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Hatsune Miku’s First Live Performance!


Virtual idol Hatsune Miku has given her first live performance, being rapturously received by an audience of 25,000.

The performance was held at major anime music event Animelo Summer Live:

The preview for Black Rock Shooter’s upcoming anime adaptation was also shown…

Songs included classics MikuMiku ni Shite Ageru and Black Rock Shooter:

Added to her chart-topping albums and singles, this certainly makes Miku a formidable force.

2ch is generally scathing of such a performance by a virtual personage, but clearly those in attendance were delighted.

The distinction between real and virtual idols hardly seems tenable when we consider the almost complete fabrication which goes into creating a traditional 3D idol, with painstaking application of advertising, image management, dubbing, makeup, plastic surgery, and Photoshop enhancement all ensuring the end result bears very little resemblance to the “real” person.

Possibly this is set to become merely a question of visual style…

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