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Mother Sells 6-Year-Old Daughter to Lolicon: $6 a Go


A mother faces a lifetime behind bars after selling her 6-year-old daughter to her lolicon friend so he could rape and sodomise her; he also faces life.

A jury found the 48-year-old Kansas woman and her 51-year-old male accomplice guilty of two counts of rape and one of aggravated criminal sodomy.

She was found to have sold her daughter to the man for a paltry $6, with him having sex with the girl eight times. She is said to have then spent the money on whiskey and cigarettes.

The girl, now 7, took the stand in order to answer questions about her ordeal; though the defence argued she was merely telling tales in order to escape a poor home life where she was deprived of proper food and clothing, or even a bed, jurors were convinced and opted to convict.

The pair face a minimum of a 25 year sentence, with life a possibility.


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