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Xbox 360 Failure Rate 54%


The dread Red Ring of Death has long been a feature of Xbox 360 ownership, but a recent survey reveals the shocking truth: the console boasts a failure rate of 54.2%, compared to 10.6% for the PS3 and 6.8% for the Wii.

Microsoft of course never releases statistics on its returns rate, so it has taken a third party survey to uncover the apparent rate. In this case, rag Game Informer surveyed 5,000 readers, asking them about the failure rates of the consoles they owned.

Microsoft’s notorious customer support and warranty system (the subject of a class action lawsuit which forced them to extend Xbox 360 warranties) also come in for criticism: the average turnaround for one of the broken consoles was nearly a month, whilst Nintendo and Sony managed a week. Satisfaction with Microsoft’s support was also a good deal less than with the others.

However, Microsoft’s blasé attitude to the pathetic reliability of its console appears justified: only 3.8% of Xbox 360 owners would never buy another Xbox because of failure.

Via Game Spark.

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  • What you people don’t seem to realize is that this is all planned and is part of a completely unethical way to combat piracy.

    By having ridiculously high failure rates, most would-be modders and crackers have some serious second-thoughts, as doing anything interesting to the hardware voids the warranty and stops them from getting a replacement.

    If their actual buyers get caught in the crossfire is of no concern to Microsoft.
    After all, their sole reason for existence is to MAXIMIZE PROFIT AT ALL COSTS.

    The usual “you’d do it too if you were them” comments are appreciated– always fun to watch someone admit they’re a spineless pile of scum by expecting their own ethical standards from everyone else.

  • @ all you people talking old systems, I have an atari that still works just fine.

    The 360 is a pretty good system (especially if you think blu-ray is overrated). Mine’s been going pretty good now for about 3 years now, and even though it doesnt always want to read disks, it still runs most of them. I know it’ll die soon though.

    • My two cousins are in the same state of mind as you. they only live five minutes away and one of them is on their third xbox and the other one is on their sixth. the warranty was able to cover them for a while. but it seemed every time they get the refurbished xbox from the warranty it seems to be a degraded version of their original.

      so in the end they’ve got so much frustration now that they’re looking at the ps3 more and more. Now with the price drop their begging their parents for a good Christmas present.

  • Im still on my fist 360. Had it the day they came out. I think most of the problems happend because people put aftermarket cooling onto there consols. Anyone remember the roumor that the 360 had shitty cooling? I had an aftermarket fan system on mine. I got the red ring of death about 2 years after i had it. Well i took that aftermarket cooling system off and presto. Works like the day i bought it. Not a single problem yet. I also like the 360 controler WAY better that PS3 thig. . .

  • They found out the cause to the RROD, why not fix it and re-manufacture them? I know why, because they want people to shell out more cash for warranties! Microsoft continues profiting billions, no loss! The 360 had so much potential too…

  • The Xbox 360 fanbase is filled with nothing but frat boys playing Halo all the time and buying new 360s when their own one reaches the point of RROD critical mass. I will never, ever buy a Xbox 360, because I know that its bound to get RROD’d sometime soon, the PS3 is better, and its a FACT because stability should always be a #1 priority for gamers. If you want to keep pouring hundreds of dollars/wait for weeks on end just for a library(more money to spend!) of games, then fine just trying to save you the money and frustration…mindless zombies…

    It amazes me how many developers are switching over to the 360 instead of the PS3. Cash cow much? If only PS3 had more developers willing to take risks to get more PS3 owners… Game development and quality is a waste of time on the 360 because Microsoft can’t even make a quality console…

  • I truly do despise Microsoft’s XBOX fanbase. The player base has always been accused by many as being the “binge drinking frat boy demographic which is a nice way of saying they are complete dumbasses with too much tetosterone. The proof is in the pudding, and in this case, the pudding is the fact that the hardware is not only the worst hardware on the market, but also among the worst consoles ever created. And the only justification among its userbase for the blind loyalty is that PS3’s game library sucks because it doesn’t have Gears of War or Halo… XBOX loyalists define the term: epic fail!

  • Also most of the ps3 games are released in lower quality then the 360, games are usually developed for the 360 thus look better and usually are the only version to come out in true HD. dont believe me? look on the back of the box sometime, of Resident Evil 5, check what does it broadcast at.

  • A couple of questions:

    How accurate is this survey from a single readership?
    How is the failure rate of the XBOX 360 compared to the XBOX?

    My personal story is rather undramatic. I have a 1.0 XBOX that I purchased new on November 15th 2001, and it still works just fine. I also have two XBOX 360 units (one domestic and one import) and with the exception of the hard drive on the domestic unit emitting strange high pitched beeps, it works fine. My PS2 and PS3 also work fine. The only full console failure I have ever had was my original PS2 launch-day unit.

  • TheBudds said:

    Nice list, salamander… was that a side-scrolling shooter?

    Ahh! Those multi-cart games, I remember you could also do that with the PS1. It required you to strip out stuff to make it fit all on one disk though LOL

    yes the side scrolling two player shooter, i can't imagine how i could play those game again and again repeatedly, i must be partially insane to be doing that.

    oh ps2 also have those multiple games in one dvd cause i've got a couple of it.

  • ChaosAngelZero says:

    Looks like Microsoft didn’t get too many new customers with their Jasper-based systems, which are 98% RRoD-free, hence the markedly high failure rate.

    Thankfully it’s all right to get one now… and I have this hunch that it’s also gonna get even cheaper before holidays.

  • momokiller said:

    but the best things was when the technology start advancing and the game start coming out 2 in 1, 8 in 1 and lastly i remember 1000 or 2000 in one.

    Nice list, salamander… was that a side-scrolling shooter?

    Ahh! Those multi-cart games, I remember you could also do that with the PS1. It required you to strip out stuff to make it fit all on one disk though LOL

  • TheBudds said:

    A fellow gamer ( gets all teary-eyed ) What's some of classic Snes games you like?

    well the most i've played last time would be

    1. salamander (with the options following the tail, i heard they use different name for other countries)
    2. contra
    3. 1942 / 1945 (kimg5 cheat to level 43)
    4. mario 3
    5. shit, can't remember already.

    but the best things was when the technology start advancing and the game start coming out 2 in 1, 8 in 1 and lastly i remember 1000 or 2000 in one.

  • momokiller said:

    sure, in an 8 in 1 cartridge. just hope my mom haven't throw all of it to the trash bin.

    up up dn dn left right legft right AB

    A fellow gamer ( gets all teary-eyed ) What's some of classic Snes games you like?

  • Icy-nee-san said:
    Remember those days when consoles had quality and would maybe only break down once or twice?
    I miss the PS2 days 😛

    what do you mean ps2, i still got my nintendo cartridge console alive n kicking until now (if you had the guts to still play the games)

  • i heard from my friend, an owner of a game console shops who sell xbox, he warned me that if i play a xbox, don’t ever play it > 4 hrs. that is the secret to keep it playable for a long long time…

  • Jeebus Chreest says:

    Kinda funny how people talk about consoles in terms of failiure reat and how much content are on them.

    Remember when consoles used to be solid as a rock and have an awesome selection no matter what console it was? (im talking bout anything that came before the PS3 360 and Wii in case you didn’t notice)

  • Schrobby said:
    I kinda understand, but istn’t cheating on consoles possible as well?

    well some games yeah ( COD4 comes to mind for both PS3 & XBOX360 ) PSP is pretty bad, but that's something different.

    Alot of the stuff I'm talking about was actually seen as perfectly fine, even in competitions. I used to play RTCW on PC ( best version ) and I remember reading this one guy's guide about turning off various graphical effects ( snow, rain, lighting, etc ) because it's to hard for him to see ( BOO-HOO )

    I once saw what it looks like with all the stuff allowed in competitions. It was horrible, all the textures were gone ( players, environment, set-pieces ) Everything was a flat solid color.

    That's what got me to leave PC online, I never needed any of that to play good.

  • Anonymous said:
    Well, I’ve never had any problems with my 360 and love it. So, ah well, fuck it.

    Indeed… honestly though, every electronic device has it's problems. The RROD problem is real, but the ones who said they have theirs still working is real as well. Along with the YLOD being very real as well.

  • @ Schrobby

    Well, what got me to switch over to console playing ( was a PC gamer ) was the fact I was into FPS games. I used to get kinda miffed at people running scripts, binds, turning off graphics ( I have a friend who did this ) So it turned me off from playing online on the PC. I play on consoles to get away from that type of thing.

    Short version… I blame some PC players for me switching to consoles.

  • Fuck consoles, use PC. You have one anyway, why not play with the damn thing?

    Question: But… the newest games don’t run with my 14 months old PC!
    Answer: Don’t buy shit with ridiculous requirements.

    If those “uber games” don’t sell they won’t be created. A simple example of supply and demand.

    I always used my PC for gaming and will do so in the future. My one and only console was a prehistoric atari. I see no requirement at all for additional unneeded devices.

    Heh, I already hear console freaks screaming in agony and / or rage…

  • I got the red ring,however, I thought the customer service was actually pretty good. My console was a used model off of ebay. They honored warranty with no trouble and got the console back to me in about 7 days.

  • If this 54% number is true, then I must be one lucky son of a bitch because out of the 5 people I know in person with an xbox 360, none of theirs has failed, and neither has mine.

    If the 54% number is true, there is a 0.95% chance of this happening.

  • Makes me wonder what environment some of these machines are in.

    I still have my *launch day* xbox 360 and it still runs just fine and has never had any issues. The only annoyance is the loud dvd-rom drive – which have been long since fixed in subsequent versions.

  • Wrathful Sin says:

    I don’t get what all the trouble is, sides a slight hour long glitch from when my friend dropped my 360 by accident I’ve never had a problem with it yet, and i’ve had it for almost 2 years now (had it since christmas of 07)

  • Barbarian of Gor says:

    “Read no book under a year old”

    I apply that to videogame systems. I wait till they are “Obsolete” and all the buggy systems have made it to the trash, then I swoop down to the pawn shop and pick up a complete system and a lot of cheap games for less than half the “Entry Level” price of a new system.

    I’m having a blast with an original X-Box (crashes once in a while, but works), PS2 and GameCube. Have a PS1 also. Had a NES, SNES, N64 and DreamCast, but those got stolen when my apartment was burglarized. Oh, well, emulators work great for the first two, didn’t like N64 that much. Miss DreamCast bad, might re-buy that.

    BTW-I do electronics as a hobby (a job sporadically) and I guestimate this X360 problem is heating. Too many components packed in too small a space, plus some “Overclocking” to make cheaper components work harder. If I had such a device I’d set up a cooling system for it. Like a air conditioner in another room (or noise baffled otherwise) with the cold air forced through the system with a gravity fan.

    But I think they’ll eventually get too high a bill for the repairs and since they are ‘too big to fail’ and their system sells like mad, they’ll eventually work out the heating bugs and so I’ll be able to get one near the end of the system’s life that’ll work great.

  • Heh. I’m on my 3rd right now, and a friend is on his 4th. I already own a PS3, so if they ever decide not to repair my console I’d simply deal strictly with my PS3. The sucess of this system does mark peoples apparent lack of intellegence. We buy a system in mass that we know has a damn good chance of failing, thus we are supporting a defective product.

  • Schrodinger says:

    Here are the systems that gave me any trouble:

    NES- Pins wouldn’t read games (in fact, I have two NES)
    PS2- Well taken care of, got a DRE outside warranty.
    PS3- Got my self on of those fancy Yellow Light of Death errors, Dished out $150 to repair it.

    My friends are pretty surprised that my 360 is still alive and kicking after all these years.

    It’s the luck of the draw, I suppose.

  • I got all next-gen consoles… only the Wii and Xbox is USED REGULARY!!!

    …and Xbox broke down 2 times. But with the new Falcon board no problems anymore 😛

    Also neither of my friends have problems with Falcon/Jasper boards.
    It seems they only break down if you position them on top of carpet or a dusty place.

  • quigonkenny says:

    Hmmm… Interesting that a magazine owned by a console retailer would publish an article like this right before the impending release of a new version of a competing console…

    Obvious Sony payoff is obvious…

    • except the fact that the article is true. It kind of forcing us to realize we’re supporting a broken system. Not that any of us care (until they eventually stop repairing under warranty)

  • I wanted to get a Xbox 360 from Japan to play the Idolmaster series and a few other games, have always had the money to buy 1 but the ROD and ordering over seas there is no way to get it repaired. So, I will miss out on all of those due to the Red ring of Death.

  • Misinformation is killing the world. 5000 people is nowhere near a proper sample size to judge this. Also, people are more likely to complain and fill out a survey to bash something than they are to bother to sit down and fill out a survey to say everything is fine. It’s like how everyone bitches about popular things, yet they still sell the most.

    The people actually enjoying them dont give a fuck what the assholes online bitch about. Same principle with filling out satisfaction surveys. No one goes to fuckign McDonalds and fills out a survey if they enjoyed their meal. They do it when they want to bitch or be an asshole about something.

    Sensationlized titles and posts like this are what’s wrong with the news and internet. Fucking just looking for page hits and click through rates and don’t even care what you post about or whether it’s valid. Just copy and paste it from another site, put a controversial title on it and done.

    • To be honest I think the rate of failure is far higher than what their survey says. -Every- one of my friends has had their system red ring, not including both my brothers AND stepfather.

      Yes I enjoy the games on my Xbox. I love them in fact. However that’s not going to cloud the fact that the system from release until now, is defective at a rate that should be unacceptable. I certainly don’t think someone is just “bitching” or “being an asshole” when a system they bought for 300.00 or more dollars completely crashes, leaving them wanting for a good month while it’s being repaired (multiple times for some).

      This isn’t necessarily sensationalism, not in this case anyway. Some articles, even though linked from other sources, are valid and interesting. If you didn’t think so too why are you even here posting?

  • LOL! I wasn’t expecting THIS much.. Although I did have problems with my 360 back then. I’m currently in my 4th 360 and so far so good. It’s holding up. Already more than 1 year.

    360 is a fucking low quality hardware. But since it had games… Can’t do no shit about it. Although I’ve been playing PS3 more recently. 😛 Since right now I’m more into their exclusive games.

  • I bought my 360, it died about half a year later, what did I do? I called Microsoft, they came to my place and picked it up and a week or two later they knocked on my door and gave me a new 360 and a free controller.

    So sure, bitch if you want but at least they gave customers nice support if their 360 RROD’d.

  • Ah, another day, another fanboy article.
    Is there really nothing of interest worth posting about PS3 apart from a 1 year old port of a game and this?
    Fanboyism aside though, I think everyone will agree that the 360 is crap hardware but has great games and services, which is why people stay by it.
    Same as when the PS2 had awful failure rates with the lens failing, but that never stopped it from going on to dominate that generation due to an amazing selection of games.

    • MusicalNote says:

      I miss the NES days. My NES still works despite being knocked off hundreds of times because me and my cousins could never find a place that we could all take turns with the controllers without getting up and still see the tv unless that place would guarantee the system slamming into the ground the moment one of us jerked the controller.

      I think my only broken console is a PS1, and that’s because someone dropped a pitcher of tea on it. While it was running.

      I fear when I get a current gen console that it will die on me. Sigh.

  • 54%? Bullshit. I’d believe 20-30%, but no way is it that high or every second person I knew would have 360 failure.

    I doubt the PS3 failure rate is even 10% either, how often do you hear of PS3s failing?

  • I’ve been gaming since the NES era, and I’ve never had a console fail on me, not even the PS2. Hell, I never knew about the Disk Read Error fiasco until I read about it a couple of years ago. The 360 is the only console I’ve ever had that broke, and I’m currently on my 4th one. That’s saying something.

    The fact that we have to put up with a console that breaks so much because Sony screwed themselves and the Wii is off making a fortune from the casual market really makes this one shitty gen.

    • Who cares? Owners who are on their 2nd,3rd,4th…

      Atleast the majority of the PS3s and Wiis still work no matter which model you got. I do agree that most of the good games this generation are 360 games but this article is about hardware not game quality.

  • No warranty here where i live, bought a Wii first, enjoyed for a while, no new games so i only have it for SSBB (which i really enjoy, could play the n64 smash bros even now too).

    My X360 RRoD and until i see the new hardware not crashing im not getting another, i have a few friends with the PS3, i dont really like the PS3 but i have never seen people with problems, so yeah..

    I have like 10 friends with a 360, at least 7 of them had problems with their 360 and some of them (mine included) couldn’t be fixed.

  • The RROD is a known design fault on early models so there’s no point in continually bashing them.

    My Xbox 360 failed and I can’t fault the service. Even though it was out of warranty MS accepted the return and arranged for UPS to collect the console. The repaired system was back within 2 weeks (even though it was over a holiday period) and they also replaced the DVD drive FoC as it was a bit noisy.

  • On this site don’t take any post regarding Xbox 360 seriously.

    Doing some random survey on some random site doesn’t give the real failure rate. Yeah my Xbox 360 had some problem overheating but no RROD yet, though its the 2006 december model. Got it fixed for free and they even came to get the Xbox and delivered it to my doorsteps fixed. The reason why it broke was that I kept it in shelf where the air couldn’t change so it overheated and eventually the motherboard died.

  • Surveys are surveys, nothing more.

    But MS does offer a 3 yr warranty compared to Sony’s 1 yr one. My personal experience with customer support was good when my 360 died on the 2yr 11mth period. Came back within 7 days even though I sent it across the Pacific Ocean.

    The 5th generation Valhalla Chipset 360s are coming out soon. When that happens and price drops even further, out of warranty RRODs won’t feel so bad. And any out of warranty RROD is a first generation 360 without the HDMI port.

    • Didn’t the 3 year offer only come to be because of a lawsuit basicly? >.> And yes if it’s there it’s there… but if It’s kinda forced on the company you shouldn’t praise them for having it? atleast that’s my opinion.

      • I praise them for having a 3yr warranty. Because it simply is praiseworthy. The bulk of the failures are the 1st Gen sets as they come to the end of their 3 year warrranty period. Any 360 off the shelf now is either 3rd or 4th gen and is pretty safe. The amazing thing is, those get a full 3 yr warranty too! Even your new 4th gen chipset, even the 5th gen Valhalla when it comes out. That’s as good as it gets.

        I’ve no idea why some people say that there’s no warranty in their location. You were prolly decieved somewhere. MS 360 3yr warranty is worldwide. You could pick up a 360 from Japan, move into a corner of Siberia and still be able to use the warranty. Sony doesn’t have a worldwide warranty and ‘export sets’ are not covered. Hell, the 1 year period isn’t long enough to really reassure anyone. My electric fan has twice as much warranty as a PS3.

        If your PS3 fails, and a small % should fail, there is a very good chance that its out of warranty. My PS3 is 3 months old, I hope it lives a long life.

        • “I praise them for having a 3yr warranty. Because it simply is praiseworthy.”

          It truly is a very nice thing. Although, you won’t see me praising MS for it since they are required by law to have it, on a count of having such a percentage of malfunctioning hardware.

        • I wouldn’t consider being forced to have it a “praiseworthy”and their turnaround on repairs is shameful as well.

          And ya i can see them saying “We said 1st and 2nd gen 360 has been extended to a 3 year warranty after being sued but we haven’t been sued for the 3rd gen yet so it has a 1 year warranty” ya right…

  • I find it funny your all disagreeing with the numbers…Yet just about everyone has said… Mine RRoDed or my friend’s did. >.> Those statements kinda suport the numbers atleast to a point. Even if you got it fixed it still failed. And Microsoft’s numbers are also inflated lot’s of people have bought new ones rather than wait the month to get it fixed I know 3 people who bought atleast 5-7 by now. Personaly in 3 gen’s of Sony I only had 1 system break due to failer my second PS2. My first was my dog jumping on it so that kinda broke it.

    • I disagree with the numbers. In my current house, there’s a 0% failure rate with the 360. I have an Elite, two of my friends have a Pro, and one even bought a USED Pro. We all live together. None of our four 360s have ever failed even once. Then again, none of our 2 PS3s or 4 Wiis have ever failed either.

    • Actually it doesn’t at all. We can all know people who’s consoles broke but that doesn’t mean anything. If I had a friend with one that broke and knew no one else with one then that’s a 100% failure rate and does that sound accurate?

      Also it’s a survey of 5,000 people and not an actual failure rate so no it’s not accurate at all. People are even more likely to take a survey if the problems have effected them before so it’s a bias survey from the off.

  • So… ideal sales numbers based on current gen working consoles are 15M for 360, and 22M for PS3. I don’t know how to include a last gen console that can be emulated at full speed to these numbers.

  • I would not take this post to seriously. Artefact has always had a bias opinion on the 360. Read the news here long enough and you will see a trend. 360 sucks, and PS3 is god. Or so Artefact says.

  • Robert Woodward says:

    Not sure how reliable this survey is. The sample size is small compare to the install base of the console. And under what circumstances were those 5000 people chosen to participate? The only unbiased way to do this is with a random number generator. Anyways, 54% failure rate is morbidly high for a commercial product. This is even worse than the IBM Deathstar.

    • That would make sense if not for the fact that Microsoft cover RROD repairs for free (including shipping) within the three year warranty, which was extended from one year not so long ago.

      Doesn’t change the fact it’s a disgraceful failure rate though. It’s very shoddy hardware design. Only time will tell whether the latest hardware revision actually fixed it or not – seems that way so far.

      • You also have to keep in mind that a lot of us are now outside of the three year warranty period. My first 360 (a Pro model) was manufactured in May 2006, and after four RRoDs, I felt compelled to “reset” my warranty by buying another 360 (an Elite this time). I don’t know how many have done the same, but I’m fairly certain I’m not alone.

      • It seems a lot of people don’t know about the warranty and just buy a new one. The only reason I have an Xbox 360 is because a co-worker’s broke and he just bought another one. I kindly took the broken one off his hands and sent it back for repair.

  • It has been strange for me. I have a xbox 360 I won at a contest and I’ve beat it up so hard in use that I still wonder why its still not dead from so much use. Its a 360 from the first year it was released. This should had died a long time ago. All my friends 360 have hit the dust. My 360 is already going for 4 years without having to replace it. Also its a core version. It does have disc tray problems but that’s just a simple problem that doesn’t prevent gameplay.

  • That can’t be the current failure rate, has to be average since it’s release.

    Mine survived constant abuse ever since it’s fix this earlier this year… several friends have had there’s for say 2 years without deaths.

  • I seem to buck the trend. Out of all my consoles, I’ve had to:

    1) Play my PS on its side from a little way after buying it because of the faulty laser
    2) Replace my DC twice (power aspects blowing up)
    3) Replace my X-Box once
    4) Have my 360 repaired once after RROD (Its close enough to launch but doesn’t have that consta fail)

    I’m holding out on PS3 until something thats worth getting shows up (Like if that mythical SMT game ever eventuates) but I’m curious if Japanese Devs hate it as much as they did the PS2.

    I’ll always remember an interview with… I think it was someone from Tecmo, where they said the reason they shifted away from Sony was because they made deliberately faulty technology with the PS2 so that users would have to keep buying new ones, which is why the PS2 console sales are artificially inflated.

    And given Sony’s fail censorship regime (which has been documented here a few times recently) you just know that you’re not going to get much bang for your loli buck.

  • My friend just had to send in his 360 yesterday for the RROD. First time for the Elite model. I had to send mine in twice in the past. Once for a bad DVD drive and another for the RROD.

    I’m truly surprised the PS3 turned out pretty stable since the PS2 was such a pile of shit, hardware-wise.

    Nintendo, on the other hand, has always made pretty sturdy consoles. The most problems they had was with the connectors and springs on the original NES. But those still lasted a pretty good amount of time. As for the Wii, They really didn’t do any real advances in hardware at all so it’s not too surprising that it doesn’t have too many problems. Mine locks up every once in a while though. And my Mom has been having problems with the Wii controllers. She plays her constantly though. I can barely stand to turn mine on.

    • Industry standard is 3-5%. 10.6% is only “pretty stable” by comparison to the 360.

      Now that I think about it, this survey shows even the Wii at about twice the acceptable failure rate. That seems a bit hard to believe.

  • I had 2 xbox’s that failed. First time I still had warrenty so it was cool, second time I had red ring the warrenty was up, but luckily for some reason it worked with gears 1, so I traded my xbox in with gears so naturally they used gears to test it and I got to trade it in, then upgraded to the elite, so so far I’m not really pissed, but it is kinda lame

  • My xbox also died, and since I don’t have customer support here.

    I went to the US the next year and bought an ELITE.

    Didn’t have that problem since.

    Might also help to say that my first xbox was the original batch, which was a wonder that lasted a year.

    the ELITE doesn’t have that problem.


    PS: I hope.

  • Doesn’t sound quite right. Seems like they’ve boosted the numbers higher than they should be cos how many people hear about PS3’s breaking? Yet 1 in 10 are dead (or did die) according to this.

    Plus 54%? You really think it’s possible MS could have that many consoles break and still get the game sales to compete with PS3 during game chart sales? I acknowledge MS has an awful failure rate (guessing around 40%) but if half the consoles failed we’d not see the sales of games we do.

    • Ded men tell no tales says:

      You must not watch the news, last year CNN,fOX,NBC all had a segmint on the mass failures of the 360 world wide. SO in your mind the 360 is just fine but in the real world MS cut alot of corners to get it out before the PS3. Pluse the only reson the 360 has the most game right is becouse it is cheper to make them for DVD rather than BlueRay, but that is slowly changing as more and more 360 games are coming out for PS3. Good thing I sold my 360 hehehehe.

    • “You really think it’s possible MS could have that many consoles break and still get the game sales to compete with PS3 during game chart sales?”

      Yes. As sure as ‘guessing statistics’:

      “I acknowledge MS has an awful failure rate (guessing around 40%)”

      • Out of the 8 owners I know only 1 still owns their first, 6 are on their second and 1 on their 4th. My brother, the one on his 4th, just buys new ones throws the old one in the box and returns it instead of waiting the month to get his back like he did the first time. He owns a PS3 and Wii and has never had a problem with either.

        I refuse to buy one but then again I refuse to buy a PS3 and Wii too seeing as I won’t play it enough so I have not had the privilege to witness this wondrous experience first hand. I still laugh at my brother for replacing his.

      • Yes but this is a SURVEY, not a real statistical analysis of console return numbers. This represents nothing really as a survery of 5,000 people isn’t really a representation of the entire consoles sales (of over 20 million).

        We don’t have solid statistics on the failure rate (other than the suggested 33% from previous statements) so guessing is all you can do buddy.