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MS on 54% RRoD: “We Have A Good Warranty So It’s OK!”


Microsoft has responded to the findings that the Xbox 360 has a 54% failure rate with in a way which raises more questions than it answers…

An MS PR flack glosses over the failure rate, only saying that they have a good warranty and are trying to improve the design:

“Microsoft stands behind the Xbox 360 as a superior entertainment console with one of the best warranties in the industry. We are constantly improving the design, manufacture and performance of the console through extensive testing of potential sources of any problems.

Xbox 360 is pleased to maintain the title of ‘most played console’ and the vast majority of Xbox 360 customers have enjoyed a terrific gaming and entertainment experience since their first day, and continue to, day in and day out.”

Curiously, they don’t dispute the 54% failure rate itself…

Via Game Spark.

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  • Anonymous says:

    my xbox has been running for 4 years and ive had no problems at all and my ps3 which im typing this on is awesome too i had a wii but it broke cause my sis spilled chocolate milk into it

  • 360 is just a shoddily built computer…

    Why buy a 360 when all xbox’s exclusives come out on PC anyways? With all the money you’ll be spending on LIVE membership, you could just buy a new PC and play all the games for FREE!

    Oh well, kids will be kids I guess. Bill Gates is happy to take your money.

    • You’ve never looked at the inside of an Xbox have you?
      Damn thing is a VERY well built computer

      It lacks storage but you can buy external storage drives

      I converted my old Xbox into a linux PC and it’s better than my new HP elite for playing online games

      People have built super computers by linking together only four xboxes and using freon coolant. SUPER COMPUTERS. As in shit you analyze ionosphere data with

      Those are the old Xboxes. The new 360 is a bit buggy because they tried to put two old Xboxes into a space smaller than one old Xbox.

      No breathing room = Overheat after 6 hours playing = RROD

  • The 360 is a piece of junk. I am not a PS3 fanboy, I actually owns all 3 consoles, but I regret doing business with M$.

    People, Halo 3 and GOW2 aren’t what you call good exclusive. People should look at Uncharted, Valkyria Chronicles, Killzone 2, Resistance, Infamous, FFXIII Versus (and FFXIII, because the 360 version is gonna be horrible), White Knight Chronicles, God of War 3 (not released, but better then anything the Xbot has),
    Gran Turismo 5 (not released yet, and makes Forza 3 looks like a piece of crap, really, it’s gonna be way better).

    I could name more exclusives, but most of them are RPGs, which the 360 fanboys hates, cuz they only play sports and fps. All the 360 rpgs are being ported to the ps3. Star Ocean 4, getting an US release, Tales of Vesperia (There is 99% chances this is coming to USA as well). I bet Magna Carta 2 is coming to PS3. Infinite Discovery isn’t, it’s a Microsoft IP, but it really suck. The Last Remnant wasn’t a good game.

    As for FPS, Uncharted, Uncharted2, Killzone >>>>> Halo 3 and Gears of War.

    Not to mention Uncharted 2 is impossible on 360, it can’t do this much.

    The PS3 is really the superior console. Yes there is PS3 failures too, the Yellow light or something, but the failure is so low, that anyone with a release model will probably never experience.

    As for multiplatform games looking better on 360, well, except for the obvious Bayonetta, you are all wrong, they all look the same.

    • The 360 is a bit buggy because they tried to put two old Xboxes into a space smaller than one old Xbox.

      No breathing room = Overheat after 6 hours playing = RROD

      How? It’s a good console which fails when you use it more than just recreationally

      The fact that so many people use it without stopping is the reason for the failure rate

      XBOX sales have actually gone up in the last quarter of 2009, even with the recession

  • “In this case, rag Game Informer surveyed 5,000 readers, asking them about the failure rates of the consoles they owned.”

    5,000 dipshits now equals every single XBox 360 owner.

    Great research there for your 54% failure

  • For fuck’s sake, people, DON’T STAND IT UP! It couldn’t be any fucking easier.

    I know the Xbox 360 is usually pictured vertically, but lay it horizontally and it is MUCH less likely to fail. I’ve had mine for 2 years now with no RROD (original-run Elite). I also live with four friends, each with his own 360 – including one model from the day it came out. None of them have EVER failed in ANY way. We don’t even know what an RROD looks like.

    Are we just lucky to have a 0% failure rate between our five consoles? Is it just some crazy coincidence? Fucking unlikely. Just a little tip we heard early on: lay it horizontal and it WILL stay alive.

  • I bought a 360 a while back, played it for a year and boom, red lights. Cursing my luck, i bought another one with the upgraded falcon chipset and played it for 1 year and Boom! red lights again.

    Yup, screw Halo and GOW

    I say its time for a ps3

  • Do you know why the 360 has such a high failure rate, whereas the PS3 has a lower one?

    Because owners rarely fucking play the PS3 and it just sits there collecting dust. I got my PS3 a year before my 360, yet my 360’s been used much more often.

    Neither has had any problems yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if my 360 broke down first.

  • I don’t see why everybody is scared of the RRoD. Sure it’s a flaw, but you can’t say ” I’m not buying a 360 because it’s going to get the RRoD”. It’s going to get fixed for free anyway! You are missing out on many good games that are available only on 360.

  • I’ve discovered a sound scientific method by which one may circumvent the RRoD contagion.

    Keep it gathering dust in your closet while you do more productive things than playing games 😀

    • ChaosAngelZero says:

      No they’re not, only older models. The reason why they kept along manufacturing and selling those defective models in the first place was because M$ rushed the system’s production for an absurdly early launch in order to not get horribly squashed by Sony’s steamroller of misguided hype, retarded fanboys and old lies like it happened with the original Xbox, a console far superior to the PS2 in every single measurable way. And hey, guess what, THEY SUCCEDED.

      I can’t possibly approve this shit they’ve forced on their consumers, but I do approve of their business sense and the lesson they’re giving to a self-centered jackass company like $ony.

    • welcome on sankaku complex, home of them weeaboos. As long as it’s japanese we like to suck it all up…like the PS3. Omg it’s made by a japanese company i must hail it. Sony defence complex on it’s way to Nippon wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ^_^

      • what site are you on? did you even read the article? its not a fucking ps3 vs 360 article.

        the first thing that happens on ANY site that posts negative things (true or not, and in this case obviously true) about the 360 is people come to defend their faulty hardware, and become apologists for a company that knowingly and happily sells them a substandard product.

        360 fanboys automatically start insulting ps3s in any article that badmouths the 360, whether or not sony is even mentioned at all.

  • Veelox Incident says:

    Had my 360 for over 3 years now. Bought an Elite system. Only issue I ever had were disc drive issues (twice) and a harddrive failure. All of these were fixed without an issue by microsoft for free. I once called sony about a laptop I had and they jerked me around for 3 hours before telling me it’d cost more then the laptop was worth to fix it. (not to mention it was my second call I got hung up on the first time.) OH and I forgot to mention; I leave my console on all day and night. The poor thing is almost never off. 3 years of that now and still no RROD.

    Microsoft has consistently treated me with more respect and always provided a better service then ANY other company has. I was a devote Playstation follower until I sat down 3 years ago and broke down the statistics.

    Sony has time and time again flat out LIED to people through E3 and other times. Anyone remember “We won’t be making DUAL-SHOCK for PS3”? Not to mention the PS3 actually (at the time) had a higher failure rate then the 360. They had original bluray lens issues that destroyed dvds put into it. Or how about that whole overheating. OH WAIT there were even reports of PS3’s catching fire!?!?!

    Many of you will call me a fanboy but I just looked at the facts. PS3 might have a few exclusives I want like Metal Gear Solid 4 or God of War 3 but I don’t see them anywhere near what the Xbox 360 has provided. You can call me a fanboy I don’t really care. I looked hard at the PS3 and I told myself I’d regret getting the xbox in a year or 2 but I haven’t. I’m actually glad I got mine. I’ve started looking at possibly getting one now that it’s gone down but again looking at it I’d rather buy a PSP go cause I see that as being a better more innovative console then the PS3 currently is or will be for the next year or two.

    Also, PlayStation 3 has failed to be original in any aspect other then their blu-ray player. They’ve copied the XBOX and Wii time and time again. I honestly don’t see them improving or being innovative in any way shape or form. Sadly, this bothers me as it does most of the consumer populace. THAT my good friends is why the 360 is currently leading the ps3.

    Go ahead and make your comments. Regardless I’m going to enjoy a nice comedy on Netflix and enjoy my xbox. Good day!

  • hehe see.. for those countries with 360 support good for you.. what about those who don’t have them and have their 360 die in front of them? Their is a whole world out there, not just first rate countries with MS warranty.. millions of MS customers exist in places were warranties DO NOT exist….I would rather have something that has a FAR LESS failure rate than something that breaks as often as I pee in a day….sure shipping is free.. repair is free… but wait….I have to drive to the post to send my stuff (gas money) I need to wait for my console..(time wasted).. I am having a headache and depression coz my box broke (need money to buy anti depressants) did I save money? HELL NO!….admit it.. the 360 sux balls more ways then a hundred…it took the ps2 3 years to actually churn out best selling titles..I figure the ps3 will do the same..ps3 is on it’s 2nd year goind to it’s 3rd..and check out their line up….more and more titles are actually coming out the GOOD ones…. and even if those games do not push thru I still have a good BLU ray player and entertainment hub in my ps3… the box still posses a wat? dvd drive? dvds are going the way of the dinosaur…just like cds.. BLU ray is the media most use’s more practical to carry 1 disc than carry a bag of it eh?

  • Honestly, I’m kinda surprised it’s as low as 54%, considering I’ve suffered a total of five Red Rings to date. But I always keep coming back for more, because I love the games, and so far they keep fixing it for free when it busts.

  • Shin ATproof says:

    Yeah Xbox360 RROD is a problem. I totally feel for those that were screwed before Microsoft adjusted their warranty policies. That was unfortunate and unforgivable. HOWEVER, now, if (when?) one’s 360 dies due to RROD, the shipping is free and the repair/return cycle is like two weeks and you get a free month of XBL. A minor inconvenience and you get a bonus for your troubles.

    This is much better service than one would get from early model PS1s and PS2s had with overheating, DREs, etc and Sony would tell you to pay for the repairs and wait for over a month, or bugger off and buy a new one.

  • of course it’s okay. It breaks, u get another one and MS gets to add another number to the sales figures. Especially beneficial to them when u don’t get it repair cause u don’t has warranty and just go buy a new one. On my 12th 360 fk year.

  • 360’s actually a really solid console. When I bought one at launch there were problems, but Microsoft was cool and sent us a replacement within a week. Since then I’ve had no problems.

    Don’t get me wrong, the PS3 is decent too, only it would seem that there’s no reason to actually own one outside of Japan, because here in the US there are no really decent exclusives.

    Plus the price point is ridiculous.

    If a game comes out that really floors me, I’ll consider a PS3. Until then… eh.

    • It’s an ok system yes. But the truth is no matter how nice the tech suport is or that they fix it. It still breaks. And it breaks in alot of system’s. Sony isn’t perfect they had a 10.8% failure in the same survay. Nintendo had a 6.8% failure rate. But those are still vastly better in comparison.

      I’d also like to point out that Sony has a history of opening slow with games. I belive PS2 Opened with Smugglers run? Not exactly a title that would blow you away. And it ended with one of the best librarys of games to date if not the best. But only time will tell if the PS3 does the same.

      • I have to say their tech support is horrible. My experience was beyond horrible.

        I only ever bought their 360 controller and wireless receiver for the PC and they sucked too, I gave up after my 5th controller and 4th receiver. After fighting with them over the controller they refused to replace/repair any of them themselves. I figured once with having to buy the controller and 2 receivers(the first was out of the store’s warranty I spent $115, I still have 1 non functional controller and 2 broken receivers to show for it.

    • Yeah that will only take about 30-50 more lawsuits. That or Bill “Money” Gates to lose his mind or intrest in making more money… I think you have a better chance of a Windows version actually working correctly than that happening. But hopefully you and every Xsux fan will hold your breath waiting and we will be down a few million idiot consumers who continue to buy fualty products.

  • We have a good warranty. Sure why not. We take your money every month by charging your internet that you are already paying an ISP for. We can afford it because you are stupid assholes that have no problem paying us every month for something you shouldn’t pay.
    We get a lot more money this way anyway and half of you have to buy a new console anyway.

    • >We can afford it because you are stupid assholes that have no problem paying us every month for something you shouldn’t pay.

      I paid for WoW + expansions, why can’t i play for free?

      I’ll pay for Aoin, why can’t i play for free?

      I paid for Age of Conan, why can’t i play for free?

      I paid for Warhammer Online, why can’t i play for free?

      I paid for Final Fantasy XI, why can’t i play for free?

      Dude a whole library to play online and still less $/month than named games.

        • Servers no, most online games use host systems to run for servers. Thus most games are hosted on peoples systems (both for 360 and PS3) so no you aren’t paying for server hosting. As for map packs and the such, map packs and extra content are made by the original developer of the game so they don’t really see any of the money Microsoft gets for your subscription so thats not true either. So lets review

          1. You pay a monthly online fee for online content.

          2. This money is not paying for extra content.

          3. This money is not paying for servers.

          4. So what are you paying for?

          (Note: Most DLC costs additional money to download or buy from the store in the first place)

        • OH SHI- Microsoft wants to make money. STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES.

          Srsly every comment about the prize of a 360 with wireless and Live can be answered with one simple word:


          You can save thousands of Dollars…worth a hundred years of Xbox – Live lol. Get banned ? Buy a new one ! One costs as much as 3 games…you saved because of pirating.

        • Geniuses. There is a big difference paying a MMO and paying for Halo. The money you are paying for a MMO like WoW is because every second people are working for that game to work. They change staff every day. Still i don’t agree with that ether off course. The way Guild Wars did it was better.
          But the “Capture the flag” and similar shit are just being made once and put in to the game. You already payed them when you bought the freaking thing.

        • If you play Halo 3 online all the time, where is the difference to an MMO? Right absolutely none, because it’s about the online part not the genre part and about the time sink games ca be. And i yet want to see you play Halo 3 online on your PC.

          Oh yeah Final Fantasy XI is for 360. If you got no idea you should stop posting.

  • I love that not only do they not dispute it… But he also credits the company with having a good warranty in place. Ya know the one that was pretty much forced on them due to Lawsuits. So 3 Cheers for Microsux for once again reminding me why I wouldn’t buy their products to save my life *cough* Windows Vista *cough* keep on making fualty item’s and ripping off the idiotic masses.

  • Though the Wii might be the least popular console among hardcore otaku like us Sankaku Complexers, I’m still happy and amazed with its sheer quality. I also think the ones connected to Nintendo WFC are really thriving. Vritual Console and WiiWare are just epic. I’ve been sort of against an American company entering the video game console market since the announcement of the original Xbox. Leave games to the Japanese.

    …Also, isn’t there anyone else who thinks Xbox is kind of a dumb name?
    X… Box?

    • To be honest, almost all video game consoles have stupid names…

      While I love me some old sega, you have to admit that Genesis/Saturn/Dreamcast make little to no sense… lets not mention the lazyness of the N64, the lazy shift from the lame playstation to the… well, playstation 2 / playstation 3… talk about creative.

      Now we have the Xbox… which is also a pretty stupid name, and the Wii, which to be honest, got the most grief for being just as bad as all the other system names…

      If we include the ones from atari, we’d also have lazy numbered ones and animal themed systems… then the cd-i, the 3DO, gameboy, virtualboy…

      In the end, pretty much every system has had a rather uninspired or stupid name.

    • If we did that then the video game industry would collapse in a few years. Not trying to be a troll but gaming in Japan is on a decline, in fact there now ranked 3rd in the world as a gaming market. The UK over took Japan in the number 2 spot this year. The US has had the lead for a long time now. And the majority of the titles that sell big in the UK and the US are FPS, sports, and racing games made by US video game companies.

  • Well you know, it’s kind of true. My original XBox 360 RRoD-ed eventually. So I called MS, they sent me a box, I sent it back, they sent me a new one. It took 3 weeks which was annoying, but was totally free.

    Sony, on the other hand, screwed me at least twice on the PSX and once on the PS2 with defects that they claimed weren’t systematic (like the widespread drive problems on the PSX).

    To me, 50% failure rate with free replacement is a lot better than fewer failures I have to pay for myself.

    Of course Nintendo beats them both – I can’t recall any of my Ninty consoles ever dying. Just a cracked DS hinge, but it still works.

  • I saw the results of that survey.
    microsoft also had the longest turn around time for repairs average 3-4 weeks. While ps3 and wii is 1-2weeks.

    It was also mentioned that 33% of the owners for those 54% of failures went to the store and bought a new console, instead of getting it fixed through warranty.
    If that holds anywhere near true in general, then 360 hardware sale numbers are nowhere close to its real install base.

    • Even with a lower install base than stated + the fact, that people pirate the games, it’s amazing how high the number of sales for multiplatform titles are for the 360 compared to PS3 sales.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Indeed there’s no way they can dispute the failure rate, it’s the manufacturer’s word against its very customers’… because, if they denounced the poll as inaccurate they’d anger even more customers, and if they pointed out the truth it’d be pretty obvious that Xbox 360 sales have stagnated since some time ago.

    • Even if they released number. Would they be real?
      Microsoft has already been caught padding there xbox live numbers by including inactive and deleted accounts all the back from the release of the first xbox.

  • 54% failure rate with absolutely no accounting for time used

    i have no sources to back myself up, but I’m willing to bet the 360 is played MUCH more than any of the competing consoles

    something being used more having a higher rate of breaking down? unheard of.

    and that ‘higher rate’ wording is misleading

    its not ‘higher potential rate to fail’

    its more like ‘of these xboxes that get played with all the time, half will fail’

    this again doesnt take into account that the 54% failure rate may be in the top 25% of time played per console

    its like having two cars, and only using one car all the time

    then when the car breaks down you get angry because ‘the other car never breaks down why the hell did the one i always use have to break down’

  • If the PS3 had a RROD they would of gone out of business for sure. My 360 had RROD once and in one week I got another 360. That was fast. Sony would never top that. Sure 360 has one major flaw, but you don’t have to worry about it because you’ll get it fixed free. I’m not a fanboy, I’m just telling you as it is. ( I own a PS3 and 360)

    • So is Microsoft sending everyone who bought the old piece of shit a newer version? No? They have to buy another XBox if they want one that doesn’t brick if you look at it wrong?

      Wow, that’s great.

      • ChaosAngelZero says:

        Actually, if they happened to send the unlucky customer a “newer version” console, that wouldn’t change shit: the first one already broke, so it adds to this “54% failure rate” figure.

        • ChaosAngelZero says:

          Of course it would, but we are not presently discussing this “imaginary guy”‘s situation, we are discussing the 54% failure rate figure that won’t change no matter how many imaginary guys get a Jasper-board 360 in return for their fried first or second-gen console, see? 🙂

        • As soon as they knew their product was a piece of shit (which actually, they knew before launch) they should have fixed it, recalled the original, and sent everybody a new one. Instead, if you’re lucky enough to still be under warranty for the “right” failure, maybe you’ll get one that works, or maybe you’ll get one that doesn’t.

          I don’t know of any other company that seems so proud of itself for treating people this way, except maybe the airlines.

  • I think we all know that the actual 360 hardware is crap for reliabity, yet the games and software are superb, which is why it’s beating out PS3.
    PS2 was also in a similiar position last gen with the high rate of lens failures, yet no one made a huge fuss out of that since it was THE console to own due to the games.
    But yeah, the failure rate is more likely around the 20’s, which is still appauling, but then MS won’t want to reveal such stats will they.
    I’m just glad I have my 3 year warrenty just incase.

  • best warranty out there my ass, I called in to get my console fixed to have them tell me that my warranty is 3 months passed the 1 year warranty mark, and I would have to pay $99.99 to have my 360 fixed.
    man fck microsoft

  • Schrodinger says:

    I’m surprised to see the comments are rather tame. I was expecting to see a lot of “I give fellatio to SONY” type comments. Just to get things clear, I own a PS3 and 360.

    Why would Microsoft try to dispute a gaming magazines claims of the 54% failure rate? All that would happen if Microsoft brought out it’s statistics showing a much lower failure percentage would be a lot more comments like “Liars! its ur systm! of course ur gonna say teh failure rate is lowr!”

    They are making money just like any other console is. That’s all they care about. Think Sony or Nintendo care about you? Nope.

    • No, what would happen is people would see that not only is the Xbox failure rate way higher than any other console, but that microsoft knows it and isn’t doing shit about it. That, and the threat of further lawsuits, is why M$ refuses to release official failure rates.

      • Your only half right Anon. MS knows about the problem yes, but they are doing something about it. If they where not doing something about it then they would not have extended the warranty or work on the 360s design.

        After all, MS sells the 360 for under the production cost, so they lose money on each 360 sold.

        But im sure you don’t really care about facts and the only reason you’re here is to trash talk Microsoft.

        • When I said they aren’t doing something about it, I meant the root of the fucking problem, which is a poorly designed and shoddily manufactured piece of shit. Is it really too much to expect that instead of lowering the cost, slapping on band-aids, selling bundles, or extending the warranty that they would just fix the damned thing already?

          Fucking right I hate Microsoft. Anybody who treats their customers like they do deserves to be hated.

  • Yeah when I first read that the other day I was in stitches.

    “… one of the best warranties in the industry.”

    Also one of the finest examples of hilariously obvious spindoctoring in the industry.

    Flamewar Preventative Disclaimer:
    I own an Xbox 360, and it’s my primary gaming device. Also it bricked once.

    • It would be prudent to be skeptical of the overall failure rate being that high. The figure cited comes from a survey conducted by Game Informer of some of its subscribers. Suppose that the subscribers of Game Informer are more inclined to play their consoles for an extended period of time than the average owner, because they are interested enough in gaming that they are willing to pay for a subscription to a gaming magazine. If most of the failures are related to inadequate thermal management, then owners that operate the console at peak more will experience more failures. With some conservative assumptions and simplifying the problem that fits ok.

      Of course it could be that high or higher, but then we have to contemplate the expense to Microsoft of more than half of the units failing. Without doing any work, it is easier to fit the scenario where casual 360 owners subsidize the “hard core” 360 owners who experiences most of the failures.

      • These hardcore gamers are also much more likely to have bought a console closer to release, and would therefore possess earlier, more unreliable versions, making it quite likely that this survey has little relationship with the reliability of the more modern models.

  • Interestingly enough, PS3 failures (such as the unit-bricking firmware update) are almost never brought up, nor are Sony’s constant lies right from the point where they first mentioned the PS3. Everyone from Sony has been feeding lies and constantly manipulating their customers lately and people just eat that up and, worst of all, actually praise the company.
    I’ve lost hope in Sony as a company a long time ago and it’s unfortunate that I’ll eventually have to get a PS3 to play some games I don’t want to miss (not even that many) and feed those trolls.

  • So ? They are aware of the Problem, got extra long warranty and the ARE working on it (see Jasper and the next board, further reducing the RRoD) Chances are high, you’ll get a new board if your 360 breaks, resulting in a lower chance of you, getting RRoD’ed.

    + that shit is free, not like Sonys yeah well you are within the warranty but oh well just pay us 150$ for a new drive ok ?

  • “Most-purchased” not equal to “most-played”.

    “Hey, dude, you really like your X-Box 360. What’ve you been playing on it lately?”


    “Nothing? Why’zzat?”

    “I’ve sent it in for warranty repair. Again.”

      • Believe it or not, class action suits take a while to build and are easy to see coming. Of course M$ initiated the warranty before the suit was filed. That way, they could try to show the court that they weren’t stealing from people by building a piece of shit and passing it of as a game console, but just that they think their customers are idiots (which is apparently true).

        • Well, I own both ps3 and 360 (and a Wii.) My PS3 that I bought at launch has never have any problem while I’ve already gone through 5 xbox360 consoles. When my last one RRoD I just put it in its original box and threw it into the storage. I’m done with MS consoles.

        • actually it does make the games less fun, because you cant play them when your 360 is a brick.

          the sad truth is, theres no 360 exclusive i wouldnt rather play on a pc, because shooters without a mouse and keyboard are worthless. any console title that isnt an exclusive is always better on ps3.

        • the 54% supposed failure rate doesn’t make the games any less fun than whatever boring ass crap the ps3 has. I love how you idiots keep using hardware to try to justify your “gaming” experience on a console.
          Give anyone a choice between ps3 (cant play ps2 games) and ps2, 9/10 they’re going to choose ps2. Face it, ps3’s library is immature and sony’s “standards” for games are holding back smaller companies. ATLUS for example, moved on to the psp instead.

        • MetalMasquerade says:

          A $299.00 price tag and a massive advertising campaign will make Xbox fanboys sad in their pants by the spring of 2010. Sony could possibly catch up by the next E3. An even playing field at E3 could propel Sony to second place(behind Nintendo’s crappy console)

          BTW, I’m glad I played the Nintendo Wii before I would’ve bought one on impulse. Playing some Wii games made me want to choke myself on the Wii-Mote.

        • Vejita-sama says:

          Anyone who suggests that the Xbox 360 does not have any good exclusives really needs to actually go and look what is available on that console. I’ve researched all three consoles in depth and the Xbox 360 has some of the best exclusives out there. (Halo 3 anyone?)

          The PS3 exclusives are rather dull in comparison to some of the interesting and new titles coming out on Xbox 360, though I will admit I am an FPS player so Microsoft has always had the better stuff for a gamer like me.

          …see what I did there? Your arguement is invalid.

        • Anyone who suggests that the PS3 does not have any good exclusives really needs to actually go and look what is available on that console. I’ve researched all three consoles in depth and the PS3 has some of the best exclusives out there. (Valkyria Chronicles anyone?)

          The 360 exclusives are rather dull in comparison to some of the interesting and new titles coming out on PS3, though I will admit I am an RPG player so Sony has always had the better stuff for a gamer like me.

        • And….what about those who bought the damn thing before we were even aware of such a high rate? Well it doesn’t matter since I enjoy the lineup of games on the 360 more than the PS3. It has more games that I enjoy, save for a few (albeit MAIN) titles that are PS3 exclusive.

          That being said, I am on my second 360. But man, that was one of the fastest replacements I’ve had. I got the box within 2 days, put the old 360 in, shipped it out, and the new one was on its way by the next day. Got the console back (with 1 month free Xbox Live Gold) the day after. I also have 2 faceplates as well. I somehow got a quieter optical drive, but their superior QUALITY scares me since the build date is older. Let’s see how long this one lasts…

        • lol stfu fag and go play your lame ps3 with its shitty controller (since ps1 rofl) and nearly no good exclusive games. Ps3 fails harder than the 54% failure rate. The ps3 is 100% fail. Period and nuff’ said.