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Doctor Turns Patient into Drug Addicted Sex Slave


A doctor has been arrested and subjected to a disciplinary hearing after it was revealed he manipulated the prescription of a female patient in order to addict her to the drugs and force her to become his sexual plaything, reducing the dosage should she resist him. He also had sex with another patient and an employee.

The doctor, a general practitioner at a practice in the city of Hull in northern England, began treating a married lady known only as “Patient B” for her depression, a hearing at the body regulating the nation’s doctors heard.

His treatment of her soon took an unconventional direction:

”She quite candidly admits that she was addicted to the medication she was prescribed and felt that [the doctor concerned] had complete control and said, on more than one occasion, that if she didn’t come into the surgery to see him and didn’t engage in sexual activity with him that he would either stop her drugs altogether or lower the dosage.”

Patient B apparently had sex with the doctor on numerous occasion, both at her home and his surgery.

His womanising antics did not stop there; he was also found to had an affair with “Patient A,” a grandmother (presumably a young one) with four daughters who reported having sex with the doctor at the surgery whilst her husband waited outside to be a “great buzz.”

The doctor even paid a visit to her in hospital whilst his own wife was recovering from surgery in the same hospital.

His regular home visits soon exposed his antics with this lady.

He also had an affair with an employee at the practice, carried off without incident it seems.

Both patients would make accusations, causing the doctor to be arrested for suspected rape and sexual assault, but police in the end brought no charges.

The General Medical Council would have none of his antics however, and launched its own disciplinary proceedings against him.

The doctor denies any wrongdoing.

Via the Telegraph.

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