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Taisho Yakyuu Musume Sexy Seiyuu


The seiyuu behind the girls of Taisho Yakyuu Musume can be seen here sporting yukata, giving the female team an overall much better representation than we saw earlier in the rather ghastly historical reality versus lovely 2D seen recently.

From left to right, starting with the back row, the characters voiced followed by seiyuu name in parenthesis are:

Back Row:

Tomoe (Yuko Kaida), Yuki (Mamiko Noto), Tamaki (Ryou Hirohashi), Kochou (Saori Goto), Akiko (Mai Nakahara)

Front Row:

Noe (Kana Ueda), Kyouko (Yui Makino), Koume (Kanae Ito), Shizuka (Eri Kitamura)

Given that there are nine of them, the seiyuu are too many to give a full rundown, but some notable past roles that many should recognize are:

Nakahara’s Nagisa Furukawa (Clannad), Noto’s Haruka Nogizaka, Kitamura’s Ami Kawashima (Toradora!) and Rin Kokonoe (Kodomo no Jikan).

Ueda is also currently playing the titular role in Saki.

Luckily, the recent September issue of Megami provided a lovely pinup of their 2D counterparts for comparison, although missing most of the sizable troop:


The full monitor-straining size is available on the Channel.

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