.

Ero-anime fans need just wait a matter of months to see exactly how well this will turn out, but playing the eroge or at least appreciating some of its fine CG should help those feeling impatient.








Ciel’s Official Fault!! Website.

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